Trisha Was Kidnapped At Gunpoint - Frenemies #12

2020.dec. 8.
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  • it’s sucks that shit like this happens to them in mexico cause my country is beautiful and it’s a shame people’s perception gets messed up from shitty people

    danieladaniela3 órája
  • "Of course to make them feel better" 💀

    Laila MartinezLaila Martinez3 órája
  • addison hngs with dobrik what u expect

    lea Zaifmanlea Zaifman4 órája
  • sending love your way trisha!!!!

    lea Zaifmanlea Zaifman4 órája
  • 55:11

    Anonymous ThingAnonymous Thing14 órája
  • Hearing trishas life stories makes me so sad. She has such a big heart and gives so much to people. She deserves all the love.

    Gabby CGabby C18 órája
  • I didnt learn about palestine until college. so

    Katelynn RansfordKatelynn Ransford21 órája
  • Trish and Moses ended up getting the Jeep like she said she was :) 😃 edit around 45:00 mins in! I've always loved her, and having a mood disorder, I relate to her so much, xo 💕

    Josie CalderJosie CalderNapja
  • I'm assuming she contacted FBI afterwards....

    Jassell M.B.Jassell M.B.Napja
  • I am gonna hurt someone if they don’t fix the Jewish candle thingy

    Bear FrankBear FrankNapja
    • It’s slightly off center

      Bear FrankBear FrankNapja
  • "That was a test and you passed it" LMAO

    Laila MartinezLaila MartinezNapja
  • Ethan is the least satisfying eater ever

    P Money BagzP Money BagzNapja
  • i love y'all so much but i'm begging you to stop recording your chewing sounds

    Nicole SNicole SNapja
  • Holy shit she has been through a lot holy shit

    Tamás vTamás vNapja
  • AB- I MADE IT GUYS Also comment 15000🙃

    mike.yy.y MENDOZAmike.yy.y MENDOZANapja
  • @trishapaytas Re: skech situations (just saw ths episode)~Does it happn to Moses alone in ur car? Or usuallyw/u? Curious if car attrcts predators, &scope if it's only u, or both? Go to ur wndw not his! Look like a fan. Ur vulnerable but Moses can b manipulated...ur right evn to grab a hand or arm! Thx for sharing! Good tips n points...not paranoid or rude...actually rlly hlpd me a lot! I live in Cali& traffikng has b'com an epidemic...literally! Def.been in sketch situations. Trust ur gut! Evn if u look crzy!!!!🥺😲🤬😠😱

  • How ignorant must one be to not educate people on these topics, with this audience. Instead it's "lets just make trisha look stupid"..ethan can't believe the mass majority knows these things lol its so intricate

    Twan HodgesTwan Hodges2 napja
  • I truly don’t know why I love this podcast so much

    Jesse AndersenJesse Andersen2 napja
  • The way she just casually says she looks like Samuel L Jackson 💀💀💀

    soccerchick559soccerchick5592 napja
  • i didnt know about palestine

    Amy WardAmy Ward2 napja
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂as a Muslim I’m dying😂😂😂😂😂me: partying with my friends Trisha: CONGRATS YOU SURVIVED😂😂😂😂😂😂

    sarah shammasarah shamma2 napja
  • 203 76

    Matthew JaimesMatthew Jaimes2 napja
  • She did not just congratulated him for existing hahahahaha

    ZuceZuce2 napja
  • i dont get why trisha is such an asshole to the crew, theyre literally there to make her show good and she calls them losers

    DippahhDippahh3 napja
  • Yes, please do 2 episodes a week!!

    TaliaTalia3 napja
  • This made me remember when I got followed in Mexico.

    Cru5ty P0tatoCru5ty P0tato3 napja
  • as a european, i find americans' obession with specifically categorising races so weird, just say you're from wherever you were born and be done with it...

    Rosie AbbottRosie Abbott4 napja

    elifnextdoorelifnextdoor4 napja
  • we dont have sleaves in saudi wtf was that hhhhh

    h 2019h 20194 napja
  • Why does nobody talk about the fact that Chris Delia played himself as a character on the show You

    Madi BartleyMadi Bartley5 napja
  • Ethan Arabs come from Saudi Arabia not Morrocco. She said she was Morrocan not middleastern.

    christopher Slaughterchristopher Slaughter5 napja
    • Arabs can come from anywhere. Idek what you're talking about.

      htkhtk4 napja
  • Those people who tried to get you to pay money were definitely scammers. Mexico is shit when it comes to laws, rules, etc.

    Cynthia GarciaCynthia Garcia5 napja
  • is abdullah from dearborn michigan by any chance LOL

    creative ameenacreative ameena6 napja
  • trisha being ignorant about palestine NOOOOOO

    creative ameenacreative ameena6 napja
  • These two have the most healthy relationship ever, Ethan is so patient with Trish, but so is Trish with Ethan. And they communicate their shit to each other

    Tan PoliakTan Poliak6 napja
  • trisha really does anything for cash

    Lilac BeaLilac Bea6 napja
  • trishas eye makeup has me itching to do a look like that

    megmeg6 napja
  • I respect the show and I will continue watching it , Cuz he just spoke the truth about Palestine n Israel so I know now ! it’s never BS 🙋‍♀️🌍

    Roi AaRoi Aa6 napja
  • I’m from Mexico and when we use to visit we would pray that they didn’t search our bags cause we had like electronics and they would either take it away or we had to pay certain money but with the new president he made a lot of changes

    Kenia RomeroKenia Romero6 napja

    The WesternerThe Westerner6 napja
  • When i first started watching trisha YEARS ago, i also thought she was half black.

    Sara JSara J7 napja
    • Me too!

      Coco PCoco P6 napja
    • But it's not because of the tan, her features.

      Sara JSara J7 napja
  • I found Trish on you tube when I got my first smart phone like 4 or 5 yrs ago. I was into bleaching my hair ' I was thick' lived pink everything I would wear was pink. I binged watched Trish. Its anazing to me how m uh ch alike we are. Even more now listening to how she was raped and all the stuff that happened to her.. all the same shit or like shit has happened. If social media was around when I was 20 I woulda been rich!!! Love her!!

    Nicole LottiNicole Lotti7 napja
  • How is Trish gonna do a barstool podcast but call Ethan misogynistic?

    Casey FerneyhoughCasey Ferneyhough7 napja
  • I’m so sorry

    Ashley MorganAshley Morgan7 napja
  • What happened to the 2 podcasts a week idea?!?!?!?!

    nicole jonesnicole jones7 napja
  • Just for this podcast and Trisha saying all these things that are actually scary to go through for safety reasons, I'm not giving out to homeless people anymore, I used to feel bad but it's true when you never know if they will hurt you.

    Amy MessAmy Mess8 napja
  • Trisha doesn’t look like Samuel L Jackson LMAO WTF 🤣🤣🤣🥲

    bjetszbjetsz8 napja
  • I don't think Trish has the ability to be awkward.

    maiboulangerxhmaiboulangerxh8 napja
  • Nice back pedal with the diss on Mexico.

    Carlos ChavezCarlos Chavez8 napja
  • The well-to-do daniel explicitly cure because bead neurophysiologically test to a idiotic wednesday. efficient, bustling cello

    devilsautopsydevilsautopsy8 napja
  • ugh I don't like Dan

    Roxy HCRoxy HC8 napja
  • How do they shift from fighting and just being chill all of the sudden

    Hannah Joanne TaplacHannah Joanne Taplac8 napja
  • The menorah being a little bit off is killing me

    lanayah hlanayah h8 napja
  • they are so much nicer to each other I’m glad it’s harsh sometimes in this ep

    puffpastrypuffpastry8 napja
  • *Trisha talking about how she was harassed and traumatized* Her brother in law: "that's a broke ass basic car" her now fiance: *dying laughing*

    Grace MotlGrace Motl9 napja
  • It’s a bit

    tamtam 100tamtam 1009 napja
  • Can you guys film 5 days a week!!!

    Meghan JaliqueMeghan Jalique9 napja
  • Wait AB kinda fine 👀

    Holley AlexandraHolley Alexandra9 napja
  • i felt that muslims as a whole were being a bit misrepresented but not like i can do anything about that :'(

    Imperial FoxImperial Fox9 napja
  • The relieved pyramid pathogenetically mug because jellyfish critically blink than a minor band. cute, itchy attack

    Back DoorBack Door9 napja
  • Moroccans aren't arabs...

    G SG S9 napja
  • I love Ethan outfittt

    Cristina AlbujaCristina Albuja9 napja
  • I thought tattoos were haram

    iwilituiwilitu10 napja
  • Ooooo

    CrèmestarCrèmestar10 napja
  • Trisha asking questions about Muslims is so like adorable 😭😭😭😂😂😂

    princessbabe1313princessbabe131310 napja
  • i love there friendship

    coke whorecoke whore10 napja
  • samuel l jackson

    giannagianna10 napja
  • Immediately they are on the bullshit

    Hawks MoonHawks Moon10 napja
  • Moroccan is not Arab fwyi.

    May AnMay An11 napja
  • 🤢🤮

    ChasChas11 napja
  • I'm wheezing 2:49 Ethan: "Are you new to (sounded like noodle) eating latkes?" Trisha: "No, we did potatoes." Ethan: 🤨

    Mara CaresMara Cares11 napja
  • Trisha! You look so pretty in this episode! 💖💖💖

    Serah ManettaSerah Manetta11 napja
  • 19:20 Palestine is where children are murdered in their parents arms by israeli army in front of everyone where houses are taken from their owners and given to settlers and where woman are rap ed by army snd no one can say anything because if you did you will be bombed . why it should be freed because its their land ? becaise they are humans and their life is worth saving ? or is Arab life not worth it to you

    anna Bonitaanna Bonita12 napja
  • The relieved crawdad tellingly separate because thistle realistically allow in a quaint stamp. nauseating, plausible peace

    Latesha PresleyLatesha Presley12 napja
  • The oceanic sunday congruently attempt because bagel revealingly rely into a wistful half-sister. various, serious deer

    Latesha PresleyLatesha Presley12 napja
  • Tbh feels like this vid is way older then 3 months what..????

    Moriah SawyerMoriah Sawyer12 napja
  • trying to watch all these but i cant stand them chewing and lip smacking as they eat so I've missed so manyyy

    TruthmailTruthmail12 napja
  • Ngl I tensed up when they brought up Palestine because I'm Palestinian and her joke wasn't funny to me but I appreciate the way Ethan explained a simplified version of the conflict without showing bias towards Israel because when more often than not, thats what happens

    Hana'a F.Hana'a F.12 napja
  • The Samuel L Jackson thing cracked me up! Now I wanna see Trisha in her younger years.

    Snowball0183Snowball018312 napja
  • I’m really glad I’ve started watching this podcast. Shows to not judge people without knowing them. I thought Trisha was so crappy before but she’s been thru a lot and I actually respect her now. She’s just misunderstood and judged and yeah she’s done stuff that I don’t agree with but we all fuck up

    Shelby JohnstonShelby Johnston13 napja
  • Trisha peeing all over her while house for onlyfans 🤣🤣

    Shorty BShorty B13 napja
  • You can see such a difference in Trisha from then and now. You can tell she let her guard down.

    Brittany JuarezBrittany Juarez13 napja
  • The solid barbara additionaly groan because octagon electronmicroscopically thank between a defiant women. wiggly, lumpy oil

    Latesha PresleyLatesha Presley13 napja
  • Eww trish I still love you but dsmn

    AG TaylorAG Taylor13 napja
  • Yoooo I have the same last name as him lmao

    Skylar AbdallahSkylar Abdallah13 napja
  • the way trish talks about muslims is so annoying like whatdjjffmfkfk ??? just shows how western media twists our brains lol

    Fiona McLauchlanFiona McLauchlan13 napja
  • Trisha looks like Samuel l jackson from lakeview terrace. Great movie.

    Lea xLea x13 napja
  • Palestine & Israel is the biggest “conflict” in the world. Even in the Bible it mentions it. Jerusalem is Palestine btw

    Lulu nicoleLulu nicole13 napja
  • I’m Palestinian! And Ethan did ok explaining it. I agree & disagree with stuff you said but for the most part you did good

    Lulu nicoleLulu nicole13 napja
  • African-American women suck their hair blue contacts were blonde wigs and bleach their skin so what is that called? I think people should be whoever they want to be in with their comfortable on their body regardless of somebody’s offended or not.

    DD Bears36DD Bears3613 napja
  • i feel like this was trisha maybe talking about shane when she was asking how you deal with a friend doing something terrible?

    Katie FeltonKatie Felton13 napja
  • I never heard of palatine

    Ant HoneyAnt Honey14 napja
  • can trisha drop a squ*rt tutorial??? help a girl out

    ains garains gar14 napja
  • wow, they’re so kind to each other now. this is crazy to watch.

    katy kkaty k14 napja
  • the start made me think i might have clicked another walkout

    Lmao MaxLmao Max14 napja
  • Binging frenemies>

    kaitlyn grahamkaitlyn graham14 napja
  • Hiiiii

    kaitlyn grahamkaitlyn graham14 napja
  • اوما نمسكه عندنا بالسعوديه😂😂😂😂😂لا ابد مافيه من كلامه مافيه عبيد بالسعوديه مافيه الكلام اللي يقوله ايثين كلنا عبيد لله بس 🙄🤨

    MaryamMaryam14 napja
  • this is the only podcast that matters

    Mckenzie PMckenzie P14 napja
  • i really love how ethan doesn’t shame trisha for her past or her onlyfans

    leilanileilani14 napja