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The top 500 best Rainbow Six Siege Fails & Funny Moments! R6S Random & WTF Moments compilation!
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Welcome back to another Rainbow Six Siege video! 2019 is coming to an end so we wanted to take a look back and the funniest fails from this year. This montage includes the best moments from episode 30-66 of our Rainbow Six Siege Fails series. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and if you did be sure to leave a like and subscribe! Also leave a comment if you watched the entire thing :)
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🎮 Due to HUworld’s character limit there was not enough room to list everyone featured in the description. Check out the original episodes for more information on the featured players:
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    • I got good clip

      Murray GeckoMurray Gecko19 napja
    • Memes: 👁😂👁

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      Corpse DaddyCorpse Daddy3 hónapja
    • @AndresF ,

      Cristian MariCristian Mari4 hónapja
    • カシカシす酢かから食べ放題すぐいただきました、風邪気味者申かかりすしかかが

      森田三和森田三和4 hónapja
  • after 10mins, I finally noticed that it was 2hours video.....

    lauren urmamlauren urmam2 napja
  • 4:31 horse hibana

    Dxx_ rDxx_ r2 napja
  • 32:30 song??

    denisdenis2 napja

    Miklos BalazsMiklos Balazs2 napja
  • 11:37 Candy?

    Spencer HauckSpencer Hauck2 napja
  • 13:28 Russian XD

    Константин НоркусКонстантин Норкус2 napja
  • At 19:19 I looked Like cav was given him a hug XD

    Blake LambertonBlake Lamberton3 napja
  • Be honest we all came here for the thumbnail

    Anonymous日本Anonymous日本3 napja
  • 5555

    StupoodStupood3 napja
  • Meme bug fix then dispenser *Bug fix* *Bug fix* *Yeah you see that bug fix* *Bug fix* *Don't tell me the word bug fix*

    Tye-Reece TumiczTye-Reece Tumicz4 napja
  • We jus not gonna mention that whatever song that is at 32:40 goes hard af

    Canaan KnolesCanaan Knoles5 napja
  • Finally A vid that says top 500 plays and ACTUALLY has 500 plays

    The KnightThe Knight5 napja
  • These compilation fail videos are hilarious, I could watch them all day 💀🤣🤣

    Coles WorldColes World6 napja
  • 9:00 I’m stuck in a wall step bro

    ŃØVÄŃØVÄ6 napja
  • 39:00 what happened that guy just fell from the ceiling

    Orbon GamingOrbon Gaming7 napja
  • 34:55

    random duderandom dude7 napja
  • 34:00 That's my team right there Did I actually watch this for so long? I'm just gonna blame self isolation and pretend that this wouldn't happen if it weren't for coronavirus.

    Lucile FreemanLucile Freeman8 napja
  • you made my day :)

    Ram Andy AdemRam Andy Adem8 napja
  • is it bad that i keep trying to press T for all chat to say "lmao"?

    HamilusJamilusHamilusJamilus9 napja
  • 18:52 OMFG that dude was so cute 🥺

    Dark FenixDark Fenix10 napja
  • Ооо да наконец-то русские!!

    Leonid NackonechnyiLeonid Nackonechnyi11 napja
  • 1:26 yeet!!!!!

  • 24:35 о русский мем

    NP45NP4514 napja
  • pog

    MandoMando15 napja
  • 1:24 better scrambled like an egg before you get folded by like an omelet

    Security CameraSecurity Camera15 napja
  • The wall is eat the girl at 18:40

    Akuma ReijiAkuma Reiji16 napja
  • 43:16 lol

    Heildir EzekielHeildir Ezekiel17 napja
  • 0:58 lol

    rafael erganrafael ergan17 napja
  • That you guy broke his d

    Seamus RossSeamus Ross18 napja
  • 1:33:04 when I first get ashe

    Murray GeckoMurray Gecko19 napja
  • 1:26:00. When you vib so hard

    Murray GeckoMurray Gecko19 napja
  • 1:12:44 😂 halarious

    AkatsukiAkatsuki19 napja
  • it veauti ful

    yariel el pro 1yariel el pro 120 napja
  • 24:52 they just executed that guy lmao

    ƙɛɬʂų -ƙɛɬʂų -20 napja
  • 19:50 that is a Finnish youtuber

    I shit myself卐I shit myself卐20 napja
  • Randomly popped up. Did not disappoint. Got your self a new sub

    PoltergeistGodPoltergeistGod22 napja
  • someone find me a comment w/o a time stamp or joke about said time stamp

    Easton MillerEaston Miller23 napja
  • Hello my name is Mike and

    Atera12 AteraAtera12 Atera23 napja
  • Slade1020 u r shiz at siege

    VO1D CyberVO1D Cyber23 napja
  • 19 minutes in: man I’ve been watching for a while, it’s got to be close to the-

    Leona McDanielLeona McDaniel23 napja
  • 37:27 when Elmo goes to the dark side

    jake camposjake campos24 napja
  • 1:48 music???

    Filipe MesquitaFilipe Mesquita25 napja
  • 7:44

    Kenny SkeneKenny Skene25 napja
  • Best video of the entire world this should be the best comedy movie

    Umer MuhammadUmer Muhammad25 napja
  • 1:48 😂😂🤣 i ´ m death 😂😂

  • its just noobs failing xD

    TadaniTadani26 napja
  • 24:36 I was crying at the execution 😂😂😂

    Paandaa 69Paandaa 6927 napja
  • I’ve been watching this for exactly 1:01:44 wow I’m addicted

    Patrick StarPatrick Star28 napja
  • 52:40 the peak of sadness and wholesomeness

    Random useless music guyRandom useless music guy28 napja

    Only G'sOnly G'sHónapja
  • Slovak people

    Marian ŠtifnerMarian ŠtifnerHónapja
  • 13:33 shit made me break up

  • 0:20 "Whoever votes to kick me, your moms a h-"

  • Music? 1:54

    Darkzzy PlayzzDarkzzy PlayzzHónapja
  • 1:08:14 sooo, i see why they added a door there

    Mars MarsMars MarsHónapja
  • kool aid man 100 34:17

    stronk manstronk manHónapja
  • 1:20:41😅😂

    Rémi LamarcheRémi LamarcheHónapja
  • What this game

    Naufal ArdiansyahNaufal ArdiansyahHónapja
  • 4:47 heey it syncs

    Introverted WeebIntroverted WeebHónapja
  • Who ever played that glaz with the beat you are awful

    J Robertoy11J Robertoy11Hónapja
  • 4:31 click for meme

    Liam WilkinsLiam WilkinsHónapja
  • 2:58 click it now

    Liam WilkinsLiam WilkinsHónapja
  • Super Mario brothers 18:34

  • 13:28. Look at the chat)))

    RSAR - MineRSAR - MineHónapja
  • 24:46 recruited

    The Pumpkin PieThe Pumpkin PieHónapja
  • 1:19:37 it went with the song

  • REST IN PEACE head in 33:25 press f to pay respect

  • Watch my new video for some of my best kills.

  • the wall just swollowed her whole

  • The guy at 1:30 said I like your cut g to the terrorist

    CallMe AceCallMe AceHónapja
  • What's that mode where they all have hammera

  • 1:13:17 illusion 100

  • 19:21 me meeting up with my homie

    Pablo WhitePablo White2 hónapja
  • mum sid one more vide lol

    Hayley HogueHayley Hogue2 hónapja
  • ghhe ubzhhbbgjujhesbhvak v j dgbvb ymhhdvjybalsiBF HIHSUHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSWwww hfhwwwwwwwwwwwwqwqwdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Boba NavratovaBoba Navratova2 hónapja
  • shoots teammate in the back. Then moved to the other side of the group 🤣😂🤣

    Joe JamesJoe James2 hónapja
  • 24:51 😂😂😂😂

    WWIIRangerWWIIRanger2 hónapja
  • 5:00 I tryed the same like 10 min ago

    Fvp837Fvp8372 hónapja
  • That sledge ace was the best

    Russian FoolRussian Fool2 hónapja
  • 1:42 This happened to me

    Jaxon ArcherJaxon Archer2 hónapja
  • 4:22 Was getting f*xk by clasper the ghost

    Ixzy cxmpIxzy cxmp2 hónapja
  • 4:48 that timing with the song

    Ramiro CapdebilaRamiro Capdebila2 hónapja
  • 3:34 hostage SAY SIKE RIGHT NOW

    Alexander JundzilAlexander Jundzil2 hónapja
  • So ive been in the bathroom for 2 Hours?

    duckeymereowduckeymereow2 hónapja
  • The reason there are so much team killing is because people are more focused on getting the most kills and being the MVP of the match than play as a team. If people focused more on being a team and being aware of everyone's location there would be less team kills. The biggest cause of team killing is when people try to steal others kills by crossing in front of them and getting hit by their bullets.

    DarkLordDiablosDarkLordDiablos2 hónapja
  • 한국인 찾고있니? 여기야 여기!

    송유비송유비2 hónapja
  • 6:50 ok why he was with both naked hands and they were 2 sledge

    F.B.I.F.B.I.2 hónapja
    • It was for halloween

      Alex LewisAlex Lewis2 hónapja
  • 33:50 is my fav

    ZuvionZuvion2 hónapja
  • Where’s the thumbnail

    Mx B3ArMx B3Ar2 hónapja
  • I love how the dick turned into a middle finger🤣

    readyrmcareadyrmca2 hónapja
  • LOL

    UltraJack299UltraJack2992 hónapja
  • 13:30 😂😂

    JayJay2 hónapja
  • How is called that game ?

    Victor Andres Villavicencio MaradiagaVictor Andres Villavicencio Maradiaga2 hónapja
  • 1:24 was halairious he threw him like a basket ball

    Yeet YeeetYeet Yeeet2 hónapja
  • 1:38 Wamuu's arms when he's using divine sandstorm

    Arjay BaylosisArjay Baylosis2 hónapja
  • The funny thi g bout those clips ain't the clips, it's tge sound effects🤣

    Otaku GamingOtaku Gaming2 hónapja

    Paola AngeliniPaola Angelini2 hónapja
  • Hey I know wrnmxlpp I showed him that :D I tough him well

    Blocks_ bucks ytBlocks_ bucks yt2 hónapja
  • 13:22 Ash and Acog?! Wow it is rare meme (mim)

    Kadir Efe SavaşKadir Efe Savaş2 hónapja