UFC Records: Fastest Finishes in History

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Watch the full collection of the fastest finishes in UFC history. Jorge Masvidal's flying knee against Ben Askren at UFC 239 remains the fastest finish in the promotion's history.
*Justin Martin and Joe Charles each had 14-second submissions, at UFC 12 and 4 respectively, but were alternate bouts and are not a part of this list.
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  • 9.35 you can see a piece of a tooth flying

    Si RoSi Ro9 órája
  • A real fighter recognize if he knocks his opponent out. I hate when they hit after its clear someone is ko'd

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  • 3:20 leon edward stop the fight not the referee. Amazing

    Nik kamilNik kamilNapja
  • One thing I can learn from this video is that Black always win against White.

    Steph-ON CurrySteph-ON CurryNapja
  • My boy got knocked out by a dude who hit the splits lol

    Cozy Boy_619Cozy Boy_619Napja
  • Ludwig is a world-class striker? Lmfao Rogan is a flippin tool. 🤣🤣

    Joaquín EnríquezJoaquín EnríquezNapja
  • Imagine people payperviewing any of these

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  • Imagine paying for front row seat, waiting days to see the fight and making hour long drives just for the fight to end in less than a minute


  • I could watch that Masvidal knockout on Askren all day. That is absolutely brilliant gameplanning by Masvidal and his corner knowing that Askren is gonna grapple him above all else...rile him up, talk mad smack, sucker him into an aggressive shoot for a takedown, and then bam, give him the flying knee they'd been working on. Talk about 200 IQ plays.

  • 4:02.., did I miss something?

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  • 12:00 was the most stylish knock out i think ive ever seen lmao

    Bruce ABruce ANapja
  • 10:35 that was one of the weirdest knock outs ive ever seen the dude was almost out when he fell then he slightly recovered on the ground

    Bruce ABruce ANapja
  • 10:19 that was insane

    Bruce ABruce ANapja
  • If Johnny Walker would have connected on that kick at 12:04 that guy would have been ExtremeTKO'D LOL

  • 정찬성 주모!!!!!!!!

  • 11:27 shoutout to John for being the best ref in the UFC. Since the beginning he’s always made the safety of the fighters the top priority, the people chanting bullshit over that stop are idiots if they thought an unconscious man should get punched in the face just to make sure he’s out.

  • Lucky sponsers

    Trinson PintoTrinson Pinto2 napja
  • Kudos to the editor...👏

    LocaL MotoLocaL Moto2 napja
  • Jorge Masvidal will forever only be known from this ko. the rest of his career accolades are yawn worthy

    Pobody's NerfectPobody's Nerfect2 napja
  • And it is

    trevor brydetrevor bryde2 napja
    • All over

      trevor brydetrevor bryde2 napja
  • Judges are like angels.

    Yevgueny KislovYevgueny Kislov2 napja
  • Imagine losing this fast after months of training. Thats so sad.

    chardchard2 napja
  • I can’t imagine how good it feel to KO someone in under 15 seconds and make all that money haha must feel like an easy day at the office for them

    DougJKDougJK2 napja
  • Mazagatti getting praised for good stoppage? What dimension is this video from?

    AttentionJunkieAttentionJunkie2 napja
  • 2:40 why is he attacking the referee lol

    Hersh GamingHersh Gaming2 napja
  • 2:46 def ate something lmaooo

    Xavier LugoXavier Lugo2 napja
  • Johnny walker!!!!

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  • 1:36 Fik Shun🙄🙄🙄 Good dance

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  • Askren going to go from getting out the quickest to setting the new knockout record after jake paul

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  • Imagine waking up to the ref having you in a clinch omegalul

    Kenneth SmithfieldKenneth Smithfield3 napja
  • felt bad for the guy who got hit in the balls and lose after that xD

    Ben Jayson BartolomeBen Jayson Bartolome3 napja
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    Gary BasteGary Baste3 napja
  • The thumbnail looked weird for a moment...

    BlackcrowBlackcrow3 napja
  • I'm surprised Mario Yamazaki allowed Duane Ludwig to be one of the fastest stoppages of all time

    T LittleT Little3 napja
  • I like that guy that was hit and he grabbed the referee, that was too funny!

    Dionne langleyDionne langley3 napja
  • Whenever there is an intense challenge it's always the Asian dude wins

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  • 12:00 that is the most stylish kill I've ever seen wow

    ElginRingElginRing4 napja
  • Damn ppl paying for these shows just for it to end that quickly must be like skipping a cutscene

    Kylo_ BurnKylo_ Burn4 napja
  • 0:08 announcer: the fight clock is brought to you by modelo!... modelo: FUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!... 😠

    Douglas HarleyDouglas Harley4 napja
  • When they can't get the first advertisement out before the guy's drooling on the ground

    Aidan AbregovAidan Abregov4 napja
  • Ben may have the record for fasted KO, but everyone knows he would man handled Jorge if he didn’t duck for that takedown seeing him rush towards him.

    Kris SandersKris Sanders4 napja
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    Viktor HemmingsViktor Hemmings4 napja
  • Where is amirkhani vs ogle? 8sec ko

    VäinämöinenVäinämöinen4 napja
  • Mazvidal talks like he had that planned, he ment to do that... he got lucky. Dude went low and he went high...luck, that's it. I'm so tired of hearing about that like it was something great. He got lucky people.

    patricia raneypatricia raney4 napja
  • Oh shit jack paul is going to win

    the best youtuberthe best youtuber4 napja
  • Askren's greatest lesson to the world, never block a knee with your head.

    Lesly Leon LeeLesly Leon Lee5 napja
  • that thumbnail looked weird for a sec

    enei swickenei swick5 napja
  • Jorge literally got lucky with that knee, barely even touched him with it, that guy has a weak ass jaw, fucking pathetic

    Ian CampIan Camp5 napja
  • Concieted product of bullshit.

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  • Fastest finishes?? I didn’t see my clip at #1

    Kingk0brajfsKingk0brajfs5 napja
  • First guy barely wanted to touch gloves, not fair

    Marlon CruzMarlon Cruz5 napja
  • Not boxers, can't take a punch to the jaw.

    Dave WatkinsonDave Watkinson5 napja
  • Anyone else notice how many lefties land these surprise brutal knockouts? huworld.info/flow/vide/25hpl6Wwf7u0joQ

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  • "fastest finish in history" my mother would beg to differ.

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  • imagine spending months training only to get knocked out before the commentators finish the sponsor script

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  • i think jorge's ko 2 seconds. because clock on 4:58 askren was finished by masvidal

    Full ThrottleFull Throttle6 napja
  • the ads were longer than the fights.

    AvizAviz6 napja
  • 1:33 That guy was thinking back on his worse decisions in life and I don't think he regretted anything else but putting on boxing gloves

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  • Luckiest strike and UFC history

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    Simon LundSimon Lund6 napja
  • 2:52 mans shot his body

    Omgitsfail moosrOmgitsfail moosr6 napja
  • You can see the moment when Ben Askren looks down at the floor with his arms out, he found a 20 dollar bill and tried to tell Jorge but Jorge said nope

    Bob SagetBob Saget6 napja
    • He will need it for hospital

      Dawn splitterDawn splitter2 napja
  • So the reason for Yamazaki seldom stop fights, he cant bend his knees 😯 oook I get it 1:56 Again at 4:53

    sam buddysam buddy6 napja
  • 4:05 "Ah fuck"

    Travis AbramsTravis Abrams7 napja