Trying To Get Into a German Nightclub

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  • Repping jasper! I love it ❤️

    Bec SiemensBec Siemens21 órája

    amit daphnaamit daphnaNapja
  • Clubs are for Tweet Tweets

    The Traveling BuskerThe Traveling Busker2 napja
  • Ne heute nicht.

    Leon JürgensLeon Jürgens2 napja
  • Is this cody teaching us about how to confront bouncers and fail?

    Patrick FuckingStarfishPatrick FuckingStarfish2 napja
  • My brother actually got in there somehow, he came out 4 days later a changed man

    Spliffer SnifferSpliffer Sniffer3 napja
  • i got in

    Pizza janPizza jan5 napja
  • Kelsey is everything

    PaigePaige5 napja
  • Lmao I klicked instantly when I saw the berghain trainer on the thumbnail

    RykensnowRykensnow5 napja
  • The head doorman is actually named Sven, but he looks nothing like that. He has long grey hair, lip piercings and face tattoos.

    Gryffydd DavidGryffydd David5 napja
  • Lmao @5:57 I died

    zilla kamizilla kami6 napja
  • Kelsey has dope hair

    Garrett JonesGarrett Jones6 napja
  • 10:08 My ears thank you

    Kaylin MolnarKaylin Molnar8 napja
  • Cody thinking taking a uber or lyft is normal in germany......

    AnnnnnnnnnnnLeonaAnnnnnnnnnnnLeona9 napja
  • As a german I can say when he says „Where are you coming from?“ he means „Where were you just before you came here?“ so... „I‘m a local“ is not a good idea lol

    AnnnnnnnnnnnLeonaAnnnnnnnnnnnLeona9 napja
  • when they put chili in the chair I LOST IT

    allipiskuraallipiskura11 napja
  • I searched up what the real sven looks like and lemme tell you, I would be terrified

    Priya BanerjeePriya Banerjee13 napja
  • What I don’t understand is how it trains you to do anything expect feel bad

    Meg LeaMeg Lea13 napja
  • Shoulda told him about the time you met Emilio Estavez.

    Oliver SuddenOliver Sudden14 napja
  • The person in the thumbnail is either Robert Downey Jr or Hitler Don't @ me

    Quarff TizflintQuarff Tizflint14 napja
  • Cody and ko?????

    Dan LucidoDan Lucido15 napja
  • Everytime he says "we" I just keep thinking noel is with him lmao

    Molly NMolly N15 napja
  • maybe the elderly aren't allowed in...

    gamer momentgamer moment17 napja
  • They want you to be with 2/3 people no more no less. I heared that in a video about Berghain once

    emma rebelemma rebel17 napja
  • The real Berghain bouncer's name is Sven Marquardt

    Jonathan LeeJonathan Lee18 napja
  • it won't let me get past the okay screen

    RoyaltyRoyalty19 napja
  • I tried it and got in like 5th try you just have to smile

    Chris BrandChris Brand20 napja
  • That's not the real Sven, the real one looks pretty scary. He has huge face tats and is super tall. (Oh and it's real sad you did go to Berghain it's the best club)

    MadeleineMadeleine20 napja
  • so obviously once i saw this, i had to try it out. here's my mcfuckin experience. -i'm pretty sure they make the amazement and euphoria count go up on purpose. i was neither, just really thinking about how that building looks like the run down high school at the end of my neighborhood. -he asked me if i was alone. i told him i hated his scarf. -he then asked if i was sure i came to the right place. i said yeah dude, i put in the url and shit. -for the final question (i saw a commenter who had the same experience), he asked where i was coming from. i said his mom's house. -i got 2 out of 3 correct. no combination makes logical sense to me.

    yeetle skittleyeetle skittle20 napja
  • You gotta get Noel to do this with you!

    Katelyne Hallock-HarkerKatelyne Hallock-Harker21 napja
  • I couldn't even pass the microphone test

    Ilay 일라이Ilay 일라이22 napja

    Rasmieh SallajRasmieh Sallaj22 napja
  • I have the same mop dog his name is Leo!

    LaphobaLaphoba24 napja
  • This is so fucking funny

    Olivia OhmanOlivia Ohman25 napja
  • i live in berlin , and we go always to berghain , we don't even have to stand in line , we go straight in , the berghaintrainner is crappppp

    Serge PuisSerge Puis25 napja
  • i wonder if i could just say, these are some dumb fucking questions and get in

    Kedar LovettKedar Lovett27 napja
  • who made Sam the doorman at a German nightclub

    JubileeJubilee27 napja
  • I live near this club, never been in on a club night but most of my friends have. From what I understand the gist of it is: most tourists don't understand just how hedonistic it gets in there and probably wouldn't feel comfortable in there to begin with.

    Stefan MatussekStefan Matussek27 napja
  • Love the Jasper shirt yo

    Jared AlexanderJared Alexander28 napja
  • Trying to convince an automated bouncer that you're cool enough to enter a fake club is just hilarious on so many levels.

    Travis PriceTravis Price29 napja
  • this is the funniest shit ever omg

    andre vargasandre vargas29 napja

    Carley PerezCarley PerezHónapja
  • Once i‘ve been at a festival, they had a „Berghain-Simulator. It was a miniature version of the entry, but you couldn’t enter ever. Btw the real Sven doesn’t look at all like in the Video. Nice try

  • You have to be really stupid, or a teenager?, to go queue for an hour to entry a nightclub. You have to be brain-dead, no teenager excuse this time, to go queue for an hour to entry a nightclub where you know there is high chance the doorman will bounce you off.

    Ppap DddarPpap DddarHónapja
  • Places are probably dogshit too. No clubs that are super exclusive are ever fun.

  • Thats not sven

    Philip KentPhilip KentHónapja
  • “turn up the volume and say okay to start your training” cody: 👁👄👁 oKAY 😃

    M GM GHónapja
  • Ooohhh it's the attitude for me 💃

    Siby drownsSiby drownsHónapja
  • Hat hier jemand deutsch gesagt?

    Kate NolanKate NolanHónapja
  • YOOO I ACTUALLY GOT IN. Took like 10 tries but I did it.

    Big TREVBig TREVHónapja
  • The Amsterdam Club is called "Shelter" in North.

    Liam SimmonsLiam SimmonsHónapja
  • Omg root beer just came out my nose

  • the thumbnail is so fucking funny

    Jaxon CJaxon CHónapja
  • you should try again with noel 🤭

    Lauren CervantesLauren CervantesHónapja
  • i tried it and got in no big deal

    Josiah JesterJosiah JesterHónapja
  • I would have laughed if the dog had gotten in.

  • Oh man he showed the wrong Sven The real Sven is pretty fucking intimidating 😂

  • when his girlfriend acts drunk she just acts like cody

    im the real fish !im the real fish !Hónapja
  • I really hoped Kelsey would get in on her first try. Would've made the video right there!

  • shoutouts to the big bulky white dude and the short black guy with a big face tattoo, people who really been to berghein known what i mean

    Nakano Yuko JrNakano Yuko JrHónapja
  • pretending to be a gay couple with sexy all black clothing is probably your best bet, despite being a heterosexual male me and my mate had a 100% success rate

    Nakano Yuko JrNakano Yuko JrHónapja
  • Has anyone watched Zach and Jay getting in??!

  • LOL the headphone drop

    natasha quequishnatasha quequishHónapja
  • when sven asked where you comming from he wanted to know where you were right before

    Tom DittrichTom DittrichHónapja
  • Died when he said "yeah bro I just snorted a shit load of krokodil" P.s. hes right tho, kelsey is gorgeous

  • I lost it when the dog barked!!!!

    Sharona GSharona GHónapja
  • '_'

    Sabrina ShibuSabrina ShibuHónapja
  • I dunno this is creepy af glad you guys didn’t go. Are you alone? Are you on drugs?? Like NO R U DEXTER?

  • apparently it’s completely random

  • Drug question you always say "not yet" to imply you are about to drop some cash in there.

  • 'Ok, do you burn?'

    Rowan BRowan BHónapja
  • Omg kelsey with that confidence

    Elaina SpencerElaina SpencerHónapja
  • 7:12 moonwalker walker walker moonwalker walker

  • Why is it so exclusive?

    Michael EngelmannMichael EngelmannHónapja
  • @ 7:01 Cody reminded me of the character models of Batman and Catwoman’s models switched in Arkham City 😂

    Michael EngelmannMichael EngelmannHónapja
  • Europeans know how to party

    Michael EngelmannMichael EngelmannHónapja
  • mic settings ? XD

  • I hate Cody’s energy in this idk why

    S KS KHónapja
  • I laughed my AOff so much

    That Greek girlThat Greek girlHónapja
  • all you gotta do to get in is flex your 5 million subs😂

  • You are the most dad character ever during this whole thing. Lol

  • dave2d

    نوال ناصرنوال ناصرHónapja
  • My friend just did this and she got in but she answered everything in German lol, so maybe you should try that next time. I’m sure it would be absolutely hilarious to hear you absolutely butcher some German language

    Meredith KatoMeredith KatoHónapja
  • I can’t stop laughing when I look at him and he has a straight face

  • I’ve never seen Cody this frustrated before

    Noah OehlingNoah OehlingHónapja
  • Who has connections my dad was born in Wertzbërg

    Noah OehlingNoah OehlingHónapja
  • I feel like this just exists so that someone out there can have a ton of recordings of people rehearsing how to get into a German club

    Bockaloolee DixienormousBockaloolee DixienormousHónapja
  • when it asked me where I was from I FREAKED OUT AND SAID AMSTERDAM AND GOT IN LMAOOO

    arianna paredesarianna paredesHónapja
  • Why should I let you in? Because I fucking love techno

    Hot SawceHot SawceHónapja
  • when he lied and his ears grew so much the headset slipped off💔

    amaya tamaya tHónapja
  • You probably have to say you're with the baaaand

    Leilani ZLeilani ZHónapja
  • is that a prada shirt?

    Obey VizzyObey VizzyHónapja
  • How is this man not an A list actor with this elite acting

    Eden ViiiEden ViiiHónapja
  • The bouncer would just let Cody in because he’s so annoyed at Cody chatting shit

    Eden ViiiEden ViiiHónapja
  • 4:11 Pain. 🙁

    Tushar PonksheTushar PonksheHónapja
  • Sven: "How old are you?" Cody: "25" Sven: "Who is playing tonight?" Cody: "DJ f*ck my *ss" 😆😆😆

  • I know this is rude to ask but is someone here generous enough to buy me a 10€ Google play card? I'm completely broke since my parents can't give me pocket money anymore because of this Corona crisis, i would really appreciate it :)

    Alexander F60.2Alexander F60.2Hónapja
  • german club gang

  • I just kept saying it was my birthday and i was high af and i guess sven liked it

    Katherine M. AuricchioKatherine M. AuricchioHónapja
  • Yo thats my reddit post haha

    F. LapinskiF. LapinskiHónapja