Top 19 reasons you should get a Lada

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So you want to buy a car. So many brands to choose from, but you not sure what to pick. I suggest the Lada 2105.
Here is 19 reasons you should buy a Lada.
Buying your first car is easy with small help of Boris. And Anatoli.
Here is list of the 19:
Classy design
Superior build quality
Keyless entry trunk
Parking sensor
Backseat comfort
Manuals only
No rev counter
Manual fuel-air mixture
Door locking system
Petrol powered
No power steering
Trunk space
No electric windows
Sound system
Cheap easy repairs
High tech horn
Backseat party
Backseat cooking
Safest car on road
Easily slav your car
Metal bumpers
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  • "Top 19 reasons you should get a Lada " #1 YES

    • #265 yes

      Jemela Joy C. VJemela Joy C. V21 napja
    • #264 YES

    • #3 - ладно (okay)

    • yes

    • 293847392939482838298482828# STILL YES BLYAT

  • Boris lada Is grate car heating is amazing but it drinks gas like a gobnik drinks vodka only top 1%can afford gas this big problem for me gas expensive in balkans at least in my area need help with this man

    Lazar SinikLazar Sinik11 órája
  • ok ima buy lada moskvich

    GT_gamingGT_gaming15 órája
  • No rev counter is the manliest badassest thing I ever seen.

    Daniel RojoDaniel Rojo17 órája
  • I vant a Lada az well !!!

    Robert NORTANRobert NORTANNapja
  • Blyats are soviet Vodka is good I got a Lada I hardbass for you

    {Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}{Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}Napja
  • 1:40 No no no no no no face reveal. BORIS LIVES FOREVOR

    Dylan RogersDylan RogersNapja
  • Personally I prefer the Polski/ Polish Fiat! Still, I would like to own one..those old gaz military vehicle or a chaika, lol..the list is long..

    Julius VerneJulius VerneNapja
  • "Beep. Beep. BeepBeepBEEPBEEPBEEP-"

  • Fun fact, im searching where to but a lada right now.

    asher khanskasher khanskNapja
  • С*ка прям купить захотелось )

  • Lada: Not Great...Not Terrible..

  • Blyatmobile

    Andy PearceAndy PearceNapja
  • This Lada unironicaly looks dope. I Bet if you brought that to a car show in the west, all eyes would be on ya.

    Арсений ПоповАрсений ПоповNapja
  • 20th reason cuz boris said so get lada

    alexender backlipsalexender backlipsNapja
  • I have no words. I'll just say: это великолепно! Ну просто замечательно! Как человек из Россиии, я оцениваю это видео по достоинству! And without google translator you cant understand what I said. Sorry for my English. It's really bad

    Григорий КошелевГригорий Кошелев2 napja
  • Jiguli like this

    Adem AydınAdem Aydın2 napja
  • Oh god I spend so much time in this car in my childhood. Going to the village where my grandparents lived - free rollercoaster! :)

    Tomáš MičákTomáš Mičák2 napja
  • I want a Lada now, someone ship one to Australia for me, I can only find nivas here

    exogatorexogator2 napja
  • "19 reasons why you should get a Lada" #1 Boris told you to.

    JustDavid'-'JustDavid'-'2 napja
  • you had me at "lada".

    epixepix2 napja
  • I need one of these

    Charlotte SampsonCharlotte Sampson2 napja
  • I will buy this car now

    madhu pkmadhu pk2 napja
  • That car is $20,000 where I am at.

    The Ginger NinjaThe Ginger Ninja2 napja
  • You took all the Ladas back to russia from finland

    quess whoquess who3 napja
  • that lada looks very mint

    Angga RamadhanAngga Ramadhan3 napja
  • I Like this

    der echte russeder echte russe3 napja
  • sweden: volvo 740 YES

    Frans ElofssonFrans Elofsson3 napja
  • The Lada would certainly survive an EMP

    Flog HappyFlog Happy3 napja

    sataniccookiemonstersataniccookiemonster3 napja

    sataniccookiemonstersataniccookiemonster3 napja
  • I remember those things always reeked of gas inside

    Remy ButorinRemy Butorin3 napja
  • When I was a kid, thieves broke into our neighbors Lada, but left our unlocked Triumph Acclaim alone

    Head WreckHead Wreck4 napja
  • U Should also buy 2 sacks of concrete to put in the rear trunk for traction!

    Zoltán BerzsenyiZoltán Berzsenyi4 napja
  • many ladies got deflowered in a lada

    bromiso valumbromiso valum4 napja
  • which model it this from the video ?

    NorddeutscherNorddeutscher4 napja
  • 18 Liter of gasoline and 1 cigarette lighter... 19 reasons...

    Ivan IvanovicIvan Ivanovic4 napja
  • send help I need lada because my daily driver is starting to shit the bed as of recent

    Gut's The Black SwordmanGut's The Black Swordman4 napja
  • Bro.... Its called a CHOKE... Air/fuel mixture switch is called a CHOKE.. And I would LOVE to import lada to alabama ... Ls swap lada yeeeasss... Much love boris

    will Greenwill Green5 napja
  • 4:53 no air filter, ok

    MV NutheadMV Nuthead5 napja
  • Kimi Raikkonens first car was a Lada

    MV NutheadMV Nuthead5 napja
  • Holy shit! I didn't know they had leather in these, my father in the 80's and 90's owned a Signey, a Samara. And two Niva's (one was a Kossak) and they all had very bad fabric cushions that ripped easily. Leather in a Signet would be a luxury. I loved driving in the Kossak. We pulled a 5 ton trailer full of fire wood on the low gear. Now that I think about it, My father was a French Canadian Gopnik!

    msamourmsamour5 napja
  • 1:51 This way you drive car and not let car drive you! 🤣🤣🤣

    Vedant Sawale VIII B 32Vedant Sawale VIII B 325 napja
  • Im Brazil we have so many ladas

    nicolinhas 123nicolinhas 1235 napja
  • Too expensive on finland

    Zengix 696Zengix 6966 napja
    • @Zengix 696 Nojoo

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-511 órája
    • @Snork GP-5 köyhälle on

      Zengix 696Zengix 69612 órája
    • 2000€ ei ole paljon autosta

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-55 napja
  • Where do I get parts to repair a Lada?

    GeckoCkCkCkGeckoCkCkCk6 napja
    • @GeckoCkCkCk That sucks

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-55 napja
    • @Snork GP-5 It takes me 1 to 3 months to get Vostok Amphibia watches I buy from Russia by Russia Post and USPS. That's too slow for car parts.

      GeckoCkCkCkGeckoCkCkCk5 napja
    • Order from online

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-55 napja
  • I May be Western spy but nice lada

    BobthemanBobtheman6 napja
  • That's actually a very nice example 👍

    James contrinoJames contrino6 napja
  • as soon as i turn 18 ill have the liscse

    paul gabriel brumapaul gabriel bruma7 napja
  • Music? 0:19

    Eric CartmanEric Cartman7 napja
  • Lada+fridge+kv2 turret= nuclear power tank

    Annabelle MuyanoAnnabelle Muyano7 napja
  • "You see this stick?" "It's not just Western anti-theft device..." So fucking true.. I died man...😂😂😂😂

    702FXR702FXR7 napja
  • Are yugos any good

    Jennifer JanevskiJennifer Janevski7 napja
  • the last one is the true , the car is a TANK every one i know with lada never never had issues

    Anton ReprovosAnton Reprovos8 napja
    • Does it shoot?

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-55 napja
  • Actually the design is that of a old Fiat 131. Fiat bought a huge amount of shit Steel from Russia, in return Fiat co-funded Lada and built their cars under the new brand in Russia.

    Steve McqueenSteve Mcqueen8 napja
  • Somebody tell me which one of Lada.

    Hiro KurasanHiro Kurasan8 napja
  • I just bought a Lada and it's true the breaks not working

    derkinnderkinn9 napja
  • Ruski 100

    Ramunas BanysRamunas Banys9 napja
  • Blyad mobil

    MUSTAFA diamondMUSTAFA diamond9 napja
  • They assume that brakes not working, And it is true -Boris, 2019

    Ewan NosovskiyEwan Nosovskiy9 napja
  • I love your humor. hehehehehe really you are funny.

    Carlos LagoCarlos Lago9 napja

  • russians are toooooo funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Efe YasarEfe Yasar10 napja
  • “Is also no fear when other people’s car crash into you, their car break more than yours”. Genius.

    Jake CurtisJake Curtis10 napja
  • im waiting for cheburek in the lada

    Rico HellRico Hell10 napja
  • At least the back seat is bigger than the mini cooper plenty of room for fat girlfriend and sex Thank you lada

    MessengerMessenger10 napja
  • Why does he want a potato empire?

    Gabriel BaderGabriel Bader10 napja
    • For slavic purposes

      MrNorthzMrNorthz8 napja
  • What's the cylinder count

    Reese LongReese Long10 napja
  • Оооо норм контент

    Терминатор Т-800Терминатор Т-80010 napja
  • only one reason, why you should buy Lada - you have a lot of time for repairing it and don’t want to earn money for normal car.

    AllecsAllecs10 napja
  • look on fiat 124, the same car, but Fiat stop making it in 1982. But USSR start making it in this period and Russia continue.

    AllecsAllecs10 napja
  • In the thumbnail i thought the lada was like a minibus lol

    Xavier AlaricXavier Alaric10 napja
  • Haha i have a box car with 2 beds

    Xavier AlaricXavier Alaric10 napja
  • That one has chrome rims and leather interior, wood grain steering wheel, it's a sweet classic.

    313moneyteam P313moneyteam P11 napja
  • This car is pretty cool, looks like the datsun 510

    WhocaresWhocares11 napja
  • Жигули

    TachiTachi11 napja
  • Lada vs lamborghini

    Mr MortimerMr Mortimer11 napja
  • Face revel? Pls

    Le ThanhLe Thanh11 napja
  • Hey hey hey this westerner daily drives a 5 speed manual 4x4 mud machine

    Clay YatesClay Yates12 napja
  • I actually really like the look of Ladas.

    Wu CashWu Cash12 napja
  • "Challange" Buy an 180SX with popup headlight and make it slav

    Farras 23Farras 2312 napja
  • It’s the best and easiest technology like sputnik

    Fito ReyesFito Reyes12 napja
  • I have one of them it’s like a TONKA TOY it’s indestructible

    Fito ReyesFito Reyes12 napja
  • Lada is good than bmw and audi

    Rifki andikapratamaRifki andikapratama12 napja
  • It’s not moose it’s shashlik 😂

    Morlyn2Morlyn213 napja
  • My parents has a lada car , Its soo good you don’t even know how comfy and how amazing it is

    MishoTheKingMishoTheKing13 napja
  • Действительно хорошая лада это 99ая

    DrozDDrozD13 napja
  • "BYLADA"

    John SmithJohn Smith13 napja
  • Thanks to this video, I’ve actually bought a Lada 2101 and imported it into the US. Thanks Boris!

    SkodifySkodify13 napja
  • I owned one in rep.of Panama' while posted there in the army.i bought it from first wife dad (he was the best dad in law,miss him,have drink for him.plz)the Lada was a wagon.and it won't surprise me if made almost same as volvo.(my son's friend rolled his vovlo 3 times going down road,rolled back on wheels drive away.yes I would buy a Lada).And if you could see when I go thru a checkpoint.🤣👍

    Andrew ThiesAndrew Thies13 napja
  • New title: 19 Disguised Faults About a Lada

    Mr XxfakegamerlolxXMr XxfakegamerlolxX13 napja
  • Slavic Top Gear

    cookies fancookies fan13 napja
  • you listen to the car and drive and no need of rev meter that is actually true i learnt how to drive just by listening

    The LionThe Lion13 napja
  • Its not a lada niva

    comrade Sevchenkocomrade Sevchenko13 napja
  • Boris: i dont know its not my car Me: why are you making a vid on a lada and why you should get one when you dont even have one?

    Beau's VideosBeau's Videos13 napja
  • i dont know i thinks its lada bull shit

    Fishing with EddieFishing with Eddie13 napja
  • What vodka did they use in video

    Eric WhiteEric White13 napja
  • Actually it looks very rad in metallic black. I would drive it for sure.

    Roland TiirojaRoland Tiiroja13 napja
  • That car looks far too clean and well maintained. I suspect this to be car of Slav spy

    christians131christians13114 napja
  • You re fulocking lier about the build quality, comrad

    Fix -_-Fix -_-14 napja