Top 15 things to do while quarantined

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Top 15 things to do while quarantined

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Top 15 things to do when in lockdown in your home. No matter if it's bad weather or quarantine. This is list of things I do at home. Here we sit trying to imagine how two weeks of relaxation at home is a bad thing. This video completely made by not leaving home!
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  • You killing me laughing comrade 😂👍

    Robert NORTANRobert NORTAN4 órája
  • Is this the Russian Dylantero?

    Sebastián RojasSebastián Rojas10 órája
  • Well if only this Boris knew how long this shit is taking. Sitting at a stalker campfire all day now.

    Philip WeissPhilip Weiss16 órája
  • "Two weeks". Cyka Blyat!

    Moto RickMoto RickNapja

    Katherine MillerKatherine MillerNapja
  • I am watching this while eating semechki with shell and drinking tarhun.

    GamingX33GamingX335 napja
  • Yeah its been almost a year now

    Steve JonesSteve Jones5 napja
  • I thought only my neighbors open bottles with bottles

    Slav VaporeonSlav Vaporeon5 napja
  • “Two weeks” many months later

    CheesydestroyerCheesydestroyer5 napja
  • 2:13 so its a "beating your meat workout"? Oh wait-

    Helcurt RoyaleHelcurt Royale6 napja
  • Boris... those "two weeks" turned into a year. After all this time, i'm still quarantined. WHAT I DO BLYAT?!

    DestructorDaggerDestructorDagger8 napja
  • M-14 as an oar 😆

    RobertBobby PelletreauJrRobertBobby PelletreauJr9 napja
  • 2 weeks hehehehahaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Mich BamMich Bam9 napja
  • I tried opening a bottle with paper and failed miserably

    Kat PerezKat Perez9 napja
  • Wheres the slav women we need to see the women boris

    MessengerMessenger10 napja
  • Nyet Boris,It's raining "snakes& pitchforks"(hayfork)🤣

    Andrew ThiesAndrew Thies10 napja
  • 9 months later and i'm re-watching cause i need something to do in lockdown.

    Random HumanoidRandom Humanoid12 napja
  • Boris has saved us

    Vlad MalkovicVlad Malkovic13 napja
  • Needs Vodka

    Mr. SlavMr. Slav14 napja
  • corona - i am the one who erase history of humans and enter russia while fucking whole world russia - have some vodka corona - while having vodka(turn into russian tone) Cyca Blyaaaat

    shubham guptashubham gupta15 napja
  • "Have you been quarantined into your home for 2 weeks?" *ITS BEEN 9 WHOLE FRICKING MONTHS WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?*

    Mike CheezMike Cheez15 napja
  • “...for the best 2 weeks” *9 months ago*

    MaterwelonMaterwelon15 napja
  • thank you so much boris for being one of the few youtubers I have been obsessivly watching past year to try to forget about the virus

    GusGus17 napja

    Ian DypvikIan Dypvik17 napja
  • I started learning Russian at the beginning of lockdown, hence how I found this channel lol

    Colin SmithColin Smith19 napja
  • No. 15: challenge accepted

    Size8AdidasShoeSize8AdidasShoe21 napja
  • boris is my friend ;)

    Enzo PeirettiEnzo Peiretti21 napja
  • “School is off” Online School:”allow me to introduce myself”

    Daniel Hahn ConradsenDaniel Hahn Conradsen22 napja
  • Life of boris Marathon is not a bad option for quarintine

    Daniel Hahn ConradsenDaniel Hahn Conradsen22 napja
  • Remember when we were optimistic and thought this pandemic would be snuffed out in 2 or 3 weeks? Now here we are, late December, 10 months later...

    Biohazard GamingBiohazard Gaming28 napja
  • I just love this guy xD

    gatoLOCO - play lose laugh wingatoLOCO - play lose laugh winHónapja
  • Potatoes are in ALL Slavic dishes, I mean it

    Владимир ЛенинВладимир ЛенинHónapja
  • (Pause)0:36 I already know how to play mayonez just give 2 spoons and 5 mayonez jars

    Mohd ZairulMohd ZairulHónapja
  • im also tagalog

    Imawskey TVImawskey TVHónapja
  • ah mah gah..i am loving the crap outta this guys vids! Kudos Boris!....Thank You for the sharts & giggles....oh..& btw...Natives squat pretty dam well too! LOLZ! (i know this cos i am one)

    Nu LiformNu LiformHónapja
  • 2 weeks more like 6 months

  • Merry early Christmas

    Dontae GomezDontae GomezHónapja
  • Very nice rifle boris

    J Dawg CallowayJ Dawg CallowayHónapja
  • What a waste of time watching this video

    Nyameless KingNyameless KingHónapja
  • Boris, why the blin anatoli does not talk?

    Jetkiler 111Jetkiler 111Hónapja
  • Somebody, please, put Japanese subtitles on his videos I love his videos, comrade

  • You dont need another bottle you just use bayonet and slice of the end of the bottle

  • celebrating early birthday is bad luck!

    Lucas KurlanLucas KurlanHónapja
  • I can do the Russian kick dance, but it destroys my left calf to the point I can't do the glorious dance any more

    • Update: I can do it again

  • 3:48 Russian kick dance achieved.

    Mmbk ProductionsMmbk ProductionsHónapja
  • During the first wave of lockdown, I and my friends got drunk on voice chat while playing Counter-Strike. I feel like my slav badge is secure.

  • "2 weeks of uninterrupted alone time" 2 weeks... 2 w e e k s

    Rowan WeaverRowan WeaverHónapja
  • Most slav way to open bottle? With pistolet Makarova, of course!

    Michael FMichael FHónapja
  • Boris do you understand greek? Well i got some words for you to try to understand μαγιονέζα, φαγητό and Ρωσία.

    Claudio Culiano CuleaClaudio Culiano CuleaHónapja
  • ey boris what is this top 15 channel now?

  • Ah yes the gopnik / slavic way of quarantine!

  • Uh

    Battles 4 DayzBattles 4 DayzHónapja
  • What’s the piano music called comrades?

    • Squire's outro theme

  • 형 사랑해

    u Au AHónapja
  • I was watching this video when my wife brought me my test results. Yep, positive. Boris, how did you know I'd need this info? You're like some sort of gopnik prophet. 🤔

    Larry MartinezLarry MartinezHónapja
  • The only thing I did was get sleep

    Anthony ChanAnthony ChanHónapja
  • Time for a Boris marathon,,.I do it 3 days continuously already :DDD :,D

    Ljudmila CosplayLjudmila CosplayHónapja
  • 2:14 every teen is like

    icew allowicew allowHónapja
  • number 1 break de quarantine since it's infective and the governament shouldn't be able to lock you at homd

    arthur Benedettiarthur BenedettiHónapja
  • Noice voice👍

    Ed AmbahanEd AmbahanHónapja
  • 2:21-2:24: Germany in WW2 2:25-2:27: Russia in WW2

    Oswald Mosley MappingOswald Mosley MappingHónapja
  • Hi

    H I ,.,H I ,.,Hónapja
  • Top 15 things to do while quarantined: *become slav*

  • Can we get a several month edition?

  • Still very acurate video, up to this day. Im happy.

    Atanas ProkopievAtanas ProkopievHónapja
  • We do the bottle part too in Philippines

    Jac CastilloJac CastilloHónapja
  • It wouldve benn nice if he started plaing the solvet union antem

    Theflaming RTheflaming RHónapja
  • I have no time to peal semetchki who does that? I eat like real man, with semetchki shell, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger...

  • All I did was day drink and make plov

    Some Sasquatch With Dial UpSome Sasquatch With Dial UpHónapja
  • you know what ? You cannot understand what Boris say if you not read the subtitle, except you live in Slavic country

    Izzan 4 IzdiharIzzan 4 IzdiharHónapja
  • I'm at the time of writing for more than 6 months WITH SCHOOL DAMMIT empathy please

    טל טרגןטל טרגןHónapja
  • I use bottle to open the bottle

    commander T4commander T4Hónapja
  • "So you will be stuck inside for two weeks" that didn't age well....

  • Good to know boris. That was helpful, beacause i feel i was become crazy but... you helped me out

    Federation of Russia !Federation of Russia !Hónapja
  • 6:37 I love how you said ''you have a pc of some kind (hopefully)'' and that ''hopefully'' was so important, considering l actually dont have one... help :(

    Fire SquidFire SquidHónapja
  • Это видео должно было попасть на столб рекомендаций на восемь месяцев раньше. Я только и делал что пил чай, емана рот, как так вышло то

    Алексей ЗаватровАлексей ЗаватровHónapja
  • Adidas after inventing Russia: Business is booming!!!!

    soap man starvessoap man starvesHónapja
  • 'Two weeks of uninterrupted home time? HA, sign me up cyka!' Nine months later: .....

    The NixalessThe NixalessHónapja
  • Boris was into wearing facial coverings before Covid19. True Slavking is always prepared for all manner of threaats

  • 0:43 is that the Squire Outro?

    • Yes

  • че пиво глазом не открыть , так береш пляху пива ,,Десант" открываешь глазом сразу видно кто на раёне за вдв)

  • haha two weeks

    died2pinwheeldied2pinwheel2 hónapja
  • 1:15 throws popcorn* none of it gets in mouth* *chews**

    WeddlzWeddlz2 hónapja
  • 2:13, i should be named meat beating

    Erik HillboErik Hillbo2 hónapja
  • I like how he says potato

    Soundoffox_123Soundoffox_1232 hónapja
  • Boris was already ready for Covid-19 because he always wears a his hat glasses and sort of scarf as a face mask.

    filip razikfilip razik2 hónapja
  • I was eating semechki slav way before I was slav😂

    Joseph WattJoseph Watt2 hónapja
  • I laughed hard when I found out Blin means pancake I imagined someone falling at superstore and yelling PANCAKE at the top of their lungs

    Preston IsleibPreston Isleib2 hónapja
  • Boris is a visionary, wearing a mask before the pandemic

    Catalina PlazaCatalina Plaza2 hónapja

    cheeki breeki the thirdcheeki breeki the third2 hónapja
  • I guess you could call that beating your meat

    MrSamIAmMrSamIAm2 hónapja
  • I hate doing piano blyaaat I just Doing mayonez as an instrument

    •dani••dani•2 hónapja
  • 2:14 So the workout: Home edition is just beating your meat? I think it's GENIUS.

    Gabriel BolocanGabriel Bolocan2 hónapja
  • Ah yes my comrade, we all love Metro

    Will ParkeWill Parke2 hónapja
  • If he is really russian he has to translate this:Если вы можете прочитать это, спасибо за советы, но если вы не можете прочитать это, пошли вы

    Samuel UrendaSamuel Urenda2 hónapja
  • I like how he keeps margarine around just to throw it

    alwaysbored47alwaysbored472 hónapja
  • Well shit have watched all of life of boris videos. What now?

    JonhBullJonhBull2 hónapja
  • what is forcast of knives and forks ? acid raid ? toxic rain ? hail ?

    KennyKenny2 hónapja
  • does anyone know the name of the piano song?

    Jayson Ray AbellarJayson Ray Abellar2 hónapja
  • Не жалко штык нож

    Lyes gusakovLyes gusakov2 hónapja