2021.jan. 2.
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  • I'm happy clumsy posts daily

    Forli MorliForli Morli2 hónapja
    • @Coolpepe adsd

      Stall Machine 447Stall Machine 4478 napja
    • @The Falling Chairs no man sorry to tell you that

      Asher GAsher G13 napja
    • hey, 2020 was better than this year. last year we had flash

      The Falling ChairsThe Falling Chairs13 napja
    • @Asher G あああああああ shut!!

      Fukase the monster-boyFukase the monster-boy17 napja
    • B B B B B B B B

      Asher GAsher G17 napja
  • Why is America trying to fuck Canada in the thumbnail

    Random YouTuberRandom YouTuber15 órája
  • I sleep off the bed like on the floor trying to get under the bed

    Joshua IorioJoshua IorioNapja
  • Yo we found the other side to the text of the shopping list block omg

    AsherVL12AsherVL122 napja
  • No one: Literally no one: The Thumbnail: I am the reason you are here Kids: Uhh Mommy, what is that? Mother: NO MORE COMPUTER

    Kote kopalianiKote kopaliani2 napja
  • this is a christian household

    Ryu EsguerraRyu Esguerra3 napja
  • 19:42 _If???? WHADDYA MEAN I F ??????_

    chocho3 napja
  • 4:42 my brain is melting trying to understand how it works

    canned gamer boycanned gamer boy3 napja
  • 4:14 me who stays up until 5 am because i cant sleep at all

    Humble Vibes • 1 second agoHumble Vibes • 1 second ago3 napja
  • 1:31 this hit hard

    Amru MubinaAmru Mubina3 napja
  • 0:44 **cocks shotgun* WHO DID THIS

    Amru MubinaAmru Mubina3 napja
  • 17:06 where tf regular show

    SpikeyBoy20SpikeyBoy204 napja
  • i wish i was the usa when i saw the thumnail

    bertimbertim4 napja
  • 6:04 I'm brazilian and that is cleary truth

    Kirä CuinKirä Cuin4 napja

  • America is a femboy

    Chopo SnipesChopo Snipes5 napja
  • This is a really good meme vid But the title of it should have been unsee juice *BIG GULP*

    itzz_blazeritzz_blazer5 napja
  • 3:51 I said it wrong like 5 times all at once

    Cole ChitwoodCole Chitwood5 napja

    Luis RiveraLuis Rivera5 napja
  • 19:01 isn't this just countryhumans

    Freya DeLaBedoyereFreya DeLaBedoyere6 napja
  • who else kinda wishes thee background music was in the description coz it actually sounds good

    Dan De la BedoyereDan De la Bedoyere6 napja
  • The first person who spoke english: GNORG Everyone else * loud clapping noises *

    DeminationsDeminations6 napja
  • 4:14 same -_-

    Hamdi 192 amerilHamdi 192 ameril6 napja
  • every way i go "made with mematic" i see his face

    Diego Aguilera AriasDiego Aguilera Arias6 napja
  • damn still feel bad for this mans who passed away and his nephew got the xbox to play HALO 2

    de mande man6 napja
  • WHAT WOULD THIER FATHER SAY (I'm referring to the thumbnail)

    Timmeh TimmehTimmeh Timmeh6 napja
  • 19:01 futzed me

    Ben DoverBen Dover6 napja
  • We got rickrolled Then we got twosetrolled (hi twoset fans) Now we got *F l A s H r O l L e D*

    Richmond Lee CasasRichmond Lee Casas7 napja
  • Why am I not subbed

    KateKate7 napja
  • giv me THE MÚIC

    ef efef ef7 napja
  • 15:20 Unfortunately that was not a prank ...

    Pão de skatePão de skate7 napja
  • The thumbnail lmao

    Lmao KinLmao Kin7 napja
  • Me: *Sees the thumbnail* "... Like country like me."

    Ghostly_Gacha000Ghostly_Gacha0007 napja
  • ok

    XxXStalinChanXxXXxXStalinChanXxX7 napja
  • I was eating a cookie and I saw the thumbnail. I started to chew my cookie slower to contemplate why the fuck someone would make that.

    Trysten KeslarTrysten Keslar8 napja
  • I've found out that there could be any comment and people would start fights in the reply that dont even have anything to do with the comment

    Rat VibesRat Vibes9 napja
  • Still waiting for sleep servers to open a spot. Anyone with me?

    joshxmenjoshxmen9 napja
  • in front of my class i said MISS ITS CALLED AN ORGASM (organism) I wanted to die when i knew the meaning

    dog in bucketdog in bucket9 napja
  • Me: *sees thumbnail* Also Me: I think that's enough internet for the day

    SCP Foundation Secure. Contain. Protect.SCP Foundation Secure. Contain. Protect.9 napja
  • 9:19 actually it's frick do with family

    Fire wingsFire wings9 napja
  • 5:19 I ship it

    Fire wingsFire wings9 napja
  • 3:16 me it's raining tacos f**k no it's a boss battle skyrim anyone

    Fire wingsFire wings9 napja
  • 2:01 me who's wake at 10:45 PM to watch this video

    Fire wingsFire wings9 napja
  • 14:24 is false we don't know what the function "eat" does

    Kenny BrownKenny Brown9 napja
  • 5:58 it's fuckin true everybody

    Gustavo GomesGustavo Gomes9 napja

    DamascusDamascus9 napja
  • Random people with high paying jobs in 2020: This is the worst year of my life Joe Biden about to get rid of like 200 000 jobs: Worst year of your life so far.

    G SAG SA9 napja

    Nicholas MorrisNicholas Morris9 napja
  • 5:59 Is funny because is true. At least I can become a sexy alligator

    7Fps.7Fps.10 napja
  • It’s a good thing Wales is just a Dragon

    I Am The Hamster GodI Am The Hamster God10 napja
  • rip adobe flash

    savage boi21savage boi2110 napja
  • me when i get to the new seasons of Simpsons: 4:54

    ᴍɪɴɪᴄʀᴇᴡ ʙᴀɴᴀɴᴀᴍɪɴɪᴄʀᴇᴡ ʙᴀɴᴀɴᴀ10 napja
  • wait i thought they were brothers why the thumbnail- and don't ask me why-

    ᴍɪɴɪᴄʀᴇᴡ ʙᴀɴᴀɴᴀᴍɪɴɪᴄʀᴇᴡ ʙᴀɴᴀɴᴀ10 napja
  • It's funny I actually used to have the wireless seat belts but it was in a car that had racing seats a roll cage and a five-point harness

    QuotedLion 370QuotedLion 37010 napja
  • Title: exists Me: ight, that seems like an appropriate waste of my time

    sharon beluesharon belue10 napja
  • Everyone: hates quarantine Me who likes being alone: I used to suffer but now I'm happy

    Sasha KorytnikovaSasha Korytnikova10 napja
  • i havnt slept in 5 days take that mr cat train daemon

    Trent NortonTrent Norton11 napja
  • The thumbnail- I-

    mybz Tomarmybz Tomar11 napja
  • 10:59 hear fuck 2020 by txt :)

    carbonara, lajimolala?carbonara, lajimolala?11 napja
  • the music is from mario karts tm

    Veronica CavinVeronica Cavin11 napja
  • *is already crying because of the leukemia story at 1:28 *

    Jack The RipperJack The Ripper12 napja
  • Hermitcraft has made it to main stream memes! 3:50

    Archungus GamingArchungus Gaming12 napja
  • Thumbnail: Canada and America Florida and some other State in Canada is circled. *Holy music stops*

    •L é m o n••L é m o n•12 napja
  • 99% of the comments: *_Thumbnail_* 1% of the comments: *other things*

    Lucas DeonarainLucas Deonarain12 napja
  • 8:41 I don't understand

    Dominick DoggoDominick Doggo12 napja
  • Little did they know their memes wil, come true 😔

    MemecatMemecat12 napja
  • 1:49 me when there is a new kid in class

  • The pic is real inapropreate canada and USA are like brothers-

    Idk IdonthaveoneIdk Idonthaveone12 napja
  • i dont understand that thumb nail

    jaco1601 jaco1601jaco1601 jaco160112 napja
  • .......................................................................

    Amanda MatesAmanda Mates12 napja

    K Gaming & G PlayzK Gaming & G Playz13 napja
  • I understand that the internet's for porn, but don't do that to Canada, they did nothing wrong, the US deserves it tho.

    ShyGuy69ShyGuy6913 napja
  • 3:51 i did that once in 5th grade

    Mr. MickeyMr. Mickey13 napja
  • girls cant mantane eye contaced with crush girls don't mantane eye contact with me because im ugly

    n in i13 napja
  • Ain't technically america and canada are like brothers since they both came from England? Oh.....no.....

    surkid101 bsurkid101 b13 napja
  • 9:28 yes, this is my favorite meme

    Levi CoffeermanLevi Coffeerman13 napja
  • 19:01 Oh My God (I didn't see the thumbnail)

    ChaikiCookiezChaikiCookiez13 napja
  • "Oww harder daddy uwu" ----USA, at some night Edit: I realised America is gay. Freedom at its finest

    SIMA DASSIMA DAS13 napja
  • 17:02 Me who has waching gravity falls when i was like 7:👁️👄👁️

    coraline _eeveecoraline _eevee13 napja
  • 11:19 this is elite humor

    Viviane MarzkeViviane Marzke14 napja
  • Scott Cawthon whenever MatPat makes a thoery: It it... Acceptable

    Trash ContentTrash Content14 napja
  • 19:00 ???? NANIII?!!!

    {Ashley} {bridgett's bff}{Ashley} {bridgett's bff}14 napja
  • thubnel

    m7md qahtanim7md qahtani14 napja
  • **My classmates talking about how they tired cause they didn't sleep 8 hours** Me who didn't slept since the Monday and its Sunday:

    TheSpaceDragonTheSpaceDragon14 napja
  • That cover is finna make me act up.

    Bennett BushBennett Bush14 napja
  • if you don't have sex before marriage you will never have sex and not have a kid

    Aarko GuhaAarko Guha14 napja
  • 3:15 be like: why do I hear boss music???

    Aarko GuhaAarko Guha14 napja
  • 7:31 no, i won't allow it.

    Francesca MonahanFrancesca Monahan14 napja
  • 10:08 ,i swear i do that literally everytime i eat xD

    maxijeff9maxijeff914 napja
  • 17:31 this has acctually happened to me before, now we are friends

    KeffeeKeffee15 napja
  • damn sasha didnt know you dont just eat your potatos😂

    kaigo hawkskaigo hawks15 napja
  • 5:58 me a brazilian watching this: finally Someone who thinks bolsonaro is worse than trump, because he really is

    Icy Likes to drawIcy Likes to draw15 napja
  • I was watching memes then I saw my name The meme was Almost the rest of the world Alaska still in 2020 I know it wasn't for me but I'm happy :)

    Alaska BarnsleyAlaska Barnsley15 napja
  • That thumbnail tho.

    howareyoudoingtodayhowareyoudoingtoday15 napja
  • 9:18 they are planning to make a family

    Screm DoggoScrem Doggo15 napja
  • 2:43 so that means the hippopotamus in my class is into me Wtf i am ugly why would she

    yellowdotyellowdot15 napja
  • 6:19 this accurately describes why I don't sleep well

    Samantha ConwellSamantha Conwell15 napja
  • hawaii one i can relate to i live there

    dj k playsdj k plays15 napja
  • 9:27 nah man u just adopted

    darkdragon0097darkdragon009715 napja
  • I haven't seen a Star Trek meme in a while

    Rhyan BrayRhyan Bray15 napja
  • Let’s all be honest, we all clicked the video cause of the thumbnail

    SniperlyfeSniperlyfe15 napja