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  • 👇🏽 OUR FIRST MERCH IS OUT 👇🏽 👆🏽🥰😍👆🏽

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    • غ٣٥ثعغ٨فغ٧خ٦٩٩غبهغتق٠😘😍

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    • فتي٧ ث٤هثغث٦هضص٧٧له٦ص٧٧😫😭

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  • its so painfully obvious that this is fake that i cant even see a 5 year old falling for this

    vulpes incultavulpes inculta5 perccel
  • خحسحبخؤخرخصجءكؤحص😍

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  • Hdbxjsxijsxjjx

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  • どこまで刈り上げるねん

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  • I didn't get it, Is it that the twins stole his girlfriend? Which she did say "help me", while walking pass them. Or it wasn't a boyfriend at all in the first place, and she was desperately asking for a rescue help when the twins walked pass her, so they did?

  • あの女の人は誘拐?されかけてて、犯人の男に声出すと殺すぞ的な脅しを受けてるらしく声を出せない状況。そのため、傍から見ると仲の良いように見える…? オレンジTシャツの2人組とすれ違う時、女性は「Help me」と口パクで訴えた。 オレンジTシャツの2人組はそれに気づき、女性を助けようとする。 1人のオレンジTシャツは男の人の気を引き、犯人の携帯を使い警察911へ気づかれないように電話。 もう1人のオレンジTシャツは背後から女性にこちらに来るように合図を送る。女性もそれに気づき、走って逃げる。 電話のやり取りを終えたあと犯人は女性が消えたことに気づき、気を引いたオレンジTシャツにどこに行ったか聞く。 オレンジTシャツの人は適当に違う方向へ指を指す。犯人はドアを開けてみるがそこに女性はいない。 女性に電話しようとしたのか犯罪仲間に報告しようとしたのか分からないが、携帯を開いてみると通話履歴には911が…通報されている。 犯人はその場を去っていき、オレンジTシャツ2人組は女性を救うことに成功した。 というふうに見えたのですがどうでしょう。

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  • 0o4r Rdrrrrr45ygi

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  • Jfnffnv

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  • Tiktok fk

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  • Rukhshana Hamid

    Irfan HaiderIrfan Haider3 órája
  • Ruhk shana hamed

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  • Así tendría que ser

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  • ؤمينبنيقنبنير💗💗💗💗

    عزالدين كاظمعزالدين كاظم4 órája
    • ؤتينبمببلخير 💛💛💛💛💜💜💙💙 💗💕💌💝💞🚽🚮🚾🚾💜❣

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  • Co?

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  • 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  • 何が面白いん?

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  • Dachte kurz, wtf sieht aus wie in gta 5🤯und ja der s

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  • പാവം പാവം guyz

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  • Wow cringe 💩

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  • 😎👍

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  • 😁

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  • I keep it is more like i will make this scribers everyday i'm your biggest fan

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  • What happened to my Motherland🇷🇺

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  • Maluco, parece o phineas

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  • lod I own it that the alludari

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  • Was the girl not asking for help?

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  • i thought this kind of behavior only exist in the third world country, i was wrong. super cringe

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  • WhT is with their hair

    Gacha_UnkøwnGacha_Unkøwn12 órája
  • Romania

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  • اشهد ان لا اله الا الله واشهد ان محمد رسول الله

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  • Repent , the kingdom of God is at hand , read your bible for yourself, and pray , there is nothing our there in the world ,ask God to guide and protect you ,if you have any question please ask me.,, .

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  • Tik tok is cancer

    ProblEm sOlvEProblEm sOlvE14 órája
  • Cringe lvl is beyond imaginable

    The Legendary Booty BanditThe Legendary Booty Bandit14 órája
  • ظتوفيةي

    سجاد سجادسجاد سجاد15 órája
  • Que merda esses vídeos kk

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  • Lmfaoo stupid videos !!

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  • 😹👫💑💏👔👗🎩👑👜💼

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  • Hola 😘

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  • The fact that he busted open the bathroom after less than 2 seconds of knocking.. Smh

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  • 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿

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  • If you think your life is so brutal and depressing, remember that these guys exist

    Christel.Christel.19 órája
  • Omg this is so scripted Like cmon

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  • なるほどね(´ー`*)ウンウン全然わからんぜ☆

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  • 👍

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  • Hey google, what is the definition of cringe?

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  • Mga siraulo amputA

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  • Is girl kindap

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  • Don't worry the camera man was invisible

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  • What’s the name of song?

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  • I need to know the name of music

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  • Damer

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  • Ngapain?

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  • Music name plzz??

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  • Useless video super scripted

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  • Ffskhvskgskj

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  • Sąd🥺🥺🥺

  • They used an Arab to be the bad guy.....

    On PurposeOn PurposeNapja
  • stare

    Fandi MatheosFandi MatheosNapja
  • 海外こわ

  • Nc hide 100% invisible

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  • Ijbl🤧

    kiran vlogkiran vlogNapja
  • Hf ngh ftvz

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  • Fhfjrvuh trs ya sayang hp mu 5enteni ng

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  • If a guy walks witch girl you must kidnap her

  • Nice haircuts ! 😁😜👎👎

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  • Idiots

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  • Douche bags

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  • Oi

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  • What shit is this ?? & The worst part is that people actually buying it.

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  • Wait so if I'm reading this right the girl got kidnapped by the non twin and the twins saved her by kidnapping her themselves

  • Болливуд нервно курит

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  • 😑😑

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  • Hola

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  • What girl would fall for these two irl? Stupid ass hair

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  • Tão natural quanto a luz da noite

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  • Why you guys are posting cancer on HUworld? Stay in GayTok

  • Debi e Lóide 😂😂😂

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  • What song is this please can anyone tell me?

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  • Name song?

  • Nobody: Litterly nobody: That guy that is trying to break the door but the door is just open🤡

  • 双子の特性を活かすと思ったら違った

  • Tiktok is cancer

  • Lol

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  • ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Плвогчр@🐧😡😆😅😇

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  • What in the actual fuck.......fucking cringe...

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  • What the fuck is this ?

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  • I hate my internet

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  • Rcr before writing aye dil hai muskil

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  • this is weird

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  • kiran vlogkiran vlogNapja
  • 👽❤

    kiran vlogkiran vlogNapja

    kiran vlogkiran vlogNapja
  • I thought that woman was mocking them and thought theyr gonna flex on her but no that was unexpected

    ram is waifuram is waifuNapja
  • 😠😡😈👿

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  • The number of dislikes on this must be way bigger. That’s why their hiding it

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  • Russian Jedward?

    Geralt of RiviaGeralt of Rivia2 napja
  • Definition of CRINGE

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  • Ain't gonna lie but they look like crocker the teacher from Fairly odd parents

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