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The countdown is on 💥 Marvel Studios' “WandaVision” starts streaming Friday on Disney+.
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  • Kinda boring first episode so far...

    C CC C2 órája
  • This is part of mcu and i must watch this?

    Fiji YoungBoiFiji YoungBoi2 órája

    Coleman JacksonColeman Jackson3 órája
  • Estupid Disney 😡

    XxElbartoxXXxElbartoxX3 órája
  • Am I the only one who’s REALLY hoping that Wanda’s brother Pietro (aka Quicksilver) will make an appearance at some point?

    Tim KirtlandTim Kirtland5 órája
  • Não gostei dos 2 episódios ficaram muito desgastantes....um humor forçado

  • Please tamil dub this series

    Yogesh YogeshYogesh Yogesh5 órája
  • Please do wanda vision release this in Hindi do you want to lose the fan of your marval what

    Zaheer khanZaheer khan6 órája
  • whos here after the 2 episodes ? 😂✨

    Fanni TothFanni Toth6 órája
  • tried to watch the first two episodes couldnt do it

  • VandaWizion Goes on.

    Sunrise AlexSunrise Alex8 órája
  • Watched 2 episode loved it but dubbed it in hindi for fans in india

  • DC: "well, at least we have the live action tv show game on lock. all they have is agents of shield." MARVEL: "Yeah, about that."

    sdotsdot9 órája
  • Hindi dubbed please

    Salman PathanSalman Pathan10 órája
  • Why not in hindi Tamil and Telugu😫😫😓 Very disappointed

    Unbox the knowledgeUnbox the knowledge13 órája
  • Every Friday two new episodes of Wandavison come out I think

    Skinny pig The baddieSkinny pig The baddie14 órája
  • Will the end of this season introduce the Xmen in the MCU.hehe

    Lee ReonLee Reon14 órája
  • Slowly but surely, Disney+ will beat Netflix

    slowdiveslowdive15 órája
  • I think Scarlet Witch is creating this fake reality just so she can live with Vision... This is so sad 😔

    Zi XuenZi Xuen17 órája
  • Before or after endgame??

    Manish GolaitManish Golait18 órája
  • The first two episodes i cant even sit through

    Jake WhelanJake Whelan19 órája
  • I just feel that this is all nightmare's doing. Anyone agree with me?

    the flashthe flash19 órája
  • Is this suppose to connect the multiverse?

    ChadChad19 órája
  • 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

    LHD3SIGN3RLHD3SIGN3R20 órája
  • 0:27 key moment.

    John WickJohn Wick20 órája
  • Its sad that they release in hindi

    Asfar AhmadAsfar Ahmad20 órája
  • Ugh why 2 episodes

    Mannyboi 55Mannyboi 5521 órája
  • Um Vision is Dead right

    Tyler WilmesTyler Wilmes21 órája
  • Cuando salen los demás capítulos?

    Gustavo RangelGustavo Rangel21 órája
  • Let's save the world once again?

    mantosh kumarmantosh kumar21 órája
  • No hablo taka taka

    JM Merma ccJM Merma cc22 órája
  • Is no one gonna mention Billy and Tommy?

    billamadramabillamadrama23 órája
  • I like this

    The Moments OfficialThe Moments Official23 órája
  • Wow they edited so fast I just noticed Monica is wearing a sword pendent, probably what makes Wanda mad, so she she throws Monica out of the reality.

    Ravendra KewlaniRavendra KewlaniNapja
  • come to magneto

    Bayram BedirBayram BedirNapja
  • 0:46 is that Darcy from Thor?!

    • yes

      John WickJohn Wick20 órája
  • Szkoda że w Polsce nie można oglondać

    Turbo SzypkiTurbo SzypkiNapja
  • i cant wait for this

    cosmic _18cosmic _18Napja
  • I know I am going to be devastated at the end of this tv show but I am watching anyway.

    Annika K.Annika K.Napja
  • dreaming or streaming? 🤔

    Kumar AnkitKumar AnkitNapja
  • Only a couple of episodes in and I love this show

    Rohan PadriRohan PadriNapja
  • I just saw Darcey Lewis, Jane Foster's friend from thor at the back of a track looking up

    David AkimDavid AkimNapja
  • Are yrr koi Hindi v bolo

    Ali AadiAli AadiNapja
  • I think we are going to witness the soul world .... although not sure enough as vision was choked before the snap... only Wanda got SNAPPED into the soul world..... But.. If this is a different timeline... Then it sucks

    aritra roychoudhuryaritra roychoudhuryNapja
  • They should just drop the entire season because the 1st 2 eps were more odd then entertaining

    CarrereArt CoCarrereArt CoNapja
  • Well Friday, January 15. Just watched Wanda-Vision. 1st episode was um, odd, strange, and kinda hard to follow. A little boring sadly. Episode two was a little better. Had a little more intrigue. I'm NOT disrespecting the show at all. I realize this show has a build-up, but the 1st episode was a tad boring. Knowing what Wanda aka Scarlett Witch is capable of, makes this shows last few episodes very dangerous and possibly brutal. Let's hope.

    Edward StevenetteEdward StevenetteNapja
  • Two episodes in - meh.... expecting to be blown away when they reveale the actual plot. Don't wait to long.

    Sparql LordSparql LordNapja
  • max black from two broke girls?

    netflix accnetflix accNapja
  • WHAT the hell s this it looks like some joke show!!

    netflix accnetflix accNapja
  • 0:56, Did He Just Said *Dreaming Friday*

    Vansh SoniVansh SoniNapja
  • Me: Crying my eyes out because I can't watch it like if same

    Avinash PatilAvinash PatilNapja
  • El primer capítulo fue lo más aburrido que VI en toda mi vida, una serie tan esperaba y el resultado es lamentable. Disney Plus también lo es. Que perdida de tiempo

  • If this continues I'll become a DC fan (not 🤣)

    Bboy OutcastBboy OutcastNapja
  • Stop changing marvel this sucks what happened 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😱😢😢😢

    Bboy OutcastBboy OutcastNapja
  • Aree bhai hindi me kab dub hoga

    Xtr GamingXtr GamingNapja
  • Wait that was DARCY 🔨 MEWMEW

    Joel ButlerJoel ButlerNapja
  • quite intriguing.. I thought it was just a Reality made by Wanda but what's with the saving this NPCs talking about?

    Hēi XīngHēi XīngNapja
  • Okay.... Did ANYONE ELSE hear "DREAMING Friday on Disney+"?!

    Miguel Romero IIMiguel Romero IINapja
    • @Elijah Johnson I knew I wasn't the only one hearing it!

      Miguel Romero IIMiguel Romero II7 órája
    • it was DEF Dreaming!

      Elijah JohnsonElijah Johnson19 órája
  • Wonda-vision aaa thooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂

    GamingVerse GTGamingVerse GTNapja
  • Please release in telugu

    Grace NiharikaGrace NiharikaNapja
  • When we are an usual couple isn’t in a trailer “I think something’s wrong here”

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerNapja
  • louis huang is a cop now

    fyz atzeyfyz atzeyNapja
  • I enjoy being in the dark in this mystery of why Scarlett Witch and Vision are stuck in these old timey TV show scenes.

    Icame TowatchIcame TowatchNapja
  • What the name of the music?

    Saved By GraceSaved By GraceNapja
  • I just don’t get it, he died? Like did she conjure up her own universe to find him cause she couldn’t live w out him?

    Abby WIlliamsAbby WIlliamsNapja
  • This show is capable of healing my ADHD.

    AD ManassasAD ManassasNapja
  • Muy chida

    Ron PerezRon Perez2 napja
  • I get the feeling this is either going to be a great hit or a major flop. Or maybe I have seen too many DC flop's lately

    Kimberli HKimberli H2 napja
  • I didn’t get the first two episodes

    Lucas WhiteLucas White2 napja
    • I get that but I don't know why only 2 eps When they will upload next eps

      Habhai ThikHabhai ThikNapja
  • Human and Robot mating. Ewwww

    Kamrul EmonKamrul Emon2 napja
  • 1-2 серии отстой

    Al BigrAl Bigr2 napja
  • Multiverse here we come!!!

    Nolan GummerusNolan Gummerus2 napja
  • Hold on a minute. Is Monica wearing a sword necklace at 0:35

    bans212bans2122 napja
  • This is out already right?

    Hello ByeHello Bye2 napja
  • if u have the captions it says one division instead of WandaVision

    cool poolcool pool2 napja
  • "We are an unusual couple"

    Clips of Movies&SeriesClips of Movies&Series2 napja
  • .....But it looks awful?

    A RA R2 napja
  • We are a unusual couple u know

    ZツZツ2 napja
  • No she isnt travelling through time. She's messing it. Imagine ur 18 and in next second u have 2 grandchildren, ur wife and daughter in law. That's what gonna happen in show. Shes messing with time n reality in her own head. The end results will be two childrens and messed up reality. Which Dr strange will deal with in multiverse of madness. Suspense : "Wanda who's making you do this...wanda ...?" Refferences till now : Hydra watch and stark toaster ...

    Comic HeroComic Hero2 napja
    • @Rahat Pradhan probably not actually since Dr.Strange can control his powers better

      TheLSSJ BrolyTheLSSJ Broly2 napja
    • @TheLSSJ Broly Wanda wins ?

      Rahat PradhanRahat Pradhan2 napja
    • @Rahat Pradhan probably

      TheLSSJ BrolyTheLSSJ Broly2 napja
    • Doctor strange vs Wanda ?

      Rahat PradhanRahat Pradhan2 napja
  • I thought I was watching the trailer of inception 2.

    Google userGoogle user2 napja

    VK PlaysVK Plays2 napja
  • i don't understand, Thanos kill vision

    JaguaRaouwJaguaRaouw2 napja
  • What a shity way to start the seson I hope it changes

    Eric Mon GuzEric Mon Guz2 napja
  • Anyone else peep the hint at the end with the voice announcement? “Wanda vision, an original series dreaming Friday” not streaming

    Big_dime graffitiBig_dime graffiti2 napja
  • watched and its "marvel"lous,,

    AzelDHAzelDH2 napja
  • Just seen the first 2 episodes, wow, probably going back to rewatch it soon

    Ace VaperAce Vaper2 napja
  • well i dont know if this is gonna happen or but i belive that wanda messing with realities to find a perfect one in which wanda and vision live peacefully will led to wanda disturbing the fabrics or reality and now its up dr strange to fix it and i guess the living tribunal or eternity will appear in dr strange multiverse of madness

    Akash LalAkash Lal2 napja
    • And then in Spider-Man 3 Maguire and Garfield show up because of the messing with realities, I bet WandaVision, Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man 3 are all connected

      Funny FunnyFunny Funny2 napja
  • Tonight.. is THE night. FINALLY!🦾

    ARAR2 napja
  • When is it going to be released

    029 Valobh Prasad029 Valobh Prasad2 napja
  • Vision guy is the best meme of the song AAHHHAHAAAAHHHHHHHH

  • What if the infinity stones weren't destroyed but sent to other universes. I think Ancient One said the universe will be out of balance if even one of the stones were not in that universe. So Dr Strange has to hunt were all the stones ended up in, enlisting other super heroes. The *Mind Stone* ended up in Attack on Titan universe, apparently it is in the possession of the Founding Titan. Only Peter Parker was dispatched to this universe to find it. The scouts will be more than happy to have him. Poor Eren, the number of people hunting him for his Founding Titan just increased by one. The *Time Stone* ended up in God of war 4 universe. Only the Giants and Tyr know it's location for it is the source of their ability to see the future. Thor & Bruce Banner were dispatched to this universe. It's going to be chaos for them. Kratos will try to kill them, Odin will try to kill them, and Bruce Banner just doesn't want to be involved in family quarrels. The *Soul Stone* ended up in the CW Arrow universe, the source of the power of the Lazarus pit. Hawkeye, Falcon, & Winter Soldier were dispatched. Them along with Arrow will infiltrate The League of Assassin's to find the stone and also to find out once and for all who is the better archer. The *Space Stone* Ended up in Dragon Age Inquisition universe. It has been called the Tesseract before, now it is known as the Orb of Fen'Harel. Only Scarlett Witch was dispatched to this universe. She joins the Inquisition to fight Corypheus and retrieve the space stone, little does she know that she also has to face the Dread Wolf himself. It will be fun watching Cole trying to help Scarlett Witch heal and forget, with her refusing his help even going as far as trying to make Cole forget about helping her. The *Power Stone* ended up in Star Wars universe (I know very little about Star Wars), the source of the Star Destroyer destructive power. The Guardians of the Galaxy were dispatched to retrieve it. Star Lord proclaims to be an expert at finding Infinity Stones when in reality he has only found the same stone, twice. Finally the *Reality Stone* ended up in Alice in Wonderland universe. Dr Strange goes alone, he believes he is the only one who can retrieve this stone. I don't know much about Alice in Wonderland.

    FenrirFenrir2 napja
  • The pandemic must have really messed people’s minds up. This is 🚮

    Manny TicasManny Ticas2 napja
  • I just want agents of shield back :(

    Pixel MediaPixel Media2 napja
  • Avengers trifft auf pleasantville Ich werde es mir nicht anschauen 😒

    Sag ich NichtSag ich Nicht2 napja
  • This is the thing I fear when my besties friends all synce on their time of the month.

    Dr. NTMDr. NTM2 napja
  • First two episdodes are really irritating...

    Mohd Zunaid AliMohd Zunaid Ali2 napja
  • I don't like first two episodes.. I mean.. I don't what's happening, but they &didn't gave us explinations about how vision it's alive..and how they are în this place, în that time.. Maybe în next episodes we will see. For the moment, i don't like.. They are wasting time..sorry if i wrote something wrong... I m still learning english

    Vasile BurlacuVasile Burlacu2 napja
  • Wanda vision Infinit tsyukoyomi

  • Wanda try to recreate the mind stone?

    匿名者匿名者2 napja
  • Please once watch my video 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I spent all of the day in editing recording and uploading

    DakuXabhayDakuXabhay2 napja