Tiësto - The Business (Official Music Video)

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Tiësto - The Business (Official Music Video)
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Directed by Christian Breslauer - instagram.com/christhedirector/
Casey Frey - instagram.com/casey_frey_/
Kyla Bullings - instagram.com/kylabullings/
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Let’s get down let’s get down to business
Give you one more night, one night to get this
We’ve had a million million nights just like this
so let’s get down, let’s get down to business
Mama pls don’t worry bout me
Cause I’m about to let my heart speak
My friends keep telling me to leave this
So let’s get down, let’s get down to business
Let’s get down let’s get down to business
Give you one more night, one night to get this
We’ve had a million million nights just like this
so let’s get down, let’s get down to business
Let’s get down let’s get down to business
Give you one more night, one night to get this
We’ve had a million million nights just like this
so let’s get down, let’s get down to business
Back and forth
Back and forth
with the bullshit
I know I said it before
I don’t mean it
It’s been a while since I had your attention
so it might hurt to hear this
Dreams we have don’t ever fall away
but we can’t live em if we stay the same
And I can’t do this for another day
So let’s get down, let’s get down to business
Let’s get down let’s get down to business
Give you one more night, one night to get this
We’ve had a million million nights just like this
so let’s get down, let’s get down to business
Let’s get down let’s get down to business
Give you one more night, one night to get this
We’ve had a million million nights just like this
so let’s get down, let’s get down to business

  • Cool!!!

    Александр ПархоменкоАлександр Пархоменко28 perccel
  • Is he zombie

    Kaleb Tha GamerKaleb Tha GamerÓrája
  • Yo Casey is the shyt🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂

    godfrey st. fleurgodfrey st. fleurÓrája
  • When you drop acid and ask your friend if you're walking normal.

    Peter BougioukosPeter Bougioukos4 órája
  • Просто Ахуенная 🔥 нет слов👍

    Dzhanberk AytanDzhanberk Aytan4 órája
  • Natural selection is like "COME HERE BOOOOYY" . But Tiesto is like nah, reanimate the down souls with my dope beats all times.

    Matthew DatoMatthew Dato7 órája
  • It’s time to get down to business give me my penalty

    Bruno FernandesBruno Fernandes7 órája
  • Welcome to my playlist babe🥰😂❤

    Bo LèroOBo LèroO8 órája
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    sainjr25sainjr259 órája
  • 🚕

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid9 órája
  • lets get down to buisness, defeat the huns

    Ann GeorgeAnn George10 órája
  • 🥫

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid10 órája
  • "The business" is synonym of perfection

    ParanoidXweird0ParanoidXweird010 órája
    • Absolutely slaps innit🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

      kieran ravenkieran raven4 órája
  • Polska zgłaszać się !💖🖐

    CooICooI10 órája
  • I have been trying to find this song for WEEKS!! This is my mood for 2020-2021!!!! Keep on dancing!!!!!!

    Lizz RivLizz Riv11 órája
  • Tiësto is not the same as he was in 2007((. "ELEMENTS OF LIFE" is the best album ever!

    Ramil GabdulinRamil Gabdulin11 órája
  • Don't try to make fukoll levels

  • philosophy is enjoy ur life when ur alive haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SO TRUE FECK

    SunshineSunshine12 órája
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    Adnane ChenikhAdnane Chenikh12 órája
  • Ties to doesn’t miss often. Nice vocal, nice production

    King GeorgeKing George13 órája
  • 🇵🇱❤️

    Ky ReKy Re13 órája
  • 1 000 000 divided with 365, equals 2739,7260273972... So nobody has had million nights like that.

    Alex KuuttiAlex Kuutti14 órája
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  • Love from Poland ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Dominika BaczewskaDominika Baczewska14 órája
  • What a meanless song

    The Heartbreak PrinceThe Heartbreak Prince16 órája
  • Tiesto. you are da best. i found my love girlfriend.. and this song helping me...

    Vadim ZeldkovVadim Zeldkov16 órája
  • Топ)

    QuxameQuxame17 órája
  • Top quality song!! The dancer killed it.... really really good, love the videoclip haha

    quim paredesquim paredes19 órája
  • Hmmm. Looks like its one of the most favourite song ever in my life

    Miražas KupčinskasMiražas Kupčinskas19 órája
  • Wow Casey perform this song with a very beautiful dance. Tiësto please we need a making of your clip, I want more sequences haha !

    Lucas Van NoortLucas Van Noort20 órája
  • Пока всё прогрессивное человечество разрывают хиты от Тиесто, Россию разлагает Моргенштерн...

    SnowboardmanSnowboardman21 órája
  • Hope this isnt it...

    Joey HotcakesJoey Hotcakes22 órája
  • Came here after seeing the cute girl video in a bmw driver seat❤️😁

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  • Chandler?

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  • 0:28

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  • Someone please make this mixed with holiday by lil nas x

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  • Nothing like watching Love Lich

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  • Came here because of the ad

  • That zombie got some suck moves

  • Anyone other besides me here because of blue hamsters

    Oziel ArguetaOziel ArguetaNapja
  • It should be mandatory if you're a DJ and you put out a music video that Casey Frey dance in it....ALWAYS....BTW, who is she?

    Mike NormandyMike NormandyNapja

    Mike NormandyMike NormandyNapja
  • The Business Tiesto!!! more love.....

    Kaba sundayKaba sundayNapja
  • new Remix from „Jupiters Earth“ by Konrad Bergen is coming soon 🪐🔊 huworld.info/flow/vide/mXex0226hdTAppo

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    MaryiaVlada 555MaryiaVlada 555Napja
  • 0:20 - 0:23 similar theme Rank1- L.E.D

  • This is going to be everyone’s recommended song soon

    Sult SahhSult SahhNapja
  • 🥫

    Frederic ReidFrederic ReidNapja
  • Ademas de hacer muy buenos videos, damian kuc la rompe bailando

    Celso RafaelCelso RafaelNapja
  • A la chica le falto el buen actuar, no demostró nada 🤔

    Angelov SaintsAngelov SaintsNapja
  • Во взгляде девушки читается: какой же классный этот придурок

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  • Sabina zartowałem

    MUKI 82MUKI 82Napja
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  • Excelente actuación del vato en el video, tienes un 10

    Angelov SaintsAngelov SaintsNapja

    MUKI 82MUKI 82Napja
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    Frederic ReidFrederic ReidNapja
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  • Nice moves homie

  • 💕 never a fan but love this one.

  • kozak.

  • CASEY!!!!! 🙂

    Kory DemelKory DemelNapja
  • Music video is sick


    Martyna PawlMartyna PawlNapja
  • What a masterpiece! This track just became a hit in a very short time! One of the most successful creation from one and only Tiesto! Tijs is the best!

    Master MigrexMaster MigrexNapja
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    Д ВД ВNapja
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  • Tiesto the best ever dj

  • Brug

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  • Iedereen is anders

    Hein GulikerHein GulikerNapja

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  • Casey went 🧟‍♂️🕺🏻🎶

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  • El mejor track del 2020❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • él mejor del MUNDO...........

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  • No sé uds, pero me cague de miedo viendo al muerto levantándose de la mesa jajaja

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  • Saw this as an add, I was like is that Casey. IT IS HE DID GREAT!!!!

    Han DodHan Dod2 napja
  • Best!

    Вондивер ЛупинВондивер Лупин2 napja
  • You are so hot baby

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  • huworld.info/flow/vide/saKZyabGabzUbq4

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  • NOTHING LIKE THE ORGINAL "IN SEARCH OF SUNRISE 99".........Way too commercial

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  • Elle est vraiment trop bien ! 😍 🇫🇷👋🏻

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  • it's not my business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :)

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  • The video reminds me on Regard's Ride It

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  • My party song

    2StrokeBro2StrokeBro2 napja
  • I love this so much ! Can I get me a guy like that ?! 🔥This song makes me want to dance. Good to see Tiesto still making bangers !! Casey and Kayla are fire !! ❤️👌

    Mindelc13Mindelc132 napja
  • 😂

    Filip CholewaFilip Cholewa2 napja
  • this is class ! I've been listening to the song on repeat all week and now seen the video, that guy makes you wanna dance :D

    DBCDBC2 napja
  • Потому что это Тиесто!!!

    Антон KvasАнтон Kvas2 napja
  • Super!!!!!

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  • He resurrected to vote for Biden

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  • Caseyyyyyy. Fkn killed it bruh. Epic shit.

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