To All The Boys: Always and Forever | Official Trailer | Netflix

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As Lara Jean Covey prepares for the end of high school and the start of adulthood, a pair of life-changing trips lead her to reimagine what life with her family, friends, and Peter will look like after graduation.
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To All The Boys: Always and Forever | Official Trailer | Netflix
Senior year of high school takes center stage as Lara Jean returns from a family trip to Korea and considers her college plans - with and without Peter.

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    Konrad •Konrad •2 órája
  • I've basically just watched the whole movie

    OfureOfure2 órája
  • They first movie was nice we don’t need 2 more cmon

    Lior ZabaryLior Zabary2 órája

    sarah saleemsarah saleem2 órája
  • Where can I get full movie??

    Fiona ReddyFiona Reddy3 órája
  • Who asked for 3rd season? Just bring back lucifer and tvd :)))))

    - nabaa thamer- nabaa thamer3 órája
  • I can't wait

    Valentine ObinikpoValentine Obinikpo3 órája
  • I can't wait any longer I NEED to see what happens to Peter and Lara Jean

    SNSN3 órája
  • I’m so freaking ready

    Idaliz De La Rosa ValenzuelaIdaliz De La Rosa Valenzuela3 órája
  • She going to Korea while Corona said no to me- i- 😪

    슈가민슈가민3 órája
  • Me so happy 🥰❤️

    Alicia WebbAlicia Webb3 órája

    mya whitemya white3 órája
  • wait. so what happened with the guy who showed up at the end of the previous movie?

    Amybelle OrdonaAmybelle Ordona3 órája
  • I feel like I just watched the entire movie.

    Jermairah ThompsonJermairah Thompson3 órája
  • OMG YAYYYYYY!!!!!! I’m literally so happy and I can’t wait🎓😁❤️

    Elysia PhonElysia Phon3 órája
  • This is my favorite Netflix movie they gotta do it now

    bLuebErRy X chErRybLuebErRy X chErRy3 órája
  • Come out now!!!!

    bLuebErRy X chErRybLuebErRy X chErRy3 órája
  • They give away way too much in the trailer jeez. It looks so good tho can’t wait 😍

    Julianne GouinJulianne Gouin3 órája
  • I’m gonna miss them so much :((

    Gabriele SiimannGabriele Siimann3 órája
  • This is a little similar to the kissing booth 2 when Elle and Noah had to do long distance.

    kdletsgetit123 gottikdletsgetit123 gotti3 órája

    Viridiana GarciaViridiana Garcia3 órája
  • Why you all hating is a little movie watching it one night you don’t feel good and are home would hurt you And you all acting like it’s a 30 ep serie you all where waiting for Chill And let’s enjoy life We have so much more real problems to worry about then 2 hours movie on Netflix

    Arts OrangeArts Orange3 órája
  • i just dont want to watch another movie with only straight, white characters whose only problem is which elite college to choose..we all know that they are going to get together at the end and have a happy life or whatever

    Anna MarieAnna Marie3 órája
  • so they cancelled everything sucks for this shit?

    imposterimposter3 órája

    raging ethotraging ethot3 órája
  • the first one was kinda good but the second one sucked

    lizliz3 órája
  • yall i read all three books this movie is NOTHING like the book BYE

    Preetha HarikrishnanPreetha Harikrishnan3 órája
  • The decorous mercury cranially clean because hand routinely decorate alongside a distinct smell. historical, abusive hair

    kevin linconkevin lincon3 órája

    Wrld of VibezWrld of Vibez3 órája
  • Prom, spring break, long distance, college yup this is a Netflix high schooler movie series finale

    Paige CPaige C3 órája
  • Omg cant waig

    Emma HoneyEmma Honey4 órája
  • The fact that I had a feeling they were gonna show the whole movie in this trailer but I kept watching anyway smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Titania_ScarletTitania_Scarlet4 órája
  • noah neck

    Shaggy𓆏 • 10 years agoShaggy𓆏 • 10 years ago4 órája
  • why

    Shaggy𓆏 • 10 years agoShaggy𓆏 • 10 years ago4 órája
  • Ah shit here we go again*

    g16mesg16mes4 órája
  • Oh my god where is my sweet jamie fox-pickle.... this is so not fair

    jeeshan chaudharyjeeshan chaudhary4 órája
  • Whats wrong with the movie? I literally cant wait to watch it

    CheriixLatteCheriixLatte4 órája
  • -passes out cutley-

    BellaBella4 órája
  • I sometimes think about how I could have gone to university in NYC, but decided to save money and go to a state school, but I do still think about it lol

    Natalia CruzNatalia Cruz4 órája
  • Has noah centineo taken up an oath to be the crush of every teenage girl

    jeeshan chaudharyjeeshan chaudhary4 órája
  • These movies and the kissing booth movies are the main reasons why Im leaving Netflix for another source 😂😂 did those two really get that much POSITIVE attention to make more ????

    CaitlinCaitlin4 órája

    mcatrianamcatriana4 órája
  • Ya'll there is so much wrong, like wtf?! what trip to Korea. And ik this is petty but like its not Standford it's UVA. she ends up going to UNC. there is NOTHING about Standford. and New York? What? This is literally nothing like the book.

    Juliana DJuliana D4 órája

    Mehrjot MandaherMehrjot Mandaher4 órája
  • Honestly they should have stopped at the first one...

    Frederikke VossFrederikke Voss4 órája

    former baby starlightformer baby starlight4 órája
  • Hopefully they include more of peters story line cause it was a major part in the last book

    Kayla jacobsKayla jacobs4 órája
  • Can’t.waaaait

    ʚ๑ 姫 . ʜɪᴍᴇ ๑ɞʚ๑ 姫 . ʜɪᴍᴇ ๑ɞ4 órája
  • This movie didn’t even need a 2nd movie wtf

    Paulina PrettywaterPaulina Prettywater4 órája
  • Im actually looking forward to these movies lol who woulda thought

    Madison GoldsteinMadison Goldstein4 órája

    Jennifer MJJennifer MJ4 órája
  • 😩😩😩😩i’m so hypeeee

    theofficial kenzietheofficial kenzie4 órája
  • Why does Netflix always spoil things in the trailer like sheesh

    wagwan Gwagwan G4 órája

    Liyah :3Liyah :34 órája

    Daniela LopezDaniela Lopez4 órája
  • why is there trailer the whole movie lmaoo

    hi hihi hi4 órája
  • The kissing booth 2 is pretty similar right ?

    Aya ChtiouiAya Chtioui4 órája
  • Cant waitttt !!!!💕❤

    Taylor HarrisTaylor Harris4 órája
  • Please someone end this nonsense movie 1 was good but hellooo why would you make a movie 3 we want THE SOCIETY SEASON 2!! RN!! 🥺💀

    Butterfar17Butterfar174 órája
  • “always and forever” seems like they know the mikaelsons

    psychotic bunnypsychotic bunny4 órája
  • Errrm what about the film After, when’s the second film coming out?!

    Kayleigh JKayleigh J4 órája
  • I can’t wait 😩😩😩

    Belissa DiazBelissa Diaz4 órája
  • I love that it has the same vibe as the books!

    Livy HartungLivy Hartung4 órája
  • The title is always differenet

    kristina obradovickristina obradovic5 órája
  • I've read all 3 books! I'm so glad there's finally a new movie!!!! I honestly do not know how I will be able to wait

    GalaxyE 342GalaxyE 3425 órája

    Jackelyn ZuritaJackelyn Zurita5 órája
  • I enjoy the trailers always more then the movies LMFAO

    Stiles StilinskiStiles Stilinski5 órája

    nifemiii. onifemiii. o5 órája
  • I’m not ready for it to end 🥺🥺🥺

    ItsTyeItsTye5 órája
  • Omg! I didn't know there was gonna be another one. I just got rid of Netflix 😫😭

    Alexis KeyAlexis Key5 órája
  • Why would they tell us she didn’t get in in the trailer?

    The Throwback GuyThe Throwback Guy5 órája
  • Is Noah Centineo always playing Noah Centineo

    hira sanhira san5 órája
  • OMG i looking forward to this movies more than the NewYear Eve

  • Am I the only one isn't excited about the whole thing?

    idgafbidgafb5 órája
  • WHAT?

    Sofie JensenSofie Jensen5 órája
  • another one😀 why?

    Inhle CeleInhle Cele5 órája
  • So I guess John Ambrose is out of the picture 😭

    Baby_ KaylenBaby_ Kaylen5 órája
  • Bring back the society

    AvelineAveline5 órája
  • Only for part 1 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Iamacharaya acharyaIamacharaya acharya5 órája
  • lets be honest we all hate her for no reason

    Sweet DeceptionSweet Deception5 órája
  • Bring back I’m not okay with this please😭

    Shawnaci WilliamsShawnaci Williams5 órája
  • noah

    Chanel lChanel l5 órája
  • Good to see them in the diner that was created to look like sketch 🥰

    Antonette EdwardsAntonette Edwards5 órája
  • pls stop doing more parts to this movie😭its literally all in the trailer

    CC5 órája
  • I definitely watch this movie

    Chand MohammedChand Mohammed5 órája
  • I like teen rom com movies

    Chand MohammedChand Mohammed5 órája
  • When does it come out

    Summer BrewerSummer Brewer5 órája
  • Wow on my birthday 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Antonette EdwardsAntonette Edwards5 órája
  • I can't wait!!

    Blaire YaholaBlaire Yahola5 órája
  • BRUH i’m so ready prolly gonna cry tho.

    Karina GaricaKarina Garica5 órája

    cl04dycl04dy5 órája
  • me while watching: *well damn the only thing they didn’t show is if they go to the same college* the video: * i didn’t get in* like💀 is there any mystery left

    Chamarie JonesChamarie Jones5 órája
  • this but no sabrina s5😐

    Kaya KhanKaya Khan5 órája

    Min YoonjiMin Yoonji5 órája
  • Tbh I’m just waiting for the Alex Meyers video to come out after this

    Lily The taco loverLily The taco lover5 órája
  • wth stanford??!? i’m sorry did they just disregard the entire plot of the third book? the argument is over uva and lara jean maybe going to william and mary or unc not freaking stanford!!! the difference is distance is totally different wth omg what are they doinggg

    Emily SchuhEmily Schuh5 órája
  • so whats new? 💀

    BluntBlunt6 órája
  • The fact they used Lennon Stellas song and not her to sing it is actually disgraceful

    Esme RestellEsme Restell6 órája
  • It's the showing the entire movie for me.

    dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo6 órája
  • man wtf this trailer could do w some editing tbh agh

    iam thetashaiam thetasha6 órája