Travis Scott: Over One Hour Of Chill Songs

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I Do Not Own The Rights To These Songs, All Rights Go To Travis Scott & His Team
through the late night 0:00
Impossible 4:46
coordinate 11:11
90210 14:57
STARGAZING (Chill Part) 20:37
first take 23:23
Maria I'm Drunk 28:38
sdp interlude 40:08
R.I.P. SCREW 42:31
Pray 4 Love 45:36
lose 50:47
WAKE UP 57:37
wonderful 1:01:29
Oh My Dis Side 1:05:01
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  • The Lil Uzi Vert & Travis Scott (Part II) videos were blocked worldwide again. I don't think I'll be able to get them back up. I made a few playlists on Spotify based off of the videos. Sorry y'all, I'm pretty bummed out about it. Links: Tyler, The Creator: Travis Scott (Part I): Lil Uzi Vert: Travis Scott (Part II): Travis Scott (Part II):

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  • Those ads though. Oh well.

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  • Title should be over 1 hour of chill Travis Scott songs + 1 hour of ads

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  • 23:00

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  • Bryson Tiller's verse on first take is insane, i can listen to this song all day

  • Skeletons hit different 💯

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  • Rodeo was such a classic. Dark Travis needs to come back.

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  • Please tell me everyone can tell he listens to so much kid Cudi...

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  • hear me out. this playlist slowed with reverb

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  • Aint nobody Actually goin hard for yaaaaa. I jus goin harddddd for ya

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  • Thanks for compiling this. Like a mini greatest hits!

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  • I can’t explain why, but I’ve always loved the last couple seconds of “Wonderful” 1:04:34 where it’s slowed down and Travis is humming >>>>

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  • 16:10

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  • travisはアルバム出ても良いと思った曲だけじゃなく全部歌えるくらい聴いてたな

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  • the last song should be drugs you should try it

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  • ASTROTHUNDER - everytime I listen to it it takes me deeper, some dope memories w this song.

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  • Through The Late Night makes me want to jump in a moshpit and punch a hole in a wall. Still good selection

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  • My man 🤝 this is an amazing compilation of SOME of the best Travis songs! 🙌🏽

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  • is littt

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  • I have the part 2 but i can't post here the link:(((

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  • TRACKLIST: 0:00 - 4:45 "through the late night" 4:45 - 8:48 "impossible" 8:48 - 11:10 "ASTROTHUNDER" 11:10 - 14:58 "coordinate" 14:58 - 20:37 "90210" 20:37 - 23:23 "STARGAZING" (1st part) 23:23 - 28:38 "first take" 28:38 - 34:28 "Maria i'm drunk" 34:28 - 40:08 "STOP TRYING TO BE GOD" 40:08 - 42:31 "sdp interlude" 42:31 - 45:40 "R.I.P. SCREW" 45:40 - 50:47 "pray 4 love" 50:47 - 54:08 "lose" 54:08 - 57:37 "COFFE BEAN" 57:37 - 1:01:31 "WAKE UP" 1:01:31 - 1:05:00 "wonderful" 1:05:00 - 1:10:52 "oh my dis side" 1:10:52 - 1:14:03 "BUTTERFLY EFFECT" 1:14:03 - 1:16:30 "SKELETONS" I put all my effort doin' this just to find out a moment later that it was in the description :, )

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  • Big Travis 🐲

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  • Great playlist, only song missing here was “drugs you should try” Issa vibe

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    • @MajinBluu lucky I wish I was there

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    • @Felipe Rivera I don’t pay for Spotify bro 😕 I made my own Travis playlist on Apple Music though haha 🤙🏽 I actually went to Astroworld Fest 2019 😎🤘🏽

      MajinBluuMajinBluu18 napja
    • @MajinBluu nice one broo, search for Travi$ in Spotify LIT playlist

      Felipe RiveraFelipe Rivera18 napja
    • @Felipe Rivera love the list. Ever listened to High Fashion? Travis Scott & Future 🔥

      MajinBluuMajinBluu18 napja
    • Saint - HUNCHO JACK The Prayer (Days Before Rodeo) - Travis Scott Pick up the phone - Travis Scott ft Young Thug GATTI - JACKBOYS, Pop Smoke, Travis Scott The Curse - Travis Scott Go Legend - Big Sean (feat. Travis Scott) [Prod. By Metro Boomin] Where U From - HUNCHO JACK RaRa - Travis Scott (Ft. Lil Uzi Vert) Dark knight Dummo - Trippie redd ft. Travis Scott 4 AM - Travis Scott ft. 2 Chainz Dubai Shit - HUNCHO JACK ft. Offset Don't Play - Travi$ Scott ft. Big Sean, The 1975 THE SCOTTS - THE SCOTTS Travis Scott, Kid Cudi Nightcrawler - Travis Scott feat. Swae Lee & Chief Keef Flying High (feat. Toro y Moi) Modern Slavery - HUNCHO JACK Quintana - Travis Scott HAD ENOUGH - JACKBOYS Don Toliver (Feat. Quavo & Offset) Mamacita ft. Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug (Days Before Rodeo) HOUSTONFORNICATION - Travis Scott (Audio) the ends (Birds In the Trap Sing Micknight) Motorcycle Patches - HUNCHO JACK Pornography - Travis Scott way back (Birds In the Trap Sing Micknight) JACKBOYS - JACKBOYS GANG GANG - JACKBOYS feat. Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax & Cactus Jack Black & Chinese - HUNCHO JACK beibs in the trap - Travis Scott ft. NAV Upper Echelon - Travi$ Scott ft. T.I., 2 Chainz Where U From - HUNCHO JACK 3500 ft. Future & 2 Chainz (432 Hz) YOSEMITE - Travis Scott OUT WEST - JACKBOYS (feat Young Thug) Skyfall - Travis Scott ft. Young Thug Love Galore - SZA (feat. Travis Scott) Ghostface Killers - 21 Savage Offset, Metro Boomin Travis Scott sweet sweet - Travis Scott Pick Up the Phone (Explicit) - Young Thug, Travis Scott ft. Quavo Wasted - Travis Scott ft. Juicy J WHAT TO DO? - JACKBOYS, Travis Scott ft. Don Toliver This could be my list :D

      Felipe RiveraFelipe Rivera19 napja
  • 😴🤍🤍🤍🤍i love him

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  • my lady friend wants to know the title of the last song if anyone can help ty

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    • skeletons

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  • wow i first watched this with 200k views now its almost 2 mil damn

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  • Through the late night and birds both are very underrated

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  • Ik I commented already but heyy that boi a dawg fah this shit + um on I-10 drug zone fullum them Vikings

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  • Dam if you got swag u got it .. idk what the fuck he said when it came on but I got swag2 soooooooo..its litt

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  • Travis Scott - "If my album never sales ..."

    Twin TwoTwin Two26 napja
  • 90210

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  • fucking coffee bean is just to good, caught a serious vibe when that came on.

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  • music to die ...

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  • get sicko mode

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