Try Not To Cry.

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  • tell me why i dont cry i just get chills 😭

    DesperatoDesperato3 órája
  • I failed miserably lmao, I cried to all the tiktoks. I've been having a moppy mood lately :'/

    Anushka SarkarAnushka Sarkar4 órája
  • I cried on the grandparents one damn

    milan torniermilan tornier5 órája
  • you felt like twin flames to me but now seeing it on her sweatshirt for the first time is confirmation to me, beautiful union

    itsbrit _itsbrit _12 órája
    • and the ram dass t-shirt

      itsbrit _itsbrit _11 órája
  • Not gonna lie, some of these songs totally ruin it for me lol

    Oversaturated ShrimpOversaturated Shrimp20 órája
  • The divorce one wasn’t sad at all LOL I think it’s just cuz my parents are divorced and I didn’t give a fuck when they split I was just like k cool

    Larry StylinsonLarry StylinsonNapja
  • This was so stupid😂😂

    Amira GarciaAmira GarciaNapja
  • we need part 2

    Mahra HMahra HNapja
  • Dw my eyes were squirting

  • I cried at the audiobook one

    Luke Van GinkelLuke Van GinkelNapja
  • Please do a “try not to cry” video watching greys anatomy scenes.

    Sage MearsSage MearsNapja
  • I lost it at the black gut at the end crying for his mom. 😭😭😭 full blown tears instantly

    Jeremiah OforiJeremiah OforiNapja
  • I just fell inlove with your girlfriend

    FaadeFaade2 napja
  • My friend flipped me off with her toes at a funeral once and I had to leave because I was laughing so hard.

    Mr_ TinezMr_ Tinez2 napja
  • yeah I didnt cry either. Cody I think you may have been repressing your tears for too long lol

    johnny ciobanasjohnny ciobanas2 napja
  • Am I just heartless uh-

    jet animationsjet animations2 napja
  • I was too busy LOSING it at kelsey laughing in the corner to cry. sorry cody

    Taylor Ing.Taylor Ing.2 napja
  • Nope

    Lucien GauthierLucien Gauthier3 napja
  • damn

    nikart 586nikart 5863 napja
  • I was kelsey for the entire thing until the grandma with the audiobook and then... I was full Cody

    Ally KamanAlly Kaman3 napja
  • If my boyfriend isn't emotional like Cody I swear to god.

    nurainnaz kamalnurainnaz kamal3 napja
  • im with her i laughed the whole time

    Emma AmortEmma Amort4 napja
  • 5 hours later: Cody is trying to make her cry with onions but she doesn't even water up.

    KorbloxStudios_XDKorbloxStudios_XD4 napja
  • None of the vids making me cry but u two are how are u so adorable together 🥺😭😭 esp at 8:06

    Jess O-birdyJess O-birdy4 napja
  • bro im just doing this with you

    suze!suze!4 napja
  • Bro i just lost my dog who was literally always by my side like a month ago. That first video hit harddddd

    far from Gracefar from Grace5 napja
  • cody: "'s nice to feel something" kelsey: "............hmm"

    Katherine MichailidesKatherine Michailides5 napja
  • Let me be the unicorn to your couple

    Michael GuevaraMichael Guevara5 napja
  • i cried because homie cried 😂✋🏾

    メpapamilkメpapamilk5 napja
  • Watching other people watch sad stuff never makes me cry I have to be watching it by myself

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald5 napja
  • Kelsey's ability to cry on command is really going to help her with her in her youtube career if she ever needs to make an apology video.

    totti Costatotti Costa5 napja
  • Literally just watch the Up intro and you’ll lose immediately

    Andrew DozierAndrew Dozier5 napja
  • I cried...from laughter

    Yasmine SaidouYasmine Saidou6 napja
  • im fucking crying,,,damn you cody

    Idk KaiIdk Kai6 napja
  • The try not to cry video never make me cry

    Carlie ShilletCarlie Shillet6 napja
  • As soon as the first one started I'm like NOPE *skip skip skip skip* and then I saw Cody was crying and I'm like SEE TOLD YA I KNEW BETTER

    Alicia Deadly DaisyAlicia Deadly Daisy6 napja
  • The one with the mom surprising the son makes me break down every time without fail.

    Mr.Duck1 24Mr.Duck1 246 napja
  • My brother cried at his wedding and I was his best man and couldn’t help but cry too.

    Aaron MessnerAaron Messner6 napja
  • :o my eyes were dry im sorry dfnhfkdsjf :(

    Sanskriti IyerSanskriti Iyer6 napja
  • This girls funny, does her boyfriend have a channel?

    Gustav TilkGustav Tilk7 napja
  • Man that audiobook grandma one got me, ngl

    thevintagerosethevintagerose7 napja
  • Bro you should've used military coming home videos

    John HenleyJohn Henley7 napja
  • can someone please make a gif of kelseys face at 11:24

    Mariah RiveraMariah Rivera7 napja
  • we NEED a part 2 of this

    Aka ReactsAka Reacts7 napja
  • Imagine if it was just 3 hours of Schindler’s list reactions

    Herbert GrunkinHerbert Grunkin7 napja
  • I'm a grown ass 30 y/o man and I cried at most of these.

    Sweet-JaySweet-Jay8 napja
  • Me watching this video 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😢😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

    Santi CSanti C8 napja
  • I will say, once I knew that my 16 year old pup was declining fast, I documented so much of our last memories together as a keepsake to look back on and cherish

    S YoungS Young8 napja
  • this was the sweetest

    Brittany HBrittany H8 napja
  • Bruh Kelsey was right. Call an ambulance for the groom that shit looked like he was in pain

    drey211drey2118 napja
  • Only one that got me was the grandma one man. That one killed me

    CaptaindjpCaptaindjp8 napja
  • She reminds me of Drew’s wife Amanda

    Jake PheganJake Phegan9 napja
  • Me.

    Nadyaa M.Nadyaa M.9 napja
  • I think my brain just died bc it’s the 5th of april 2021 rn this video was uploaded on 23 december 2020 and HUworld says is that the video was uploaded 3months ago while it was actually uploaded 4 months ago or am i crazy?

    i love demonetizationi love demonetization9 napja
  • I was boohooing at the last video

    Wendy VillaWendy Villa9 napja
  • 12:26 Thought he was gonna say laugh because I was laughing the whole video...

    RasputinRasputin9 napja
  • the fuckin audio book got me

    Coel StoreyCoel Storey10 napja
  • I was laughing at all of them 😭😭😭

    Marissa BMarissa B10 napja
  • Kelsey almost lost it with the grandma and the audiobook LOOK AT THE RED IN HER EYES

    Alex J TanguayAlex J Tanguay10 napja
  • This is the funniest video ever!

    Caedmon NoeskeCaedmon Noeske10 napja
  • We just finna brush off that Cody said "howers"?

    Lil BrimboLil Brimbo10 napja
  • Bro I challenge u u can't make me cry

    Rahat ChowdhuryRahat Chowdhury10 napja
  • i’m on my period i cried during the sponsorship

    juice boxjuice box10 napja
  • It's ok guys, old people can get emotional.

    Bret HarleyBret Harley11 napja
  • Got me crying on the toilet right now

    Michael GonzalezMichael Gonzalez11 napja
  • the dog one hits different when you recently put your dog down

    OnePieceLover 57OnePieceLover 5711 napja
  • dude look like wayne's world

    Brandon HarrisBrandon Harris11 napja
  • No one else cried, just Cody

    Kevin McDonaldKevin McDonald11 napja

    jackthebob347jackthebob34711 napja
  • Remeber when kelsey cried at that eboy tik tok?

    Cole RichardsonCole Richardson11 napja
  • “Hey Emily, what’s up”

    Olivia LeeOlivia Lee11 napja
  • Cody can you knock kesly up already I'm tryna see what the baby looks like

    Its MartinezIts Martinez12 napja
  • Dry as a bone :|

    Malcolm SagerMalcolm Sager12 napja
  • Dude makes audiobook for grandma: Me: stands up to literally scratch my a$$ crack

    Jesse GroomesJesse Groomes12 napja
  • The one with the guy seeing his mom got me so bad

    Alden's WorldAlden's World12 napja
  • Title: Thumbnail: 😊🤣

    PhoenixPhoenix13 napja
  • the fact that an emotional Cody was expecting this to go one way and Kelsie just rolled up to emotionally flex her heavy weight skills all over this thing was incredible

    Ed CareyEd Carey13 napja
  • Kelsey the whole time: Get a load of this guy 😐👉

    Charise HickeyCharise Hickey13 napja
  • I had to put my dog to sleep very unexpectedly a couple days ago, so the first one hit me very hard. Idk why I didn’t think there’d be dog videos in a try not to cry, so that’s on me

    Jenn TallJenn Tall13 napja
  • Every time this man speaks to his girlfriend, it sounds like he’s about to propose.

    Victor ChildsVictor Childs13 napja
  • Watch one saint jude commercial and ur crying for the rest of the day

    Pause SkateboardingPause Skateboarding13 napja
  • Thanks, I hate it.

    Lilli JayeLilli Jaye13 napja
  • I only teared up at the grandpa book one

    George ChernoffGeorge Chernoff13 napja
  • I cry a lot when my wife and I watch sad or "happy cry" movies. I actually cried so hard at the end of Toy Story 3 and 4. I actually cry like an actual baby from The Notebook every single time I watch it. I have seen it like 3 or 4 times and every time its water works. The Audio Book one with the grandma is so good.

    mONEymONEy13 napja
  • Every time i start to cry kelsey makes me chuckle yall broke my emotions

    سس13 napja
  • brb im crying

    Chris SantiagoChris Santiago13 napja
  • You should have called it try not to laugh cause I was laughing at your reactions and balling tears of laughter

    Urban_chameleonUrban_chameleon13 napja
  • It sucks that none of these were even cry worthy

    DevyanshBahriDevyanshBahri13 napja
  • I'm Kelsey

    bun bunbun bun13 napja
  • we all just here bawling huh

    Molly MariaMolly Maria14 napja
  • Can we get another one of these pleaseeeee

    Eashan SahaiEashan Sahai14 napja
  • NOPE. Can't see an animal get put down.

    Cooked_Makeup_ JenniferCooked_Makeup_ Jennifer14 napja
  • Cody really did grow a second heart !!!

    chittytherobotchittytherobot14 napja
  • The dog one and the blind grandma one got me

    Jo BJo B14 napja
  • Please keep making these until Kelsey cries

    Ollie NoOllie No14 napja
  • my eyes are dry im fine lol

    Hudson MingHudson Ming14 napja
  • i cried

    Nicolas PinzonNicolas Pinzon14 napja
  • Yeeey, so progressive! We all know men are hiding emotions when they not cry. It's totally true! It's not like we are different, including on the emotional level. It's not like men project the same emotions differently than women do. It's not like it's literally basic biology. You did it Cody. You bloody did it!

    Marek KacMarek Kac14 napja
  • i’m binging your videos you literally have me like sob crying

    Jenna VandervortJenna Vandervort14 napja
  • Aw, I love your videos with Kelsey!

    thefreckledrobinthefreckledrobin14 napja