Triple French Pork with Svetlana - Cooking with Boris

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Triple French Pork with Svetlana
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French style meat is a Russian dish. What is so French about it? Watch video and make a guess. There is cheese, mayonez, lot of meat and lot of onion. Enjoy!
Ingredients: (amount for single layer)
Pork 500g
Salt, pepper
Mayonez (Polish suggested) 1 small jar
Onion 1 medium size
Cheese - about 100g
Serve with mashed potato.
Good luck.
And stay cheeki breeki!

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  • Oh motherland

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  • 1:37 the markings are there... Instructions unclear, ended up using baby hammer instead of Svetlana’s distant sister

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  • Yesss there is indonesian subtitles

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  • It looks like a Soviet pizza

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  • And now its time for the most significant part in the whole recipe ᵗʰᵉ ᵐᵃʸᵒⁿᵉᶻ

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  • Boris when im in the same room as my parents i cover my phones speaker when hardbass intro starts not because i dont like hardbass in fact its my favourite music style but because my parents cant handle the slavness. May the slav gods be on the side of the shashlikking

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  • Boris, you use Hammer. But where is Sickle?

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  • This looks like something that will never come off of your pan, but it also looks so good I have to try it at least once.

  • Hi what's the traditional background music? sounds so nice.

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  • I live in California, my family was born in Czechoslovakia. The mayonnaise here is horrible, sloppy, and tastes like you lick the udders of a rotting cow carcass. I need to make ingredients for my ingredients. at least there is one good thing about California? (Can someone finish this question for me)

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    • Oh motherland

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  • Reading these comments are making me wheeze so badly since my name is Svetlana. My friend sent this to me and I don't know if I feel regret or not, pfft.

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