Tufting a Pooping Sign Rug

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Tufting a Pooping Sign Rug!
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  • Everyone: “... or just buy a lock?” Me: 👁👄👁 but... I can’t 🥲 Edit* I’m amused that people are this heated about a strangers bathroom lock situation 😅. This isn’t my house, it’s like an Airbnb that I’m renting for a couple months 🥰. I cannot make any modifications nor do I want to. It’s not about the $20 or however much it costs to change a doorknob. 🤨

    SIMJI ShortsSIMJI Shorts21 napja
    • Don't rent from people who don't believe in privacy 😂

      JartJart2 órája
    • @urfavginga my bathroom doesn’t lock :/ and it’s a 3 floor pretty big house 💀

      TamStarTamStar2 órája
    • @Dababy Convertible u also gotta by thr tools

      Unspecialized GamerUnspecialized Gamer3 órája
    • More like who fuking care ...

      sir vascouillesir vascouille4 órája
    • Cant as in, too stupid?

      Steven PSteven P5 órája
  • Omg an almost perfect loop

    Memes By Mas AgusMemes By Mas Agus2 perccel
  • Lemme know what you see: Me: 👁👄👁

    Roblox Scamming TutorialsRoblox Scamming Tutorials8 perccel
  • Or you could’ve just went and bought a new doorknob 🤷🏾‍♂️

    yung saevoyung saevo23 perccel
  • Get a new lock instead dear...

    Prashant DighePrashant Dighe30 perccel
  • This is cringe asf who cares

    Cody ThomasCody Thomas33 perccel
  • nobody: white american girl: idk bout u but that looks like a feetus~~💁🏼‍♀️

    empty_01empty_0135 perccel
  • Why don't you just put something in front of the door. My br door doest lock so I sit the stool in the corner so it won't open

    Castiel QuinzelCastiel Quinzel38 perccel
  • Theres a lock for a reason

    zxy tragiczxy tragic55 perccel
  • The sign looks like you’re taking a knee at a football game.

    Austin KuettnerAustin Kuettner59 perccel
  • I see a fully grown baby, not a fetus

    Relic CMRelic CMÓrája
  • We all know girls don’t poop, so turns out this video wasn’t historically accurate after all.

    DJ BrownDJ BrownÓrája
  • fixing the lock is more reliable but I guess internet videos are more important

    Hakar DoskiHakar DoskiÓrája
  • or u can fix the lock

    MEZ 96MEZ 962 órája
  • Just get a lock then

    Aiden BundyAiden Bundy2 órája
  • Take a little pice of wood and nails it to your door frame from the inside of the bathroom, you can rotate it to lock your dor

    HPRA drawingHPRA drawing2 órája
  • Buy a lock ?

    Jiri VeenstraJiri Veenstra2 órája
  • This loop is awesome

    Katz Again꧂Katz Again꧂2 órája
  • It's called a baby not a "fetus"

    Jerz_BeefyJerz_Beefy2 órája
  • Why not just buy a lock 🔒 instead

    Q AnonymousQ Anonymous3 órája
  • I would’ve just went to hone depot and bought a doorknob that locks instead of all that other crap from hobby lobby but eh, neat thing

    SGTPlattSGTPlatt3 órája
  • Just get a lock

    Sheville WarhandSheville Warhand3 órája
  • Why dont you just buy a doorknob that does lock?

    Kelly SheaKelly Shea3 órája
  • I think it'll be way easier and less time consuming to put a new handle lol

    FortolaFortola3 órája
  • Hxdju

    Gaby GuzmanGaby Guzman3 órája
  • You could've just drew a cardboard instead of sewing it

    Phil VeePhil Vee4 órája
  • It looks like a cute little puppy to me 🐶🐶🤍🤍

    Having fun With MadiHaving fun With Madi4 órája
  • I thought that was something else😅

    Leo WestbrookLeo Westbrook4 órája
  • That transition tho

    E EE E4 órája
  • A lock seems like a great investment

    Gavin PurpGavin Purp4 órája
  • “Lemme know what you see” No, I don’t think I will

    Mr. WilkieMr. Wilkie4 órája
  • Now we know when the girls in the restroom 😈

    6av1d6av1d4 órája
  • Why don't just install a lock ?

    SJ - DJSJ - DJ4 órája
  • Before 1m likes

    Huma SamadHuma Samad5 órája
  • non so che cosa

    veldariorardiveldariorardi5 órája
  • LMAO😆😆😆😂😂😂

    West SideWest Side5 órája
  • Why not just buy a lock? No need to get all Martha Stewart.

    Mike PhillipsMike Phillips5 órája
  • “Come back with a warrant.”

    Josiah BowerJosiah Bower5 órája
  • What's the name of that sewing machine or what type is it?

    Carolina Colmenares ValdiviaCarolina Colmenares Valdivia5 órája
  • Hear me out, knock before entering 🤯😱😱😱

    RickyIsSmellyRickyIsSmelly5 órája
  • Great, a sign guys can wipe their hands dry on the way out. Nice thinking of them first girlie!

    Crat CratCrat Crat5 órája
  • Not me watching the video again for the loop

    Freya MaximoffFreya Maximoff6 órája

    キュウリさんゲームスライムキュウリさんゲームスライム6 órája
  • Because it's easier to make a rug then install a lock xDD (not saying this isn't awesome just thought that was funny lol)

    EnchantedOcelotEnchantedOcelot6 órája
  • 💜

    Beti NurbaetiBeti Nurbaeti6 órája
  • Or just buy a fucking lock

    Iemand dat kanIemand dat kan6 órája
  • I from Russian youtube

    Ast YarikAst Yarik7 órája
  • Jeje, ta tejiendo xd

    The AnthonyツThe Anthonyツ8 órája
  • What about knocking first?

    tortorerotortorero8 órája
  • U can just use a door lock instead

    Candy CandyCandy Candy9 órája
  • 😂😂😂

    s us u9 órája
  • Orrr and here me out on this one........... lock the door

    Supreme TacoSupreme Taco9 órája
  • 😎

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    헤헷헤헷9 órája
  • Oooooooor get a lock or door stop.

    Goldenart 121Goldenart 12110 órája

    Kaye DargantesKaye Dargantes10 órája
  • There's something called key, don't build it, you just usually buy it

    Alexander yeyyAlexander yeyy10 órája
  • What's the point? When they are still gonna do the same thing😂😂

    Anishar 17Anishar 1711 órája
  • Can u pls make a blackpink logo rug

    preeti balipreeti bali11 órája
  • I traced a circle that later would become a hole.... Guess what?? Glory hole.

    Cyril ZosaCyril Zosa12 órája
  • Or just but a new lock

    Captain DavidFCaptain DavidF12 órája
  • or u can just take piece of paper, write "busy", make a hole on it and put it on a door handle?

    stefanstefan13 órája
  • My bathroom door doesn't lock Me: so buy a fucking new one at home depot

    I love AmericaI love America13 órája
  • The loop made me think the person took it off and went in anyway

    Marc AncielMarc Anciel13 órája
  • Just change the lock..it will save ur time

    Sayan RaySayan Ray14 órája
  • My family would still walk in

    LihfaLihfa15 órája
  • The perfect loop doesn’t exi-

    Erikcus ッErikcus ッ15 órája
  • Itni mehnat

    Subhash JangidSubhash Jangid15 órája
  • Or just ..and hear me out ..buy a lock..

    CloudGamer17CloudGamer1716 órája
  • Kapan selesai nya sih ini video

    Elvinora TobingElvinora Tobing16 órája
  • My parents took away my bedroom door and the door to the shared bathroom but all my other siblings have their own bathrooms with doors😢

    崔容格分钟崔容格分钟16 órája
  • 👁👄👁:)

    Siiri suominenSiiri suominen17 órája
  • Or just buy a lock to put on the door

    Yoeri GroothuisYoeri Groothuis17 órája
  • I recommend to fix ur door

    Glen ManalangGlen Manalang17 órája
  • Or...Fix the door😂

    Mohammed Salim S.AMohammed Salim S.A18 órája
  • *grabs a paper* *grabs a pen* writes “yo im taking a shit, wait or knock if it’s important” *done*

    tekiitoutekiitou18 órája
  • うん 鍵をつけようか

    Akl_マシュAkl_マシュ18 órája
  • First I see is a pink thing just using the bathroom but our floor

    Stacey McGheeStacey McGhee19 órája
  • Why is your bathroom door doesn't have a lock?

    RyuZxARyuZxA20 órája
  • Her:"ok, idk about you but that's a feitas." My brain: yEtAs My FeItAs Go ComMiT sElF dElEtAs

    savage patch kidssavage patch kids20 órája
  • The sound of sewing was exactly like the sound of airsoft guns firing bbs...damn...

    Delta ManDelta Man20 órája
  • It's look like useless because they still removed the sign..it's better to buy a lock ..

    Davey Dela JenteDavey Dela Jente21 órája
  • Or you could buy a lock FFS

    H.bmcgregorH.bmcgregor22 órája
  • Just fix your door

    II22 órája
  • Change the door knob

    Young WhizYoung Whiz22 órája
  • You can get a replacement handle for like 20 bucks

    Revenge of the misfitsRevenge of the misfits22 órája
  • If ur bathroom door lock doesn't work...just get it fixed

    Yashas RoxzzYashas Roxzz22 órája

    el rincon del subnormal :v ;bel rincon del subnormal :v ;b23 órája
  • This Looks like crap

    SabertoothSabertooth23 órája
  • Make the pokemon mimikyu

    Grant SpikesGrant SpikesNapja
  • Or you can just say you’re gonna use the restroom

    Aaron CAaron CNapja
  • No bathroom lock. Definitely need a custom RUG for this.

    Ivo BeitsmaIvo BeitsmaNapja
  • She be sounding like Chills better sister. Before we get to number one... That's a fetus.. let me know what you see.. I'm dead.

    michael logsdonmichael logsdonNapja
  • Door stop on the inside of the door lol, you younger generations really can’t solve shit for problems

    Alek SantiniAlek SantiniNapja
  • Why don't you lock the door🙄

    Muhammad Bilal SYEDMuhammad Bilal SYEDNapja
  • Just latch the door that's so much trouble

    muerte la fujoshi 7w7muerte la fujoshi 7w7Napja
  • Very Good

    Very GoodVery GoodNapja
  • Just get a better whoever lives with you. Get a better brother if you have to

    Polydull the funny guyPolydull the funny guyNapja
  • “A fetus” you mean a baby in Latin?

    Nick RogersNick RogersNapja
  • Buy a lock ya cheapskate