TRYING ON ETSY PROM DRESSES !! * most beautiful dresses ever *

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Today we are trying prom dresses from ETSY !!
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  • You should do more from jjhouse I’ve been looking there but I wanna know how good they actually are

    Catherine SanchezCatherine Sanchez31 perce
  • I don't know if it's because of the black dress but doesn't her head and neck look too big for her shoulders? Or maybe it's just her neck, looks thick.

    PhannyPhanny2 órája
  • -"I sparkle and I itch, that's their job" Well kind of mine too..

    Alberto Gamez MorenoAlberto Gamez Moreno7 órája
  • Wish you had done some close ups on the detail

    Missy GalanteMissy Galante8 órája
  • You look like clairy Fairchild from the Shadowhunters 😍

    pretty eyespretty eyes9 órája
  • How do ALL of these dresses look so good on you!? Gorgeous!

    Silvien ChinSilvien Chin9 órája
  • I woulda loved to see your moms reaction to these dresses :D

    Jenny AnderssonJenny Andersson18 órája
  • Mia can you tag the sellers?

    Makena GalimbaMakena Galimba19 órája
  • Mia is so adorable when she says she doesn’t like something 🥺

    Mariam HossamMariam Hossam21 órája
  • where did you get your phone case, I haven't seen it on the website

    Audrey EcholsAudrey Echols22 órája
  • Can you try on tueta matoshi dresses pls 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

    Brenda IbarraBrenda Ibarra23 órája
  • The pink one!! Please check out fire fly path

    Savannah WhitneySavannah WhitneyNapja
  • You look like a fukkkking princess!!! Can’t stress it in any other different way. Absolutely beautiful. 🥰

    Olga CantúOlga CantúNapja
  • The first purple dress she looked like repunzel and on the pink dress she looked like aurora or is it just me

    Sachiel RiveraSachiel RiveraNapja
  • Hi there a couple of week ago I was ordering jewellery from etsy...and I thought maybe you could do a video of ordering jewellery from etsy! I found this store on etsy called Jadesilverjewellery and they seriously sell the most amazing quality jewellery there! You should check it out!

    Shirin OnerShirin OnerNapja
  • I would love to see thrifted prom dresses!

    Sarah AngusSarah AngusNapja
  • Omg you look like Rapunzel from Tangled in the second dress!! So so cute!!

    Kiriam ArrochaKiriam ArrochaNapja
  • shoot. Mia is calling us out! Here I am almost 30 watching this video... >_>

    Kassandra PalmerKassandra PalmerNapja
  • You should review nasty gal

    Kailen PadgettKailen PadgettNapja
  • The second dress makes you look like rapunzel

  • Mia Probably got to be the prom queen everytime

    Katsuki BakugouKatsuki BakugouNapja
  • The second is totally Bill and Ted's princess style 🤣

    romina martinezromina martinezNapja
  • It may have been itchy, but that black dress looked amazing with those sparkles

  • Try some Indian dress...

    All about Beauty zoneAll about Beauty zoneNapja
  • the black dress is my absolute favorite it’s stunnnnnning

    faith lee starkfaith lee starkNapja
  • Ok, for HUworld idea. I think you should have Mama Maples shop from Fashion Nova, Shein, Amazon, or whatever website; off your favorites list. I think that would be a cool “Christmas” surprise haul video

    Shea CarrollShea CarrollNapja
  • rapunzeeeeelll aggghh i love it on you sm miaa

    Angie AlfaroAngie Alfaro2 napja
  • The second dress is straight up Rapunzel Barbie

    Brenna YeagerBrenna Yeager2 napja
  • You should try dresses for graduation!

    Yuki CrossYuki Cross2 napja
  • That second dress was so beautiful.

    scarymary66scarymary662 napja
  • The black dress 🖤🖤🖤

    Betty AyalaBetty Ayala2 napja
  • Every one check out Finland 🇫🇮 prom dress from the shop

    Bilen KebedeBilen Kebede2 napja
  • You should try the cheapest ones🥺

    Esthefania GonzalezEsthefania Gonzalez2 napja
  • Okay but mia was BORN to wear that purple fairy dress 💘✨

    ChemicaliceeChemicalicee2 napja
  • You should try wedding dresses from Etsy!!

    Regina CouohRegina Couoh2 napja
  • The second dress makes you look like Odette from Barbie of Swan Lake.

    Emanuela SecuEmanuela Secu2 napja
  • I LOVE your video about prom dress!!!! But what do you do about all this dress after????????? how look your dressing room ????? Hahaha !!! continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DivinebyNoDivinebyNo2 napja
  • At 6:35 you really looked like Rapunzel haha, I love it

    Nicole NicoleNicole Nicole2 napja
  • Can we talk about her hair ugh it's so pretty🥺🥺🥺

    jimim cacitajimim cacita2 napja
  • They did have purple in medieval time, how ever they didnt have that cut of dress nor fabric.

    Hanna YoungHanna Young2 napja
  • All of these were stunning on you

    Sarah MPSarah MP2 napja
  • Ok i lied the best was the black one i would add some red and get married in that dress!!!!!

    Monique RobbersonMonique Robberson2 napja
  • She looked like rapunzel in the second dress !

    alo-sanalo-san2 napja
  • Obsessed with 2nd dress u tried on!! Beautiful fairy or princess vibes!

    Monique RobbersonMonique Robberson2 napja
  • Purple is definitely your color !

    Ashley DrewAshley Drew3 napja
  • That lavander dress its beautyfull

    Blanca Leticia Holguin.Blanca Leticia Holguin.3 napja
  • This is awesome. I've been watching Say Yes to the Dress to see pretty dresses but I've become so bored that nearly everyone needs either white or black. Many say they want a unique dress and then they leave with a dress that seems pretty basic. I wish people would allow themselves (or sociaty wouldn't bully them) to wear actual cool dresses like these. Toss a veil on it and no one will question it 🤣. Works on Say Yes to the Dress every time someone says: "That just looks like a prom dress". At this point the only difference is the colors. I say live yo best life.

    Camian's WorldCamian's World3 napja
  • The pink princess dress is sooooo pretty!!!!

    FHead FHeadFHead FHead3 napja
  • That purple medieval style one would be kick-ass at a Ren Fest! People would be complimenting you all day... it may not be a totally accurate medieval color.. but most costumes lean fantasy anyways.

    Victoria GatesVictoria Gates3 napja
  • "id rather have it be too long than too short" I'm never going to have a dress thats too long because im so tall 😪

    Kenna J RosenbalmKenna J Rosenbalm3 napja
  • Is it just me or does she look like Hermione Granger in that pink dress :)

    mmaallaak 1mmaallaak 13 napja
  • 3rd dress gives me Hermione Granger at the ball vibes

    The Backstage BlondeThe Backstage Blonde3 napja
  • purple is literally HER colour. she looks stunning!!

    Eliza MoraEliza Mora3 napja
  • Egg

    Brooke LyonsBrooke Lyons3 napja
    • Egg

      Brooke LyonsBrooke Lyons3 napja
    • Haha egg

      Brooke LyonsBrooke Lyons3 napja
    • Egg

      Brooke LyonsBrooke Lyons3 napja
    • Egg

      Brooke LyonsBrooke Lyons3 napja
  • Try wedding dresses on Etsy!!

    Celine ACeline A3 napja
  • Dress 2 looks like rapunzel's

    Zabethal _Zabethal _3 napja
  • The purple and green dress just gave me EXTREME little mermaid vibes and i LOVE

    Kayla TaylorKayla Taylor3 napja
  • i neeeed the pink one omg

    Iris HerstelIris Herstel3 napja
  • 2nd dress = RAPUNZEL

    Iris HerstelIris Herstel3 napja
  • Theses dresses I'm in love

    Nour BaariniNour Baarini3 napja
  • Can u pls put the links in the description box? I love them and would like to see them :)

    Lucía :3Lucía :33 napja
  • May i request you try the shein online clothes? They have also beautiful tops other kinds of dresses..

    musiclover 0804musiclover 08043 napja
  • The real vid starts at 2:30

    Ameer AbdullahAmeer Abdullah3 napja
  • PLEASEEEEEE make another etsy prom dress video!!!! if there are such beautiful dresses like these i wanna see so much more!!!

    Anjali MerhaiAnjali Merhai3 napja
  • The black one was my fave but they were all so beautiful 😻

    Mrs MMrs M3 napja
  • Can you please provide the link for these dresses?

  • you spend like 10,000 dollars a day, i can’t even spend 15...

    edits and outrosedits and outros4 napja
  • I would love to see more dresses from Etsy, these dresses were beautiful!!

    Adyson ErwinAdyson Erwin4 napja
  • i love you so much mia. but how in the hell can you spend so much money on a dress i tweak every time i buy fast food let alone a $500 dress 😭

    Randi PlacekRandi Placek4 napja
  • She looks like repunzal in the second dress

    Adventures of LifeAdventures of Life4 napja
  • U look amazing in all of them

    Hace un minutoHace un minuto4 napja
  • I would like you to do wedding dresses 👀 because why not

    paz-belle brownpaz-belle brown4 napja
  • The first one and the last one are my absolute favorite. I think the last one would have been better in pink maybe...

    RutheeRuthee4 napja
  • Mia looks like Sleeping Beauty in the Purple dress!!!!!! I LOVE IT

    Karina CKarina C4 napja
  • She looks like Tangled in the purple pearl dress

    Nicki KayNicki Kay4 napja

    nadia amsrnadia amsr4 napja
  • The black one is the best dress for you...

    Kyla AlpinKyla Alpin4 napja

    Hannah MarieHannah Marie4 napja
  • you are sooooo beautiful

    Hannah DunneHannah Dunne4 napja
  • Okay but, trying on Etsy wedding dresses would be awesome

    Julia CanadaJulia Canada4 napja
  • I love how the long intro remains the same , two years ago and still the same now XD. (Ps - I love your intros)

    MinalMinal4 napja
  • hi mia!! i loove watching your videos 🥺💘 i was a senior while the schools shutdown and i had already bought my prom dress before it got cancelled. im still so inlove with it but idk what to do w it but i want to wear it 😭 could you make a video on what we could do with our dresses!! i would love that sm💕

    nayely marienayely marie4 napja
  • Which shops on etsy did you buy these from?! 💜💜💜

    Ariana HaaseAriana Haase4 napja
  • The black one is my fav, so beautiful 😍

    Ananda PutriAnanda Putri4 napja
  • Hey! I am supper glad that you decided to buy items on Etsy. However I would like to speak in the name of the sellers from that platform: please give credit to the store/vendor/ designer and not to the platform. Etsy is not a's just a selling platform. WE the designers DON'T work for Etsy. We use the platform to promote and sell our products. Keep up with the good work and be safe!

    loredana iacobloredana iacob4 napja
  • I live in Australia and my sister's friend got this really cheap ball gown type dress at the salvos. THE SALVOS

    sharlotte_with_an_ ssharlotte_with_an_ s4 napja
  • Do try Indian Kurtis. From Myntra

    Mini me AkkeMini me Akke4 napja
  • Dress 2 & 3 were totally 70s style.

    Mer MaidMer Maid4 napja
  • the second dress reminds me of sleeping beauty

    yeehawyeehaw4 napja
  • The second one looks like repuncel

    M SM S5 napja
  • Omg mia please try on Sherri hill couture gowns!!!!!!

    Shelby LShelby L5 napja
  • To the second dress: Make the skirt into puffy pants, with that hair, and you'll look exactly like a genie

    Maria Eduarda MartinsMaria Eduarda Martins5 napja
  • Those dresses were stunning and looked positively amazing on you.

    Shurite BandaShurite Banda5 napja
  • I wonder what dress she wore for her prom lol she should recreate her look. Love you mia ♥️

    Jasmin RodriguezJasmin Rodriguez5 napja
  • You totally looked like Rapunzel in the 2nd dress

    Elizabeth BradleyElizabeth Bradley5 napja
  • i always think its funny how you go like " i never wear this its so extra and costumey". mean while im like jumpsuit... thats extra i never wear that. that dress though i wear it in a hartbeat. thank god we all can like diffrent things right? =) black dress was my favorite ;)

    Annis PAnnis P5 napja
  • Do you think it would be acceptable and nice to wear that 3rd pink dress as a wedding guest (Sister of the groom outfit) ?????? appreciate any replies if anyone sees this :-)

    Megan KernohanMegan Kernohan5 napja
  • Could you review wedding dresses from etsy? I loved this video

    Jeca M.Jeca M.5 napja
  • I wish i can have her body 😭😞

    ميمي الشاويميمي الشاوي5 napja
  • I bought my wedding dress on Etsy! $260 for a custom-fit 1950s swing-style dress.

    melvasaielmelvasaiel5 napja