Turning my sad room Into my 90's dream room!

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Join me on an adventure to gather all the items to turn my pitiful little guest bedroom into the 90's dream room of my dreams!
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Thank you for watching the things that I make and I love you.

  • Friends... It's been a month since I posted this and your reception of this video (and me living my 90's fantasy) has warmed my heart. Thank you! Also... if you're watching this as of... *looks down at watch*... right now, then part 2 of this video is live! Enjoy and I hope you love how it turned out! Here you go! huworld.info/flow/vide/x4msvI65rrmxqao

    Garrett WattsGarrett Watts5 napja
    • DUDE!! that black book ain`t right!!! like really.... and you said it`s 2 haunted... YES... yesssss it is.

    • Puppy!!!!!

      Sweet AnaSweet Ana2 napja
    • Thanks Garrett! These are incredibly relatable videos.

      Costume ColleenCostume Colleen4 napja
    • Love you Garrett 🥰

      ....hsaiw....hsaiw5 napja
    • My heart has exploded with happiness. I love being a 90's baby, and I love you. 😊

      Molly JacksonMolly Jackson5 napja
  • Hello

    Pani OfficialPani OfficialÓrája
  • Diaries with locks on them Roll on glitter perfumes’ Oil hour glass in all different colors Game shows on nick Barbies with intricate dresses Chunky black or cartoon watches Pizza luncheables

    Nail TalkNail Talk14 órája
  • I'm going to like every vid on this channel

    Fuzzy toca PandaFuzzy toca Panda15 órája
  • I love Garrett and his personality so much!!! I just wonder how he makes money? Is it the podcast? Cause he posts here like, what, once. Month? I’m just asking cause I’m jealous! Let me know your ways!!! Lol

    Stephanie TaylorStephanie Taylor15 órája
  • Omg Garrett... THANK YOU!!! 😅🤪 you are the best!! 😂

    Kristin BKristin B17 órája
  • Is that a harry potter PS2 poster? Because if it is that's literally the funniest and coolest thing I've ever seen.

    Jayze PickleJayze Pickle21 órája
  • OMG just noticed he had a 2d figure i love that band

    Carson PCarson P22 órája
  • oh god i’m remembering the leap frog leapster learning device as a fav thing from my childhood

    sunny side up ellasunny side up ellaNapja
  • garrett what's that song in the intro 😭

    Hannah MouradHannah MouradNapja
  • Garrett i stayed for the vibes 🤙🏼❤

    I frogI frogNapja
  • Anyone freaked out by the pocket bottoms on his jacket. I zoned out and thought they were his nipples. No? Ok!

    Crystal WestmanCrystal WestmanNapja
  • your last name is accurate, that energy is crazy

  • I never knew anyone else enjoyed Xena The Warrior Princess. I had mastered her shrill call. ♥️

    Meaghan CrawfordMeaghan CrawfordNapja
  • i like the spike spiegel figure:)

  • My son is OBSESSED with the titanic sinking!!! I have a lot more hope for him now because sometimes I really wonder lol

    Shelbyy LeeShelbyy LeeNapja
  • I um.. I own the rocket power alarm clock..

    Sierra RodriguezSierra Rodriguez2 napja
  • Garrett = Wholesome

    Miss V DIYMiss V DIY2 napja
  • my comfort item was a stuffed animal pig that has really long legs. I still have him, he is missing an eye but he is chill. I called him Mr. Long Legs

    Zinc TheRatZinc TheRat2 napja
  • Me forever waiting for him to rediscover pogs

    Youtube ViewerYoutube Viewer2 napja
  • PLEASE DO MORE YOU REVEIWING THE INTERNET. it was so good. I really enjoyed it at least!

    Sammy timeSammy time2 napja

    AeygoMuffinAeygoMuffin2 napja
  • You did NOT leave that dope-ass sword in the bug chest oh mY GOD WHY WOULD YOU DO THATUGFYDTESRWZRSDCYFVUGBIUNOJMOIMOJNIHB

    LD CommandoLD Commando2 napja
  • I'm in love with Garrett 😭😅❤ what a wholesome cutie

    Viviana NViviana N2 napja
  • They say the people that are joksters and try to always smile are internal really sad. Robin Williams actually said something like this and for some reason it made me worry about you Garret because you bring me so much joy and always are cracking wholesome, good hearted jokes...and remind me a lot of robin Williams. That said I just hope you’re okay and your life makes you happy. And if you ever see this I hope I also made you happy even if it’s just for a moment.

    LibraWitxhLibraWitxh2 napja

    Grayson BedfordGrayson Bedford2 napja
  • is it just me or is harry potter in the background look way to photoshopped?

    Briahna NemitzBriahna Nemitz2 napja
  • Wowww I also built a world in my head as a kid that was way better than reality that I still value to this day. People say it’s maladaptive daydreaming but I’m not quite sure

    JackieJackie2 napja
  • Bill nye moment with the water and oxygen

    Zoeyjewels xoZoeyjewels xo3 napja
  • Escapism at it's best !

    kaviyasree muthusamykaviyasree muthusamy3 napja
  • Bruh..you are literally me..except I don't have your energy or HUworld channel.. When you said that the real world was overwhelming and the day dreams are more relatable. I felt that. Very deeply. I'm so depressed now to the point I can't stop crying and the pandemic just made everything worse.your video made me smile Thank you.

    kaviyasree muthusamykaviyasree muthusamy3 napja
  • I had a stuffed bear name Mr. CC

    Emily RaymondEmily Raymond3 napja
  • I'm vision impaired, so when this appeared in my recommendations I read the title as "Turning my sad mom into my 90s dream mom" and was incredibly intrigued...

    Albeit_JordanAlbeit_Jordan3 napja
  • when i was a child (and still now) i have a family of four stuffed animal platypuses. there’s a pink mommy, a beige daddy, and both children are multicolored. i don’t like it when other people touch them, i keep them on display:)

    Rory GraceRory Grace3 napja
  • josie & the pussie cats vhs would really just send me

    Hanna MathisHanna Mathis3 napja
  • why are lava lamps so expensive on ebay haha, they’re literally $40 or less in stores

    Hanna MathisHanna Mathis3 napja
  • I LOVE ROCKET POWER, i use to play their game on nintendo

    Hanna MathisHanna Mathis3 napja
  • I’ve been daydreaming so much of my MyScene Jammin in Jamaica Chelsea doll! I got her on a trip to Chicago with my family and she came with a Jammin in Jamaica DVD, I was so PUMPED! The day I got her my parents had to have a fancy people dinner in a big mansion and they let me just chill in their TV room and open up my doll and watch the DVD on their big tv and that was such an awesome moment for little me! 😆😆

    KittenScrapbookingKittenScrapbooking3 napja
  • Is nobody going to talk about the fact that Garrett is so precious? Like he didn't even swear in front of a dog I love him sm

    Everett the Chemically Imbalanced RomanceEverett the Chemically Imbalanced Romance3 napja
  • dollar general still sells Lisa Frank stuff btw!

    AnhoneymousAnhoneymous3 napja
  • this is your coming out as a pisces rising video

    kaylakayla3 napja
  • Omgggggggggggggg the puppppppppppppyyyyy

    Bianca FeliceBianca Felice3 napja
  • I entered the contest!!!!!

    Bianca FeliceBianca Felice3 napja
  • BRO, at 13:10 Garetts voice sounds abnormally more hot then it already does 😅😵‍💫❤️

    Amanda HarrisAmanda Harris3 napja
  • Im stuck in my bedroom in quarantine and this video has been all the stimulation ive needed for the past 3 days all wrapped into 1, bravo, and best wishes to you.

    Jessica GiebelhausJessica Giebelhaus3 napja
  • Polly pockets were my nostalgic item

    hale starshale stars3 napja
  • Can we talk about Garrett's spelling😂

    Kira MedinaKira Medina3 napja
  • next time anyone needs a visual example of adhd just use this video

    Freddie AshFreddie Ash3 napja
  • Yesss please more online Shopping Content! I love you and enjoy watching you so much 💓

    Joy NtJoy Nt4 napja
  • What you NEED is the 2-volume Titanic VHS

    Cute Girly GothCute Girly Goth4 napja
  • My little cousin had the same obsession with drawing the Titanic sinking and just the titanic in general. He also wanted to learn a lot of the history and science and all that fun stuff behind it I don’t think it’s that abnormal

    elisybugelisybug4 napja
  • So I was sitting alone in my bathroom as one does thinking about the early 2000s and when you put the American horror story the ecstatic up my mind exploded and was like I need an American horror story tiny house edition that would be everything

    robert Houstonrobert Houston4 napja
  • I want to do this, but with the 1940’s instead of the 90’s.

    Bailey BooneBailey Boone4 napja
  • Loved seeing all this

    Joni WhiteJoni White4 napja
  • I enjoyed the Internet Garrett segment of the video! Please do more of that in the future for sure! Also, thank you for not cussing in front of that precious puppy LOL

    Elizabeth KnudsonElizabeth Knudson4 napja
  • I don't know how I missed this but I'm so glad I found it! I needed a little bit of Garrett wholesomeness today!

    Sabrina 116Sabrina 1164 napja
  • A Red Power Ranger action figure. No idea where I got it I never even watched Power Rangers as a kid, but I loved him.

    KingWolfInkKingWolfInk4 napja
  • Tamagotchi. Still dream of having another one lol

    Izzy FladIzzy Flad4 napja
  • I was not a 90’s kid lol, but my favorite childhood toy was a stuffed giraffe from Rainforest Cafe :)

    Abby KemielAbby Kemiel4 napja
  • The banned little mermaid cover and scene, I believe, is from when a worker got angry and decided to put a penis in the castle and it was hidden for a while until they found it and had to reanimate and draw and rerelease it.

    Danny DevitoesDanny Devitoes4 napja
  • I appreciate your sense of humor so much 💓

    ToastyChloeToastyChloe4 napja
  • I definitely enjoyed exploring the internet with you! We need more videos like thattt❤️

    A.C. V.A.C. V.4 napja
  • Omg wait you should go to those air bnb that are basically the self contained universe guestrooms you described. If in budget of course.

    ads artads art4 napja
  • Garret you're living my "please make my escapism real" dream. Also Everytime your voice drops I'm caught off guard but it's great lol

    ads artads art4 napja
  • What if you opened a hotel with all those ideas???/?//?

    Kai SharpleyKai Sharpley4 napja
  • I have a Nightmare before Christmas and corpse bride room. Nothing wrong with a 90’s room😍😍😍😍 follow me as well and once I hit a 1000 followers I’ll post a video of my NBX room!


    lemurbatlemurbat4 napja
    • It’s true :.-)

      Garrett WattsGarrett Watts4 napja
  • What about the pc game 'The Ultimate Haunted House'?!? THAT WAS MY SHIIIT 😁🥰

    Kat McCrackenKat McCracken4 napja
  • is that a framed picture of myrtle snow above your mantle? bc i love it

    Claire KaneClaire Kane4 napja
  • i really want a laca lamp me with my four lava lamps: ahahha

    Claire KaneClaire Kane4 napja
  • The thing from the 90s that I loved the most? This 1998 Godzilla toy that makes sounds. Still have her too. 💚

    Hulking-DynamoHulking-Dynamo4 napja
  • I was watching this with my Dad and he said he also used to draw the titanic sinking when he was little all the time lmao

    Lainey ChylikLainey Chylik4 napja
  • you literally are the best human being on youtube

    Kristine NoldKristine Nold4 napja
  • I loved those chicken nugget toys at McDonald's.

    April DuarteApril Duarte4 napja
  • Living in a day dream world daily......same Garrett...same🥰

    April DuarteApril Duarte4 napja
  • I really like the blow up furniture of our youth

    AlAl4 napja
  • Awesome Garrett’s giggle when the ad with the girls butt come up totally and completely summed up his pure innocence in just those few seconds. God lord, that was adorbs!

    Annie BanannieAnnie Banannie5 napja
  • Okay but I used to draw the titanic sinking too like my go to doodle as a child like why

    Ashley McDougallAshley McDougall5 napja
  • Ah is that 2D in background!!!

    Chow PlaysYTChow PlaysYT5 napja
  • YO, Mine was woody!!! I wrote my name on ythe opposite foot to andy lol

    bedophbedoph5 napja
  • I yearn to achieve the level of chaotic zen garrett has reached

    a l i e na l i e n5 napja
  • Came back to replay 12:05 omg obsessed lol ❤️❤️

    Kristina PKristina P5 napja
  • Next is a whole Harry Potter room

    Hyunnie BunnyHyunnie Bunny5 napja
  • Lol Garrett do you have s vhs player?

    Kami BahrnsKami Bahrns5 napja
  • Omggg Lisa frank . I'm a 90s baby and I remember trading Lisa Frank's items in school for other Lisa frank items with other school friends it was the top priority as a kid . Haha 😄

    Kami BahrnsKami Bahrns5 napja
  • that 2d figurine is so cool

    SushiSushi5 napja
    • fr

      Daisy M.Daisy M.5 napja
  • This is the first video I've seen from you, near the end when you're standing by the brick thing...?? My God you are tall compared to the doorframes (Edit:) im currently sitting on my childhood blanket, so thats my best thing from childhood lol

    TheBipusTheBipus5 napja
  • Aladdin was my iconic childhood movie! I begged my mother for that movie for Christmas and I got it. I can remember in chorus we sang a whole New World and also did sign language as we sang the lyrics! I was in second grade.

    Lana Burdette-TownsLana Burdette-Towns5 napja
  • That puppy looked like a little lamb. Awwww!

    Rana 1016Rana 10165 napja
  • ZOOBOOKS 😩😩😩😩😩😩

    aaronlamarwalkeraaronlamarwalker5 napja
  • I loved SO many things from my childhood that I remember dearly, but I think a very significant one was my Pikachu backpack I got for Christmas when I was 5. When I was in high school I asked my mom where it went cause I couldn't find it and she said she gave it to her friend's son (he was 4) and I asked her to get it back.... So I ruined someone else's childhood memories, but I have my Pikachu, still, and it's all that matters.

    Wyllow NorthWyllow North5 napja
  • I want to say Playstation 2. My childhood was filled with games including Playstation, some N64, but those were so young I couldn't remember. Having a Playstation 2 is the first time I can remember having fun with video games, specifically Shrek 2, and there was a Sonic game with so many sonic games, like all the original ones plus like 20 more, you can play Knuckles in some. It made me super frustrated but I always had fun nonetheless

    Riven_TWRiven_TW5 napja
  • my nostalgic item is Sally, she's a doll that i got the day i was born- i'm 16 currently- and hey she's sitting right next to me as we speak. She's quite falling apart but that's only because she's been loved so much and she's always been here for me :)

  • I had a Meeko stuffed animal (the raccoon from Pocahontas) and I named it Montana. I got it from the thrift store and I loved it so damn much and carried it everywhere, even in my backpack to school up until high school. Recently all my nostalgic things from when I was younger were burned up in a storage unit fire and I was devastated. All of my old stuffed animals, toys, notebooks. I cried for days. But I bought a few of the things back from ebay and stuff, including Montana and I love her so much.

    BastianAndTheBearBastianAndTheBear5 napja
  • That damn Spider-Man cereal....blast from the past!!

    Cristian ZamoraCristian Zamora5 napja
  • I want to make jewelery!

    Kim McNeillKim McNeill5 napja
  • i really hope you got a hello kitty tv

    Eve RachelEve Rachel5 napja
  • Has having a rough day and this made up for it!!! Favorite comfort item was the leapfrog alphabet movie lol on the vhs

    Sammie RodriguezSammie Rodriguez5 napja
  • Came to the comments looking for all of the OUTRAGED Rocket Power fans and realized its just me 😂😂 ROCKET POWER WAS NICKELODEON GARRETT 😭😭😭

    LaurenLauren5 napja
  • i would gladly watch an hour long video with Garrett, gotta say i wish there were more people like him. ooo also Garrett if you see this you should get glow in the dark stars and dinosaur sticker when i was younger i had the glow stars on my ceiling. im gonna go impulse buy some more now umm but yeah i used to leave my light on all day and my parents would ask me why and it was so the stars charged up and shined brighter at night. sorry for the chaotic message but yeah byeee love you Garrett

    Robert NewmanRobert Newman5 napja