Top 10 F1 Races In The United States

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With the very exciting addition of Miami to the 2022 season calendar, we thought it would be apt to look back on some of the most exciting and dramatic races in the United States!
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  • this f1 car is going to miami (dance music)

    Tristahn CruzadaTristahn CruzadaNapja
  • The best was Indianápolis 2005

    Tom 26Tom 269 napja
  • As a US F1 fan, hopefully I can get to a race sometime soon!

    iced_coffeelvriced_coffeelvr14 napja
  • We race as One Still races in Texas, where Gun Laws are so loose, and black lives are at stake the most.

    Andrew WinslowAndrew Winslow14 napja
  • Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

    formulafanformulafan15 napja
  • 8:11 Is that Jimmy Broadbents dad?? 😂

    Jacob SypoltJacob Sypolt15 napja
  • Who is this at 4:21 ?

    Anthony KolakAnthony Kolak16 napja
  • dumb me thought watkins glen was in Britain bruh

    Echo 026Echo 02616 napja
  • Senna: *talking* The water jug: *glug glug glug glug*

    Daffy Duck 300Daffy Duck 30017 napja
  • Riccardo is a fraud. knocked Vettel out. 2:28

    Nub ZurNub Zur17 napja
  • Seems like Finns like to win their last races in USA

    Lukas MaciejczykLukas Maciejczyk17 napja
  • Wish they would bring back Long Beach

    Max KniebuehlerMax Kniebuehler17 napja
  • Austin 2015 is soooo underrated

    Filippo AlicandroFilippo Alicandro17 napja
  • Im so happy i got to go to Austin in 2018

    Corvette C6 Z51Corvette C6 Z5117 napja
  • Vroom

    Liam RamsellLiam Ramsell18 napja
  • Bring back the ladies onto the podium

    ericthevikingerictheviking18 napja
  • This footage of the old days makes the safety situations seem insane. Marshals standing on the track with their back towards speeding F1 cars, reporters on the track etc. What a mad time to live in.

    Joy LJoy L18 napja
  • The USGP from 2005 is the most remembered one although in the wrong way.

    Purwanti AllanPurwanti Allan18 napja
  • I was just happy for Kimi winning in 2018 after 5 years of gaining no victory. The finnish guys Kimi and Mika are the best, together with Senna and Schumacher of course :)

    Benedikt WindischBenedikt Windisch18 napja
  • Next , please upload top10 japanese gp!!!!!!

    yanaginyanagin18 napja
  • I thought the americans only have circle tracks...

    Akmal AzmanAkmal Azman18 napja
  • This list is unirconcally the single worste Top 10 list this channel has produced - by far. The fact that Raikkonens 2018 Austin race is in this, and Hamiltons fight with Vettel in 2012 was left out and that NOT ONE SINGLE DETROIT race of Senna is in there makes this list a straight up insult for anyone who calls himself an F1 fan. I so wish i could downvote this complete and utter garbage multiple times.

    Javor B.Javor B.18 napja
  • What about Las Vegas, 1981? In that race, three-time champion Nelson Piquet won his first world title.

    TuaregTuareg19 napja
  • Long Beach needs to come back

    AlexanderAlexander19 napja
  • Formula one, please return to Indianapolis. The road course is still grade 1 and I think the 2022 regulations will suit the track well. Especially if oval 1 is used and tire testing is done.

    Donivan WarrenDonivan Warren19 napja
  • “And it’s a Florida Man 1-2 for the Miami Grand Prix!”

    Lucky1213!Lucky1213!19 napja
  • 2005. Last podium for Jordan Grand Prix with Tiago Monteiro. Don't mention the tyres though...

    Oliver BeckOliver Beck19 napja
  • 4:43 idk why but his face radiates masculinity

    TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F119 napja
  • I would love to see F1 at Indy GP Circuit, Charlotte Roval, or the Daytona Rolex 24 Circuit, too. That would be awesome!

    Jordan WilbanksJordan Wilbanks19 napja
  • The Duel between Senna and Alesi in 1990 is one my personal favorite memories of the F1 US GPs

    InexpugnabilisInexpugnabilis19 napja
  • the Williams in P3 at 12:31 went off the grid like a MADMAN! :D

    Paul MerebPaul Mereb19 napja
  • Imagine .. racing without front wing

    Jan TennerJan Tenner19 napja
  • 10, 9, 8 are won by finns

    EMH Dude PerfectEMH Dude Perfect19 napja
  • I want to see F1 at Laguna Seca, Watkins Glen, Indy, Sebring, Road Atlanta, Daytona, Long Beach!

    DavidDavid19 napja
  • Iconic Kimi Raikonnen celebration Kimi: 12:14 *DRINK*

    Exit The GameExit The Game19 napja
  • They didn't include United States Grand Prix 2007... -_- !

    Leo AriasLeo Arias19 napja
  • Return back to downtown Phx? No bias of course 😈

    Unsinkable SamUnsinkable Sam19 napja
  • 0:33 uh oh.

    nzo_ 2410nzo_ 241020 napja
  • I would love to see F1 run in Daytona alongside the Miami GP

    BaboFromThe8BaboFromThe820 napja
  • Indianapolis 2007 and CotA 2015 are missing

    Elliot CrossanElliot Crossan20 napja
  • How 2015 can get ignored...It was such an exciting race, full of action

    KanaXuKanaXu20 napja
  • A

    The Stage 5 CloudThe Stage 5 Cloud20 napja
  • Man i just wanna see the HAAS TEAM be abit more competitive and maybe finish more races in the top 10

    Izzy AlvaradoIzzy Alvarado20 napja
    • @Steven Ratti yeah I mean I'm sure we ain't seeing an american driver anytime soon with the money boy and Schumacher 😔

      Izzy AlvaradoIzzy Alvarado19 napja
    • @Izzy Alvarado Actually, I'm just steamed about Gunther Steiner's idiotic comment saying that there aren't any qualified American drivers... when all you have to do is look at any of the Indy car races, and you see That's not true.

      Steven RattiSteven Ratti19 napja
    • @Steven Ratti ehh true but not much of a big deal imo

      Izzy AlvaradoIzzy Alvarado19 napja
    • I want to see that so-called American team hire an American driver...

      Steven RattiSteven Ratti19 napja
  • Those V10's going around the bank and front straight at Indy never gets old

    EnnesXEnnesX20 napja
  • Reverse listing.

    SvlSvl20 napja
  • Imagine you win a GP and only say "Thank you, fckn finally" to your team with cold accent.... IT'S ONLY KIMI!

    Achyar AnshoryAchyar Anshory20 napja
  • 4:23 Oh cool. He went past Barrichello twice...

    avadaavada20 napja
  • That is a cool and awesome

    Alexander PomeroyAlexander Pomeroy20 napja
  • ayeeee im form long beach california and i till live in long beach

    Andy VasquezAndy Vasquez20 napja
  • Only ever 1 American driver to win on home soil is an amazing statistic

    AttilatheThrillaAttilatheThrilla20 napja
  • All US grand prix were the most boring in the calendar.

    Mikhail PivnenkoMikhail Pivnenko20 napja
    • Why's that?!

      Raditya Pramana PutraRaditya Pramana Putra20 napja
  • 11:16 Does that rule still apply? Cant imagine the potential danger of driving on slicks in very rainy conditions because of some penalty

    MrDuckie228MrDuckie22820 napja
  • I thought that if anyone could stand the heat of Dallas it would be Senna, being from Brazil and all

    Cole CorbettCole Corbett20 napja
  • Poor F1 loosing millions of german viewers this year

    Knox CameronKnox Cameron20 napja
    • @Knox Cameron It's okay.

      Raditya Pramana PutraRaditya Pramana Putra20 napja
    • @Raditya Pramana Putra Doesnt matter

      Knox CameronKnox Cameron20 napja
    • @Knox Cameron In which town?

      Raditya Pramana PutraRaditya Pramana Putra20 napja
    • @Raditya Pramana Putra Germany ^^

      Knox CameronKnox Cameron20 napja
    • @Knox Cameron Woah, seriously?! How are you know about this?! And I'm sorry, but where are you from?

      Raditya Pramana PutraRaditya Pramana Putra20 napja
  • A Las Vegas car park that was tired of life to be more exact.

    ErghErgh20 napja
  • It's great that F1 teases us by showing a bunch of tracks they could have chosen for a second US GP instead of Miami which will probably be another snooze-fest (Yes, I know FIA Grade Licenses are a thing, that's beside the point)

    BB2023BB202320 napja
  • We will see the Florida man doing something crazy

    Yash MaliYash Mali20 napja
  • No mention of 2006?

    SavouryLobsterSavouryLobster20 napja
    • Maybe it's not enough to including on the Top 10, I think.

      Raditya Pramana PutraRaditya Pramana Putra20 napja
  • 2:34 sBinnalla Intensifies !!!

  • Maybe the 2004 US grand prix wasn't a great race, but it will always be in the Hungarians hearts, as Zsolt Baumgartner scored his first and only points in that race (as everyone retired behind him btw)

    Albert GyörgyAlbert György20 napja
  • USA has dull GPs

    Amal ShanthiAmal Shanthi20 napja
  • I saw all races in Texas from 2012-2019 live on TV my favourite circuit is Bahrain it has lots of cool layouts

    Dominik JóźwiakDominik Jóźwiak20 napja
  • 2005

    formulachickenformulachicken20 napja
  • Awesome Lewis title home track Kimi gets it after half an decade non winning streak Seb break Schumi winning streak Record

    Maxi FMaxi F20 napja
  • first 3 of the races in the video are 3 finns, how have won a championship or two

    ErilloErillo20 napja
  • Next year " Florida man is leading the race after stealing hamilton's car"

    Rodrigo BoschiRodrigo Boschi20 napja
  • to bad the tire debakel ended Indy - i really liked that track.

    Andreas WiesheuAndreas Wiesheu21 napja
  • 2 things we all remember from the 2018 U.S. Grand Prix: Kimi's win and the "Neow" guy.

    wwe1222wwe122221 napja
  • How come they showing the Gills Villanueva's face getting sprayed in 1984 while he died in 1982???!!!

    Hassan MerajHassan Meraj21 napja
  • Top 9 from Austin,Texas,2018 Ferrari Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen wins

    Wong Wai leongWong Wai leong21 napja
  • Long Beach and Indianapolis are the best US f1 track

    SunsetSunset21 napja
  • Many beautiful facilities in the USA and yet F1 chooses to construct an uninspired street course

    Mysterion157Mysterion15721 napja
  • Austin 2015???

    JemsJems21 napja
  • Dallas was the first race I ever watched.

    Nixer DoyleNixer Doyle21 napja

    Bonkers StatusBonkers Status21 napja
  • When are the pit girls coming back to F1?

    PhilippPhilipp21 napja
  • Breaking news:i have a 1 year anniversary

    Σωτηρης Τρομπουκης gaming 2020Σωτηρης Τρομπουκης gaming 202021 napja
  • Miami

    butterbrodbutterbrod21 napja
  • Why is this in my reccommends I don't even watch Nascar

    Jason JansenJason Jansen21 napja
  • Imo Berger was such similar to Bottas...

    LJ Lead-wonLJ Lead-won21 napja
  • このアーカイブはものすごく好き。生まれる前からの伝説のレーサーからまさに今を戦うチャンピオンまで。90年代の懐かしい名前が私には宝物です。 I just really like this movie as an archive. From legendary racers before they were born to champions who are fighting right now. The nostalgic name of the 90's is a treasure to me. I love it.

    Niwa MasayoshiNiwa Masayoshi21 napja
  • 13:01 has anyone ever completed a successful overtake there?

    Sergio AlmeidaSergio Almeida21 napja
  • Hamilton: From 9th to 2nd Watson: hold my beer

  • Bro we need Detroit back, they got a tunnel and all kinds of technical turns and flexibility for a new layout even.

    Akhilesh SaravananAkhilesh Saravanan21 napja
  • Will Buxton doing another F1 top 10: *Everyone liked that *

    The ProfessorThe Professor21 napja
  • Bring back the grid girls.. girls and fast cars are the perfect blend.

    Adam AhmedAdam Ahmed21 napja
  • How come USA 2005 is not there? The most unique race ever.

    Chaitanya PathareChaitanya Pathare21 napja
  • 4:22 who is she?

    Leonardo AfinoviczLeonardo Afinovicz21 napja
  • I'd love to see Indianapolis or Road America get on the schedule soon.

    SnekkSnekk21 napja
  • Wheres the 2005 GP ?? :)

    Wedder LeonelWedder Leonel21 napja
  • Ah yes, the perpetually "interesting" relationship between the States and F1. My Grandfather was an engineer for Lockheed in the 60's 70's and 80's and his best friend was with Rocketdyne. They loved Grand Prix racing, but were always the extreme minority. They had a theory as to why formula racing(and racing in general) has never really been held in high regard in the States. Basically it boiled down to the best engineers from their generation(and the next) going to Defense contractors, Nasa(Space Race) or Silicon Valley. He always said, why would anyone go to Detroit when you could go to California, Florida, etc. Plus, not having a high end car manufacturer within the U.S. to get behind doesn't help. A very oversimplified theory from a diverse country, but it's just a theory. Plus, I doubt anyone reads this. I truly hope the Miami circuit proves eventful!

    Ian MichaelIan Michael21 napja
  • Why not subtitles? Boring...

    Pedro SouzaPedro Souza21 napja
  • Well, kimi just being kimi 😂

    Kazef WKazef W21 napja
  • 3:13 toto wolff 2.0??

    Hf FhHf Fh21 napja
  • Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados. .

    Laura MárquezLaura Márquez21 napja
  • 7:37 anyone knows the music track? :)

    Onur SahinOnur Sahin21 napja
  • FINALLY! It's based on the US.

    BravoRomeo 2018BravoRomeo 201821 napja
  • No Hamilton vs Alonso battle??

    KurseKurse21 napja
  • 🏁🏎️🇺🇸🔥

    Vini AlmeidaVini Almeida21 napja
  • I think that US grand Prix in 2004;2005;2007 and 2012 are fantastic too

    Giuliano MingroneGiuliano Mingrone21 napja