Trump’s Bananas Border Speech, Looming Impeachment & Crazy Conspiracies

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Eight days are left of Donald Trump’s presidency, the House will vote to impeach tomorrow, new details have been released about what went down at the White House on Wednesday during the attacks on the Capitol, one of the rioters (who was dressed like a Viking) isn’t happy with his accommodations in jail, Trump flew to Alamo, Texas to brag about his “wall” the same week his supporters showed that walls serve no purpose whatsoever, three Democrats in the house have tested positive for COVID after being holed up during the Capitol lockdown with maskless colleagues, and it turns out that QAnon is just a build-your-own-apocalypse.
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  • "This is the biggest betrayal of any President in the history of the United States of America" - Liz Cheney.

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiNapja
  • 😂

    Taishan FieldsTaishan FieldsNapja
  • 6:00

    Caiden AddyCaiden Addy2 napja
  • Tired of your ramblings. What are you going to do when Trump is gone? Will you stop your videos?

    Mar GonMar Gon2 napja
    • No one made you click on it. Ha Ha

      Jeff BrownJeff Brown2 napja
  • A lot of effort to not open the Congressional Review, the DNC politicians should be glad to open the review to show the citizenry nothing was wrong with it. It's only a 10-day process and there were members from both sides willing and able, until the threats of being slammed in the media.

    appleblossomxoappleblossomxo3 napja
    • @bcvbb hyui : Sounds like you're the one that needs to move forward. He's a citizen, now. Move forward.

    • Oh, Donnie, the surprises you deliver are nigh on neverending . Now, be a good Dumpling and get impeached .

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiNapja
  • Thank you. That's very good. People will know more about this maniac crazy Trump guy. Thanks God, he's leaving.

    Vanassarin LeeanupatVanassarin Leeanupat3 napja
  • Trump fooled a lot of morons in BOTH elections, but I thank God he didn't fool enough the second time around. I still can''t believe that there are no background protocalls ? that would bar someone with a history like his that would keep him out of the running. If trump would have had to answer for all his negative lifestyle dealings , like everyday people have to to get gainful employment , he wouldn't have even got past square one .

    Rick OBrienRick OBrien3 napja
    • has been sabotaged by the so called "president."

      kolim jonekolim jone2 napja
  • 😂😂😂👽

    Gin BGin B3 napja
    • So its all Matt Damon’s fault😂

      kolim jonekolim jone2 napja
  • i love his laugh

    kolim jonekolim jone3 napja
  • That "conspiracy theory" at the end was incredible. Haha! The research that the late night guys have done lately for some solid jokes is really good satire.

    Robert LibuttiRobert Libutti3 napja
  • Trump all the way!🇲🇽

    I LopezI Lopez4 napja
  • Jimmy you da best!

    Damian PerezDamian Perez4 napja
  • The brief female spatially deliver because purple disconcertingly sign since a charming clarinet. scrawny, capricious jewel

    Jack FordJack Ford4 napja
    • Oh, that Matt Damon! I should have known he was at the bottom of this evil. He's, after all, the source of all Jimmy Kimmel's blights.

      kolim jonekolim jone3 napja
  • Why we still even allowing him to speak

    Dmitry BahrtDmitry Bahrt4 napja
  • Jimmy Kimmel is a wet fart trying to make money off of America's misery. Can't come up with any new material?

    MarkMark4 napja
  • The nine nurse spectroscopically attend because coast customarily smell apropos a spotty anethesiologist. tearful, endurable grasshopper

    Rob CisnerosRob Cisneros4 napja
  • Yes, there is a "Qanon Anonymous," and they're great. Google em

    Dan BDan B4 napja
  • This impeachment is causing tremendous joy.

    Mordechai LevyMordechai Levy4 napja
  • Oh, Donnie, the surprises you deliver are nigh on neverending . Now, be a good Dumpling and get impeached .

    AntalopeAUTAntalopeAUT4 napja
  • Brilliant!!

    Marlene RossMarlene Ross4 napja
  • "...and they won't even let her in there to breastfeed..." 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    bricologybricology4 napja
  • Trump almost makes it to toddler level.

    Remco Van EkRemco Van Ek4 napja
  • So its all Matt Damon’s fault😂

    Abdulaziz Al HarthyAbdulaziz Al Harthy4 napja
  • Just a few more days of this idiot. He's "got the best words." How did this get to this point? Lack of civic education for our children. Lack of learning of critical thinking. Education has been sabotaged by the so called "president."

    Bill MabeeBill Mabee4 napja
  • Why don’t you wealthy and privledged actors and actresses stay out of politics. It’s obvious you people are not detrimentally effected by the lock downs. Loss of homes, businesses and livelihoods.

    Lil VicLil Vic4 napja
  • There is a QAnon Anonymous and they make a great weekly podcast

    Jacob Halladay-GlynnJacob Halladay-Glynn4 napja
  • Oh, that Matt Damon! I should have known he was at the bottom of this evil. He's, after all, the source of all Jimmy Kimmel's blights.

    Seleena Y-TSeleena Y-T4 napja
  • I think someone played the music as a joke on him 😁😅

    exdoodeexdoode4 napja
  • You can fool some of the people, some of the time. But you cant fool all the people, all the time.Bob Marley

    Andy HAndy H4 napja
  • All he did was send a lynchmob to string her up and watch it on live TV. Poor victimised Donny waunt understand why she's so well dramatic. Maybe Pelosis time of month. Lol

    Andy HAndy H4 napja

    LeechLeech4 napja
  • I hate Jimmy Kimmels show!

    Elle BrownElle Brown5 napja
  • Joe Biden can't even put a sentence together or forgets what he is saying 🤔

    Colorado springsColorado springs5 napja
  • love it.... well done Jimmy, anyone can make all sorts of rubbish out of random data and make a connection ..7 degrees of separation etc John Oliver has a good show about this also

    Andrew WilliamsAndrew Williams5 napja
  • Trump is taking one last tour of all his greatest failures this week - tomorrow he's spending the day with Eric...

    Joel WilliamsJoel Williams5 napja
  • 对丫,特朗普有簽太空小組任務,,,So。 他和高雅族徒菲力是会中肯監督或和時差研一样不知,但,確實成长大男性个質,,,SO。 而泰山和唐叔為望天星為鷲头摩首組,老鷹团在後,,,SO,互对一架或成盟,??,不知,,,太深奧,,,SO,??。

    柳岑焉柳岑焉5 napja
  • 大伙相信罪众拆洗罪橋後律法否,,,??,会信罪众批評批判否,,,SO。 貪商官批評世界,,,己众思作,大解放,,,囉。

    柳岑焉柳岑焉5 napja
  • Hey Jimmy, how was your stay? In Gitmo??? with all your fellow cell mates????

    Gloria GonzalesGloria Gonzales5 napja
  • F*cking Matt Damon - I knew it!!!!

    Darryl BennyDarryl Benny5 napja
  • There is absolutely no medical need for organic food. It provides less nutrition, and uses more pesticides and has less regulations. There's absolutely no health benefits... And there's absolutely no way a human can become Sick by not eating organic... That's just a ridiculous concept... Of course what do we expect from a person who lives in a world of conspiracy. It looks like his mom supports it

    ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137ཞıƈƙ ƈ-1375 napja
  • Thanks for your hard work Jimmy.

    Kumuda NehruKumuda Nehru5 napja
  • Wait, didn't Sara Silverman date Jimmy and Matt Damon? SARA IS Q OMG.

    B. P.B. P.5 napja

    Ana MuliagaAna Muliaga5 napja
  • Look, 👀 the orange 🍊 is going bananas 🍌 !!!!! 😄

  • President Trump and his allies are fostering white supremacist and violent extremism.

  • Guys like kimmel do it..

    David deaprasDavid deapras5 napja
  • “ Qanon-anonymous “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jamaica OwensJamaica Owens5 napja
  • 😂😂🍊🤷👏👏👏 all the 1990 bs numerology nonsense. Go Jimmy Kimmy 😂

    Cradle of Humanity Uganda/UK Children's CentreCradle of Humanity Uganda/UK Children's Centre5 napja
  • 17 is the number of Republicans in the Senate, needed to impeach Trumpy Bear.

    David l WilliamsDavid l Williams5 napja
  • do it we dont like you cheeto , get out

    bergermeisterbergermeister5 napja
  • Did his face turn red?

    michael sagemastermichael sagemaster5 napja
  • The US is living off trillions of counterfeit money and there are people who think the US is the place to be. Gravy train my aaaaaaaaasssssssskkkkkkk

    David RonsonDavid Ronson5 napja
  • Wasn’t Mitch McConnell the old man on Fraggle Rock smh 😂

    Sean NorrisSean Norris5 napja
  • This is not the right way to do this

    Patrick RozaPatrick Roza5 napja
  • ''Its time for grandpa to peacefully hand over the keys'' to a... younger one like Biden

    PanosGRRPanosGRR5 napja
  • Well that immigrant Melania sure got onto a gravy train, cho cho.

    Cindy ChavooshianCindy Chavooshian5 napja
  • The mistake Twitter made was not cutting off Trump earlier.

    Cindy ChavooshianCindy Chavooshian5 napja
  • Socialism here we come! I’m so sad this country is too stupid to see the blatant agenda here.

    Quincie EltonQuincie Elton6 napja
  • Worst president ever. Blows my mind that his followers think he’s so great.

    Tammy BrummTammy Brumm6 napja
  • Best quote ever “Qanon is lost just like the people who follow it”.

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy6 napja
    • nieooj gotoy : What's the big deal about a group that wants to protect children.

      appleblossomxoappleblossomxo3 napja
  • There is crazy and there is trump crazy buffoons.

    James BJames B6 napja
  • Jimmy that was awesome that was a really good break down of the ignorance the people have put out there, and it's so dangerous for things like this to happen all done with the greatest technological invention of humanity the internet even though a person can learn to be anything they want to be in this world now using the internet the kind of information like qanon is enough to justify a world without internet

    lumber1982lumber19826 napja
  • i Love America Best show in a galaxy

    Azazel. WillAzazel. Will6 napja
    • @nieooj gotoy mmm what ? 🤣🤣 i mean America is like great Tv Show , some kind of like Simpsons or South Park but pseudo-documentary genre

      Azazel. WillAzazel. Will6 napja
    • This guy is an expert on deepfakes i see. Haha. Qanon is an obvious psyop that benefits people like this guy. Your lies are not working try harder.

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy6 napja
  • Yep! Trump supporters sexually excited when he was under the desk😒🤔I just threw up in my mouth!🤢

    Robert RichardsRobert Richards6 napja
  • Q identity is so easy to get ...No! not that one, the other one, the unthinkable, yes, he is the one rallying American patriots at each others

    Iam DredlambIam Dredlamb6 napja
  • Trump supporters are extremists? No. They are republicans. All republicans are traitors.

    NexusGen Inc.NexusGen Inc.6 napja
  • Awww poor baby, how can he survive!!!!! I want to vomit!

    Triste MietitoreTriste Mietitore6 napja
  • Putrid orange...I will never look at that color the same again!

    Triste MietitoreTriste Mietitore6 napja
  • look at all the priviliged white people.....

    Triste MietitoreTriste Mietitore6 napja
  • Trumph is not white, he's red

    Nishant KumarNishant Kumar6 napja
  • Human missle crisis lol

    L ML M6 napja
  • Stair are trump's number one enemy. What a big mistake was when he got elected,OMG.

    CD RODCD ROD6 napja
  • If imgrant or refugees who whites or blondes skin , do you building that wall ?

    rawa dreamrawa dream6 napja
  • This is the best Kimmel monologue in a while. Hilarious

    Colman O'BrienColman O'Brien6 napja
  • '... although in trumps defense it's hard to make a phone call while fondling yourself! ' Best joke of the year so far😄

    Colman O'BrienColman O'Brien6 napja
  • Yo Jimmy, why don't you discuss in depth about Electoral College voting system that create all these problems.

    Jack StevenJack Steven6 napja
  • Kimmel is a lame creep

    dr. k.conor Foxxdr. k.conor Foxx6 napja
  • This guy is an expert on deepfakes i see. Haha. Qanon is an obvious psyop that benefits people like this guy. Your lies are not working try harder.

    Колобър ТасемиКолобър Тасеми6 napja
  • Trump losing will be looked back on in 100 years as the place where facism took hold of America. He will set up a 3rd party now and together with the GOP, he will rip the heart out of the nation. We were warned but we did nothing.

    Randy SchwingRandy Schwing6 napja
  • Trump & Family, Ghouliani, and the current Republican Party are worse than WW1 and WW2 together !!!

    Van HelsingVan Helsing6 napja
  • You're pathological, a knowing deceiver, and seem, even now, in a panic. 🙂

    Todd NevilleTodd Neville6 napja
  • Satan's lamest agent Matt Damon!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAA. You are the best Kimmel!! :D

    Muhammad UmerMuhammad Umer6 napja
  • Too funny his conspiracy demo ended with the king of all evil Matt Damon but too sad Trump supporters watching do not get the scarcasm.

    Teresa WastingTimeTeresa WastingTime6 napja
  • And how are you today, sofa?

    Paula HildebrandtPaula Hildebrandt6 napja
  • Ooh. Avid Trump supporter only eats organic. Breaking stereotypes?

    Nicolo ANicolo A6 napja
  • Love it when you mentioned lost. Jimmy, you are a true lostie! It made sense to.

    Coyote SpiritCoyote Spirit6 napja
  • Tremendous anger by you

    Susan RolstadSusan Rolstad6 napja
  • "so many imbeciles, just SO MANY I-M-B-E-C-I-L-E-S" Bravo Jimmy!

    J PJ P6 napja
  • Can't you get anything else besides the president that you hate to talk about? President Trump puts food on your table cuz you would have no show right now

    J IJ I6 napja
  • This stuff not funny anymore please stop talking about him giving his ego a drink everytime 5 days hope don't hear his name again.

    Debbie SandersonDebbie Sanderson6 napja
  • He really thinks people are stupid wow he is a piece of work. Lock him up put straight jacket on him. He is loosing it.

    Debbie SandersonDebbie Sanderson6 napja
  • Trump is weak ,losey President go away.

    Debbie SandersonDebbie Sanderson6 napja
  • 5 days left Trump bad History bye bye! Just anger to you loser and you causing danger.

    Debbie SandersonDebbie Sanderson6 napja
  • Trump you deserve it.

    Roberto OsorniaRoberto Osornia6 napja
  • 😂😂😂😂 matt

    Verny MoraVerny Mora6 napja
  • Have to beware of old narcissists who always blame their own actions and their actions consequences on THEY and THEM. Watch out for those people. THEY'RE crazy....

    Moorgoth67Moorgoth676 napja
  • Isn't it obvious that these clowns (called late show hosts) get paid to attack everything Trump-related 24/7? Would they dare shed light on the crimes and idiocies of the Obama administration for a change?

    Aria Mohtadi HaghighiAria Mohtadi Haghighi6 napja
  • 👏🤣👏😂👏😂👏🤣👏😂👏😂👏🤣👏😂

    Geoshf SchneiderGeoshf Schneider6 napja
  • You have an amazing mind, Jimmy.

    Mau AllenMau Allen6 napja
  • The thoughtless window coincidingly sip because range remarkably sniff pace a selective cardboard. resonant, cheap sturgeon

    Ta Hai ThuyTa Hai Thuy6 napja