Vader Episode 2: Mace Windu Returns - The Amethyst Blade Cinematic

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Vader's arrival on Naboo from Vader: Episode 1 Shards of The Past, is prefaced with the events you are about to witness with the Clone Troopers and the surviving Jedi Master from Order 66, Mace Windu, the one who wields the Amethyst blade...
This fan-film is not for profit and with not be monetized on youtube or anywhere else, in accordance and respect to Lucasfilm's explicit rules to me.
This short fan-film is dedicated to all Star Wars fans, George Lucas, Dave Filoni, and everyone at Lucasfilm who has touched Star Wars since 77.
Thank you to my extremely talented and small crew who made this possible:
Tim Forsgren
Samuel Kim
Ruben Brouns
Juan Pablo Naranjo
Stijn Van Der Plas
Clone voices: Darec Goheen

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  • Happy holidays. May the force be with you

    Star Wars TheoryStar Wars TheoryHónapja
    • More plsssssss❤

      mister gaminigmister gaminigNapja
    • Is this all CG or actually filmed?

      Mythologist KidMythologist Kid5 napja
    • May the force be with you too...

      FahadX pro263FahadX pro2635 napja
    • Thank you very much please continue this epic peice of work, may the force be with you.

      Anonym_PandaAnonym_Panda5 napja
    • I just stumbled back upon your channel after years and it’s been great seeing all the amazing work you’ve been doing, loving the fan films keep it up.

      Donut LoverDonut Lover5 napja
  • Episode ones end makes more sense now

    Carlos XelhuaCarlos Xelhua53 perccel
  • So that's how nick fury got his eyepatch

  • Oficial ?

    Daniel Policarpo FotógrafoDaniel Policarpo Fotógrafo3 órája
  • Wait dose this mean that in the fan film that we might see Mace will find out that he is Anakin because that would be amazing

    BabyThaManBabyThaMan4 órája
  • I guess he damaged his eye when he fell off a 50 story building.

    Jackal KorrieJackal Korrie5 órája
  • Why didn't you make Windu say in the last shot: "You wanna play games mothaf*cka?"

    b mb m6 órája
  • too short :´-(

    b mb m6 órája
  • My boy. He is back

    AidenFanOfEverythingAidenFanOfEverything7 órája
  • Is this PG-13 Or R?

    Isa AkbarIsa Akbar7 órája
  • HUworld give me your channel. i never seen any vids but i really like this video!! Just one question : When come the french subtitles? x') Continue, you are great!! (And excuse me for my really bad english. I understand but have difficult to talk and write...)

    Valentin VancoValentin Vanco7 órája
  • It is i the real biggie cheese

    The real Biggie cheeseThe real Biggie cheese7 órája
  • Vader has to fight a force using Nick Fury

    Mladen DjambazkyMladen Djambazky10 órája
  • Sick

    jack Mishoffjack Mishoff10 órája
  • Has Samuel L Jackson seen this? If not he needs too cause this was awesome.

    Doc's POP! ReviewsDoc's POP! Reviews14 órája
  • Ottman Azaitar

    haidar ajamihaidar ajami15 órája
  • Got more chills watching this than the sequels

    RavageSavageRavageSavage16 órája
  • Now we'll get to see a proper Vader vs Mace Windu fight!

    Doctorgeo7Doctorgeo717 órája
  • Episode 3

    ALEx DALEx D17 órája
  • This cinematic is better than the complete last thrilogy

    Edmond KaramEdmond Karam17 órája
  • I thougt kill was not the jedi way

    Yolero GreenYolero Green19 órája
  • I agree with you commenters - this is way beyond Disney XD The fact that this man is taking his time to create something to honor something he loves, for free, for our entertainment and no monetization in honor and accordance of the original creator of Star Wars speaks volumes. I commend you, Mr. Star Wars Theory!

    Begone, Thot!Begone, Thot!19 órája
  • Jesus! I got goosebumps! Holy shit!!!!

    Andrew LytwynAndrew Lytwyn20 órája
  • We need another Dave Filoni production called 'Windu'

    Girl Cook ArtGirl Cook Art21 órája
  • I’ve been looking forward to this...

    Old BenOld Ben21 órája

    DeadHaunted /DeadHaunted /21 órája
  • is it me or did mace gain like 6500 midichlorians

    Plutoid Federal NavyPlutoid Federal Navy22 órája
  • This man is living the dream of making his own star wars movies

    Peashooter MvPPeashooter MvP23 órája
  • I’m so mad because this is so short

    The dragon Of gamesThe dragon Of gamesNapja
    • He should have mad that a bit more ovbious

      Hig HogHig HogNapja
    • This isnt the full thing its just the teaser

      Hig HogHig HogNapja
  • Ima be honest. I dont like the vfx route. But I do understand why cuts had to be made and can't wait for the release.

    war is epicwar is epicNapja
  • This is 🔥

    EZ RicanEZ RicanNapja
  • OMG a new film

    Juan Pedregal HidalgoJuan Pedregal HidalgoNapja
  • This is a amazing movie!!!!

    MEME CompilationMEME CompilationNapja
  • Send this shit to Lucasfilm and disney so they can have u do their next movies!

    Joseph DeryJoseph DeryNapja
  • I sincerely believe that Vader at this stage would be no match for a hate-fuled Mace Windu


    God’s GoodGod’s GoodNapja
  • Great film. You forgot that Mace is one-armed now though.

    Eric BetseyEric BetseyNapja

  • bruh i’v benn waiting ror this for years

  • You are not a fan. You are Genius.

  • Amazing

    Big ChungusBig ChungusNapja
  • Whoever did mace windus eyes must cross eyed just like him cause you blind

    Reaper TallyReaper TallyNapja
  • My lord destroy Mace Windu Dark Side Power love

    Robert FrieseRobert FrieseNapja
  • PLS episode 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Smoky GamingSmoky GamingNapja
  • This reminds me of the What If comics for Marvel, but in the truly epic galaxy far far away... thank you for all you do in the Star Wars community!

    Pono SunriderPono SunriderNapja
  • So Yoda (through the force) felt Windu die but it turns out he is still alive? Kinda ruins he and Obi-Wan going into exile to protect Anakins children doesn’t it. I swear, I just wish folks could leave Lucas’ canon alone and stop ruining what has been established. Mace Windu died by Darth Vader, watch Episode III - it details it pretty well

  • Personally I think chosen one anakin would be a better match for windu but windu was said to be second only to yoda himself and we know Palpatine did what he could to ensure vader wouldn't surpass him

    Krillin The VillainKrillin The VillainNapja
  • windu looks like thanos no cap

  • Keep up the good work

    Matt WoodwardMatt WoodwardNapja
  • Did u know the imperial March soundtrack is a copy of Mary popins spoon full of sugar just speeded up

    Matt WoodwardMatt WoodwardNapja
  • I would love to see Samuel L Jackson react to this work of art

  • When will next one come

    Sean RohachSean Rohach2 napja
  • 1:17. That was like something from a horror movie!! A man being dragged screaming to his death!!

    Zachary HartlebenZachary Hartleben2 napja
  • Hey when is part 3 coming out n can u make this like a season where Vader kills Windu after like 3 fights n goes after rumors of Plo Koon’s survival n fights him at the end. N idk how but if u can incorporate Revan into this i would be able to die rn in piece lol plz n thanks for the last 2 n a great 3rd to come

    hobo eskimohobo eskimo2 napja
  • This Right here was better than most films

    KevinettelaservietteKevinettelaserviette2 napja
  • Hot damn, and this was animated?!

    VanoverVanover2 napja
  • No but bro like I don't know what to say, just one thing. Tell Disney to give you the post of scenarist. No trolling.

    vaarezvaarez2 napja
  • This is 3 min video was way better than all of the sequels

    Alex MatezAlex Matez2 napja
  • Since this is a prequel, Vader can't be killed. Putting that aside, Mace is way more experienced and skilled than Vader and vaapad to boot would be enough for Mace to mop the floor with Vader. Hands down.

    Juan TapiaJuan Tapia2 napja
  • Meh

    Jason RogersJason Rogers2 napja
  • Brilliant work! Straight-up *LEGIT*! This would definitely work if this storyline was made official canon. Either way I think most Star Wars fans would agree that they would like to see a return of Jedi Master Mace Windu some point soon in the current Star Wars Canon.

    Jed MaskJed Mask2 napja
  • It would have been great if he ended the scene with Mace Windu whispering "Mother Fu" *end*

    Grim ReaperGrim Reaper2 napja
  • N word

    Valentino AlzateValentino Alzate2 napja
  • why did you make it this good i dont want to wait for another episode for that long again y u gotta toy with our emotions and nostalgia like that DX

    Saud QawamSaud Qawam2 napja
  • I wish it was full length feature. Awesome job

    Ruben GalazRuben Galaz2 napja
  • Way above Disney’s pay grade and standards Star Wars should be available to everyone who’s willing to contribute to it, give these people 306 million dollars and a big screen so my Star Wars life can die fufilled

    poop fooppoop foop2 napja
  • We waiting 2 years for these 2 minutes and half and that was only special effect and nothing more !? Bull S%*t !!!

    John DoeJohn Doe2 napja
    • im sure he did the best he could and im pretty sure he talked about problems that he ran into in a video

      N4j1 primeN4j1 prime2 napja
  • OMG

    Fly AboutFly About2 napja
  • if only disney hired this man

    xplosivv r6xplosivv r62 napja
  • Love it, but am disappointed.

    Sama GaaraSama Gaara2 napja
  • 1:34 my favorite part

    AntodroidRSAntodroidRS2 napja
  • I waited 2 years for only 3 minutes of film 👁👄👁

  • windu would, wipe the floor with vader

    tashdeed uthshastashdeed uthshas2 napja
  • Hey I want to say that I saw both videos now. It by random selection by HUworld. I saw them both, but man they were great. I can't believe how good they look. Keep up the good work!!!!

    Blackholelord BlackholelordBlackholelord Blackholelord2 napja
  • From what I have gathered Force users cannot die of falling from a great height like Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine and Mace Windu

    TheWolfsJustAPupTheWolfsJustAPup2 napja
  • u should make a fan film of palpatine senses darth mauls presents and he sends vader to face maul him self and then a epic battle happens between maul and darth vader

    SerectosSerectos2 napja
  • Vader have no chances against Windu .

    Old CuckoldOld Cuckold2 napja
  • Effing awesome

    gilbert ratcliffgilbert ratcliff2 napja
  • “I’m tired of the mutha fuckin clones... Coming into my mutha fuckin sanctuary... And I’m not... gonna take it... anymore!!!”

    Richard FitzwellRichard Fitzwell2 napja
  • ' I Darth you, i double Darth you, mother*****"

    carig121carig1212 napja
  • Should have sent in a squad of commandos not just troopers

    Elite Falcon KingElite Falcon King2 napja
  • Awesome!!!

    Cody AllenCody Allen2 napja
  • I would love this

    Captain Henry A.Captain Henry A.2 napja
  • *"SKYWALKER!"* (in the tone of MOTHERF*****!)

    Raspian KiadoRaspian Kiado3 napja
  • Hey man, what´s up. Thank for your videos. I have a question about Darth Vader light saber. In the original trilogy, the very first movies, in the new hope, his saber was similar to Dooku´s, right? Curved not straight. Thanks.

    George NarvaezGeorge Narvaez3 napja
  • Hey man, what´s up. Thank for your videos. I have a question about Darth Vader light saber. In the original trilogy, the very first movies, in the new hope, his saber was similar to Dooku´s, right? Curved not straight. Thanks.

    George NarvaezGeorge Narvaez3 napja
  • Lets hope its not gonna take another 2 years for episode 3🙏

    Matthias van dammeMatthias van damme3 napja
  • Although, this is very short, it’s absolutely amazing! I loved the look of Mace Windu and how he had become aggressive. You my friend need to get a job at Lucasfilms so you can make series like this to make CANON or non canon stuff like this piece of art

    PhantomPhantom3 napja
  • Amazing

    Joe LeahyJoe Leahy3 napja
  • Dude you make a awesome job 👏👍

    Sneakeyze 18Sneakeyze 183 napja
  • It is criminal that your channel doesn't have over 3M subs yet.

    Paul JenkinsPaul Jenkins3 napja
  • Darth Master Windu? Good idea!

    SeekerSeeker3 napja
  • Wow. Well done!! Wish I could like this short film as many times as I’ve watched it!! Thank you. 👊🏻🇨🇦

    M BM B3 napja
  • When is episode 3 coming out, I literally come on HUworld just to see if it’s been uploaded every single day😭

    Harrison WallisHarrison Wallis3 napja
  • What software do you use to make this? Awesome stuff

    Scott SouthamScott Southam3 napja
  • ...must be a video game.

    ShiriShiri3 napja
  • I got an idea for You What if the original trilogy was made in the 2010s If they updated all the Technology What actors would have played them

    Francis fw wellsFrancis fw wells3 napja
  • Actually looks like a video came or the end of IT

    Savage DemonSavage Demon3 napja
  • so he becomes nick fury, am i right?

    빙봉빙봉3 napja
  • I LOVE THIS you made it so you can hear the clone troopers breathing scared and nervous and that they are truly scared and how that one trooper left started randomly firing into the dark shows how scared he was LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    That1Cod NoobThat1Cod Noob3 napja