Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski Reunite for 1st Touchdown of Super Bowl 55

2021.febr. 7.
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Brady & Gronk Reunite for the First Touchdown of Super Bowl 55
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  • Can we appreciate that Highlight Heaven has been posting non stop all year?

    Timothy DeLormeTimothy DeLorme20 napja
    • What else is he suppose to do, not lol

      First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name20 napja
    • Thank You Mr. Highlight Heaven

      King CharlesKing Charles20 napja
    • Yep. I have to respect this guys’s grind, his upload speed is pretty fast.

      「re:kter.」「re:kter.」20 napja
    • Faxxx! Highlight Heaven is just the goat 🐐! Worked hard all season long! We have a sports show called Sports snow with Darius & Aiden and we would really appreciate it if you would check us out!

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    • Big respect

      Lane HobbyLane Hobby20 napja
  • Lol nobody went after him fake ass nfl

  • Here are some more I found

    Boca CiegaBoca Ciega8 napja
  • I went for buccaneers, but that was supposed to be a penalty. Number 13 did a pick on the defensive player.

    Alden StallworthAlden Stallworth13 napja
  • Brady and Gronk are such a deadly combination. The greatest quarterback ever with a big, strong tight end who many believe to be the best tight end ever.

    btw3006btw300614 napja
  • Bill stick that in your pipe and smoke it

    J CJ C17 napja
  • Late 70s New York Giants fan here.. And this game... and Brady to Gronk blew me away...

    Robert BRobert B17 napja
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    noah danielsnoah daniels19 napja
  • Is it me, or does it look like Tyrann just gave up on the play?

    Chuck TungChuck Tung19 napja
  • Gronk honest to God could’ve had super bowl MVP

    Ryan BrownRyan Brown19 napja
  • Look at 32 on defense quit on the play. He had the angle, all NFL is rigged, it’s so obvious.

    All Truth Matters!All Truth Matters!19 napja
    • He did quit a bit but his teammate was blocking him from having a better angle to make the tackle.

      Garry MillerGarry Miller16 napja
  • At this point, it’s not even the Bucs playing, it’s Tom and Gronk playing.

    TheWutangclan1995TheWutangclan199520 napja
  • I'm not saying I don't like his vids, but I did NOT like the refs.

    Jackson RogersJackson Rogers20 napja

  • They're up to 14 now, Brady threw to Gronk a 2nd time in SB 55. Gronk definitely will get a HoF 1st round and Brady will need another wing added or a personal museum dedicated to him alone at this rate.

    Wen L.Wen L.20 napja
  • Frank Clark played that terribly, as the DEnd that Gronk ran past. It's poor awareness by Clark.

    All_22_NFL_CutsAll_22_NFL_Cuts20 napja
  • this brought back memories

    chris jenkinschris jenkins20 napja
  • Niner fans: “we almost had it”

    Moko KocoMoko Koco20 napja
  • "Group hug in the showers"-Tom Brady

    Risky65Risky6520 napja
  • brady to gronk still devastating so is tampa bay defense.

    lobo de la suertelobo de la suerte20 napja
  • Reunited, and it feels so good

    Ken ArthurKen Arthur20 napja
  • End the game and declare the Buccaneers the winner. There's no way the Chiefs can win. It's silly to even continue the game. I stopped watching the game. I'd rather watch something more entertaining like Infinity War.

    StaticBlasterStaticBlaster20 napja
  • Tom Brady, Manny Pacquiao are gonna go down as the top 2 best 40 year old athletes ever with Tiger Woods at solid third right now. Federer can join that group if he wins at least a slam, a master 1000 or at least a 500 tournament tournament this year. A close 1A group would be Drew Brees and Manu Ginobili😀

    Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever20 napja
  • Lmao the refs are HARD carrying Brady with BS penalties on the Chiefs. Looks like the NFL still couldn’t care less about integrity. I hope people stop giving money to the league until they give reasonable oversight over refs that only throw flags against one side.

    UndertakerU2berUndertakerU2ber20 napja
  • Brady, Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Why can't we get good players like that in New England?...... O wait!

    Mike ConstantineMike Constantine20 napja
    • @Ernesto Gastelum Fortunately all those teams had decent quarterbacks!

      Mike ConstantineMike Constantine13 napja
    • @Mike Constantine im pretty sure Tom couldve gone to the SB with another team as well

      Ernesto GastelumErnesto Gastelum13 napja
    • @Wen L. I agree, I think Tom could read the writing on the wall

      Mike ConstantineMike Constantine20 napja
    • @Mike Constantine We went for broke on players that never truly panned out. N'Keal Harry is mediocre receiver at best, Stidham can't do much as a backup, and sadly old Julian Edelman/James White can't be asked to carry the load indefinitely. Defense is in decent shape with McCourty twins anchoring, but our O-line is lackluster. There needs to be a lot of work done..

      Wen L.Wen L.20 napja
    • @Wen L. The patriots, Even with Gronkowski and Brady, Would not have been in the Super Bowl this year! The Rest of team just wasn't good enough! The only place those 2 guys could win a Super Bowl This year was in Tampa!

      Mike ConstantineMike Constantine20 napja
  • Hope someone checked the ball he's using..... Lol Half of this guy's career,is based on his cheating,and him not complying with the investigation proves this guy is a cheat....

    Lee KLee K20 napja
  • Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️ 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

    El-Hajj Malik El-ShabazzEl-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz20 napja
  • It’s quite obvious which team is favored to win.... the reffing is embarrassing to watch. Silly thinking this is being evenly officiated.

    Zig WilZig Wil20 napja
  • This game is fixed they want Tempa Bay to win lol

    Carl HsiehCarl Hsieh20 napja
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    Cynthia JonesCynthia Jones20 napja
  • The Buccaneers are winning only because the referees are biased and made some bullshit calls. The guy didn't trip. He fell. If the Buccaneers win, I want the Chiefs to declare a National Emergency to overturn the results.

    StaticBlasterStaticBlaster20 napja
  • Bucs leading 21 to 6!!! Can Brady make it 7 🤔

    George TelloGeorge Tello20 napja
  • The game is rigged no question

    Revil DrxpRevil Drxp20 napja
  • Refs just need to hand trophy to Brady now. This is sad.

    Salty NavySalty Navy20 napja
    • Well he payed up front so i guess its his

      yeety skeetyeety skeet20 napja
  • Now two

    Terrence KingTerrence King20 napja
  • Gronk: Only 1?? Let's make it 2

    Altruistic LemurAltruistic Lemur20 napja
  • GO BUCS!!!

    Katerina KittycatKaterina Kittycat20 napja
  • bucks for ever

    MaxIMilianMusIsAPedophileMaxIMilianMusIsAPedophile20 napja
  • so what about covid? I see the field is packed

    john ayackojohn ayacko20 napja
  • CBS local TV / Yahoo Sports App / LOCAST APP

    Forging AerospaceForging Aerospace20 napja
  • Gronk Spike.

    empire jeffempire jeff20 napja
  • Patriot fans and Bill currently crying rn lol

    Keyan4x4Keyan4x420 napja
  • Thanks to the power of Manscaped 3.0 Rob had the flowy movement of hair free balls to score that TD

    MrMcGuyver377MrMcGuyver37720 napja
  • #ThxLordForHH

    Pete W.Pete W.20 napja
  • me "wait why are there people there? pandemic?" also me "oh yeah trump got the election stolen"

    yung sh4d0wyung sh4d0w20 napja
    • @Foxtrot lock me up

      yung sh4d0wyung sh4d0w20 napja
    • “Stolen”

      FoxtrotFoxtrot20 napja
  • “Playing till the end” video based on the bucs dude just getting the ball punched out in the end zone

    hotdogwaterhotdogwater20 napja
  • GOAT

    SoyBoy SkylerSoyBoy Skyler20 napja
  • It’s enough to make a grown man cry

    Marq The WermMarq The Werm20 napja
  • Let’s go Brady

    Luke WhelanLuke Whelan20 napja
  • I am watching it now

    Huntley GastonHuntley Gaston20 napja
  • I just watched that on the actual game

    Huntley GastonHuntley Gaston20 napja
  • How is there all ready a video

    Josie and Ella talk SportsJosie and Ella talk Sports20 napja
  • Bro wtf the ad break hasn’t even started yet. I know you be time traveling to get these clips

    Lusty World [L i v E N o W]Lusty World [L i v E N o W]20 napja
    • Stolen

      LudwihkLudwihk20 napja
  • Highlight heaven uploading faster than the speed of light

    All sports HighlightsAll sports Highlights20 napja
  • I'm at the superbowl and the score is still 3-0

    Aaron LarsenAaron Larsen20 napja
  • Bruh the announcer jinx is real😐

    This Channel is deadThis Channel is dead20 napja
  • Brady's first touchdown in the first quarter of a Super Bowl was to Gronk. Poetic

    Rutherford B. HayesRutherford B. Hayes20 napja
    • Right after the announcers said he’d never done that before

      VMohdude -VMohdude -20 napja
  • No matter who wins. I’m grateful to have seen Brady play growing up. I never got to see Jordan but he’s my generations Jordan. And same goes for Mahomes if he stays on tract.

    zaying Huizaying Hui20 napja
  • You can hate the Patriots. You Can hate Bill. You Can Hate Brady. But you can't hate Gronk. miss you

    Fissey GamingFissey Gaming20 napja
  • Just like old times.

    Gabriel JacksonGabriel Jackson20 napja
  • Thank you Highlight Heaven for all the time you put into making and uploading these videos for us . We appreciate all you have done !!!

    an aan a20 napja
  • LFG!!!

    ScarecrouScarecrou20 napja
  • PAIN

    Cam Freakin NewtonCam Freakin Newton20 napja
  • Crazy how Tom Brady and Gronk came to the NFC and already made the superbowl 💀

    S CLASSS CLASS20 napja
  • Yee boi

    Oliver McCallOliver McCall20 napja
  • Nfl is rigged. Bucs will win, Brady is the league’s golden boy.

    Tim GrinsteadTim Grinstead20 napja
  • Let's gooooooooooooooo! Bucs

    Zozo TVZozo TV20 napja
  • Is nobody gonna talk about that sexy new td graphic

    LastSurvivingGamer 972LastSurvivingGamer 97220 napja
  • Gronk does it again! This Browns fan wants the Chiefs to lose

    Wall O' BrixWall O' Brix20 napja
  • Yes sir

    Enzyme SelectEnzyme Select20 napja
  • Ok this is off topic but the new graphics are fucking cool. Cant wait to see the versions for the other 30 franchises

    Ethan’s Random ChannelEthan’s Random Channel20 napja
  • Highlight Heaven posts faster then the speed of light

    Fissey GamingFissey Gaming20 napja
  • Nobody’s talking about these cool new score graphics

    Bubble GamingBubble Gaming20 napja
    • Yeah I’m always interested in what the new score layout will be in the superbowl to seeing it a lot for the next season

      S CLASSS CLASS20 napja
    • I like it. New TV scoreboards always interest me.

      Reese DavidsonReese Davidson20 napja
  • Gronk SMASH!!!

    Brute BetterBrute Better20 napja
  • Thank you for uploading non stop this year

    Mr Matthew F1Mr Matthew F120 napja

    Austin JacksonAustin Jackson20 napja
  • I can’t wait for HighlightHeaven to provide groundbreaking highlights of the Super Bowl LV featuring 6x champ Tom Brady and defending champ Patrick mahomes

    Ethan SalloumEthan Salloum20 napja
  • And Brady broke another of his idols records.

    Spotty BlanksSpotty Blanks20 napja
  • I love the gronk spike so much

    RiZe HaloSniperRiZe HaloSniper20 napja
  • Brady can get more rings than any franchise with a win here

    Vermont does StuffVermont does Stuff20 napja
  • Bill punching the air right now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Harvey Alvarez JrHarvey Alvarez Jr20 napja
  • Gronkowski has witnessed another connection with Brady

    NFL prodsNFL prods20 napja
  • Beat you to it lol

    JONES VJONES V20 napja
  • It’s only fitting that these two duos get the first TD of the game

    KeepingItRealKeepingItReal20 napja
  • CBS trying to rip off the Fox scoreboard animation

    Nick MangiNick Mangi20 napja
  • Nice

    NICE ASFNICE ASF20 napja
  • Let’s fucking go Gronk!!!

    HubertHubert20 napja
  • As a pats fan, I love seeing them succeed. I want the bucs to win so badly. GO BUCS!!,

    VasVas20 napja
  • Me: flash is the fastest person alive HH: hold my beer.

    MikearaptorMikearaptor20 napja
    • @Mikearaptor 200iq

      VMohdude -VMohdude -20 napja
    • @Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred You obviously don't know science, it depends on what layer of the earth your talking about because some dirt can be fairly new.

      MikearaptorMikearaptor20 napja
    • Me: this joke is old as dirt

      Get Baited by Murphy of AlfredGet Baited by Murphy of Alfred20 napja

    Linda NWFirefighterLinda NWFirefighter20 napja
  • Noooooooooooo

    Jacob BurnsJacob Burns20 napja
  • This literally just happened

    South Park Mexican Is the goatSouth Park Mexican Is the goat20 napja
  • Pp

    yesyes20 napja
  • Of course it had to be Gronk, but Patriots fans have to be feeling really upset right now.

    LukomeisterLukomeister20 napja
  • Poor Julian has to watch this from his couch

    Sévian BrewerSévian Brewer20 napja
    • Bill Belichick didn't care about the super bowl because of Tom Brady

      Jacob TolentinoJacob Tolentino4 napja
    • Imagine him and Amendola both moping about "I thought I was his favorite" during a future reunion

      Wen L.Wen L.20 napja
  • The New Scoreboard is .... okay

    BakerCooksBakerCooks20 napja
  • Tom to gronk not surprised

    BandittBanditt20 napja
  • Gronkowski: Scores Super Bowl TD Me: Ahhhh time to see Highlight Heaven upload in seconds

    Lane HobbyLane Hobby20 napja
  • I Love it Bro! Absolutely LOVE IT!

    Fernando MartinezFernando Martinez20 napja
  • Bad boys for life

    Espawz1Espawz120 napja