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I checked all the streams two days ago and combined the streams if the song had more than one version (like Italy's songs that tend to be shortened for eurovision)

  • UPDATE: Arcade has now taken over Soldi and is now the most streamed eurovision song on Spotify

    eurofannn91eurofannn913 hónapja
    • Well tiktok helped probably a lot.... still wish Soldi won the contest

      Anita TirpeAnita Tirpe4 napja
    • @Tullio Mucciolo l sim dj

      Ligita LukosiuteLigita Lukosiute9 napja
    • @Piergentili Luca So?

      Dick van den BroekDick van den Broek18 napja
    • @ciri_ riannon well that's your prerogative! doesn't change anything, is it?

      Dick van den BroekDick van den Broek18 napja
    • @Natalie Vollmar So?

      Dick van den BroekDick van den Broek18 napja
  • Fuegooo💕😍

    ᄂAnneᄂAnne2 napja
  • Τουλάχιστον την έφαγε στο Spotify a την φακλανα η Ελεναρα

    Anna BAnna B3 napja
  • Fuego is still my favorite Eurovision song ever. Spirit in the Sky by Keiino is also 👌.

    HelenaHelena3 napja
  • 1 one should be UNO little big

    Elena SternElena Stern3 napja
  • No Lulu???

    Phil O'Saurus escfanPhil O'Saurus escfan3 napja
  • THANK YOU SOOO MUCH i needed some video like this

    Burcu the BadassBurcu the Badass3 napja
  • Italy is ruling since 1958 🇮🇹❤️

    Local ExplorerLocal Explorer3 napja
  • on Balkans we don't use Spotify so this is not representative list at all

    FreeMedoFreeMedo3 napja
  • This is fun to recap a bit. You stick to the song you preferred that years but sometimes you forget some

    ✨Hippiesnippie💕✨Hippiesnippie💕3 napja
  • Replay is in my playlist... Shame it's so low

    ✨Hippiesnippie💕✨Hippiesnippie💕3 napja
  • spotify - swedish market

    hakan tekelihakan tekeli4 napja
  • La venda(miki) the best👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Inmi89Inmi894 napja
  • Barei you didn't win but you have a big potential and lot of streams in Spotify

    dark nightdark night4 napja
  • Soldi 🔝🔝🔝❤❤❤

    CaelestisCaelestis4 napja
  • I am a bit disappointed to see Sergey on 49th place, he truly belongs to 3rd place as always😅

    Tobi-Toaster 480Tobi-Toaster 4804 napja
  • Thank god Eurovision introduced me to Mahmood. He is beautiful as his music. Love at first sight 🤤💛

    sunny to meet yousunny to meet you4 napja
  • Wow! Dominated by Swedish and Italian songs. Some surprises as well.

    Roger CookRoger Cook4 napja
  • still can't believe Lena is number 11 🥲

    Ania .AAnia .A4 napja
  • Million people But my fav 𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓰 one ☝️

    Mariam MusicMariam Music4 napja
  • Half of soldi plays it was me

    Hani PeretzHani Peretz5 napja
  • who agrees 2016 and 2017 was the best eurovision years

    lewis Youlewis You5 napja
  • Soldi will be a thing forever and that's fact👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Simone OmescuSimone Omescu5 napja
  • Why are no one mentioning Emmelie de forest with Only Teardrops or sattelitte by lena still a good songs i would place emmelie 1 because she is great artist and i love her like Lena and Loreen but im sorry not soldi if there would be any of my fav italy song it would be La Mia Citta what were and still is my favourite of italy, thats all

    Martin SuperMartin Super5 napja
  • Soldi and Fuego revenges

    • Fuego, yes. Soldi on the hand, not so much. Arcade overtook Soldi several months ago and has over 340 million streams and gaining more each day. Soldi has less than 180 million.

      John-Richard ElliottJohn-Richard Elliott5 napja
  • In my opinion, all of the 2018 songs were so good, its by far my favorite eurovision year.

    NicoleNicole5 napja
  • The fact that Sweden and Italy makes half of the list

    Killian DuaKillian Dua5 napja
  • Move ( Sweden ) was 2020 ? right ?

    Alexini 007Alexini 0075 napja
  • Rubbish

    Svetlana PomeroySvetlana Pomeroy6 napja
  • 2018 was really just a political decision rather than a real one...

    GermanboyerGermanboyer6 napja
  • Blanche

    Sloopy ClookaSloopy Clooka6 napja
  • People people.... you dont get it!!! All this songs made history, the sax guy from Moldova became LEGEND! Take that!

    Alex FescuAlex Fescu7 napja
  • where is the original Epic Sax guy song??

    Blood_of_CerberusBlood_of_Cerberus7 napja
  • I never knew that waylon and ilse called themself the common linnets

    Nikkivanhasselisalt _Nikkivanhasselisalt _7 napja
  • fairytale should be higher tbh

    just youraveragesimpjust youraveragesimp7 napja
  • 6. Sweden 5. Sweden 4. Sweden 3. Sweden

    ImVineprexDEImVineprexDE8 napja
  • Where is UNO?

    AliceAlice8 napja
  • All these Italian fans salty arcade and heroes by mans zelmerlow are better Though soldi is a bop

    MaximasMaximas8 napja
  • Someony from Germany is the 11th

    Ladynoir& Mister BugLadynoir& Mister Bug9 napja
  • Where are the Turkish songs? You are acting wrong. Hadise - DÜM TEK TEK 65 million listened . Many songs from Turkey deserve to be on this list. I feel sorry for you...

    Kaan BozkurtKaan Bozkurt9 napja
  • Here's the proof that Cyprus with Fuego and Italy with Soldi are the true winners

    Tom NzpTom Nzp9 napja
    • Dude, Arcade has 341 million streams by now. Soldi has less than 180 million still.

      Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo Tucano8 napja
  • Cyprus should have won 2018 and for 2019 Italy and Netherlands is debatable

    Aru ShioAru Shio9 napja
    • Considering Arcade is my winner and Soldi is in my bottom 10 of that year, I'm going with Arcade.

      John-Richard ElliottJohn-Richard Elliott9 napja
  • Euphoriaaaaaaa!!!

    Lee SongLee Song10 napja
  • What the **** soldi the number 1 ???????????

    Danielle van der MeerDanielle van der Meer10 napja
    • @John-Richard Elliott the Spotify desktop app gives the latest numbers, even for free accounts.

      Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo Tucano8 napja
    • @Lorenzo Tucano I don't have premium for Spotify, so I can't see the current numbers. I just go with the most recent numbers I've seen other people wrote.

      John-Richard ElliottJohn-Richard Elliott8 napja
    • @John-Richard Elliott 341 million actually. But tomorrow it will be 2 million more.

      Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo Tucano8 napja
    • Additionally Arcade has over 320 million streams.

      John-Richard ElliottJohn-Richard Elliott9 napja
    • Not anymore. There's an update comment from the uploader.

      John-Richard ElliottJohn-Richard Elliott9 napja
  • where's little big??

    Александра НикифороваАлександра Никифорова11 napja
    • This is spotify streams, not youtube views

      John-Richard ElliottJohn-Richard Elliott6 napja
  • Cyprus has 3 songs in the top 50!!!

    ThegoodplaceThegoodplace11 napja
  • Everything but beautiful mess 🙌 Im gonna make it number 1 bye

    Zofia GladZofia Glad11 napja
  • no Turkey in the list find it so racist

    Mahir DemirezenMahir Demirezen11 napja
  • Top 3 amazing 👏

    Liubov VasylchukLiubov Vasylchuk12 napja
  • oh the power of tiktok

    pottedplantpottedplant12 napja
  • 8/50 are Italian! Not bad!

    MelissaMelissa13 napja
  • Mahmood my king

    Sellinda.xSellinda.x13 napja
  • Where is Ruslana????

    Влюблённая СВлюблённая С13 napja
  • Italians own the Spotify and my heart 😍😂❤️

    Tatjana BehariTatjana Behari13 napja
  • Where is uno?

    Sequoia Van EkerenSequoia Van Ekeren14 napja
  • I guess Mihai Traistariu - Tornero is too old for this top as that song was massive that summer.

    Sabrina KurtzbergSabrina Kurtzberg14 napja
  • The fact Daði Freyr hasn't performed at the real stage yet rank so high is winning already

    Fif KamalFif Kamal15 napja
  • im pretty sure the mamas were 2020

    Kosta MersiniKosta Mersini15 napja
  • I smiled when I saw Volare. After 50 yes its still a hit

    maki pizonmaki pizon15 napja
  • Lol the mamas- move is on 2020

    Yonatan EfraimovYonatan Efraimov16 napja

    Georgia al.Georgia al.16 napja
  • The Mamas from Sweden were 2020 not 2019

    Black PinkBlack Pink16 napja

    Gerard GómezGerard Gómez17 napja
  • Euphoria is one of the best 👍👍

    Daniel JacDaniel Jac17 napja
  • Alexander Ryback 🇸🇯, Loreen 🇸🇪, Massiel 🇪🇸, Dana 🇮🇪, Katrina & The Waves 🇬🇧, ABBA 🇸🇪 Secret Garden 🇸🇯, Lulu 🇬🇧, Vicky Leandros 🇱🇺 Sandie Shaw 🇬🇧, my winners forever.💖

    José Madrigal SuárezJosé Madrigal Suárez17 napja
  • In a few weeks Arcade will have twice the number of streams Soldi has. Today more then 321 million.

    Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo Tucano18 napja
  • Spain 2018 17,6M Tu Canción

    Alex TicknerAlex Tickner18 napja
  • Where is the UNO ?

    Tolga ŞentürkTolga Şentürk18 napja
  • 2015 was fire 🔥

    LadaLada19 napja
  • Lordi 26th, ohhh kids...

    LaksonikLaksonik20 napja
  • How come Italy never win! They are consistently fabulous

    finn jonesfinn jones20 napja
  • Now Arcade is the biggest Eurovision hit with over 300M streams

    Mathias CMathias C20 napja
  • notice how Zitti E Buoni hasn’t even been performed on the Eurovision stage yet and could already be added to this list. Italy strikes once again!

    giorgia sangiorgiogiorgia sangiorgio21 napja
  • Italy and Sweden have by far the best entries 🖤

    Zuzana JechováZuzana Jechová21 napja
  • Why is there no Azerbaijan? You are doing injustice!

    Məhəmməd QuliyevMəhəmməd Quliyev21 napja
  • You forgot to mention the country.

    Mike BegoniaMike Begonia21 napja
  • Can´t believe saxguy is on 24th place! He should be in the top 5. ❤️🤝

    Dristera CrossingDristera Crossing21 napja
  • Really surprised Euphoria isn’t number 1! Every time I tell new people about Eurovision, they only ever seem to know Loreen

    KlaudiaKlaudia21 napja
  • I'm probably at least 10m of the streams for Barei... :)

    Michael CorryMichael Corry21 napja
  • 2017 was a great year for what its seems jajaja

    Ezequiel PereyraEzequiel Pereyra22 napja
  • Don't forget Little Big - Uno with 198 190 632 views, it should be number 1 in your list…

    Pierre LoradouxPierre Loradoux22 napja
    • @sannie carlsson And now take a look at HUworld.

      Pierre LoradouxPierre Loradoux15 napja
    • @Pierre Loradoux The streams at Spotify for "UNO" are very low (13,8 million streams) in comparison to "Arcade".

      sannie carlssonsannie carlsson15 napja
    • This is not about HUworld views... but Spotify streams, that's something totally different.

      sannie carlssonsannie carlsson15 napja
    • @John-Richard Elliott Well probably but Little Big should be in that list and I didn't even watch all the streams, Spotify, …

      Pierre LoradouxPierre Loradoux17 napja
    • Actually, Arcade has over 321 Million.

      John-Richard ElliottJohn-Richard Elliott17 napja
  • Soldi!!!!?? Да ну нахуй!!!! Я думала будет Лузинг гейм!!!!! И когда увидела на втором месте охереть в каком была впредвкушении!!!!!!

    Russia43regionRussia43region22 napja
  • Soldi and Heroes are the best

    M MM M23 napja
  • Number 44 is here cause of all my streams 😂😂

    Sam Campbell - LovaticSam Campbell - Lovatic23 napja
  • So glad to see Eleni still has it and beats Toy!!

    AekAek23 napja
  • *2019 had a great winner and runnerup for sure, i prefer soldi but arcade is also a good song*

    margaridamargarida23 napja
  • Everyone talking about Italy, but Spain is also underrated

    Edu HernandezEdu Hernandez23 napja
  • I didn't know some of these songs are from eurovision

    Alicja LorekAlicja Lorek23 napja
  • Marco Mengoni ❤️

    CristinaCristina24 napja
  • Duncan is the winner now😂

    LindaLinda24 napja
  • 2020?

    Florian BischoffFlorian Bischoff24 napja
  • is it just me or do all italian songs sound the same for thiose who dont understand the language

    Florian BischoffFlorian Bischoff24 napja
  • wait? australia was nicely invited and they come with a professional. unsportsmanlike

    Florian BischoffFlorian Bischoff24 napja
  • UNO by Little Big only had 13 mil streams on Spotify while it has 197 mil on youtube

    My name is JoeyMy name is Joey24 napja
  • yeah!

    AlvarinhoSAAlvarinhoSA24 napja
  • The Mammas were actually 2020 but don't tell anyone ahah

    Benjamin SchneiderBenjamin Schneider24 napja
  • Thank you very much for this video!!!!

    Sebastián ParodiSebastián Parodi24 napja
  • France 38 Roi 3:02 23 J'ai cherché 6:47

    Léa GLéa G25 napja
  • the mamas was in 2020

    xDogzxDogz25 napja
  • Stupid songs are taking place, but the good ones are not on the list. People have no taste

    Canadian BroCanadian Bro26 napja