Tik Tok Houses Are Leveling Up

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Tik Tok Houses Are Leveling Up
Cody Ko

  • Hat forward: Cody Ko Hat backwards: Cody Kool

    Reece BayleyReece Bayley6 hónapja
    • Ok

      TNCesTØXICTNCesTØXIC16 napja
    • Cody Kool is just built different

      Pge AstrxPge Astrx2 hónapja
    • U r kool

      thin eeveethin eevee2 hónapja
    • facts

      lolzlolz3 hónapja
    • level up

      JacksonIsZennerJacksonIsZenner3 hónapja
  • The sign house though...

    Liam IngramLiam Ingram18 órája
  • why do tiktokers even need managers they just do some stupid hand movements

  • to be honest, i dont feel feel those houses are coazy, too big and cold

  • petition to provide these houses to homeless or BURN THEM 😤😤😤😤😤

    ishy goelishy goel2 napja
  • I love that the wave house has their own town crier

    Julia MurphyJulia Murphy2 napja
  • what if it was all just one big flex?

    Sebastian Max7Sebastian Max72 napja
  • Bruh, wtf, I went to school with a that first chick in the wave house

    Sam WorrallSam Worrall2 napja
  • when you watch the entire add because Cody is the only HUworldr who has not watched one of his friends R*** someone and then post it on HUworld. (YET)

    Kathleen SparkesKathleen Sparkes2 napja
  • The House Nobody Asked For....everyone in there is literally so fucking hilarious. I haven’t laughed that much in awhile. They only agreed to quarantine together for a 3 months and then it became 6 months when they got a contract paying for their living expenses in a new house. They’ve disbanded now but I respect them so much because they actually abided by covid guidelines and are really strict about it. Also they all seem to have genuinely become friends and make the best content together. I look forward to seeing how each of the creators progress throughout the future.

    Michelle TranMichelle Tran5 napja
  • Cody it’s okay. There’s really nothing more that does into it behind the scenes. It is truly ridiculous lol

    Javier AngelJavier Angel5 napja
  • The guy talking about the $30,000 TV in this house... Meanwhile, they can't even afford to spend $100 to get him a decent greenscreen...

    Eric GrayEric Gray6 napja
  • 2 MILLION.... That's like not a lot for a mansion

    SlumberhogSlumberhog6 napja
  • I think the hardest test of all would be telling any of these bros apart

    Jewel DahlJewel Dahl7 napja
  • Meanwhile me trying to find an 8hour job for 600 euros/month

    🖤xo🖤🖤xo🖤8 napja
  • They're all white kids. I'm not surprised.

    tara sstara ss8 napja
  • this is why capitalism is a mistake.

    ForineForine9 napja
  • cody ko x baylen lavine @baylen Lavine

    DG MercyDG Mercy9 napja

    livelylively9 napja
  • i love how cody says that youtube is easier than most jobs as if he doesn't have a degree from Duke

    Carson SnufferCarson Snuffer10 napja
  • It proves again: If you present yourself like you're something special, people will think you are, for some time ...

    minnie mouseminnie mouse10 napja
  • The honestly can barely afford the housesn

    jack savagejack savage11 napja
  • You never thought it could be outbathroomed

    ThuufuuThuufuu11 napja
  • for some reason i feel like there's no way these people got this money in a way that's ethical

    dino nuggydino nuggy12 napja
  • I love how they announce the members as if they all don't look exactly the same

    Gay As A RainbowGay As A Rainbow12 napja
  • I’ve never seen an open floor plan in a bathroom...

    Anna StaniferAnna Stanifer13 napja
  • me and my friends: BROKE house!

    Elizabeth BElizabeth B13 napja
  • The way Cody says Ireland makes me cringe 😅😩

    gloxglox13 napja
  • Me when doctors/surgeons have these types of houses: *RESPECT* 🥴 Me when talentless teens who don’t do shit have houses like this: *ANGER* 😤

    Katelyn VillegasKatelyn Villegas14 napja
  • These are nice but a house with stairs in Seattle be costing like a million bucks😭

    SlapFatDaddySlapFatDaddy14 napja
  • Does the wave house have a ghost? That's what I want to know.

    bogi18bogi1814 napja
  • Cody Ko wanting these mansions Girl Defined: Mr. StRuGgLe

    Tori TevinoTori Tevino14 napja
  • Yo there is actually a braille house they are skaters

    Connor LeducConnor Leduc15 napja
  • I want to be a dog to experience that lifestyle

    Victoria AngeleneVictoria Angelene17 napja
  • The deaf one sent me 😂😂

    kaja nu'ukaja nu'u17 napja
  • If your broke just sell your dignity and become cringe lords to make 3,000,000,0000,77,473,279,851 dollars

    Poochie PupPoochie Pup17 napja
  • the thing is i kind of doubt that the lavishness is at actually making them happy, its just for show

    Ella RobinsonElla Robinson17 napja
  • I swear these tik tok kids are payed off by the Chinese government

    Potatos Are nicePotatos Are nice17 napja
  • i would go insane if i lived in one of these dumb monochrome futuristic-looking mansions they dont even look good theyre so bland

    OnonviOnonvi17 napja
  • wave house lost their sponsor tho so they got another house

    sarah mabielsarah mabiel18 napja
  • What about the 2hype house (possibly one of the most impressive)

    PostHook GawdPostHook Gawd19 napja
  • Damn, you could sure fit a lot of model trains in that pool house, shame they're not taking advantage of it.

    Model Railroad GamingModel Railroad Gaming19 napja
  • “Please take a gander at this bathroom” 🤣bahahaha

    Abby KeefeAbby Keefe20 napja
  • Does anyone else find these gargantuan houses just so unnecessary and unappealing? Like I get it I too wish for financial freedom but seriously, like it just seems unnecessary like 68 bedrooms are you fricking kidding me?

    Abby KeefeAbby Keefe20 napja
  • all these houses have the exact same open floor plan soulless design. makes me think the architects all swapped notes. the style is so tired because like every fucking mansion has it now. The Wave house was easily the best one because it actually looks like a nice place to live

    LegoChickenGuyLegoChickenGuy20 napja
  • my apartment is smaller than that bathroom NO CAPPERONI

    Julia SousaJulia Sousa20 napja
  • The idea that Cody sat down for half an hour to learn the sign language for that joke is hilarious

    CBplayZCBplayZ20 napja
  • Ask where they are in 5 years

    abradolf linclerabradolf lincler21 napja
  • the original tiktok house was o2l and u cant tell me otherwise

    Claire KaneClaire Kane21 napja
  • Who is funding these people

    Bebel’s CometBebel’s Comet22 napja
  • Your telling me that thumbnail house isn’t from the sims? You’re lying dawg

    GrungophoneGrungophone22 napja
  • Cody knows sign language?? pretty impressive for a little back end tech developer

    Zakariya SoondarZakariya Soondar22 napja
  • As if someone will ever use the library lol . I don’t even think they know what a book is .

    Amin MAmin M23 napja

    Amy StendelAmy Stendel23 napja
  • These houses may be big, but they lack any sort of flavor or personality. Just boring minimalist blank slates.

    Rainbow CritterRainbow Critter23 napja
  • I like the wave house’s house cause it looks old and Victorian on the outside, but modern in the inside

    Cole KinzieCole Kinzie24 napja
  • I give up my life living and struggle thinking that how am I going to survive and these kid are living life like nothing.

    Ngun MangNgun Mang24 napja
  • theres no way to say this, as a 32yr old with like.. ehh, call it 15K in the bank currently.. and not sound jealous af.. but jesus fucking christ. Jesus, FUCKING christ. The amount of money.. no no.. not just how much money.. but how its just.. shrugged off like, not even a big deal that theyre not even 25, have NO life skills, and yet are just, disgustingly rich. thats whats gets me. its the entitlement. like they think its normal. they THINK theyve worked hard. before you roast me, remember i did acknowledge there would be no way to say this without sounding jealous af.

    Jeff CirelliJeff Cirelli25 napja
  • The quarrelsome island synthetically pray because pantry assembly scratch until a living group. enchanted, ethereal blizzard

    Elizab ValeriaElizab Valeria25 napja
  • Just give me the kitchen I don't want the rest

    ThatDudeCanCookThatDudeCanCook25 napja
  • This is the first video with the long hair

    Diego Ventura RochaDiego Ventura Rocha25 napja
  • What in the uk

    Ryah LoolRyah Lool25 napja
  • Delta epsalon is a transformer house and they jut watch daimondbolt videos all day

    Purple loud MouthPurple loud Mouth26 napja
  • so glad you brought up that these are all just newer versions of jersey shore with a slightly different concept . jersey shore is iconic and still till this day unmatched .

    Emily131004 PerezEmily131004 Perez26 napja
  • my tv is only 50 inches, these fuckers got 100 INCH????

    saturncitysaturncity27 napja
  • why is the sign house a cooler idea than any of the content houses that actually exist

    shytoadshytoad27 napja
  • Even my 5 stars acnh Island isn't that luxurious

    Scrolling Till MidnightScrolling Till Midnight27 napja
  • Is it just me or does the wave house look like the house from the movie I.T??

    Crystal ScottCrystal Scott27 napja
  • The unwritten guatemalan legally squeal because engine booly moor vice a flaky kendo. calm, tasty surgeon

    madison terrymadison terry28 napja
  • This is what the rich waste their money on. Things they dont need and will probably never use. I guess helping your fellow humans out with all the egregious excess just isnt as valuable as a dog bath.

    Many_LivesMany_Lives29 napja
  • Its A Scheme By Realtors And Property Owners To Escalate The Prices Of their Properties for Fututre Buyers Who Are Dumb as these Tiktokers...

    Rishabh KhareRishabh Khare29 napja
  • Honestly nobody deserves to live that luxuriously

    Julian RobinsonJulian Robinson29 napja
  • “I’m floored by these floors!” Cody ko 2021

    DANKhunnyDANKhunny29 napja
    • Oh shit this is an old video 😂😅

      DANKhunnyDANKhunny29 napja
  • I'm 21 and I've been working blue collar and manuel laboring jobs since I was 14. I'm working hard just to be able to go to trade school this year to become a plumber. I can't lie this depresses me.

    this is ThatOneGuy57this is ThatOneGuy57Hónapja
  • Reminds me of Trey Kennedy's "why you doin so much"

    Jennifer GeorgeJennifer GeorgeHónapja
  • They rent it my guy. Just look at airbnb and then take the rent and divide it with like.. 10? ish. Its not that impressive. Or well.. I dont know how much strippers make but

  • The sad part of it all is that after 5-7 years when those kid's current viewerbase will grow up and realize how dumb they were that they were so heavily invested in them and the new generation of young people will consider them "too old" and "too stupid" and their popularity will dwindle significantly... they'll capitalize on this too. After all the story about from hero to zero is a catchy one.

    Telepek TelepkowyTelepek TelepkowyHónapja
  • no guys you cant replace your braincells with money

    TNG GamingTNG GamingHónapja
  • As a history major, the Wave House hurt my soul. How many historic wooden and tiled floors do you think they tore up to make it fit their vibe 😭

    Molly With a KMolly With a KHónapja
  • 10:57 yes, that's how apple trees work

    Oskari VartiainenOskari VartiainenHónapja
  • what the fuck do they even do there

    Biggie CheeseBiggie CheeseHónapja
  • You’re not jealous, you’re envious because I sure the fuck am.

  • that bathroom is as big as my fucking house

    Aidan BriggsAidan BriggsHónapja
  • ah yes, back again for 'rich white kids flaunting their wealth posing as content for children'

    Shawn ConwayShawn ConwayHónapja
  • Some of this house i will need a god damn gps to navigate around

  • Wave house be looking like Morgz

    Adam PeterAdam PeterHónapja
  • It's funny that he calls it the porno house in Las vegas and not the real name of it the real name for it is call The House Nobody Asked for a.k.a THNAF

    Vix HQVix HQHónapja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/pqCMl32knLnJlWc

    d td tHónapja
  • The dudes shower is bigger than my fucking bedroom.

    Jake S.Jake S.Hónapja
  • I didn’t know white people knew or used the term ‘old head’ lol

    Christian JaneChristian JaneHónapja
  • people just have to be good looking and do some "dance moves" to live wealthy huh

    Basic DvaBasic DvaHónapja
  • The best thing about the member reveal is that no one knows who it is

  • The eight beetle intraorally puncture because street anatomically employ amongst a erect mechanic. vast, aberrant odometer

    haydar yilmazhaydar yilmazHónapja
  • What you can achieve nowadays through social media is nuts

    Jude lolJude lolHónapja
  • The Wave House on some Eyes Wide Shut level shit.

  • As someone expierienced with floors that’s not marble that’s proxy

    Astrial McAstrial McHónapja
  • its sad when the dog bath is bigger and more fancy looking then your bath

    azooz dossazooz dossHónapja
  • 13 acres? I'm out here on 80 acres. I can hunt, fish, ride can-ams all in my backyard.

  • These kids make more than a college grad 😭, my loans hurt more whenever I see these videos

    Lulu LukarioLulu LukarioHónapja
  • I’m not even gonna lie... they genuinely cannot tell any of them apart bc they all look the same