Top 10 F1 Drivers To Never Win A Race

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Not every F1 driver gets to taste victory - here are ten of the very best who didn't quite get over the line...
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  • Johansson also couldve Won in Detroit and beat Keke whos Williams was Overheating during the Race but in the Last Laps Stefan Brakes wore Fading

    Joao BaptistaJoao BaptistaNapja
  • I'm a welsh person and my dad loved tom pryce

    Core_rossiCore_rossi3 napja
  • If perez didn't win in 2020 he would have been in the list

    Br flyBr fly4 napja
  • Would exclude Grosejan...

    nileaoux nilenileaoux nile5 napja
  • Brendon Hartley: Top 10 people to never finish a race

    thomasrobinsonthomasrobinson9 napja
  • You forgot Cheever

    fed betfed bet9 napja
  • Someone needs to give Hulkenburg a seat

    Holden CrossHolden Cross14 napja
  • It was said that to make the old Interlagos turn 1 and 2 on full throttle was making it "Jarier Style". He was the first to pull it out and in 1975 everyone crowded the stands close to turn 1 (curva 1) to se him do it. Now the old turn 1 is where the Stands for the "Senna S" lie.

    Cronista MundanoCronista Mundano16 napja
  • Grosjean does not deserve to be in front of some of these drivers

    Flozz26Flozz2616 napja
  • Hulkenberg?

    Kas NijhuisKas Nijhuis18 napja
  • Checo : "Whoo, very close"

    Riegel Vega Аι.τRiegel Vega Аι.τ18 napja
  • Including Grosjean is a joke

    JGJG19 napja
  • There should be also: Eddie Cheever, Eugenio Castellotti, Gigi Villoresi, Nico Hulkenberg, Masten Gregory and many more

  • Top 1 win drivers 1.Jean Alesi 2. Robert Kubica 3. Sergio Perez 4. Bruce McLaren 5. Jaarno Trulli 6. Olivier Panis

    Adam PettenAdam Petten20 napja
  • Grosjean couldnt win a race even if he was the only person in it !

    Random1% BikerRandom1% Biker20 napja
  • Heidfeld: Helds the record for most podiums without a win. In this video he also gets on the podium and doesn't win it.

    TheVersionEinsTheVersionEins21 napja
  • She can't pronounce Ayrton's name properly. What with Eeeirton?

    Gilvan SouzaGilvan Souza21 napja
  • lol @brundle. most overrated driver, beaten by rookies. absolutely outrageous on the mic . the ignorance/arrogance to mispronounce all nonenglish names on purpose is downright shameful. not even close to the top 3 brit drivers of the 90s

    Cliché GuevaraCliché Guevara21 napja
  • 90s... senna bellof and schumacher. imagine how crazy that would have been

    SamaraSamara22 napja
  • HULK is better than every drivers at this video

    Vatanen RALLYEVatanen RALLYE22 napja
  • Imagine if water was hosed into crowd nowadays to cool them... Thousands of people complaining about their ruined phones. And what comes to pure style, people those days (50s to 80s) were phenomenally more stylish and beutiful than people this days. (And before all the boomer comments, I can admit most things are better these days.)

    Sepi 9966Sepi 996623 napja
  • Jose Calos.......PASS???? Cmon F1!!

    Hammer handHammer hand23 napja
  • Winkelhock and Hulk are the legends of F1!

    Pedro Henrique V. CattelanPedro Henrique V. Cattelan24 napja
    • Winkelhock leads his first GP

      Pedro Henrique V. CattelanPedro Henrique V. Cattelan24 napja
  • And Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulkenberg?

    Pedro Henrique V. CattelanPedro Henrique V. Cattelan24 napja
  • I’m staggered that the great Tarso Marques isn’t on this list.

    accomifyaccomify25 napja
  • Does Anyone know how the song is called at 05:00 mins?

    F MF M25 napja
  • Poor Nick

    Nick SternkopfNick Sternkopf27 napja
  • Meanwhile Jean Alesi: "What a bunch of losers!".

    MagMag28 napja
  • Number 1: Nico Hülkenberg

    AppleLaudaAppleLauda29 napja
  • 1:24 I've heard of Aryton Senna, but who is this Ayerton Senna you are talking about? :D

    Bálint SzépBálint Szép29 napja
  • What about Kevin Magnussen?

    Frederik KorsgaardFrederik KorsgaardHónapja
  • My paesano...Mr. Jarno Truli. I know Fisi won that wild one in the Jordan I believe

    Sal PumaSal PumaHónapja
  • 2:47 Carlos ‘Pass’ - that is lame 👎

    Big ZeddieBig ZeddieHónapja
  • George Russel..

    Wan Nurul Amin AminWan Nurul Amin AminHónapja
  • Nick Heidfeld finished 2nd 8 times. Poor guy honestly

    Mr. BoneheadMr. BoneheadHónapja
  • No hulkenberg?

    to whom it may concernto whom it may concernHónapja
  • Roman in the top ten best drivers????? Really ????? Thats just madness.🤔

    Gerry DGerry DHónapja
    • romain grosjean is incredibly talented and underrated and one of the best in the last decade or so

      Oddjob PlayzPS4Oddjob PlayzPS428 napja
  • I can picture it now to everyones discontent when they add George Russell to this list

  • 1) The correct term would be : Never won a World Championship race. Behra, Pryce, Amon all won F1 races, they just didn't count into the championship.

  • You all better give props to my man Eddie Cheever

    Davit WhiteDavit WhiteHónapja
  • Maldonado is at #1 oh wait

    Kaung Sithu settKaung Sithu settHónapja
  • A bunch of Russells😂

    Jay WellzJay WellzHónapja
  • So where's Mika Salo? He was going to win first and only time in F1 but Ferrari team order made him give the place for Irvine. That's one of the biggest robbery in F1 history. It's another thing to lose your 1st place to some unlucky malfunction or error. Getting team ordered your only possible win is brutal.

  • la FFL en joie.

  • I don't get how Hulk didn't make it into that list

    Yahya RumzanYahya RumzanHónapja
  • In the Lotus team Romain Grojan would be won a race.

    Zoltán LászlóZoltán LászlóHónapja
  • This woman needs to go. She can’t say anyone’s name right...

  • We want clip about top 10 drivers who never drive in F1

    Dušan ČičerikovDušan ČičerikovHónapja
  • Why, when speaking of Jarier joining Lotus, do they show images of him in an ATS ?

  • My respect for Grosjean, but he's not to be in the list. Even in his last season he would do to many beginner's errors and to often cause crashes to be a notable F1 driver. (I mean not his fire accident, that could have happened to the best.)

  • Hello

    The SunThe SunHónapja
  • Who is Ay-erton Senna?

  • Question. Is there a driver with a championship but without wins in that season?

    Jr TrJr TrHónapja
  • Did I see a pic of Gilles Villeneuve?

    Troy LewisTroy LewisHónapja
  • My boy Magnussen not even getting a nod here. Disappointing that the world never got to see his potential in Formula 1. Watch him smash IMSA!

    Frederik Schak GaardeFrederik Schak GaardeHónapja
  • I watch f1 since 1997. Heidfeld and hülkenberg are the Best drivers i witnessed, which Not won a Race.

  • I was honestly shocked to learn that Nick Hiedfeld never won a race.

  • The lack of Andrea de Cesaris here is a real shame.

  • This video should be titled "How to mispronounce Ayrton"

  • i was wondering why Gilles Villeneuve was in the thumbnail!? I was like are these guys that sloopy that they made a mistake like that!?

    Yellow Tea potYellow Tea potHónapja
  • Sato Takuma

    László VarjuLászló VarjuHónapja
  • This chick pronouncing names made me lose braincells

    Waffles / Carter-iwnl-Waffles / Carter-iwnl-Hónapja
  • Grosjean doesn't deserve to be on this list. Stick Brundle in there instead

  • Why they are only french 😭😭

    Pierre COUVREURPierre COUVREURHónapja
  • 4:49 Le Môn.

    Дарко АдамовићДарко АдамовићHónapja
  • Grosjean? Seriously?

    Николай КолчевНиколай КолчевHónapja
  • Clearly they're saving Hulkenberg for the "Top 10 Drivers to Never Get a Podium" video

    Armchair RacerArmchair RacerHónapja
    • To be fair, if you can't get on a podium then you don't deserve to be a winner

  • Nick heifeld

    Kenan bmwKenan bmwHónapja
  • Is it Claire William's voice behind the video?

    Bowynn NoanoaBowynn NoanoaHónapja
  • Where is Kevin?

  • One thing im going to say is: thanks for including Stefan. a true legend.

    Alok LokhandeAlok LokhandeHónapja
  • Where is HULK?

    Manuel RamlowManuel RamlowHónapja
  • Belloff is the biggest "what if?" of all time Also Heidfeld was massively underrated

    Mauricio Correa MezaMauricio Correa MezaHónapja
  • Qualifying.Podium.P1. It's way though than we imagine... except for Hamilton.

    The Mountain ManThe Mountain ManHónapja
  • Grosjean?, Bruble?, really?, really?. come on. Sato, Sutil, J. Verstappen, K. Magnussen, Salo, where are all these ones?

    Kaiserlos TKaiserlos THónapja
  • Where's my boi Hülk????

    Respectable BoganRespectable BoganHónapja
  • Chris Amon: incredibly quick in some not-so-brilliant machinery, but so unlucky in F1 that Mario Andretti famously said 'if he was an undertaker, people would stop dying'

    Jeb MotorsportJeb MotorsportHónapja
  • And Nico Hülkenberg?

    Arturo GonzálezArturo GonzálezHónapja
  • Does hulkenberg get his own video then? That's an odd omission. Thought he was going to be number 1.

  • the way she pronounces the name Ayrton... 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Artūrs EversonsArtūrs EversonsHónapja
  • So Senna vetoing another driver uh? And then he complaint about Prost vetoing him...

  • I didn't realize so many drivers were killed in Formula 1. It's so sad.

    Antonio BlackAntonio BlackHónapja
  • top racers to die before they won a race

  • NICO HUUUUULKENBERGGG has entered the chat*

    Rose Dawn MusicRose Dawn MusicHónapja
  • En esta lista tambien esta Nico Hulkenberg,una pena que ese piloto no haya ganado una carrera,en esta lista los hay inmerecidos de este honor.

    Sergio David BuitronSergio David BuitronHónapja

    J KJ KHónapja
  • Allan McNish was a great driver, he won many races like the 24 Hrs. of LeMans and he drove as an F1 driver in a team that did not have the car to let him compete. He has even announced F1. I met him in an obsolete driving game where they let me virtually drive a car with him at Laguna Seca and he coached me how to take the corkscrew better. It was still one of the coolest sim racing experiences of my life.

  • Number 5: Romain Grosjean

    isaac gaming 21isaac gaming 21Hónapja
  • And of the 10, 9 didn't win this either. 🤣

    Yassine SaïdiYassine SaïdiHónapja
  • The worst of them: Romain Grosjean

    javier garridojavier garridoHónapja
  • Hulkenberg plays football

    Kristian GomesKristian GomesHónapja
  • Stefan Bellof would have been a great rival of Ayrton, if not the best driver in the world. It melts my heart to seem him in this list, but thank you F1-Team to bring him to this list!

    Manter RManter RHónapja
  • Eddie Cheever? Dude had 8 podiums in 132 starts spanning over 10 seasons. Arguably better F1 career than Warwick and Jarier. Also, Andrea de Cesaris, no matter what you think of him, was, like Jarier, very fast at times. He had a pole at Long Beach in 1982 and led early on. People forget his blazing start at Spa in 1983 where he shot into the lead. He was leading that race comfortably before retiring with engine or gearbox issues. He also had over 200 starts.

    Paul OPaul OHónapja
  • Why grosjean, he has 0 talent

    Angus PLAYERAngus PLAYERHónapja
    • He has 10 podiums. How many does Hulkenberg have? I ain't saying Romain is the best but he isnt a slouch

      County Line GamesCounty Line GamesHónapja

    Obito UchihaObito UchihaHónapja
  • Ahem. Mika Salo, anyone?

  • Nico hulkenberg

    Chris RebersChris RebersHónapja
  • love how grojean is the thumbnail hahah

    Lewis FosterLewis FosterHónapja
  • Sadly, this is going to get bigger thanks to the Mercedes dictatorship... F1, do something for once...

    mindugi ;)mindugi ;)Hónapja
  • Pedro Rodríguez debería estar aquí

    Santiago AlbaSantiago AlbaHónapja