UFC 257 Free Fight: Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez

2021.jan. 8.
3 507 323 Megtekintés

Conor McGregor became the first person to hold two belts simultaneously after he defeated lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in 2016. On January 23, McGregor returns to face Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 257.
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    James AntonioJames Antonio5 órája
  • 👍

  • 코너 맥그리거vs하빕

    이준효이준효7 órája
  • What was McGregor yelling about with Dana at the end?

    Dxb BredDxb Bred7 órája
  • 아이씨발 뭔소리야

    김지산김지산7 órája
  • This is the REAL CONOR MCGREGOR!😂

    Freeman's VlogFreeman's Vlog8 órája
  • más falso esto!

    JAO AolsmianragazJAO Aolsmianragaz8 órája
  • Pencak dor

    yoel juliantoyoel julianto9 órája
  • If this version, or better, Conor shows up against Dustin, Dustins is in big trouble

    FoliokuuppaFoliokuuppa9 órája
  • Never heard eddies wife screaming..just watch the fight

    Faust .sFaust .s9 órája
  • Eddie’s wife screaming is part of the show she was supposed to put on. She knew Eddie was going to lose. $$$ They all did.

    65 Neu65 Neu10 órája
  • Eddie reminds me of Iike the generic bad guy who is typecasted for like dc comic movies. Like the one bad guy in captain America, the cop guy who betrays captain in the elevator.

    YankeeFPSYankeeFPS11 órája
  • How did Eddie even have a chance to concentrate with his wife yelling Eddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    The ChefThe Chef12 órája
  • This fight looks fake as fuck. That eddie guy probably was paid to get beaten up by mc chicken

    Дмитрий ПетренкоДмитрий Петренко12 órája
  • 09:47 09:47

    배지원배지원13 órája
  • Love ?? love ?? ?? the video

    zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsv13 órája
  • Can we make a petition to make the commentary the judges?

    Sheldon AllenSheldon Allen14 órája
  • Deposité aquí su cometario en ESPAÑOL

    Torres LautaroTorres Lautaro15 órája
  • It Will really beatifull me fight with Mcgregor,no profesional,but with hard punchs,Will genial men,but never going to happen,very sad true

    Santiag0 Cicottin0Santiag0 Cicottin015 órája
    • Конор как всегда хорош

      zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsv13 órája
  • 8:26 wtf....

    머쓰지머쓰지15 órája
  • "Irish only 6 million", Eddie 'a wife, as she out screams them...

    TengoTengo17 órája
  • My God, let's just keep it no fans allowed at the fights. We can't take a chance of someone else like Eddie's wife getting into the arena.

    Slim SavageSlim Savage18 órája
  • Eddie's wife is an unfixable glitch in the Matrix.

    Slim SavageSlim Savage18 órája
  • Are the Irish fans dueling Eddie's wife? If so, they are losing badly. She's way louder than 15,000 drunk crazed Irishmen.

    Slim SavageSlim Savage18 órája
  • All I do is have waking nightmares of Eddie's wife just screaming nonstop. Please someone kill me now. She is scarier than anything life has ever thrown at me. Just wow

    Slim SavageSlim Savage18 órája
  • Connor mcgregor ❤️!!!! The Best Khabib You suck

    Claudio NxTClaudio NxT18 órája
  • Vengo del potcats de Robert

    Reino AventuraReino Aventura18 órája
  • So ...what company is making the Alvarez bobble head? I gotta get 1. Funko Pop 🥊💥✅😂😂😂

    Rawk ZillaRawk Zilla19 órája
  • купил киску за виски)

    фуфан Фуфанфуфан Фуфан20 órája
  • His wife porbably insane

    Gvidas LukoseviciusGvidas Lukosevicius21 órája
  • Конор мог сделать это спустя 10 секунд первого раунда, а не в третьем. Просто людям, которые купили билеты за тысячи долларов хочется посмотреть бой хотя бы 10 минут, а не секунд

    Las MegabandasLas Megabandas21 órája
  • 3:00 69

    sarok 44sarok 4421 órája
  • Is someone sacrificing a lamb in the audience? That noise is a killer

    ging klyging kly21 órája
  • Конор как всегда хорош

    Дмитро ЧередніченкоДмитро Чередніченко21 órája
  • the best performance in the UFC to date. come at me

    Lukas HilmingLukas Hilming22 órája
  • Eddie was struggling to stay alive the entire time.

    Bharadwaj LBharadwaj LNapja
  • It's so funny how ufc shows off this chicken

    Артур СтрашкоАртур СтрашкоNapja
  • Eddie Alvarez must have been distracted by his wife screaming his name every 5-10 seconds!!! #YourWaq

    Mikey MoneyMikey MoneyNapja
  • Joe Rogan every 10 seconds: "he hurt em bad"

    Adam SegarraAdam SegarraNapja
  • Việt nam chào anh em thế giới

    Quocy TranQuocy TranNapja
  • Haha..this mc chicked destroyed by khabib..he cant do anything with khabib except disoriented 🤣

    Iroel AIroel ANapja
  • I was building guitars and this popped

    Den BoeDen BoeNapja
  • Наш выиграл🤣

    Ал САл СNapja
  • one of the best cards ever. thompson and woodley before this is fire also

    naufal mfnaufal mfNapja
  • 🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎👎

    Wawan PurwantoWawan PurwantoNapja
  • The tasteful guitar contrarily guess because sail occasionally bury athwart a powerful cave. long-term, nosy shop

    Christian DenmarkChristian DenmarkNapja
  • uk and ireland got true glaiators they can fight HARD

    john rossjohn rossNapja
  • Patch patch patch

    Dzan KameroliDzan KameroliNapja
  • 9:00 looks like lil brother trying to hit his older brother.

  • 8:48 lol Jay from Kingdom tv series in the crowd

  • Alvarez lost during the glove touch

    Johnny PocketsJohnny PocketsNapja
  • back in the day when htere were people in the seats

    Tom WildeTom WildeNapja
  • Fake

    А СА СNapja
  • Eddie’s wife: screams loudly Tony Ferguson: Hold on I’m talking brother.

    annag coclannag coclNapja
  • 8:39 joe said "he's holding the fence,murgliata hasnt noticed it yet" which is weird because the ref was Big John Mcarthy🤣

    Rodrigo CisnerosRodrigo CisnerosNapja
  • Conor's center of mass is just so amazing, that's why his hooks packs so much punch. His opponent is almost always leaning forward whilst he is standing straight.

  • jake paul is challenging this man when he shits his pants when KSI walks by

    • Бой не стоит внимания. Боец явно не тянет на бой с Конором, поставили как грушу для битья, что не делает чести организаторам...

      annag coclannag coclNapja
  • Conor Russians coming for ya ...

    M EsM EsNapja
  • Mc Grégor n'a connu qu'un maître! il habite au Daguestan !

    So GongSo GongNapja
  • .

    who the fook is that guywho the fook is that guyNapja
  • Хабиба там не хватало. Ушатал бы их обоих

    Максимка МаксимкаМаксимка МаксимкаNapja
  • Это повторить или што?

    Максимка МаксимкаМаксимка МаксимкаNapja
  • Fantastic fight! And absolutely no sweaty fondling around on the floor, which is boring to watch. This was not boring to watch in any way! It is so much more fun to watch a guy like Conor McGregor then to watch, for example, Khabib Nurmagomedov. .

  • Alvarez most comodian fight...ever seen in UFC

    CPL GuangtaCPL GuangtaNapja
  • McGregor looks calm the whole fight. He almost doesn’t look like he’s being serious

    Philip JPhilip JNapja
  • Connor vs Khabib again. n again n again?

    Justin FriedeckJustin FriedeckNapja
  • That combo tho

  • The brad pit never was.

    Justin FriedeckJustin FriedeckNapja
    • Connor Mcgregor remind me 100% of Snatch with Brad Pitt.

      Justin FriedeckJustin FriedeckNapja
  • i fail in love as of now.

    Justin FriedeckJustin FriedeckNapja
  • dat body movement.

    Justin FriedeckJustin FriedeckNapja
  • The loose beech clearly change because language immunocytochemically pour from a big galley. plain, elderly cocoa

    jaden mitchelljaden mitchellNapja
  • Бой не стоит внимания. Боец явно не тянет на бой с Конором, поставили как грушу для битья, что не делает чести организаторам...

    Алексей ФадеевАлексей ФадеевNapja
  • Конар красавчик!!!

    Mechta RozibakievaMechta RozibakievaNapja
  • This is only my second time watching this fight the first time being live and goddamn I never noticed how annoying that person was whoever was yelling lmao like how are you that loud in a stadium that packed and noisy🤣🤦

    CT GamingCT GamingNapja
  • Goldberg is rough to listen to in this one. Didn't realize how bad he was until the new wave of commentators came in.

    Flic AirpacFlic AirpacNapja
  • So nobody else noticed at 8:40 Rogan call calls John McCarthy “miragliotta”, Big Dan for those who don’t know!

    • Came here to see if anyone else noticed but all they heard was Eddie's wife

      Dxb BredDxb Bred7 órája
  • Мак грегор лох!

    Никонов ДаниилНиконов ДаниилNapja
  • i learned about alvarez because I was a huge fan of Joachim Hansen and shinya aioki in dream and seeing what mcgregor did to him you can not deny this guy.

  • 3:05 Alvarez and McGregor had a beautiful moment here

    Blake SkingBlake SkingNapja
  • Weird how conor can assault a young girl he knows and still get away with it . Ah how good it is to be king

    F BbF BbNapja
  • Jay Kulina in attendance

  • Poirier in 3

    Asif FaroukAsif FaroukNapja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/uI2aqXzVb7fFoIQ

    kHaLi_1887 uF*oGkHaLi_1887 uF*oGNapja
  • Best game in town copycat.cash

    Dave PhillipsDave PhillipsNapja
  • The true definition of “motivated McGregor”

    cqvio dolicqvio doliNapja
  • Khabib its greatest

    MaAmUS 131MaAmUS 131Napja
  • Хороший боец конь. Он только наступления делает но когда с Хабибом дрался только отступал

    Shoxruz BShoxruz BNapja
  • 3:06 he grabbin his willy there wtf wrong sport Jose Aldo

    Your Average Black GuyYour Average Black GuyNapja
    • Irish: conor, conor, conor Eddie’s wife: EEEEEEEDDDDDDDDIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

      cqvio dolicqvio doliNapja
  • I can't even watch the match properly after reading the comments . EEEDDDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE is much more louder than the crowd.

    Gajen ArumugamGajen ArumugamNapja
  • Alright fight

  • It looks like Connor isn't tryna end the fight but instead punish the man!

    Wallace carter iiiWallace carter iiiNapja
  • My god, if you didn't see it you wouldn't believe it, just absurd. Dominant

    Karim FrançoisKarim FrançoisNapja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/roaArKmjbJK4aIw

  • пусть гуглят...)

    Captain RyaCaptain RyaNapja
  • Just recently started to watch Kingdom (TV series about MMA) and its starring Jonathan Tucker as a fighter. Funny to see the guy rly enjoying a fight in real life too @ 8:58 (guy filming with iphone, next to white shirt and hat guy)

    Gregg ArensGregg ArensNapja
  • It's really crazy how accurate he is. Amazing.

  • Проплаченный бой.... Половина ударов просто в никуда.

    With music for lifeWith music for lifeNapja

    Sebastian KleinodSebastian KleinodNapja
  • Конор 🐓

    Василий ГалаганВасилий ГалаганNapja
  • Bro Connor is going to fucking kill jake Paul ngl

    Geg Hehff deGeg Hehff deNapja