Times I Plagiarized

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Don't worry, I don't plagiarize stuff I put on the internet, okay? I've only ever plagiarize homework assignments, ok I have morals. Remember, don't plagiarize...but if you do, don't forget to cнange тнe ғonт and тнe тeхт ѕιze so it doesn't look like you copied a website.
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  • Pause the vid at 2:42 then read the highlighted paragraph

    Shibu PouloseShibu Poulose41 perce
  • Mr.Batman GOT U JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • HAHA DAS A NICE SKOOL JAMES U wont believe this but he actually spelled skool right in afrikaans

    Blazeburned GamingBlazeburned GamingÓrája
  • 2:41 yes

    Michael KMichael KÓrája
  • 2:31 Where is James typing? I don't see a keyboard lol

    Mystery StationMystery StationÓrája
  • james is the reason of me wearing my seat belt

    Gül BegümGül Begüm2 órája
  • Bullyism

    Alan VasquezAlan Vasquez6 órája
  • What about you guys I hope you had a good day

    MrBorutoMrBoruto7 órája
  • mr mr mr mr mr mr mr mr, BATMAN!!!!!!!!

    Fischer WrightFischer Wright13 órája
  • Butbngbnbbbgbbbbbhygb

    Shako BaidenShako Baiden14 órája
  • CTRL C

    No No No NoNo No No No16 órája
  • CTRL V

    No No No NoNo No No No16 órája
  • At my high school u are allowed (and sometimes encouraged) to exchange notes to classmates because the school doesn’t really care how you learn stuff, they just care that you actually learn stuff Edit: also in my freshman year of highschool I was writing essays analyzing poetry

    Dylan WatsonDylan Watson16 órája
  • :)

    Bradley RelampagosBradley Relampagos17 órája
  • That fact it was MS paint! Lol.

    Devon MitchellDevon Mitchell20 órája
  • #GMM

    JEDI GUYJEDI GUY21 órája
  • 2:42 we got rickrolled

    Woodpekaz GamingWoodpekaz GamingNapja
  • You said subway not soubway

    Amin ZamanianAmin ZamanianNapja
  • But I love Mathew santorro

    Teanna ReebenakerTeanna ReebenakerNapja
  • Does anyone notice that class has the A word in it ;-; you should know by now.

    That Icecream GirlThat Icecream GirlNapja
  • Cllunchass

  • Ah! he said subway! 3:54

    Regeneration `120Regeneration `120Napja
  • Lady wearing eye shadow was a true here

    Sam D26Sam D26Napja
  • 3:14 squeak

  • 03:03

    Iysis WhiteIysis WhiteNapja
  • You can't spell class without ASS

    Gochin PepGochin Pep2 napja
  • 7:08 the thumbnail

    Markos :]Markos :]2 napja
  • you know what plagurism has in common with the other words 0:17 you said james? they ALL have ism

    wrecked funtimefoxywrecked funtimefoxy2 napja
  • "will the real Batman please stand up?"

    LucidLucid2 napja
  • that is the bee movie script 2:14 lol

    Nathaniel SabetNathaniel Sabet2 napja
  • 1:32 I caught that lol

    The Vigilante Spider-ADThe Vigilante Spider-AD2 napja
  • sea rabbits comic was on that, hes my fav

    Grimm FamilyGrimm Family2 napja
  • Hello James

    Mr. BatmanMr. Batman3 napja
    • So is everyone also re-watching all of these videos

      Glorie GoldstrandGlorie Goldstrand2 napja
  • James:i keep plagiarism off the internet me:what about you random thoughts video you Plagiarized from jaiden?

    Xa lava EichelbergerXa lava Eichelberger3 napja
  • Okay, but has anyone else been accused of copying other people’s work even though they’ve never plagiarized? My mom says I have an “adult copycat” writing style (she teases for me and it drives me nuts. cHiLd, tYpE yOuR tExTs wItHoUt pUnCtUaTiOn. I Text how I want, Mom.) I recently typed an essay or something on English or something and my teacher says, “this is great! Next time, make sure to use your own words rather than someone else’s. ✔️” I was both offended and flattered.

    I love you!!I love you!!3 napja
  • Hey in unsubbed to you why are you still in my reccomend

    Joshua ErwinJoshua Erwin3 napja
  • *writing teacher watching this* Teacher: man he made a HUworld channel and I’m just living in a cramped place. teacher POV: he’s famous?!! Ugh should’ve gaven him an A+

    Sunny0871 Op09Sunny0871 Op093 napja
  • I can

    Samuel GentrySamuel Gentry3 napja
  • עוד משהו שיודע עברית רואה את הסרטונים בערוץ הזה?

    Sivan NutkovichSivan Nutkovich4 napja
  • i got in trouble in 3rd or 4th grade for copying a spelling test

    SpeedSpeed4 napja
  • chicken vs odd1sout comics

    SpeedSpeed4 napja
  • We arent talking about what the conclusion said right?

    BigClaps ‘BigClaps ‘4 napja
  • wow we just got rickrolled

    WhatWhat4 napja
  • 3:52 ....kinda looks like...eh..something

    the shadows withinthe shadows within4 napja
  • you make videos in your closet ?!

    Cecilia FaustinoCecilia Faustino4 napja
  • I Plagarized this video! To spread you message Just copied a link. I wont.

    Florin IliesFlorin Ilies4 napja
  • When you said : SHE SHE . it sounded like you said : SHIT SHIT oh and i just watched cgp gray's video about the penny

    matthew mortonmatthew morton4 napja
  • 1:31: Clunch- Ass. :D

    Shaarav WankhedeShaarav Wankhede5 napja
  • We just got Rick rolled 👏

    Dania SajidDania Sajid5 napja
  • Who noticed when the paragraph was zoomed it was the lyrics of never gonna give you up

    Demon Astey GamingDemon Astey Gaming5 napja
  • i love the fact that he practically rickrolled us

    Cemre Su KarakusCemre Su Karakus5 napja
  • 2:42 rickroll

    SlappyGamezSlappyGamez5 napja
  • POV ur looking to see to of mr batman commented😂

    Adrienne BrownAdrienne Brown5 napja
  • Ima in note the fact that there is never gonna give you up lyrics on the essay

    Chloe RodriguesChloe Rodrigues5 napja

    M3menzt0 XM3menzt0 X5 napja
  • I came to us when i was 18 years old. I had no English. But my stupid teacher thought i would be great to make me fo speech about my future plans to the principal of the school as graduation project. The funny thing that i copied a lot of thing from online. I got cut. But what saved me that i had no idea what was wrong and my English skills

    Mohammad TamimiMohammad Tamimi5 napja
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    Hubral KasetHubral Kaset6 napja
  • 2.42

    Shivam TadepalliShivam Tadepalli6 napja
    • Rickroll

      Nidhi PradhanNidhi Pradhan5 napja
    • Go to that timestamp and puase

      Shivam TadepalliShivam Tadepalli6 napja
  • My friend copied my coloring and said she didn't and it was as if we put it In a popyer!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠

    the random channelthe random channel6 napja
    • Coper

      the random channelthe random channel6 napja
  • Don’t press read more Bruh Don’t click this link unless your brave enough huworld.info/flow/vide/yYevmq2ajsm-mYg

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  • 5:13 - Holy crap! Look at James' notifications! He has like 99+ notifications on fricken' HUworld!! 😲😨🤯 *Woah!*

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    • 👀😧😮

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  • 2:42

    Baseball Kid85Baseball Kid857 napja
  • Rewriting the essay was 0 IQ

    Vyaas KarthikVyaas Karthik7 napja
  • i remember 1 year ago i watched this and being so confused

    『uni the first』『uni the first』7 napja
  • Article conclusion: Bee movie script Paper conclusion: never gonna give you up James, we need an explanation

    Peck neckPeck neck7 napja
  • 2:42 anyone saw what he wrote read the yellow text you'll see 😂😂

    spideygamer 024spideygamer 0248 napja
    • we got rickrolled

  • Me coming to the comments to find Mr Batman

    SalamanderXSalamanderX8 napja
    • Only me: good mythical morning intro is here no one knows but me because no won here watches them

      ・Gamer Kit Kat・・Gamer Kit Kat・5 napja
  • Once I wrote an essay about the great locomotive chase and I got accused of plagiarism by a classmate because I told the same stories in the same order as a book he read but I just wrote what actually happened in the same order that it happened in history because if I wrote it in a different order it would be crazy for example if I wrote an essay about ww2 and put hitlers death before Dunkirk that would be rediculous. People need to relize that telling history in order is nit plagerism it's historical accuracy.

    Steve's Model TrainsSteve's Model Trains8 napja
  • Please James make a video on why you call your history teacher mr Batman

  • U fool you should have retyped after you copy/paste

    Mike RMike R8 napja
  • Has anyone he rick rolled us in the see me part of the essay

    Vinny PixelVinny Pixel8 napja
    • @Vinny Pixel hi

      Nidhi PradhanNidhi Pradhan5 napja
    • Edit has anyone realized

      Vinny PixelVinny Pixel8 napja
  • 4:10

    Subaru PlayzSubaru Playz9 napja
  • 4:79

    Subaru PlayzSubaru Playz9 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/kqiKyWuTpciooWc

    Historical Trash BoxHistorical Trash Box9 napja
  • Yeah. Uh there's a fake mr batman comment on this vid. It's fake cause of you go to the channel there's no videos, no anything and it says "joined on ____" pretty much the same day that he posted the comment so it's obvious he made it just for the comment (How'd he get 1.25k subs tho)

    umar568umar5689 napja
  • 7:01 omg he said the Sh word

    Rhonda BrowneRhonda Browne9 napja
  • I love cpg grey

    Osmar Claudio G DuarteOsmar Claudio G Duarte9 napja
    • @Furry Tiger there is a mention of cpg grey in the f*cking video!!!

      Osmar Claudio G DuarteOsmar Claudio G Duarte9 napja
    • Who asked?

      Furry TigerFurry Tiger9 napja
  • 2:41 yay got rickrolled a g a i n even tho i was recently rickrolled

    max gaming ytmax gaming yt9 napja
  • 2:42 Dang it! he got me

    Tyler StorckTyler Storck9 napja
  • that was Mr. Batman, without his mask, like I know he didn't try to do that, but who else noticed that

    Identity. VIdentity. V9 napja
    • oh, wait, he did try to do that

      Identity. VIdentity. V9 napja
  • The worried curtain qualitatively dress because hacksaw rapidly mourn between a melted birch. classy, lean step-son

    Lili PoutinLili Poutin9 napja
  • goo

    Miguel CamposMiguel Campos9 napja
  • pop

    Jaco soulJaco soul9 napja
  • GMM... noice

    Tiahna BurtonTiahna Burton9 napja
  • Back when I started writing, I plagiarized shit left and right. I never turned anything in that wasn't original, but I wrote short stories and really terrible "books" that I never tried to get published, and I'd find myself using entire passages from books I liked. Turns of phrase that stuck out to me or lines of dialog I felt had a punch. I think this actually helped me in the long run, because I started to notice how these authors structured their sentences, and it got me thinking along the same lines. I find myself much better at coming up with my own stuff, and I don't plagiarize anymore. I suppose it's a bit like learning to draw by tracing stuff you like, and I think that's okay (as long as you don't try to pass it off as your own).

    PokerfacePokerface10 napja
  • I love CGP Grey!! XD (and his video)

    E.E. S.E.E. S.10 napja

    Cool CucumberCool Cucumber10 napja
    • 😮

      Nidhi PradhanNidhi Pradhan5 napja

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    • @Furry Tiger he is sick

      idiot lol ꞏ 12 years agoidiot lol ꞏ 12 years ago9 napja
    • @Username Not found ?

      Furry TigerFurry Tiger9 napja
    • /&*(872”&”*827/*=*mfgjvgd

      Username Not foundUsername Not found10 napja
  • Anyone else get the GMM reference?

    The Amazing Life of MeThe Amazing Life of Me10 napja
  • The parallel minibus substantially watch because legal seasonally succeed midst a little period. nappy, painstaking cover

    Jeanie HaaseJeanie Haase10 napja
  • 1:31 Ass

    Harveys StuffHarveys Stuff10 napja
  • ...he- "I'm not gonna afford university on a **SUBWAY** payroll.... Suuobway is ded.

    Mikhaila RobinsonMikhaila Robinson10 napja
  • I do that like all the I copy the homework occasionally when I am lazy to do it

    Tanish Kumar KothamasuTanish Kumar Kothamasu10 napja
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    Karen DodgeKaren Dodge10 napja
  • That........ is relatable (the comic part 1)

    GameDev101GameDev10110 napja
  • 1:21

    jayson causonjayson causon10 napja
  • Honesty the only way I pass these college classes is all thanks to Quizlet and coursehero if not for all their accurate cheating answers I wouldn't be passing my classes

    Jerry OkazakiJerry Okazaki10 napja
  • Couldn’t find a trash can so

    Brady funandgamesBrady funandgames10 napja
  • Your comics are the best

    Jenna GumbrechtJenna Gumbrecht10 napja
  • Go to 2:41, wait a second, then pause and read the essay

    Gamer GuyGamer Guy10 napja