Top 10 Dramatic Moments of the 2020 F1 Season!

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What an incredible, jaw-dropping season we had! We've got the most dramatic moments across 2020's 17 races here.
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  • This is the biggest crashes video just in a different order

    Matthew HendersonMatthew Henderson7 órája
  • We all knew what number 1 was going to be

    Owen PaylorOwen PaylorNapja
  • Season 3 March 8th Netflix drive to survive 🔥🏎

    brian fletcherbrian fletcher3 napja
  • March 19th is drive to survive

    Formula 1Formula 13 napja
  • Lewis is a sore looser all right

    kraikkonen05kraikkonen054 napja
  • Romain Grosjean escaping the fire still gives my goosebumps to this day

    IronJellyYTIronJellyYT5 napja

    Marcelo GuardiaMarcelo Guardia5 napja
  • I agree

    Filip CiolkowskiFilip Ciolkowski5 napja
  • Sing terakhir medeni dewe rekkk...

    Sempak FiraunSempak Firaun5 napja
  • 5:52 That me goosebumbs!

    Mohan SMohan S5 napja
  • To much swearing but that's OK it makes a sound

    MLG Boss 2MLG Boss 25 napja
  • After all the Halo is not a bad thing .....

    CoughingPigCoughingPig6 napja
  • what is even the point of including number 1? we already all know it

    FireLynxFireLynx6 napja
  • What did he say at 7:42-44?

    EazeYTEazeYT7 napja
  • Achei um narrador mais insuportavel q o brasileiro

    G ScheithauerG Scheithauer8 napja
  • Its like just watching this year Drive to Survive series Teaser!!

    trix丶RAFFINtrix丶RAFFIN10 napja
  • What was everyones reaction prior to Romain Grosjean's crash and the reaction WHEN he crashed. Mine prior was like "Oh oh, looks like a Hass is going off the track, clearly a crash is imminent, but nothing bad. When he crashed I was like "On second thought, I take back my recent thought, That crash is very bad, I hope the driver involved is ok.

    IDGam3rIDGam3r10 napja
  • Y la victoria de checo que

    Vico El ultimo sobrevivienteVico El ultimo sobreviviente11 napja
  • 7:30 ... oh Grosjean if only you knew 😔😔😔

    CanadaKingCanadaKing11 napja
  • Crash

    SerenaSerena12 napja
  • still grateful grosjean is okay

    Tanner DavaultTanner Davault13 napja
  • still don't see my Lewis was given pen for number 10

    chris Bamochris Bamo13 napja
  • Not much to say about Scuderia Ferrari. They're riding little ponies and not competitive in the whole season. They got great name for the cars, but great disappointment as well for Ferrari fans, including me.

    Albertus AswinAlbertus Aswin14 napja
  • 8:01 on le voit bouger wsh

    jac adrien_ zobie82jac adrien_ zobie8216 napja
  • I noticed how a lot of F1 are taking heavy damage, how about you guys put a double bar around the wheel🤔 not from above but from the side, it would be able to protect the wheel from other F1 touching other that leads to a wreck or a big crash with other F1’s Just trying to find a way to help out😊

    HOTBOY XHOTBOY X16 napja
  • I think this was the most terrific and beautiful f1 season I've ever seen in my life..

    Aircrafts AddictAircrafts Addict17 napja
  • Season 3 Netflix?

    Luxe 1xLuxe 1x17 napja
  • it's a shame that now everybody love grosjean for that crash and not for his talent

    Bibarel.memynosBibarel.memynos18 napja
  • If all cars are not equal then whats the point of racing the same team on top for a whole decade 😂 Whats the fun in that?

    Jevaunne HeadleyJevaunne Headley18 napja
  • For me George Russell in Mercedes - the "stolen victoory" by the Box Drama was missing

    MartyMcFlyMartyMcFly20 napja
  • The fact that Stroll get pole is a dramatic moment 🤔😂

    CleenredCleenred22 napja
  • At 8:21 tho

    Max CuttrissMax Cuttriss24 napja
  • Russia 2015: Biggest crash Bahrain 2020: Hold my beer

    landolando24 napja
  • Hamilton cuando no gana, guarrea, es un cerdo

    JoseOchoa MUSICJoseOchoa MUSIC27 napja
  • Lewis is a cheater

    Galank GC IndonesiaGalank GC Indonesia27 napja
  • We all knew what was going to be first

    Harry.kHarry.k27 napja
  • 1:48 i ever felt that feeling like Leclerc when i thought i was gonna win in but in a racing game called RR3.

    Jonathan marvel saptrasto Red DragonJonathan marvel saptrasto Red Dragon27 napja
  • No.1 Has to be the sound of Alonso's Renault SCREAMING down the pit straight at Abu Dhabi! More excitement in that sound than all the races in the season put together!

    Malcolm MiddletonMalcolm Middleton27 napja
  • it's nothing happy when Luis win cuz he does it every time

    Kailey CheungKailey Cheung29 napja
  • 7:10 , “okay here’s the plan. you go left I’ll go right.”

    Fredrik ZFredrik ZHónapja
  • The only reason why I don't watch this is because hamilton or bottas win 90% of the time.

    Rising RappersRising RappersHónapja
  • stroll kl malo jksjada xD!

  • Can anyone please tell me names of those soundtracks? They're spot on

    Jan UrbaniakJan UrbaniakHónapja
  • he said boiz hes the homie

    Ettore FieramoscaEttore FieramoscaHónapja
  • 🛡🗿✳💉🔯📅⛎📆♈⛏♏📊♎💸♍💷♌💶♋💸💷♊💶♉📝♱📡🛐📱✴📲⛭📱⛮🔋☎☸☏⛯☎

    Walid AdjeridWalid AdjeridHónapja
  • 🎻🎼♩🔮📋📌✉

    Walid AdjeridWalid AdjeridHónapja
  • 🕀🗺🕁🌏🕂⛤⛦⛥🕂🗺🕁🌐🕀🌏🏔⛰🗻🌋⛰🗻🕃⛧🕄

    Walid AdjeridWalid AdjeridHónapja
  • ▫⤵◾↩◽↪◼🔃⬛🔄⬜

    Walid AdjeridWalid AdjeridHónapja
  • ⛯☸⛮⛭✴⚙♉♋♌🛐⛻☍

    Walid AdjeridWalid AdjeridHónapja
  • ☨♇☧⚕☦⚚☥☤🎦🔠☩🔡💲🔢☭🔤💱🔣☩♒♐⚶⚒⚔⚖☨🔅☼🔆⚝⚞〽⚟

    Walid AdjeridWalid AdjeridHónapja
  • ⚦⚣♂♁⚩⚨

    Walid AdjeridWalid AdjeridHónapja
  • 3:42 suara nya kek dream minecraft

    Dhafa RiezqiDhafa RiezqiHónapja
  • 8:36 cops work 👏👏👏

    suresh thandasuresh thandaHónapja
  • Why Stroll pole position is dramatic?

  • Marvin EscobarMarvin EscobarHónapja
  • No last lap lando?!?

    Logan KolbLogan KolbHónapja
  • 1:11 What happen? What is "lock-up" ?

    Marcos De SensiMarcos De SensiHónapja
  • Lewis Lamelton

  • Let me guess. Grosjean, Bahrain no. 1?

    Sck BihSck BihHónapja
  • 05:08 low downforce car control. And also engine performance. Ferrari PU (in the Alfa) had no chance. Was 2019 a loophole year for Ferrari PU?

    Gábor MiklayGábor MiklayHónapja
  • 03:16 👍

    Gábor MiklayGábor MiklayHónapja
  • 03:00 younger Max Verstappen was also in a too much hurry sometimes. Charles will calm down. I think.

    Gábor MiklayGábor MiklayHónapja
  • Hamilton took blame Alex Albion AGAIN

    Gripen LS5904474Gripen LS5904474Hónapja
    • Haha

      Gripen LS5904474Gripen LS5904474Hónapja
  • 3:33 Stroll's laugh made my day haha

  • Momentos que van a quedar guardados en la historia de la f1

    Marco Antonio Cortes AscencioMarco Antonio Cortes AscencioHónapja

    Ömer HakimÖmer HakimHónapja
  • I'm 13 and thinking of doing F1 racing. This settles it.

    Purab KothariPurab KothariHónapja
  • Driving gloves are not Fire Proof ? W**

    FakeNoob YupFakeNoob YupHónapja
  • Just the thing I needed after this day in home office to make it a bit better. Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

  • 飞哥:“啊!不行了不行了!他撑不到的,撑不到的兄弟们!” 然哥:“他撑得到的他撑得到的!把底板打碎也要跑!”兵哥:“他冲线了嘛?他冲线了嘛?维斯塔潘在哪里?导播我们需要赛道图啊!呜!!!!!!”

    Ferdinand HuFerdinand HuHónapja
  • I always love Leclerc self reflection although he performs awesome he beats himself up for mistakes and learns a-lot from the thats whyhe is my favorite driver

    Jarno Van de putJarno Van de putHónapja
  • Goosebump moment when Lewis won that race

  • 6:16 : Mcqueen’s blown a tire Mcqueen’s blown a tire go go go go go

    Mustafa KayaMustafa KayaHónapja
  • Grosjean's fatal crash at #1 gave me tons of shocks.

    Damar FadlanDamar FadlanHónapja
  • These cars are so fragile

    Inco PInco PHónapja
  • The insidious porcupine substantively describe because prepared advisably command over a wet act. frequent, productive fiber

    le lule luHónapja
  • 3:41 that makes me feel happy :')

    Alexis Reyes RAlexis Reyes RHónapja
  • the greaterst lewis

    tung cstung csHónapja
  • No, Alex, Lewis is a winner.

    Privacy Is EverythingPrivacy Is EverythingHónapja

    Mano ManikkamMano ManikkamHónapja
    • Yea, cuz I wanted Mercedes to wim that race.

      LunarTesting23 ROBLOXLunarTesting23 ROBLOXHónapja
  • Roman Haas Crash and explodes into a fireball horrible

  • Where is the Perez Win ?

  • F1 looks like circus to me I cant take this seriously

  • 2020 scenario was everywhere...

    rishav rajrishav rajHónapja
  • 3:40 me on the mic after my teammate clutches

  • 'D a n y'

    Find The Odd Emoji StudiosFind The Odd Emoji StudiosHónapja
  • 3:41 sounds like dream

  • Kyvyat's crash could of been the same as grosjeans had he been 2 foot to the right. Scary Stuff

    Kieran MillarKieran MillarHónapja
  • No overtakes by Hamilton 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Alessandro DonadeoAlessandro DonadeoHónapja
  • Best 2019

    카운트 튜브Count Tube카운트 튜브Count TubeHónapja
  • Hey F1, please adjust the Portuguese GP into the 2021 calendar. It was one of the best races last year. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭😭 What a track, Portimão! 🔥🔥🔥

    Abhimanyu KohliAbhimanyu KohliHónapja
  • Musics by?

    Ramon SantosRamon SantosHónapja
  • Albon austria 2020 still hurts...

    Герман ЯновГерман ЯновHónapja
  • 2:05 Binotto: Pronto GioGio. Antonio: My name is Antonio. Binotto: Belgium 2019

    Bogdan VischetBogdan VischetHónapja

    Henrique MachadoHenrique MachadoHónapja
    • MOST

      Henrique MachadoHenrique MachadoHónapja
  • Indeed, the top two are so nasty.

    Lightening McQueenLightening McQueenHónapja
  • stroll was first in wiliams and at that time he was the hole time last and in racing point he gets a pole pretty nice

    RXS straRXS straHónapja
  • Grosjean'in olayı ibrettir.

    Yildiray AtalayYildiray AtalayHónapja
  • 8:00 i see this on live

    Bair JolsonaroBair JolsonaroHónapja
  • The world looks ****** with those masks