TikTok's Worst Dating Coach

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A big strong confident alpha male named Russell Hartley blocked me so I wouldn't make a video about him...here's my video about him.
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comment "bachelor? i hardly know her" if ur reading this


  • did a response video to Russell's response video on my podcast channel if u wanna watch lol: huworld.info/flow/vide/vamcrHjMg9nVgnw

    Kurtis ConnerKurtis Conner2 hónapja
    • bachelor? I hardly know her

      Samantha F.Samantha F.2 napja

      Odd LemonOdd Lemon2 napja
    • bunny 🤣🤣

      AudriAudri9 napja
    • i was 4.2k likes!! i'm s a t i s f i e d

      Stewed BonesStewed Bones11 napja
    • Bachelor i hardly even know here

      pooja mohalepooja mohale18 napja
  • bachelor? i hardly know her

    hannah lambhannah lamb49 perccel
  • I just checked out his page and this dude is still going!

    TheTripleTKATheTripleTKA2 órája
  • "bachelor? i hardly know her"

    Squish KSPSquish KSP4 órája

    irl atsushiirl atsushi5 órája
  • I love how Kurtis’s website is just “don’t be a weirdo” that’s it. It’s ✨Butiful✨ 😂

    Jordan McPhersonJordan McPherson5 órája
  • Lmaoo. I'm a weird dude. Haha, nah but this weird fkn dude needs to get kicked in the teeth. Lol I'll do it. Cheers

    chris tine Mchris tine M6 órája
  • I think that horse lives in his bathroom

    Darlia IvlievaDarlia Ivlieva7 órája
    • Considered how much shit he produces it wouldn't suprise me at all.

      Emily P.Emily P.5 órája
  • 6:07 this reminds me of the time I was walking alone from school to my home as an 8 year old (A 5 minute walk) and a white van stopped next to me and a man came out of it. I got so scared ://

    Alicia HuangAlicia Huang7 órája
  • kurtistruelove.com really does exist and it is amazing. You should check it out.

    MerenizMereniz8 órája
  • Finally my HUworld algorithm did something right! This had me laughing SO HARD 😂

    Shayna RodemanShayna Rodeman9 órája
  • The fact that he compared women to HORSESSSS

    Emma ScholtzEmma Scholtz9 órája
  • "I can just use my girlfriend's phone... if I ask politely". 😂

    Emma ScholtzEmma Scholtz9 órája
  • bachelor? i hardly know her

    Devin TainaDevin Taina9 órája
  • Bruh, he reminds me of the antagonist in the invisible man🤣 didn’t think people like him existed

    AeriarcGamingAeriarcGaming10 órája
  • curt is the only true ally

    Melissa MedwigMelissa Medwig11 órája
  • Imagine if Russell's tiktoks were the only evidence that humans existed

    Rocking GirlRocking Girl12 órája

    I like MonkeysI like Monkeys13 órája
  • Thanks Russell. Now I will use your great dating advice to get a girlfriend. 1 day later It didn't work. She slapped me on the spot.

    Robby SRobby S17 órája
  • i love it how kurtis is wearing a clueless shirt

    lanalana18 órája
  • 5:54 I see you😄

    Martin The MartianMartin The Martian20 órája
  • For a guy who talks about mates so much, you’d think he’d actually have a mate/friend to tell him to stop being so fucking stupid

    Alisha AliAlisha Ali20 órája
  • These guys just see women as sex machines you have to seduce first

    RiverClayRiverClay20 órája
  • I would never trust Russell with my drink

    Emma TaroEmma Taro21 órája
  • i went to the website lmaoooo it was amazing! ❤️ 😂

  • kurtis watching manswers on his phone tho

    Kalista ReddenKalista ReddenNapja
  • Russell: Lie? Or Elevate? ;)

    Sesshomaru magicSesshomaru magicNapja
  • would love to see a video with someone using a vpn irl...lol

    amy joyamy joyNapja
  • Why was the site low key made well

    Emily M.Emily M.Napja
  • Dam don’t insult horses

    Grecia RiveraGrecia RiveraNapja
  • 16:33 that sounds like a fucking threat lmao

    Maddi NoelleMaddi NoelleNapja
  • Bachelor? I hardly know her!

    Jacob CJacob CNapja
  • 7:39 *Top ten scariest jumpscares in FNAF*

    Jacob CJacob CNapja
    • 16:46 Maybe he would make good horror movies.

      Jacob CJacob CNapja
  • Bruh the little skits Kurtis does 😭😭😭 OMFG I CANT STOP LAUGHING

    Deyana NooryDeyana NooryNapja
  • Misrepresented facts about women the wage gap is proven wrong the walking anywhere without fear carrys on with males too

    Eithan MilnerEithan Milner2 napja
  • Bachelor, I hardly know her!

    callmebagelcallmebagel2 napja
  • I'm 12 AnD iM peRSoNaLLy OfFeNDeD bY ThiS

    callmebagelcallmebagel2 napja
  • Ok but Russell definitely still sleeps in a race car twin sized bed in his childhood room, and his “townhouse” is probably a cardboard fort his mom let him build in the backyard.

    EasternflowerEasternflower2 napja
    • If that's true, then Russell is living the dream.

      PrezPezPrezPez2 napja
    • If that's true, then Russell is living the dream.

      PrezPezPrezPez2 napja
  • To be honest that short film was inspiring I cried 😭

    Vacuum —Vacuum —2 napja
  • "bachelor? I hardly know her"

    Thando FaniThando Fani2 napja
  • horses don’t just “move on” and leave ?? lmao. like they’re owned property.

    asmRTPOPasmRTPOP2 napja
  • Wow he has fricks what a boss

    Hego DamaskHego Damask2 napja
  • Ah yes the genders: easy mode and hard mode. Then what would the mode be for fellow non binary people? 😔 tbh i wanna be nightmare mode, impossible to beat and can smash the terrible things this man says between my teeth.

    robo binchrobo binch2 napja
    • Lol "hard mode"

      Dog_boy 512Dog_boy 5123 órája
  • 15:13 Omg i Love Kurtis so much for saying that🥰

  • Thank you for making this video. (And also for the Sonic drowning music at 5:55.🤣🤣🤣)

    ShannonShannon2 napja
  • I looked at his HUworld channel and this guy literally deleted nearly all his comments and left the two that actually complimented him. *My god.*

    AwolAceAwolAce2 napja
  • I went to the website and was not disappointed! I recommend it all my lonely friends! -Totally real response

    ArtiscxaArtiscxa2 napja
  • Jesus Christ he actually made the website...

    Ayla CardaAyla Carda2 napja
  • Bachelor? I hardly know her

    NoNo2 napja
  • Oh my god. I "worked" for this asshole a couple years ago. I was just out of college, new to LA, and looking for a job. He found my application and hired me as an unpaid intern. He was trying to make a shitty variety show for Facebook, he described as "like the Colbert Report with different segments with their own reporter." My "job" was to be the crew. Like literally me and a director. I was in charge of audio and lighting and camera. Everything at the same time. For no pay. The content was more or less like his TikTok, super misogynistic and not funny. I went home every day fuming and just thinking "I can't do this. Fuck this guy." After a couple days I was done. The last thing I shot with him was him talking to a girl he knew asking about where she got her confidence. The "joke" was she would have large, fake breasts but she didn't realize that where he confidence came from. He also made a point to tell us how dumb she was. She showed up and, not only was she super sweet, she was not dumb in the slightest. I don't remember specifically what she did, but she worked with MRIs. We tried to do a take with him not letting her in on the joke, and it was painfully awkward. He told her his intention and she was like "yeah, no." Throughout the interview, she made it clear that they didn't know each other well, and also mentioned that her breasts weren't fake. I left that day feeling so free, knowing I would never have to deal with that piece of shit again.

    Kevin WegenerKevin Wegener2 napja
  • So, I had to look this guy up on linkedin as well. I wanted to see if his profile was still there. Turns out he still is. So my girlfriend and I laughed about it and went on our ways. I just logged back onto linkedin and turns out he peeped my profile profile as well 😂

    Toby Chung VideosToby Chung Videos2 napja
  • bachelor? i hardly know her

    steph burgesssteph burgess3 napja
  • I've watched two of your videos and you've killed someone in each one. Anyway I'm a new subscriber hi

    MinnieMinnie3 napja
  • the phone is driving away ffs i’m weeping

    Anya WilliamsAnya Williams3 napja
  • Hes literally the type of guy to turn a straight girl, lesbian😭🏃‍♀️

    EmoVibezEmoVibez3 napja
  • That homemade video of you impersonating Russty made me giggle loud like a little girl. 😆

    Kodi SonyKodi Sony3 napja
  • Overdosing on Axe definitely

    Kodi SonyKodi Sony3 napja
  • My humour is broken “ What it's like being a *H O R S E* ”

    Nomi BNomi B3 napja
  • you gave better dating advice in this video than russell's entire tiktok lol

    Callum strachanCallum strachan3 napja
  • People like this make so many assumptions. And it's even cringier when they say "Men find it unattractive when women *thing women do*". As if everything we do is to be attractive. If you find my selfies boring, fine, I didnt take them for you I took them for me! Do these men just not understand that women do things because they enjoy doing them???

    Cellone GCellone G3 napja
  • I highly doubt he dated anybody I bet he just imagined it like that but to be honest this dude seems like a total weirdo.

    Bratt 1908Bratt 19083 napja
  • I just discovered your channel and my partner and I have been laughing hysterically. You’re humour is on point.

    Bon AppetitBon Appetit3 napja
  • Hey that phone isn't even broken, #KANCELKONNER

    godambitygodambity3 napja
  • I love this guy

    Melon MelMelon Mel3 napja
  • its okay Russel, miss phone was just not the right girl.

    Peppa FoxPeppa Fox3 napja
  • Russel is a horse schlong...

    Luna MooneLuna Moone3 napja
  • Yeeyee xD

    Beklee DeeBeklee Dee3 napja
  • This is why I’m a lesbian. Like I can’t even finish this video I’m sorry, this guy genuinely disgusts me.

    AlexandraAlexandra3 napja
  • how to spot a narcissist: he tells you to elevate your mindset before he knows anything about you

    LaurenLauren3 napja
  • 6:50 I love how Russell says Amanda’s humor is funny, and tasteful but this... the funniest joke I’ve seen since I was 18.... okay russell... okay cutie... (when I refer to cutie I mean the tiny tangerine that is usually too sour to eat so I just throw it away)

    Advice from a HypocriteAdvice from a Hypocrite3 napja
  • He forgot to mention how white and rich these girls have to be to gain followers🤣😂 so silly. Makes sense since his attraction is light skinned ethnics

    Advice from a HypocriteAdvice from a Hypocrite3 napja
  • i was expecting him to say sexist stuff... and my jaw has been dropped this entire video. i cannot believe the words coming out of this mans mouth..

    Maddie WelbornMaddie Welborn3 napja
  • suddenly, I’m no longer a girl, but a PoTaTo 🥔

    ii_SxnnyVibesii_SxnnyVibes4 napja
  • Wow we weigh the same 🧍‍♀️

    brynnd2k20brynnd2k204 napja
  • hey the weird fish at the bottom of the ocean area actually really cool, do not offend them comparing them to these guys

    Valeria GarcíaValeria García4 napja
  • loving the mullet. good job

    valeria librerosvaleria libreros4 napja
  • bachelor?i hardly know her

    Katie BelleKatie Belle4 napja
  • here from swell entertainment's interview and GOD PLEASE LET KURTIS EVISCERATE HIM

    Muntaha Tabassum AzadMuntaha Tabassum Azad4 napja
  • ur officially my favourite person

    Harshita BatraHarshita Batra4 napja
  • Ahahaha there’s a fine line. We thought the same thing

    Catalina FuentesCatalina Fuentes4 napja
  • Omggg you have a Harry styles pop socket! Now I love you even more

    Catalina FuentesCatalina Fuentes4 napja
  • The way kurtistruelove.com actually exists skskskjskdjshk-

    Awana Al IslamAwana Al Islam4 napja
  • Russel: How did you know!! Kurtis: That your a horse? Russel: What? No, that I'm sad.

    Ethan BrownEthan Brown4 napja
  • Why do all tiktokers have the same bathroom?

    Ethan BrownEthan Brown4 napja
  • I wonder what he thinks about gay and bi men

    The Damn GuyThe Damn Guy4 napja
  • if he calls himself a bachelor, well then play a certain album because we need a lifetime of laughter

    Lily WeichertLily Weichert4 napja
  • kurtistruelove.com was very helpful thank you

    H MH M4 napja
  • i just KNOW he has mommy issues

    JAGJAG4 napja
  • 15:21 zelda music, just a fun fact

    June BugJune Bug4 napja
  • Bachelor? I hardly know her

    Isabella LeeIsabella Lee5 napja
  • Oh god he reminds me of Danny Gonzalez. This is weird.

    Ajhey127Ajhey1275 napja
    • That’s who’s channel I just came from I just went down a rabbit hole

      HD MartinezHD Martinez4 napja
  • I like to imagine that Russell likes to spend his free time doing these TikToks, he works hard on scripting misogynistic videos for hours, you know, like Kush Papi. And of course like Kush Papi, he gives himself a reward. But instead of juice, he does this. Russell takes off his suit, pours bottle after bottle of ranch into his bathtub, and then bathes in it. He just smothers himself from head to toe in Hidden Valley ranch.

    Strawberry MilkStrawberry Milk5 napja
  • i got a dating add while watching your video, not happy about it.

    Nathaniel ReyesNathaniel Reyes5 napja
    • just got the same add again

      Nathaniel ReyesNathaniel Reyes5 napja
  • "thats absolutely true" brother's clearly never bled outta his genitals

    Krobus KoffeeKrobus Koffee5 napja
  • Ah yes...women have it very easy, ultra easy mode, am I right? What? Me, BE SARCASTIC?! Never! I would never! Yeah...no...I'm being sarcastic...

    Shabnam RavanbakhshShabnam Ravanbakhsh5 napja
    • They do have it easy in the U.S.

      Bacon BanditoBacon Bandito4 napja
  • 12:10

    claireclaire5 napja
  • bachelor? i hardly know her

    Brianna ObotBrianna Obot5 napja
  • did he just compare women to horses the fuck

    Brianna ObotBrianna Obot5 napja
  • god im so glad im a lesbian

    Gigi FGigi F5 napja
  • hehehe “if i ask POLITELY”

    Alex Si-GmAlex Si-Gm5 napja