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    • حلو

      سمر ثامر عليسمر ثامر علي20 napja
    • Don't do that 💀💀💀the aircraft hold is not pressurized, he risks dying from a lack of oxygen and cold.

      ;-;;-;21 napja
    • Foi a coisa mais engraçada

      Sônia Maria Magalhães MagalhãesSônia Maria Magalhães Magalhães21 napja
    • When you enter and exit out of the same door

      Charlie ShaddowCharlie Shaddow21 napja
    • Bts

      Chan Bee ChingChan Bee Ching21 napja
  • wow

    كرار عدايكرار عداي20 perccel
  • anything for dumbass clout

  • No I’m not sure

    Saad AlzubaidiSaad AlzubaidiÓrája
  • Love from India ❤️

    Tarun pandeyTarun pandeyÓrája
  • Buenisima ....aplausos

    Carlos BustosCarlos Bustos2 órája
  • I mean even if it was meant to be a skit which I bet it wasn’t, I seriously wonder how many people think it’s real

    Kuli Does ThingsKuli Does Things2 órája
  • Luggage is empty

    8Dnasty8Dnasty3 órája
    • Same airport

      8Dnasty8Dnasty3 órája
  • You gone get ass caught tryingna do that and then you gonna spend some time in the big house ight so good luck. And plz nobody do human trafficking

    Ai. PlaysAi. Plays3 órája
  • I love you and you guys do backflips on the wall and everything

    Madison FentonMadison Fenton3 órája
  • Jajaja son sus videos graciosos😁😎

    bastian ariel herrerabastian ariel herrera3 órája
  • I love it so

    Debbie MatthewsDebbie Matthews4 órája
  • Do not do this, chances are you might die in the cargo department of the plane.

    PyroCr1tikalPyroCr1tikal4 órája
  • Orang indo susah di tipu

  • Bien si es posible me lo puedes enviar la factura electrónica que nos vemos en un rato más le pasa lo que se le puede dar un poco más mensajes de los mismos contienen los mismos contienen los mismos que los de los que no me ha dicho nada pero no

    YAnseli GermanYAnseli German4 órája
  • Terminal 5 x2

    Anonyme PanamAnonyme Panam4 órája
  • Talk to the suitcase great idea

    Simon De VuystSimon De Vuyst4 órája
  • I was kind of wishing it was one of those vacations to the landfill and he just ditched the luggage bag there.

    Sweet JohnnySweet Johnny5 órája
  • No facemask

    Mhindlex AngelsMhindlex Angels5 órája
  • You take the wrong luggage

    Beth DePalmaBeth DePalma6 órája
  • Gente baixe esse jogo ouo

    Mayara Pimentel PimentelMayara Pimentel Pimentel6 órája
  • Love yous

    Bárbara Silva SchmidtBárbara Silva Schmidt7 órája
  • It's crazy how hard it is to film an entire video in the same airport

    David TrembleDavid Tremble7 órája

    Sára DianováSára Dianová7 órája
  • This is why the Americans hate the Russians 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Masoom ShafiMasoom Shafi7 órája
  • Fake because they scan the bags

    Flappy WolfFlappy Wolf8 órája
  • Ya sentia que me aogaba

    Azucena ChavezAzucena Chavez8 órája
  • I hope no one is stupid enough to try this.

    Me SMe S9 órája
  • Whats the song?

    Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton9 órája
  • and thats how he suffocated in a suitcase

  • Masks?

    Reach ProductionsReach Productions9 órája
  • From terminal 5, to terminal 5

    Tenisha StephensonTenisha Stephenson10 órája
  • Oi

    Estefany De jesusEstefany De jesus10 órája
  • Fi ovigogohjto😠

    Estefany De jesusEstefany De jesus10 órája
  • Хороший сюрприз, а куда контроль смотрел, это слепой пассажир ,прикольно было смотреть, Браво!!!

    Sergej AppelhansSergej Appelhans10 órája
  • uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwi

    yureski valerayureski valera11 órája
  • Not fake at all

    Sophie LambertSophie Lambert11 órája
  • Because i am from mexico and i love mexico and everyone that is from mexico loves mexico so much♥️♥️

    Maria Alvarez rayoMaria Alvarez rayo11 órája
  • Wait are you and your twin going to mexico

    Maria Alvarez rayoMaria Alvarez rayo11 órája
  • Ahh yes human trafficking

    Colin WeeksColin Weeks11 órája
  • It would've been cool if cops arrested them for suspicious behavior, and find them weed or another substance in their pokets xD

    karinadiecisietekarinadiecisiete11 órája
  • Marco togni

    Matteo CarnevaliMatteo Carnevali12 órája
  • A little bit cringe I guess

    tracktor 2000 gstracktor 2000 gs12 órája
  • 😤

    Heloisa OliveriraHeloisa Oliverira13 órája
  • Your crazy

    Logan BolenLogan Bolen13 órája
  • 😒😒🖕🏿

    trailer TVtrailer TV13 órája
  • So this is the secret tactic the KGB has been using huh..

    ElliottElliott13 órája

    Leona PirinLeona Pirin14 órája
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    tokie915tokie91514 órája
  • It’s so fake coz then scan an have dogs smell the bags 😂

    Fishing freaks For lifeFishing freaks For life14 órája
  • 👍 Hola Me llamo soy Maite gustan sus videos

    Sol MaldonadoSol Maldonado14 órája
  • Jajjajajaja

    Monica PalmaMonica Palma14 órája
  • Yes😂😂😂

    Elmer ChaconElmer Chacon14 órája
  • No entiendo nada de lo que dicen pero me gusta ver a y primer comentario en español😅😂

    Carolina CabreraCarolina Cabrera14 órája

    Серёжа БелоусСерёжа Белоус14 órája

    Andree RuelasAndree Ruelas15 órája
  • Airport security: *looks at xray* Also airport security: "understandable , have a great day"

    SoewsSoews15 órája
  • Where is your clothes

    amael kifayehamael kifayeh15 órája
  • How much more fake can u make it

    Sloth KidSloth Kid15 órája
  • Or you can just buy a seat for 2😅😑

    why are you looking at thiswhy are you looking at this16 órája
  • Buble wrap

    asiap teamasiap team16 órája
  • Even tho it's fake, it's funny

    husain sayyedhusain sayyed16 órája
  • Airport security : Sir we have found some kind of stupid ufo creature in your carry-on.

    Abdul Rehman QadirAbdul Rehman Qadir16 órája
  • Can't do this cause they open the bags to see if u have any weapons

    dracosgirldracosgirl17 órája
  • หน้ากากไม่ใส่

    Y PY P18 órája
  • Would be better if he pretended to get the wrong luggage instead.

    LeLe18 órája
  • i wish i have a twin

    Vilma GutayVilma Gutay19 órája
  • Stupid

    Munkhsaikhan SumiyaMunkhsaikhan Sumiya19 órája
  • Well thats funny isn't it

    Otto DensemOtto Densem20 órája
  • 1. The X - Ray? 2. I like how the person is going everywhere you go, without being stopped...

    Bianca PetkovaBianca Petkova20 órája
  • Stop. Just stop making HUworld like tiktok just stop I beg you

    SiddharthSiddharth20 órája
  • U cant take a person whit u like that.Airports have really performant scaners and u could go to jail in some states or countrys for this

    BlackeyYT _BlackeyYT _21 órája
  • GooD

    Lisp Lisp Lisp Lisp Lisp Lisp Lisp Lisp MatoleLisp Lisp Lisp Lisp Lisp Lisp Lisp Lisp Matole21 órája
  • No mask?

    kimberlyn liwanagkimberlyn liwanag22 órája
  • Non è vero perche nei controlli si sarebbe visto che c'èra una persona dentro

    Simona SorciSimona Sorci22 órája
  • What if person inside the suitcase is not a twin?

    Anupam SharmaAnupam Sharma22 órája
  • Imagine this going three the x-ray the skeleton going past of the twin, next thing you know the one twin is being tackled by cops and tazzed I'd be laughing so hard like morons

    Sanchira VanitySanchira Vanity22 órája
  • Y are so smart

    Amai DebbieAmai Debbie23 órája
  • Wait up, let me get this straight, so your telling me, that i can just go to my cousins house, take my friend with me, and she'll starve for like 2 or 4 days!? (Like if you wanna met someone that is far away from you and you wanna bring your friends but you cant, your telling me that my friends are gonna starve for 7 or 5 days to get to the place we need to be!? (Dont use this hack, just by a seat cause their telling you that your sibling/Twin/ or friends will starve for days until you go to the place you wanna be in)

    Beverly OlivaresꨄBeverly Olivaresꨄ23 órája
  • I really loved it !! haha I should do that with my twin!

  • 🚬🗿.... 👏

    Mehrona _Mehrona _23 órája
  • So In reality: how to get rid of your twin brother with freezing them To death inside airplane cargo

    TomthemadoneTomthemadone23 órája
  • ダメだろ

    いわたチームいわたチーム23 órája
  • He cant breath in inside of that lol

    jovy navarrojovy navarroNapja
  • Like put on a mask it's a public place.

  • I'm pretty sure that's Human Trafficking

    Joseph Andrew ReyesJoseph Andrew ReyesNapja
  • E doido ne pesual

    Fabiano santosFabiano santosNapja
  • so your bag magically appeared on a shut down conveyor

    Tactical CheescakeTactical CheescakeNapja
  • Наивный детский прикол

    Антоха СССРАнтоха СССРNapja
  • А то что брат замёрз бы нахуй на смерть в багажном отделении самолёта на высоте в 11 км??учитывая ,что до Мексики лететь часов 10,это ничего???)),там на верху -50 между прочим

    Антоха СССРАнтоха СССРNapja
  • OMG I just realized that it looks like the airport I was at like last week when did you post this and what where was that because I want to know cuz it looks like my airport from when I was in Denver

    Xxx legenderrorxxXXxx legenderrorxxXNapja
  • He just got a year of radiation from that machine

  • But how they breathe 🤔

  • Its the Russian jedwood nooooo

  • They have x rays

    point candy 911 Garciapoint candy 911 GarciaNapja
  • I didn't go and fly an airplane since I was a little kid

    Jee ShJee ShNapja
  • Lol that's halarious

    Jee ShJee ShNapja
  • Who filming then?

    Khloe HarperKhloe HarperNapja
  • 😋😋😋👫

    Kelly123 OliveiraKelly123 OliveiraNapja
  • Fake

    Beraimer SantanaBeraimer SantanaNapja