Trolley Tom's Trolley Jolly Christmas | Episode 1

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Trolley Tom is bored after months of being stuck at home in quarantine with his trolley. That's until God has a new mission for him! As Jolly Tom he'll gift Trial By Trolley Expansion packs to all the good boys and girls!
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  • If nobody heard about covid this wasnt made

    Lene sanfeiLene sanfei8 napja
  • Go right, most people have cheated on online school in quarantine.

    Faith Noelle CurtisFaith Noelle Curtis9 napja
  • Thé mom thé kid didn't do that much wrong

    totaly a humantotaly a human11 napja
  • So when can we buy trolley track wax in stores?

    Lominoth ProductionsLominoth Productions11 napja
  • Right.

    catimini clerguscatimini clergus15 napja
  • Student cheats

    Zi Liang MaZi Liang Ma16 napja
  • Student cheats

    Zi Liang MaZi Liang Ma16 napja
  • Right

    Thien TranThien Tran19 napja
  • Haha. Genius way to uncover the demographic on your channel: little kids playing minecraft and Fortnite and cheating on their Zoom calls. The future is bright!

    Trajan DanubiusTrajan Danubius20 napja
  • The woman bad

    Peyton CoburnPeyton Coburn20 napja
  • The naughty people normally gets coal.

    Zi Liang MaZi Liang Ma24 napja

    Maddie HatterMaddie Hatter27 napja
  • I know the choice has already been made, but hit the mom, she'll drink herself to death anyway

    Gabriel YulawGabriel Yulaw27 napja
  • Karen

    Joshua PanjicJoshua Panjic29 napja

    Arstotzkan Plague DoctorArstotzkan Plague DoctorHónapja
  • Right

    SGT GhostSGT GhostHónapja
  • Ro-ight

    Christian AhaghotuChristian AhaghotuHónapja
  • Right: is this even a thing

    joel clarkjoel clarkHónapja
  • The drunk mom

    TNT LIGHTER: the cheetosTNT LIGHTER: the cheetosHónapja
  • Kill the Karen, she has the potential to hurt children

  • Left: I strive for chaos

    Nate DuffNate DuffHónapja
  • Right

  • Can we just acknowledge that Tom blurted out that Sam F's him in the B? Like, what?

    Kendo 40Kendo 40Hónapja
  • Right

    SomeWeirdChick 54SomeWeirdChick 54Hónapja
  • What the fucking fuck...again?

    thatkidcgonzo _15thatkidcgonzo _15Hónapja
  • right: karen bad

    Rage of oresRage of oresHónapja
  • Right

    Max to the MaximumMax to the MaximumHónapja
  • Right. On one side we have a Karen being a giant drunk moron and on the other is a child who’s learning to exploit the system who’s already rigged to begin with.

    Gustavo MarcondesGustavo MarcondesHónapja
  • Give pls

    Brawl stars player AUSERNAMEBrawl stars player AUSERNAMEHónapja
  • I need expansion pack

    Brawl stars player AUSERNAMEBrawl stars player AUSERNAMEHónapja
  • Wait trolley tom I have kickstarter version I'm special right?

    Brawl stars player AUSERNAMEBrawl stars player AUSERNAMEHónapja
  • Right I hate my mother who is obsessed with drinking wine

    Slain GainSlain GainHónapja
  • Starting a job in a new place is pretty much like 4:02

    Paweł MałeckiPaweł MałeckiHónapja
  • "You frosted my snowman" is a phrase I would expect to hear in a very different video.

    Cosmic NautilusCosmic NautilusHónapja
  • Right

    Francisco VelezFrancisco VelezHónapja
  • *Is it just me or does God sound like death from purgatony?*

    Rough WoofRough WoofHónapja
  • *I never got this notification. I just seen the latest update by chance and had to come back for this one!*

    Rough WoofRough WoofHónapja
  • Right, I relate to the kid

    philip johnsonphilip johnsonHónapja
  • kill the wine mom

    Exotics WorldExotics WorldHónapja
  • Kill both of them

    Armni HarringtonArmni HarringtonHónapja
  • Right

    dino man toy timedino man toy timeHónapja
  • Right

    dino man toy timedino man toy timeHónapja
  • Right

    dino man toy timedino man toy timeHónapja
  • Right

    dino man toy timedino man toy timeHónapja
  • Right

    dino man toy timedino man toy timeHónapja
  • Mom it's just cheating on zoom

    Starr DestroyerStarr DestroyerHónapja
  • Left. Take out the cheating little SOB. Mom is doing what she can under the circumstances.

    David ThomasDavid ThomasHónapja
  • Right She Jus Will drink herself to death anyways and mess that poor child's head up in the meantime.

    Monique DarkAngelMonique DarkAngelHónapja
  • Right

  • Right cus the kid on the left is out smarting the teacher and the school board he deserves the thing

    Hello-my-name-is: trash :lHello-my-name-is: trash :lHónapja
  • Kill mom

    Daniel MedinaDaniel MedinaHónapja
  • Why do I feel like Tom is actually his evil twin brother also he didn’t know who god was so. Nvm

    The Destroyer Of WorldsThe Destroyer Of WorldsHónapja
    • Same

      Pokémon Openings!Pokémon Openings!Hónapja
  • That cloud sounds like Alucard from hellsing abridged

    Mal RussellMal RussellHónapja
  • drive over the covid

    Louis ThissenLouis ThissenHónapja
  • Right. Wine is a bad influence

    Townsend CrosbyTownsend CrosbyHónapja
  • Wine mom

    Jameson 123Jameson 123Hónapja
  • Right: cause i relate to the kid. And the mom won't be teaching her kid anything

    A girlA girlHónapja
  • I say both

    Cherryblossom inkCherryblossom inkHónapja
  • all the people saying right are the kid on the left

  • Hahhaha, everyone says right. ( right)

    Ignacio ChavesIgnacio ChavesHónapja
  • 🤔I wonder if tom saw the polar express

  • Right: the mom is ugly

    Just a GamerJust a GamerHónapja
  • I'll

    Josh son ofZeusJosh son ofZeusHónapja
  • Left

  • Left, I'm form the hood, I know this shit

  • Hi

    Fret NFret NHónapja
  • Right: cause Karen

    Strawberry Flavored DemonStrawberry Flavored DemonHónapja
  • Left: The kid has only lived a few years which means it's not as much of a waste if he dies. Also he has wayyyyy too many tabs open. Only a psychopath would have that many tabs open which means if he lives he could possibly grow up to become a serial killer killing a bunch of people which could be avoided! Many lives would be saved if Jolly Tom takes the left tracks.

  • Left: he's relatable he probably wants to die like me

    Cesar martinezCesar martinezHónapja
    • @Pokémon Openings! YES!!!, I WAS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO RESPOND. (Yes this a copied comment)

      Cesar martinezCesar martinezHónapja
    • This is copied lol. I also noticed that you liked your own comment

      Pokémon Openings!Pokémon Openings!Hónapja
  • I have my RIGHT Get it RIGHT ok imma stop RIGHT there

    Keivon RubioKeivon RubioHónapja
  • right:she is a Karen

    Error 101Error 101Hónapja
  • Covid is 99% political... resist the tyranny Everything bad happening is the governments fault, not god, not covid, not the people trying to save liberty. Also, choose the mom. In the real world, you can use notes on tests and they encourage collaboration, so the opposite of school

  • Wine mother she don’t know shit

    Mlp_fan 325Mlp_fan 325Hónapja
  • Kill the Karen. In fact, kill ALL Karens!

    Pabbi's ChannelPabbi's ChannelHónapja
  • Right

    Niklas HNiklas HHónapja
  • Right

    Super Sej KajSuper Sej KajHónapja
  • Right

    twisted 07twisted 07Hónapja
  • Trolley Tom. He's BACK.

    Rowan HillRowan HillHónapja
  • Left, because only right in the commentsection is boring

  • Right

    Pressured PenguinPressured PenguinHónapja
  • It says this was published on the 23rd November but then says it was published six days ago and it’s the 7th of December rn 😂🤔

  • Wait you created the pandemi- THE OPTICS TOM

    Unlxqurn _w -Unlxqurn _w -Hónapja
  • sound like Markiplier lol

    Brianna SumbilloBrianna SumbilloHónapja
  • "What The Fucking Fuck?" God: T O M! "WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK AGAIN???"

    Bird Eats EverythingBird Eats EverythingHónapja
  • Right. Just right.

    Jana TerbioJana TerbioHónapja
  • Right: Because Right Right Right, Right Right Right Right Right

    Silly ChotuSilly ChotuHónapja
  • Right

  • Kill the Karen bcs they will start ww3. Kill the one on the right

    Muhammad HazbinMuhammad HazbinHónapja
  • Right: I don't want to die just cause I cheated in my zoom classes.

    O MA GAH WooowO MA GAH WooowHónapja
  • Wine mom

    Nick PonomarenkoNick PonomarenkoHónapja
  • Left

    Ryan AdamsRyan AdamsHónapja
  • Right: She might teach her daughter about wine plus beer.

    NIXBROWN 510!NIXBROWN 510!Hónapja
  • Hit the mom

    KillBlow 21KillBlow 21Hónapja
  • god sounds like a mature Goofy

    Xavier EspinozaXavier EspinozaHónapja
  • Is Charlie Tom based off of the trolley problem? 🤔❓🚈🚋

    Annette LeonAnnette LeonHónapja
  • right: she need to be murderd then you can use her for slap slap

    Something RandomSomething RandomHónapja
  • ight somebody tell me how this was published on the 23th november, its the 5th november.

    PlugPlayz YTPlugPlayz YTHónapja
  • Right: always hit them with a right hook

  • Right

    Fireball 100Fireball 100Hónapja
  • child who cheats is naughty

    Joseph-James ArthurJoseph-James ArthurHónapja