Trixie Reviews The PUR x Barbie Collection

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PUR x Barbie Collection review *not sponsored*
Enter to win the full PUR x Barbie collection by commenting below (IMPORTANT! Please include your instagram or twitter handle so we can contact the winner! One winner will be chosen and contacted by Wednesday January 20, 2021! Good luck!

  • I so live for all this. I wanna win it so bad. I'm @gayfoole on twitter

    Jay DingerJay DingerHónapja
    • @Trixie Mattel pougopohp

      Ana VasileAna Vasile10 napja
    • @Trixie Mattel iioiouoioogiiiogiiiogioioioiiioiooooouoguogghhuiiiogiioiggoiiiiiogogiigoiiogioioooohhhiohiohiogogiogiiiigioioiiohhhhhiihiogigoogiiiiiogiogiiiohhhihiiiohoioiogiogogioiiogiiooooooioioiiiiiiiiiiooohihiiiiiiiiiogiiioiogioooiiohhihhhhiiiiiiiiiogogiiiogiogioiiiooooooohhhhhihihiiiiigoioioiiogogiioiiogiiiiiioiooooiiiihiiiigoiiiiiiiiiogiiiioiioiooooohhhihhiuoohiiigooiiiioiiiiioiooooooooioghhihhgoiiiiiiiiioiiiooohihhhhiiiiohgoiiiiiiiiiihiiioiooioohoihihiohogiiiiiioiiiiiioioioooooohioooihoiiohiohiiiiiiioioiiioiooiooooohhhhhhiiigooiiiiiiiioiiihiooooooohihhhhiihhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioioioiohooiooooihhhhhhhihoiiiiiiiiiiioioiohhhhiiiiiiiiiioiohiihhhihiiiiipiiiiiioioohhoihhhhiiihiiiiiiioiooioiphigghhhiigpoiiiiiiouiioiohhoigihiiiiiiiiihiohihhhig

      Ana VasileAna Vasile10 napja
    • @Trixie Mattel goi

      Ana VasileAna Vasile10 napja
    • Congrats

      mandelmandel18 napja
    • @Melissa Clement lol sorry girl ik how it be tho---

      Xx silent eclipse xXXx silent eclipse xX25 napja
  • Trixie’s kinda cute outta drag...shaves and comes back as Gollum 😣

    Rogue StatusRogue StatusÓrája
  • The lighting is really dingy

    Isabelle SmithIsabelle SmithÓrája
  • PUR makeup is terrible!!!!!!

    Courtney KrimmelCourtney Krimmel19 órája
  • I would like to win the contest! I haven't bought any makeup and I currently don't have a job to buy some. I'd like to win. ☺️❤️

    Rina M.lopezRina M.lopezNapja
  • I WANT TO WIN!!!!

    FashionFunPJFashionFunPJ2 napja
  • Trixie with a couple days of stubble is the hottest thing ever > I have to go

    Later Sk8terLater Sk8ter2 napja
  • the PURRRRRR barbie collection

    Ashley BrookeAshley Brooke2 napja
  • i know trixie is talking but all i can see is the small piece of white lint stuck to the top of her bald head

    Avalon BrunoAvalon Bruno2 napja

    _becky _ym_becky _ym3 napja
  • I WOULD LIKE TO WIN THE CONTEST! :) .. then I realized this was filmed a while back ... : \ luv ya ms trix

    Scene In VegasScene In Vegas3 napja
  • That cap on and that facial hair... that was the hot kind of trash

    Loek VerheijdenLoek Verheijden3 napja
  • i would like to win bitch

    Dylan SpringerDylan Springer3 napja
  • I liked Pur's Grinch palette from a few years ago. The glitters are so good.

    Caitlin PowellCaitlin Powell3 napja
  • lets start my drag with barbie Cometics :-)

    Frank PallescheFrank Pallesche4 napja
  • The little comments from the editor just keep getting better and better

    Emily MooreEmily Moore4 napja
  • I am hella late but i desperately want to win. @bleepmorp on insta

    Shayane CaballeroShayane Caballero4 napja
  • i would like to win! love to cover myself in glitter

    k pattersonk patterson4 napja
  • And by the way my name is TRIXIE STARRE

    Robert BowenRobert Bowen4 napja
  • I want to win the put Barbie collection it looked great

    Robert BowenRobert Bowen4 napja

    Lexxi JacksonLexxi Jackson4 napja
  • Can someone tell me if Holiday Barbie all through the 90's are worth anything? I have quite a few my grandmother collected them each year??

    William PhillipsWilliam Phillips4 napja
  • Trixie serving pure unadulterated TRADE a cis het moment

    ayebeeayebee4 napja
  • The editor 🤣

    Danien 24Danien 244 napja
  • The editor is so shady

    Daniel WarrenDaniel Warren5 napja
  • TRIXIE isn’t 100% white⁉️ she’s an ally

    Jaye EditJaye Edit5 napja
  • yeah holy shit okay now I see why people say you're hot, that fucking stubble had me going mate

    BLEIZ&rookBLEIZ&rook6 napja
  • I would love to win!! And also... the PUR Trolls pallet is 🔥. I’m sure it’s discontinued now. But it’s still a go to for me.

    Sarafina ItaliaSarafina Italia6 napja
  • The facial hair and hat has stirred something inside me. HOT!!!

    Matthew ShortMatthew Short6 napja
  • New to the channel but you make me laugh so damn hard 🙌🏻🤣 I’m hoping a Trixie Mattel/Bailey Sarian video exists

    NikkiNikki7 napja
  • Tracy looks like Jennifer Coolidge oh my god

    Gregorio PérezGregorio Pérez7 napja
  • I really really love trixie's videos but the electronic background music stresses me out :( I wish they would use a more calm/unnoticeable background music cause I watch these videos as comfort videos but the music is just a lot

    leeannaleeanna7 napja
  • I just love how happy she gets when she finds a product she loves. “You guyyysss this is beautiful”

    Aaliyah Ward-RuizAaliyah Ward-Ruiz7 napja
  • Every time Tracey puts blush on i have to turn down my volume

    Aaliyah Ward-RuizAaliyah Ward-Ruiz7 napja
  • Me working on my college homework and as someone that doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, now I want to buy a shit ton of makeup I’m not going to use.

    Aurora ChuChuAurora ChuChu7 napja
  • anyone else see jennifer coolidge in legally blonde with the final look?

    TheHarrisonDrakeTheHarrisonDrake8 napja
  • ❤️❤️😍😍I would literally shit myself if I got a Barbie makeup set from Trixie!!! HOLY TITTIES! 😍😍❤️❤️

    Emily AmosEmily Amos8 napja
  • Contest entry!!! @padenlemons on insta!

    Paden LemonsPaden Lemons8 napja
  • This made me lol "I can't use a blue shimmer" .... one month later fingers out with a blue pallet. 🤣🤣💙💙

    Misty BMisty B8 napja
  • Not trixie curing my depression as my tech teacher told me off for laughing as she told the class if we were in school she would take up our work cause it was so bad I'm a good student and i was laughing because my bestie was laughing and everything is online atm and she kept us behind to shout at us. I am really bad at human interaction and I get rly anxious so that went well

    cassie grahamcassie graham8 napja
  • Luv your vids I watch them nearly every day 🌸 And I’d luv to win the make up collection 🙏 Thanks for making me and my daughter laugh 😂 Sincerely Jennifer 💋💄👄🤓

    Jennifer VeraJennifer Vera9 napja
  • Trixie was giving us Jennifer Coolidge realness.

    Isamar HernandezIsamar Hernandez9 napja
  • loves u but i rlly wanna win hehe

    BibiBibi10 napja
  • You suit that stubble

    Nadine_JasmineNadine_Jasmine10 napja
  • Bearded Brian looks like Walmart Wayne Goss

    Pia PiaPia Pia10 napja
  • I would like to win the contest (Insert expression of how much I want to win)

    CritDiceCritDice10 napja
  • I wanna win pls pls pls pls pls plssssssss 😩

    Skyla PaulsonSkyla Paulson10 napja
  • I'm here for the facial hair 😍

    odalith cardenasodalith cardenas10 napja
  • I do think it’s striking that she never seems to use eyeshadow primer. I guess she relies on the foundation to act as the primer. But I find even high quality shadows tend to go patchy without it.

    Phoebe RobertsPhoebe Roberts10 napja
  • I would like to be a winner

    Amanda RakestrawAmanda Rakestraw10 napja
  • Okay, not to sound like every other crazy fan but you're seriously one of the coolest people alive during my time. LOL You're hilarious, creative, honest with yourself and us (your fans) and you're not afraid to talk about your vulnerabilities and shortcomings. Thanks so much for what you bring us.

    Chico DePuertoRicoChico DePuertoRico10 napja
  • I had to come back and watch this after Brittany mentioned they editor shade and let me tell you.. it does not disappoint. 💁🏻‍♀️

    Ariel RossAriel Ross11 napja
  • oh my god this collection is so iconic i love it! (my insta is leah aka takukari)

    Takukari FuyujiTakukari Fuyuji11 napja
  • I used PUR bronzer it's great though builds well very neutral tone, probs not great for drag though. To natural

    R OzR Oz11 napja
  • hi sir

    grace hartgrace hart11 napja
  • I love to see the transformation inside and out. Like every layer of make up put in reveals a layer of trixie. Feels so effortless and natural 🤗

    kindlykindly11 napja
  • This is the first time Brian has legitimately made my ovaries quiver....and I dont love it

    Carmen GravoliniCarmen Gravolini11 napja
  • Trixie went from sexy m a n to sexy mrs. clean in about .2 seconds wow

    Evie O'SabenEvie O'Saben11 napja
  • You are an icon! I wanna win and wear it on my wedding day, 04/03/21 ❤️

    valerie covottavalerie covotta11 napja
  • But I didn’t die 🐓❌☠️ I had crystallized ✨💎🐓💎✨

    Jack MucherJack Mucher11 napja
  • definitely serving Jennifer Coolidge

    Mia WolniakMia Wolniak11 napja
  • SO MUCH LOVE!!!! I'm a new Super fan! I just love all of your video's. I would love to try that blush! Im totally blush phobic so i think this may be able to get me over the hurdle! Im totally going to try a drag look with my daughters! Wish me luck, I'll have her post some pics and i'll link it after!!!!

    Melissa SiferdMelissa Siferd11 napja
  • He put on mascara and I’m like.... I’m so attracted to her 🤣

    Saula4ever893Saula4ever89311 napja
  • I would actually die if I won this! 🥲

    WilliamWilliam11 napja
  • lol that editor just straight up hates trixie

    Alex MAlex M11 napja
  • So hot with the scruff..WOW

    crystel joncascrystel joncas11 napja
  • The subtitles saying “let’s get into these ISIS” really gave the whole video a new meaning.

    Scott PickeringScott Pickering11 napja
  • I wanna win the contest love u trixie

    Jesse PoynerJesse Poyner12 napja
  • brian serving christian slater to us, everyone say thank u brian

    EXFEXF12 napja
  • i would like to win pls @miss.vegan on insta

    Bradley AndersonBradley Anderson12 napja
  • The editor's comments though LMAO

    Tristan BohlmannTristan Bohlmann12 napja
  • I'd love to win! ^^♡♡♡

    Paula CPaula C12 napja
  • Who would have thought Trixie was gonna turn into the trade of her season?

    PhilPhil12 napja
  • Send me that shit SIS.... For ONCE IN MY LIFE I wanna be a WINNER... please 🤭

    John SinkJohn Sink12 napja
  • Why does Brian look less white with facial hair

    Elyse Mooney MUAElyse Mooney MUA13 napja
  • Trixie is such a handsome queen honestly wow.

    LibbsaurusLibbsaurus13 napja
  • Me all like DAMN SHE BETTER THAN ME but also me realizing she did this for years!

    Connie The Hormone MonstressConnie The Hormone Monstress13 napja
  • I like to win

    DinastyDinasty13 napja
  • 21:55 little shade on the God-honoring way

    Tony少 Beauty Inside OutTony少 Beauty Inside Out13 napja
  • i'd love to win :)

    Steph GSteph G13 napja
  • I want this love

    Austin SwobodaAustin Swoboda14 napja
  • Sometimes I forget that Trixie is a Woman and Bryan it’s a real thing

    Gabryel BatistaGabryel Batista14 napja
  • honestly i want that setting spray just for the glamour

    Whirlwind HoopingWhirlwind Hooping14 napja
  • I missed the definition of TRADE. Wtf does it mean? Ive seen all DR, but never got the memo......

    Maria BifrostMaria Bifrost14 napja
  • I do my makeup with you on a regular. You're inspiring and honest. Love you Trixie

    April JewellApril Jewell14 napja
  • i would like to win!!!! @annehagelund on instagram

    Anne HagelundAnne Hagelund14 napja
  • Sparkle on the chest is totally vanjie vibes

    Cassandra GonzalesCassandra Gonzales14 napja
  • Bob Ross had a painters palette while Trixie has her arm and body!

    Anthony CarreraAnthony Carrera14 napja
  • and that's on versatility sis 💅

    Madison WiseMadison Wise14 napja
  • I’m living for Tracy in facial hair. Hot.

    Lonnie ColeLonnie Cole14 napja
  • editor is savage l m ao

    ReverieRoseReverieRose14 napja
  • i want to win. @ungewik

    Lena WikLena Wik14 napja
  • She went: eye sis If you know you know (joe lycett standup)

    Charlie BlakerCharlie Blaker14 napja
  • "im so basic" also trixie: *this*

    Olivia BuckspanOlivia Buckspan15 napja
  • the backhanded compliments in the comments AAAAHHH

    ellaella15 napja
  • Chile...I'm sorry Imma be part of that crowd, but damn you look really hot with the stubble. Like you were attractive without but the amps it up

    Trenton ReinhardtTrenton Reinhardt15 napja
  • 17:41 car-mull it smells like car-mull care-uh-mell

    Subraya CropperSubraya Cropper15 napja
  • when she said "anything too white and gloppy i can't really get into... that's why i cant stand the way i look naked" I DIIEDDD also i'd like to win :) ig: @monaroniii

    monai tellezmonai tellez15 napja
  • “I love a Bobby a brown look, clear skin clear brows-“ then why is your face brown 😂 love this but the irony

    Megan TayMegan Tay15 napja
  • 17:36 that Midwestern mom moan tho

    Ingi LopezIngi Lopez15 napja