Try Not To Laugh: Karen Edition

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if you don't like this video i'm calling the cops
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  • I wish I had a gf to nuzzle 😂😂

    Brandon BowmanBrandon Bowman20 órája
  • the karen on the subway reminded me of my great auntie who for xmas gave my mom a pen and cards so are family would send thank you letters when given presents

    harry brookerharry brookerNapja
  • In that first video, I'd have just started moving forward. What's she going to do? Hang on? Nah

  • 4:06 karen would never do that

    hahaha hahahahahahaha hahahaha2 napja
  • honestly if the edgelords at the beginning actually didn't find ANY video funny they're dead inside

    Javi del ValJavi del Val2 napja
  • that girl who was getting yelled at by the old lady just should've started hardcore making out with her gf in front of that lady.

    lolo is cringelolo is cringe3 napja
    • She should've invited another girl and they could have a threesome in front of that old lady

      Omega 6Omega 6Napja
    • Or they legit just saying how much they love eachother

      1 month ago1 month ago3 napja
  • "I'm not sitting on her car I'm leaning on it" "I didn't kill him he just ran into my knife"

    Jonah GuinnJonah Guinn4 napja
  • no matter how many times i see the subway lady it still annoys me how she just. inserted herself into those girls’ business talkin about being disrespectful to *her* lmao

    Charles FlukeCharles Fluke5 napja
  • This shouldve been in a thats cringe

    M. Ferdy PrakasaM. Ferdy Prakasa5 napja
  • 8:27 had me laughing way longer then I should have lmao 😂

    Skye L.Skye L.5 napja
  • Does anyone else think everything on this channel compared to his main channel is like worse I guess? Like on his second channel all his laughs seem super fake and everything just seems synthetic. Idk maybe he was just out of it or something

    Brandt StephensonBrandt Stephenson5 napja
  • So we're just not going to talk about the video of that Karen single-handedly fighting off a demon in the middle of a McDonalds?

    Helena RosnoHelena Rosno5 napja
  • F you HUworld.. this year we had one of the best thing to get in the rewind "the karen trend" but you cancelled it ..

    dainty delusionalynndainty delusionalynn6 napja
  • I’ve only met one Karen in my life and they told me that I couldn’t park my red car next to her green one bc it was the middle of June and apparently I was pressuring the Christmas spirit on her

    Theoren BrownTheoren Brown6 napja
  • 9:43 Cody really looked like:

    Richard CardwellRichard Cardwell7 napja
  • Personally I think "your a loser" is better then you suck

    HomelessHeavy1HomelessHeavy17 napja
    • Goddamn! They called us losers!

      1 month ago1 month ago3 napja
  • LMAO "Urrhhh you can't take pictures of people without their permission, urrrhhh stand still you little deviant _while I take your picture_ so I can show security what you look like."

    Zed AmadeusZed Amadeus7 napja
  • The 'karens' in these clips make me genuinely mad but I feel like some of the clips are missing a vital bit of context that would at least explain what set them off, regardless of whether it was justified. (Which, for the record, I don't think it's possible for their reaction to be justified, this shit is crazy man hahaha)

    Zed AmadeusZed Amadeus7 napja
  • 16:26

    McKenna BowersMcKenna Bowers7 napja
  • 9:54 why does he sound like lazerbeam

    Ze. VartZe. Vart7 napja
  • I thought the grandpa was the grandma talking

    Garrett BolandGarrett Boland8 napja
  • I saw the video

    Naaz KothariNaaz Kothari8 napja
  • Yea, coz the subway is a place of peace and serenity. As if other people never engage in PDA. Mhmm. Man, get your homophobic ass outta here!

    Nuraan JanoNuraan Jano8 napja
  • Karen: "If you continue to be inconsiderate of other people..." Girl: "Like you're being right now?" Karen: "No, see---" I swear some people have no self awareness

    Jess BJess B9 napja
  • I'm not lying my dad would do the exact same thing 6:35

    AWPurtunity_NiteAWPurtunity_Nite9 napja
  • I lost it at 8:20

    Hr PrkHr Prk9 napja
  • Dont let the comments about u laughing define your time.

    Denise RobertsDenise Roberts9 napja
  • cody is the type of guy i want as my friend

    Carmen MelCarmen Mel9 napja
  • 6:33 this guy is a legend

    TomatoBoy20TomatoBoy2011 napja
  • What kind of soccer mom wild Karen is this crazy ass woman?!?

    J BradleyJ Bradley12 napja
  • i get so triggered by karens that are mistreating customer service workers, as someone who was on the other side of the counter for years. its TRAUMATIZING tbh

    MorganMorgan13 napja
  • 6:32 this looks like terrible improv/roleplay

    Jelani AurelusJelani Aurelus13 napja
  • A Karen saying “I’m gonna call the cops” is the equivalent of a kid saying “I’m telling mom” except they’re an adult and not a kid.

    Josh JirsaJosh Jirsa14 napja
  • Sometimes kids and teens are annoying though. They think they are entitled to anything and everything and it's all about social media and useless shit around it, so at times I get the annoyance, I wouldn't want to be in someone's video. If one wants to film some Tiktok shit, do it in your house. I bet the MAPs will like them anyway..

    Every Day is Rex Manning DayEvery Day is Rex Manning Day15 napja
  • At times I honestly don't even understand why the.. Karens.. are so mad about. Like the skater guy filming the woman standing, was she bothered by their skating or what.. We don't have this "culture" here in Finland so I'm kind of baffled..

    Every Day is Rex Manning DayEvery Day is Rex Manning Day15 napja
  • Thought I hated old people before this but goddamn

    hannah doddshannah dodds15 napja
  • Karen is policing society, that`s her powertrip and she feels like the cops will always be on her side because she always could get away with it

    hjki hdhjki hd15 napja
  • it felt so wrong to see a bus full of people with no masks lol

    summer seurersummer seurer16 napja
  • karen trys to break teens ankles. 1 week in the hospital DOCTOR: you will never walk again

    Sebastian ZielinskiSebastian Zielinski16 napja
  • Gramps is a normie

    jobobianjobobian16 napja
  • The irony. "You can't take a photo of me without my permission" immediately takes a photo, without permission, of the girl to complain about a girl taking a photo of her

    Cass ChrisCass Chris17 napja
  • The Subway lady actually seems like a nice person.

    Henry OlsonHenry Olson17 napja
  • Mate put it in reverse terr kills me

    Sterling MalesSterling Males17 napja

    Dylan MedinaDylan Medina17 napja
  • That Karen that was standing in front of the kids that were skateboarding looks like my 6th grade science teacher

    Ninya-ChanNinya-Chan18 napja
  • The last lady’s issue could be resolved if she just minded her business.

    Alter EgoAlter Ego18 napja
  • "My new granddaughter Ashley Anne Macy" Damn really hit her with the 3 first names

    d8kOfficiald8kOfficial19 napja
  • Cody can u be my facebook mom?

    Nate EmmonsNate Emmons19 napja
  • watching these make me genuinely angry that i wasnt there in that situation because i would absolutely *tear them to fucking shreds*

    Katie PasseriniKatie Passerini20 napja
  • If i whas in the first position i wouldve just drove and watched as she falled

    NintendoKnightNintendoKnight22 napja
  • Holy shit. The woman in the second clip is not even wearing a mask. Moron.

    MeowllisonMeowllison23 napja
  • is this video like half out of focus or am I going blind

    Marlise DMarlise D23 napja
  • 7:13 oh lord why do you sound so much like mockey mouse

    Lucie FogtLucie Fogt25 napja
  • my dog when i have food: 8:30

    ANONYMOUS GrannyANONYMOUS Granny25 napja
  • Cody u r not funny just admit it and move on

    Gone With The SinGone With The Sin25 napja
  • 3:19-3:20 I mean

    EternalZYt lEternalZYt l26 napja
  • i don't get why people go out of their way to be annoying tho

  • That Australian accent tho...

    Connor MaloneyConnor Maloney28 napja
  • was he going for a south african or kiwi accent?

    Chris HartleyChris Hartley28 napja
  • stop swearing (sorry) just don't feel comfortable

    Dasi WorldDasi World29 napja

    Arianna ReneArianna ReneHónapja
  • 16 min in. Karen pissed that they’re gay... wow

  • “Spart, she said spart”

    Serena NinaSerena NinaHónapja
  • i love how often they get this absolute shit eating smile when they notice they're being recorded. Really shows how confident they are in their belligerence.

    Dalton GibbsDalton GibbsHónapja
  • Not defending these Karen’s, but the best way to get a terrible reaction from someone is throwing a phone in their face to film them

  • When I saw the last old lady I was like "OOhhhh she's homophobic".

    Sarcastic LiviaSarcastic LiviaHónapja
  • I would floor it with that 1st Karen

    I'm BoredI'm BoredHónapja
  • This whole video just pisses me off

    Mathieu JouvensalMathieu JouvensalHónapja
  • But can we all acknowledge how well spoken that quirky last woman was😭

    Rose TRose THónapja
  • 3:50 kinda funny how shes complaining about them not social distancing when she is almost sticking her head in the window

    Dr. RagDr. RagHónapja
  • I wonder how many stories police have of karens calling them

    Sophie SchroerSophie SchroerHónapja

    saad alisaad aliHónapja
  • omg the one where she says indian wells i know her...

    Emma KelleyEmma KelleyHónapja
  • id simply run her over

    Maddie BroadwayMaddie BroadwayHónapja
  • If a Karen tells me my ass is grass, I’ll assume that means she wants to take our relationship to the next level

    Big MaxBig MaxHónapja
  • Senator mark Warner 💀💀 guess milkshake Karen is from VA

    Nicholas BrownNicholas BrownHónapja
  • i love you!!!!!!

    Victoria GarciaVictoria GarciaHónapja
  • No need to apologise for any of your previous videos, you're awesome 🤗❤️

  • I laughed at pretty much the exact same ones as he did so now I offended by the comments people made.

    Jeims NuminJeims NuminHónapja
  • The funny thing is shes olso talking to a citizen as she says so basically shes harrasing him

  • Malls have made it illegal for minors to hang out without someone 18+ tagging along. at least where I live that's how it is.

    Sormateen • 50 years agoSormateen • 50 years agoHónapja
  • Your Ass, Is Grass.

  • You cant film people without consent but now I'll take a picture of you without your consent. 😂🤣 good one karen

    Anita GomezAnita GomezHónapja
  • It is NOT illegal to take photos of someone in public. Why does every Karen think that is the case? It's such a complete narcissistic belief.

    Santa Clarita RecordingSanta Clarita RecordingHónapja
  • I wonder since i live in england... ive seen american and british karens What about Australia

    Toby RNToby RNHónapja
  • Cody is falling for the Karen's

  • 13:05 yo lol I know this mall. I live like 15 mins away

  • is cody's shirt...loss?

    Jordan (she/her)Jordan (she/her)Hónapja
  • That first clip I would’ve just started driving

    E - K SERIESE - K SERIESHónapja
  • reacticorns

    Laura DombrowLaura DombrowHónapja
  • They should of put their car in reverse and floored it. What’s Karen going to do? Talk the the Manager ?

    Brandon BeckiusBrandon BeckiusHónapja
  • one of those kids turned out to murder the husband of one of the karens

    Michael BestMichael BestHónapja
  • 3:28 Satan my butt is not green

    TheCoolLEGO64 BossTheCoolLEGO64 BossHónapja
  • TO BE FAIR, the Karen starting at 8:01 is standing at the 9/11 memorial in New York City trying to get the kids to stop...Its legally prohibited and frowned upon by New Yorkers to bike/skateboard over it for obvious reasons, but where they are standing is up to interpretation because it is at the oculus. Just wanted to clarify since a lot of you may not know where it is.

  • I'm so uncomfortable. I can barely watch this it really does hurt me. Like idk how people can just blatantly film this and be so unbothered, I'm super uncomfortable

    rad kidrad kidHónapja
  • Cody don't laugh at your peers

    d od oHónapja
  • This grandpa finally makes fun of people his age😂😂 I love you cody your the best grandpa in the world😂❤️

    Gamersimmers XxGamersimmers XxHónapja
  • lol but why are karen's built different?

  • oh my god she said senator warner which might make this my state

    Gay CalculatorGay CalculatorHónapja
  • I fell asleep. How the fuck did I get here?

    Finna YeetFinna YeetHónapja