Top 19 reasons you should get a Lada

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So you want to buy a car. So many brands to choose from, but you not sure what to pick. I suggest the Lada 2105.
Here is 19 reasons you should buy a Lada.
Buying your first car is easy with small help of Boris. And Anatoli.
Here is list of the 19:
Classy design
Superior build quality
Keyless entry trunk
Parking sensor
Backseat comfort
Manuals only
No rev counter
Manual fuel-air mixture
Door locking system
Petrol powered
No power steering
Trunk space
No electric windows
Sound system
Cheap easy repairs
High tech horn
Backseat party
Backseat cooking
Safest car on road
Easily slav your car
Metal bumpers
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  • "Top 19 reasons you should get a Lada " #1 YES

    • #1 its everywhere in ukraine (Edit: #2)

      The Goose 69The Goose 69Napja
    • #21 YES

      Garpu GamingGarpu Gaming7 napja
    • #262 YES

      mothmanmothman13 napja
    • Reason 1mln: STILL YES (Vadim fuck of, you cant Steal Boris car)

      Wojtek WwWojtek Ww21 napja
    • #260 YES

      Jэsтэм ЯusкiэмJэsтэм Яusкiэм29 napja
  • Мне одному кажется что он руский

    ЛисёнокЛисёнок2 órája
  • Owned a Lada from 89 to 95 one of my best car ever until I broke it.

    ViceAdmiral MorganViceAdmiral Morgan4 órája
  • But do Ladas each come with your own personal Anotoli installed in trunk?

    Coby KonneorCoby Konneor14 órája
  • I have a fiat 125 , wich is the big engine brother of the 124, wich is the license vercion lada sooo Cheekebreeekee

    Cristian WinklerCristian WinklerNapja
  • Gotta say, that IS a pretty car. I like the simple box design. Wheels look ace with the slightly lowered suspension 👍

  • What is the model year of lady you used in the video? I’m actually buying one lol 😆

    James AnimatesJames AnimatesNapja
  • Just as if to say “EEEEEY SLOW DOWN-“

  • Boris before this video I'll have one shop of potato please

    Mubashir ARMubashir ARNapja
  • Here in India we have a similar car called alto and also omni which is a highly refined perfect kidnapping machine extreme engineering 😁😎

  • My late dad said Lada's looked really nice, and they can basically run on anything, and they're bombproof, wonder if US has a Lada market

    Mutant Lavalamp DergMutant Lavalamp DergNapja
  • A car that Looks like *B L O C C ?* *COMRADE TAKE MY MONEY!* Edit: Sorry, ahem, *OUR MONEY* *SOVET ANTHEM PLAYS*

    A Dank MemeA Dank MemeNapja
  • if someone asks,the wheels are Japan Racing JR-15's

    Lukas RadzanowskiLukas RadzanowskiNapja
  • Boris !!

    Zeus CoreZeus Core2 napja
  • Lada was supposed to be a joke but the sell rate was blown up, other car brands change it's design everytime but Lada_ it never change, buy Lada: perfect from the very beginning.

    Draw me SemtaiDraw me Semtai2 napja
  • 1:02 US: wait that's illegal Russia:

    Chayame 21Chayame 212 napja
  • Now you need to do a video on making a Chiburek in the LADA!

    Canadian GopnikCanadian Gopnik2 napja
  • Ahh I would love a Lada next to my volvo. Two bricks

  • I never knew slavs like Potatos like the Irish

    Daniel QuDaniel Qu2 napja
  • What about a Volkswagen or a BMW

    Daniel QuDaniel Qu2 napja
  • Well frick I looked it up and something said it's illegal to import cars from foreign countries to I'm sad I can't have a lada.....Frick it I'll move to Russia

    P.O.N.P.O.N.2 napja
  • I want a Lada

    Apple ADApple AD2 napja
  • vodka = russia = lada = life of boris

    Roblox BotRoblox Bot2 napja
    • Thats Russian

      Roblox BotRoblox Bot2 napja
    • I actually understand every word

      Roblox BotRoblox Bot2 napja
  • Ясно... Работает на кремль и рекламирует отечественный автопром на западе...

    GandlerGandler3 napja
  • But why is Жигули written on the dashboard? It's suspicious.😅

    Bálint KelemenBálint Kelemen3 napja
  • This is not funny, Lada is made more solid than many modern thin sheet plastic cars.

    Sergiusz StatkiewiczSergiusz Statkiewicz3 napja
  • How much to export one of these sweet puppies to Scotland... Asking for a friend

    Ryan HannahRyan Hannah3 napja
  • We had an old Ford growing up that didn't have brakes, my father just taught me to stop with the transmission

    Dylan FinchDylan Finch3 napja
    • @Snork GP-5 *unless... .*

      Dylan FinchDylan Finch3 napja
    • @Dylan Finch Yes *unless*

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
    • @Snork GP-5 Unless your grandpa has a scrap yard, and all the brakes are rusted on the trucks

      Dylan FinchDylan Finch3 napja
    • @Dylan Finch It would just be easier to buy new brakes.

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
    • @Snork GP-5 It's way worse on the clutch plates though. We were replacing them every couple months, because the clutch pack just consumed the plates. There was also a lot of metal in that transmission and clutch... I would not advise using your transmission as a brake, unless your grandfather owns a scrap yard, and has too many clutch plates laying around, or you can't spend all the money you make. If those apply to you, then have fun.

      Dylan FinchDylan Finch3 napja
  • how to cook with lada plz

    BeastMaster 64BeastMaster 643 napja
  • I'd love a Lada estate, but prices for even a half decent one are astronomical !

    PAUL SuttonPAUL Sutton3 napja
  • it's not a lada it's a jiguli you YECTEPH SPY

    arman rgunarman rgun3 napja
    • @arman rgun Right

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-52 napja
    • It's J but you don't pronounce the "d". like you dont pronounce djee-goo-lee it's jee-goo-lee

      arman rgunarman rgun3 napja
    • Isn't it Zhiguli?

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
  • actually want to get a lada for real

    levi starklevi stark4 napja
  • My grandpa crushed in Lada and he was OK and Lada too, it just had couple scratches, but truck that he crashed in was a junk after that.

    Petar TatićPetar Tatić4 napja
  • how is that in the philippines?

    Lance PastorLance Pastor4 napja
  • Most affordable european cars were like that, or worse (better ?), until the late 90s, then they stopped making affordable vehicles (they make much more money by lending you the money to buy the car...) Also reason #20: vintage italian design...

    ssikhcnerfssikhcnerf4 napja
  • I'm wondering what's with the potato obsession of Russians

    Virtuous VibesVirtuous Vibes5 napja
    • Vodka and it's good food

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
    • Vodka.

      Amesie's Automotive CornerAmesie's Automotive Corner4 napja
  • There, on the speedometer, the maximum speed is 160 km / h. Like looking and neighing

    Hibah PriceHibah Price5 napja
  • Девятка пизже

    Hibah PriceHibah Price5 napja
  • How ya get this car on other country

    The gamer MetroThe gamer Metro5 napja
  • You can fill the whole drunk squad in that car

    kedimakinasikedimakinasi7 napja
  • My friend:Waches this video My friend 24h later:Buys the newest lada Me:You are 100% western spy My friend:Why Me:You coud buy a old one for 600€ or less!!! My friend:oh.Well i will sell this one Me:Good luck selling it

    V- LOCKV- LOCK7 napja
    • @V- LOCK To buy one i can believe, but to sell one...

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
    • @Snork GP-5 this is a true story i just dont remember the exact time i just know that he lives in slovakia and he said that it took him 24h

      V- LOCKV- LOCK3 napja
    • A newest lada... how much loan did he take?

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
  • I'll play devil's advocate and try to think of reasons you shouldn't get a lada I thought of one: don't get a single lada get multiple

    The true and superior lego grievousThe true and superior lego grievous7 napja
  • How did they find a lada in such good condition

    Dorian GrigorieDorian Grigorie7 napja
  • is this video sponsored by Лада?

    WW2 GAMING channelWW2 GAMING channel7 napja
  • It’s a FIAT copy so hardly ‘Soviet design’.

    peter bradypeter brady7 napja
  • When you crash, their car break more than yours! Exactly why I drive an 80's 1 ton square body >;)

    Bloodbain88Bloodbain888 napja
  • Только я подумал о покупке "пятерки" на лето и видео подвалмло

    Александре СафаровАлександре Сафаров8 napja

    elias gimelias gim8 napja
  • I don't have the age to drive cars but il make an exception for this

    Eric De Lima costaEric De Lima costa8 napja
  • Где ты живешь?

    ArtemTiveArtemTive8 napja
  • What are the songs that they play @6:00 and onwards?

    OmniOmni8 napja
  • *BLYAT*

    Kaustav ChatterjeeKaustav Chatterjee8 napja
  • Ставьте хэштеги в описании

    Александре СафаровАлександре Сафаров8 napja
  • Legitimately though, they are cheap, easy to maintain, and in the case of the Niva, immortal and capable of driving up a mountain with minimal effort.

    CAPT. SparkyCAPT. Sparky8 napja
    • But Niva does cost more than a regular lada one minus.

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
  • only i read subtitles ? i cant understand any word what he says

    Ben MoskovskiyBen Moskovskiy9 napja
  • i defo always bought the wrong cars comrade xD

    NavaNava9 napja
  • and 20: be careful. it will break when you driving over 60 km 👌

    Mr _АНИМ_Mr _АНИМ_9 napja
  • Lada is also indestructible and can shoot lasers and fly and can withstand landing on the sun

    Arsennii MorozArsennii Moroz9 napja
  • Namoral não exite lada aqui no Brasil mas já quero um

    Henrique DominguesHenrique Domingues9 napja

    Ali SalmanovツAli Salmanovツ10 napja
  • Blylada, its looks more like a BILADA (BRs will get the joke)

    TheKoakumaTheKoakuma10 napja
  • Unfortunately, if you want to drive a Lada in the UK, it would need work to make it "green". It ruins the whole Lada concept. Make it conform to non-socialist standards... Oyy.

    Medieval Folk DanceMedieval Folk Dance10 napja
  • 1:50 anti-western theft device you know he's right here in America theirs hardly anyone my age knowing how to drive stick

    Emperor Billy RitchieEmperor Billy Ritchie12 napja
  • after great consideration i have decided to sell my Ferrari and instead buy a lada (This is joke i do not own a Ferrari)

    Lewis McGregorLewis McGregor12 napja
  • God dammit Anatoli i want those lxcons blyat

    K-9K-912 napja

    Eylül Ece TeksaytaşEylül Ece Teksaytaş12 napja
  • I'm getting a lada now

    Salty LegendSalty Legend12 napja
  • Sire,Blyadas are Taxis In Egypt,They are here more than any other country more than Rossiya

    Savage_Aly 87Savage_Aly 8712 napja
  • Você que traduziu para português... você é foda!

    Lucas Santos - LDesignerLucas Santos - LDesigner12 napja
  • Approved by grandma

    SushiItzMeSushiItzMe13 napja
  • I want a lada

    MO7 MASTERMO7 MASTER13 napja
  • No dealers in Canada 😔😔

    Марк кебек канадаМарк кебек канада13 napja
    • @Марк кебек канада I'm from Finland.

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
    • @Snork GP-5 where you from ?

      Марк кебек канадаМарк кебек канада3 napja
    • @Марк кебек канада No, i don't have one.

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
    • @Snork GP-5 you have one ?

      Марк кебек канадаМарк кебек канада3 napja
    • You don't buy from a dealer, you buy from other people. If anyone does't sell one though, try importing one.

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-53 napja
  • I think I am going to buy a lada

    TsiGTsiG13 napja
  • ну че пацанчики катимся на каракатице blyat

    LotrerLotrer14 napja
  • LoL I already have cheburack in GTA

    Tech VlogsTech Vlogs14 napja
  • im gonna have to be honest the lada looks sick

    randomizedrandomized14 napja
  • Isn't that a Jigulii ?

    Mega TudorMega Tudor14 napja
  • I hang around a shop where they rebuild exotic cars for collectors and rich people and somebody brought in a Lada just like that one except it was white and we had to replace the air intake and the manifold (and by we I mean I did it because it's not that hard anyone can rebuild a Lada)

    Gavin BorgesGavin Borges14 napja
  • haha love this video

    Max TangenMax Tangen15 napja
  • Im waiting for top 100 reasons to buy soviet tank

    JameisonAus_YouTubeJameisonAus_YouTube15 napja
  • Love how they putted stripes so That It seems the car’s wearing adidas like slavs do 😂

    Rousseau ChessRousseau Chess16 napja
    • our national uniform

      Иван ПрокудаИван Прокуда15 napja
  • Deste braćo rusi

    Nole AkikNole Akik16 napja
  • Reason num. 20 lada is a pussy magnet xd

    Tamás TakácsTamás Takács16 napja
  • 3:57 that is actually true.

    Eric WallEric Wall16 napja
  • 4.23 music pls

    Zoltán LöxZoltán Löx16 napja
  • Here in Greece anatoli's pants are being worn by thin and usually tall 15 y.o. girls

    Γιώργος ΤσουγιαςΓιώργος Τσουγιας16 napja
  • Russia stanjin

    Niksa TadicNiksa Tadic16 napja
  • This video is ochen' zayebis'! Very ohooenno suka blyad'!

  • I love how he put all the reasons in the description and nobody cared, we all watched the full video.

    bigfatmantiddies9000bigfatmantiddies900017 napja
  • Ngl he actually convinced me.

    The Ba’athist Al AliThe Ba’athist Al Ali17 napja
  • Italian Design, Togliattigrad

    RainRadioactiveRainRadioactive17 napja
  • What if you you get uaz instead of lada

    neza 626neza 62617 napja
  • I want a cousin parking device too...

    Pan DequesoPan Dequeso17 napja
  • what is the song in 3:27

    mohamed elsayedmohamed elsayed17 napja
  • I kinda of want a lada now

    Rebel Sam 13Rebel Sam 1317 napja
  • Best Lada's models: 2114 & 2109

    Алижан АязбаевАлижан Аязбаев18 napja
  • Мне нужны такие же диски на свою Ладу

    SINTenSINTen18 napja
  • This thing is probably more reliable and safer than my old neon

    Sleepy StalinSleepy Stalin18 napja
    • Dodge Neon is trash, this is WAY more reliable

      spinosaurus 89spinosaurus 897 napja
  • Am 13, trying to convince my dad to get me a lada as my first car once I'm 16.

    DeckedOutPistolDeckedOutPistol18 napja
  • I suddenly regret buying a Camaro now that I see how awesome Lada is 😂

    MT BassMT Bass18 napja