Top 15 things to do while quarantined

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Top 15 things to do while quarantined

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Top 15 things to do when in lockdown in your home. No matter if it's bad weather or quarantine. This is list of things I do at home. Here we sit trying to imagine how two weeks of relaxation at home is a bad thing. This video completely made by not leaving home!
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  • Umm yeah, 2 weeks

    Fire Fox’s Random CrapFire Fox’s Random CrapNapja
  • he said vadim cyka not vadim blyat 2:03

    Pas FayPas FayNapja
  • Ah the good ol times when it was just the first two weeks

    Abi RizkyAbi Rizky2 napja
  • #16 , vodka-cool your PC

    William RichardsonWilliam Richardson2 napja

  • Music????????

    Calibra 95Calibra 954 napja
  • I'm half Russian myself and I love that I understand and relate to every single one

    Oh Hell NoOh Hell No4 napja
  • ohoho it's more than two weeks march boris

    raphael_1254raphael_12545 napja
  • My gods... I'm here 6 months later, anything changed

    Paty Di AngeloPaty Di Angelo5 napja
  • In my home a tier 3 lockdowm is being introduced which sent us back to march lockdown in terms of rules. In fact slightly stricter. High fines in case of violation. No socialising with people from outside your household in indoor situations even if you wear mask snd socially distance. My uni is completely online and Im growing very lonely. These videos cheer me up and remind me when this was only gonna be a few weeks long

    Kono Kringe meme daKono Kringe meme da5 napja
  • 3:20 i tried that once like, 2 years ago and completely ripped off a fingernail, be careful If trying it

    WixxWixx5 napja
  • borris i have question, how you stay so cheeki breeki

    joe the patriotjoe the patriot5 napja
  • 3:48 Your feeble attempts of the Kazachok are a disgrace to me

    Paman0maPaman0ma5 napja
  • What is the backround music

    Quarthus BorthusQuarthus Borthus6 napja
  • 7 months later....

    RyudenkiRyudenki6 napja
  • I literally just started playing metro for the first time

  • 6:32 Wait... Your are not suposed to eat the shell?!

    NewGame LabNewGame Lab6 napja
  • 0:37 Yesssssss

    DapperfieldDapperfield7 napja
  • We've got quarantined for 3 months in Slovakia and now we are again starting in Thursday

    Timotej Filip JanáčTimotej Filip Janáč7 napja
  • im a better cook then boris but he did better then my dad witch is a good cook

    Georgie MagdaGeorgie Magda7 napja
  • 4:47 background soundtrack?

    GravelGravel8 napja
  • I can Slav my laptop

    Berk ÇağlarBerk Çağlar8 napja
  • never get bored of russian donk👌👌

    HaRvEY scootsssHaRvEY scootsss8 napja
  • i thought slavic yoga is you fighting a bear that is wielding a chainsaw and an AK-47 with your bare fists

    all pixels matterall pixels matter8 napja
  • Vadim bliat👁👄👁

    Jonathan ReidJonathan Reid8 napja
  • Vadim cycka 👁👄👁

    Jonathan ReidJonathan Reid8 napja
  • H I

    bomb rain5bomb rain59 napja
  • I used the bottle to open the bottle

    EpikquackEpikquack9 napja
  • 3:47 my little brother knows the Russian kick dance and knows how to do it xD his 6yr and I'm 12yr and I don't know how to do it....but I know how to make my voice sound like russian

    LegoLordLegoLord11 napja
  • 1:12 I know im late but nobody else is talking about how funny it is to see him throwing popcorn at himself

    Ethan CampbellEthan Campbell11 napja
  • bruh hes probably already sweating because he has like 50 fucking layers on

    Shelley GreenShelley Green12 napja
  • Six months ago

    It's KarshmellowIt's Karshmellow12 napja
  • I don't like the way he treats bread. Real slav never throws bread around like it's some kind of trash. If babushka saw it she would beat the sheet out of you

    Артем ВоронинАртем Воронин13 napja
  • I thought slavic yoga included squat of sorts....

    G B IIG B II13 napja
  • All Hail Engagement. Cool And Normal. Ах, Да, Русский, Нет Пиздец(Pizdeć I Don't Know If I Spelt It Correctly) Польский, Сука Блять.

    Crackerstie36Crackerstie3614 napja
  • How did I even miss this?

    Junior ZabloskyJunior Zablosky15 napja
  • Can i just eat cookies from babushka in quarantin

    Пофетаг веиряцПофетаг веиряц15 napja
  • "Play piano in the bath, eat semechki, and dance with my cat" this man has reached true enlightenment.

    Shady JayShady Jay16 napja
  • The popcorn 🍿 part made me laugh so hard 🤣. Boris please never stop making content!

    SeniorSenior17 napja
  • Komrade cat looks not satified with the dance skills you teached him 🤔😂

    Bass AddictBass Addict17 napja
  • What happens if I’m in Argentina over 200 days in quarantine? Can I have Boris approval to die?

    Mr. VaioMr. Vaio18 napja
  • Arthyom: meows Boris: VADIM BLYAT

    Henrique GuedesHenrique Guedes18 napja
  • Holy shit iv watched like 10 of ur videos I'm having russian spasms главная! Oh look see?

    меня зовут тимменя зовут тим19 napja
  • 0:36 *angry Patrick Star noises*

    Vim Alcel NaragaVim Alcel Naraga21 napja
  • Two weeks? .... It's been 7 months.

    Jonas AguilarJonas Aguilar22 napja
  • 3:45 Say hello to Artyom

    Vim Alcel NaragaVim Alcel Naraga22 napja
  • I eat the seed and the shell!

    Jay CubertoJay Cuberto22 napja
  • 2:00 I do yoga while squat

    Jay CubertoJay Cuberto22 napja
  • just watch pron

    Falcon GamingFalcon Gaming23 napja
    • Better be slav pron

      Jay CubertoJay Cuberto22 napja
  • Bulgarian please

    Joro BekamaJoro Bekama24 napja
  • Ok but I've totally been binging Metro for the last two weeks, why you gotta call me out like that XD

    SwearwolfSwearwolf24 napja
  • i need to have his accent, even if it means i take years of Russian classes

    iamDreamiamDream24 napja
    • I genuinely can't do his accent at all

      Jay CubertoJay Cuberto22 napja
  • Boris suggested that I eat seed Good soldiers follow orders

    Leah's personal propertyLeah's personal property25 napja
  • Listen to hardbass

    Luc WijngaardLuc Wijngaard25 napja
  • 0:16, 700 dislikes came from teachers.

    Onur ÖzalpOnur Özalp25 napja
  • The thing that i do was Boris marathon

    RZ3RZ325 napja
  • 3:05 this is why i always buy 2 bottles of beer.

    SmoKKeRSmoKKeR26 napja
    • Yes

      Jay CubertoJay Cuberto22 napja
  • 1:00 ay boris why did u steal my remote now i use babshka glove on stick

    ender gamer2007mender gamer2007m26 napja
  • 1:12 popcorn

    QI DannyQI Danny26 napja
  • I know 1 guy Who oppen bottle with hand

    Cyber GhostCyber Ghost26 napja
    • I learn this

      Jay CubertoJay Cuberto22 napja
  • I love him and his cat

    FROG BOIFROG BOI27 napja
  • I've been working on idiotic 1983 mercedes diesel I have. I put some adidas stripes on it but I can't pass emissions too much smoke

    Rex JollesRex Jolles29 napja
  • 1:57 "Sandvich make me strooong!"

    Dawid KaryśDawid KaryśHónapja
  • I am even more slav I've never heard of a bottle opener too i just use my teeth... Patent pending

    Pranav MahajanPranav MahajanHónapja
  • Yup..just beat the meat if ur bored

    Satou KazumaSatou KazumaHónapja
  • "things to do when quarantined" "1. yes" boris never fails to crack me up

    Paps The Skelly BoiPaps The Skelly BoiHónapja
  • I have the mask he has

    The unknown LockThe unknown LockHónapja
  • 2 weeks? HAHAHA, it's been 5 months of quarantine here, and it keeps going, it doesn't stoooooooopp, please take me out of Buenos Aires

    Bio EmilianoBio EmilianoHónapja
  • I learned a new language it is Russian

    Bonrithisak HemBonrithisak HemHónapja
  • 2:06 Moving is very important! 0:53 Life of Boris marathon

  • I literally laughed until I couldn't breathe at 2:26

    Sidney CrosthwaitSidney CrosthwaitHónapja
  • Because of your slav squat video i can now squat properly in quarantine

  • Someone tried to open the bottle withscissors

  • I chalenge you to Red this −5,70239153530929511502352507534528739619696016998764120465731445545413152360096268511090392662778343921424080137030853624162528999804861126168122980854708267383621343856377788859738513909065284794345309078294052600767546237072049608638147481624422714164914030485028511957676546475575117625376726436980984800849938206023286572277270657618004813425554519633138917196071204006851542681208126449990243056308406149042735413369181067192818889442986925695453264239717265453914702630038377311853602480431907374081221135708245701524251425597883827323778755881268836321849049240042496910301164328613863532880900240671277725981656945859803560200342577134060406322499512152815420307452136770668459053359640944472149346284772663211985863272695735131501918865592680124021595368704061056785412285076212571279894191366188937794063441816092452462002124845515058216430693176644045012033563886299082847292990178010017128856703020316124975607640771015372606838533422952667982047223607467314238633160599293163634786756575095943279634006201079768435203052839270614253810628563994709568309446889703172090804622623100106242275752910821534658832202250601678194314954142364649508900500856442835151015806248780382038550768630341926671147633399102361180373365711931658029964658181739337828754797163981700310053988421760152641963530712690531428199735478415472344485158604540231131155005312113787645541076732941610112530083909715747707118232475445025042822141757550790312439019101927538431517096333557381669955118059018668285596582901498232909086966891437739858199085015502699421088007632098176535634526571409986773920773617224257930227011556557750265605689382277053836647080505626504195485787385355911623772251252141107087877539515621950955096376921575854816677869083497755902950933414279829145074911645454348344571886992909954250775134971054400381604908826781726328570499338696038680861212896511350577827887513280284469113852691832354025281325209774289369267795581188612562607055354393876975781097547754818846078792740833893454174887795147546670713991457253745582272717417228594349645497712538756748552720019080245441339086316428524966934801934043060644825567528891394375664014223455692634591617701264066260488714468463389779059430628130352767719693848789054877387740942303939637041694672708744389757377333535699572862687279113635870861429717482274885626937837427636000954012272066954315821426248346740096702153032241278376444569718783200711172784631729580885063203313024435723423169488952971531406517638385984692439452743869387047115196981852084733635437219487868866676784978643134363955681793543071485874113744281346891871381800047700613603347715791071312417337004835107651612063918822228485939160035558639231586479044253160165651221786171158474447648576570325881919299234621972637193469352355759849092604236681771860974393443333839248932156718197784089677153574293705687214067344593569090002385030680167385789553565620866850241755382580603195941111424296958001777931961579323952212658008282561089308557923722382428828516294095964961731098631859673467617787992454630211834088593048719672166691962446607835909889204483857678714685284360703367229678454500119251534008369289477678281043342512087769129030159797055571214847900088896598078966197610632900414128054465427896186119121441425814704798248086554931592983673380889399622731510591704429652435983608334598122330391795494460224192883935734264218035168361483922725005962576700418464473883914052167125604388456451507989852778560742395004444829903948309880531645020706402723271394809305956072071290735239912404327746579649183669044469981136575529585221482621799180416729906116519589774723011209644196786713210901758418074196136250298128835020923223694195702608356280219422822575399492638928037119750222241495197415494026582251035320136163569740465297803603564536761995620216387328982459183452223499056828776479261074131089959020836495305825979488736150560482209839335660545087920903709806812514906441751046161184709785130417814010971141128769974631946401855987511112074759870774701329112551766006808178487023264890180178226838099781010819366449122959172611174952841438823963053706554497951041824765291298974436807528024110491966783027254396045185490340625745322087552308059235489256520890700548557056438498731597320092799375555603737993538735066455627588300340408924351163244509008911341904989050540968322456147958630558747642071941198152685327724897552091238264564948721840376401205524598339151362719802259274517031287266104377615402961774462826044535027427852821924936579866004639968777780186899676936753322781379415017020446217558162225450445567095249452527048416122807397931527937382103597059907634266386244877604561913228247436092018820060276229916957568135990112963725851564363305218880770148088723141302226751371392641096246828993300231998438889009344983846837666139068970750851022310877908111272522278354762472626352420806140369896576396869105179852995381713319312243880228095661412371804600941003013811495847878406799505648186292578218165260944038507404436157065111337568569632054812341449665011599921944450467249192341883306953448537542551115543895405563626113917738123631317621040307018494828819843455258992649769085665965612194011404783070618590230047050150690574792393920339975282409314628910908263047201925370221807853255566878428481602740617072483250579996097222523362459617094165347672426877127555777194770278181305695886906181565

    Tiby AlexandruTiby AlexandruHónapja
    • I don't care

      Reiner ErkiReiner ErkiHónapja
  • The birthday candle looked like your fleet at Tsushima

  • qhdhqfywttyq5qtetuwxshzyeyw

    annemarie ackermanannemarie ackermanHónapja
  • No homoi love your content

    Professor Fox GamingProfessor Fox GamingHónapja
  • Love this video

    Daphne WhiteDaphne WhiteHónapja
  • i eat the shell with the semechki seed like complete debil

    C63 S AMGC63 S AMGHónapja
  • I just open the bottle with my hand

    Number zero one Same thingNumber zero one Same thingHónapja
  • After REwarching a few life of boris vids, and reading some comments. I was like: -when you gonna make -*-How to get slav men-*

    Carla OrozcoCarla OrozcoHónapja
  • 5 months later

    Abisai RuizAbisai RuizHónapja
  • I've not been outside to have fun in 5 years nor do I sleep I keep hot jackets on inside. I listen to russian memes 24/7. I bite my own flesh off and like the pain. I growl like a bear everyone in my school fears me for knowing russian. Ya sounds bout right.

  • Ngl I think boris is the most interesting HUworldr and also he is a slav god and I enjoy every single video of him

    Donut lordDonut lordHónapja
  • no. 6 thx made my day

    Jerry JohnsonJerry JohnsonHónapja
  • 2:02 Vadim: This Blyat! Boris: VADIM, SHUT UP! Captions: I'm just.. xd... No No No.

    JacknjellifyDorisAndCaillouYes COPPAAndClydeNoJacknjellifyDorisAndCaillouYes COPPAAndClydeNoHónapja
  • I love his intro

    supriya gurulesupriya guruleHónapja


  • boris: quarantined? just play videogames, cyka my online classes: i'm gonna stop you right there

    Rafael TremeschinionRafael TremeschinionHónapja
  • Food with Hammer and Sickle please?


    Loafstar KeykerLoafstar KeykerHónapja
  • this is actually helpful, i learned how to do the russian kick correctly

    Horizon's stuffHorizon's stuffHónapja
  • No mayonaiz with the popcorn? Who are you and what did you do to Boris?

    Kasper RuiterKasper RuiterHónapja
  • Were is metro 2033!

    Xander ClaussenXander ClaussenHónapja
  • Haha Meat go *k a b o o m*

    Beep BeepBeep BeepHónapja
  • Sviđa mi se to što ima title na hrvatskom haha Boris perfektno priča hrvatski

    Divlji BumbarDivlji BumbarHónapja
  • past : VADIM BLYAT now : VADIM CYKA

    Agus RahmatAgus RahmatHónapja
  • You do today : 1. yes

    Agus RahmatAgus RahmatHónapja
  • This was... Actually Helpfull

    James HendersonJames HendersonHónapja