Thunder Force | Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer | Official Trailer | Netflix

2021.márc. 3.
3 108 533 Megtekintés

In a world where supervillains are commonplace, two estranged childhood best friends reunite after one devises a treatment that gives them powers to protect their city.
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Thunder Force | Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer | Official Trailer | Netflix
Two childhood best friends reunite as an unlikely crime-fighting superhero duo when one invents a formula that gives ordinary people superpowers.

  • it is better than ghostbusters

    gilbert ramosgilbert ramos42 perccel
  • Stupid not Funny ... more like desperate ... Hollywood is over!!!

    Tina MartinezTina Martinez49 perccel
  • Oh my god they killed Kenny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • the trailer 8/10.... the actual movie 3/10...

    Bo 1989Bo 1989Órája
  • A "not so bad" movie which can easily become a series featuring different movie stars🤔

  • that's movie was pretty Awesome

    dustyluckyblond bunnydustyluckyblond bunnyÓrája
  • who invests money to produce this lol

  • 💩

    Tirando Stylo PapuTirando Stylo Papu2 órája
  • Just watched it. It was funny and light hearted. If you like any of the actors previous works, you'll enjoy this too.

    123tube456123tube4562 órája
  • Movie was poor to fair, but then factor in the multiple LGBT scenes and its just poor.

    npx20npx202 órája
  • Oh god...

    MarcosMarcos2 órája
  • Who actually believes this got 47k up votes.

    Noone NooneNoone Noone2 órája
  • Melissa and Octavia are absolutely amazing in this movie. I enjoyed every moment in it.

    Jojo BarreraJojo Barrera3 órája
  • Wouldn't a better name be Thunder Thighs???

    JuddK1JuddK13 órája
  • Worst movie I've seen in a long time fr

    Brunn StudioBrunn Studio3 órája
  • Asla bu mesafede çalışmam hiç merak etme bendensin.

    Fırat KARAFırat KARA3 órája
  • This looks awful

    Mike SmurawskiMike Smurawski4 órája
  • which song is this??

    Hüseyin KayaHüseyin Kaya4 órája
  • A bad movie!

    Oskr HernandezOskr Hernandez4 órája
  • Most racist thing I've seen

    fatfinger 101fatfinger 1014 órája
  • ghostbusters 2.0

    Enrique SingsonEnrique Singson5 órája
  • karen movie

    Odi AgamOdi Agam5 órája
  • Trash movie

    Cori AndrewCori Andrew5 órája
  • It's like dumb and dumber meets big and bigger.

    Zoner1nzZoner1nz6 órája
  • Netflix is like a bad meth dealer!!! They sell you crap

    Cant ThoCant Tho6 órája
  • the WORST TRASH ASS SHIT MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN! Also, wtf is with all the disgusting fat bitches crammed in this trash ass garbage movie? Netflix, I will send you my bank account so you can fking pay me for the one hour & 40 minutes I've wasted watching this pile of dogshit

    AleAle6 órája
  • Also it is funny that Netflix Actualy show basicly Every "action scene in the movie " Great work Will this be voted worst movie 2021 ... Probably-

    BlindgalenBlindgalen6 órája
  • This was one of the worst Movies iv ever seen.. Id rather rewatch Bad taste braindead and Meet the fevals.

    BlindgalenBlindgalen6 órája
  • I'mma give it a chance. We need fresh ideas.

    DivineBlackGodessWarrior WomanDivineBlackGodessWarrior Woman6 órája
  • Well.... it's better than 2016's Ghost Buster at least.

    Inglorious_BastardsInglorious_Bastards6 órája
  • 0/10

    LEO PLLEO PL6 órája
  • This movie is 💩

    LEO PLLEO PL6 órája
  • 💩🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    LEO PLLEO PL6 órája
  • ✡Netflix✡

    Jer SzakJer Szak7 órája
  • 1

    Stephanie CianuquiStephanie Cianuqui7 órája
  • Netflix = crap

    zZiL341yRj736zZiL341yRj7367 órája
  • Dumb crap. Dont watch.

    XandercorpXandercorp7 órája
  • Ah pure garbage Netflix

    Zar OZar O7 órája
  • Love both these ladies, but this was god awful.

    Warner Realty GroupWarner Realty Group7 órája
  • Horrible movie!!!!!

    Overly Aggressive MeerkatOverly Aggressive Meerkat7 órája
  • McCarthy gets less and less funny every time; actually I don't remember ever being funny in the first place.

  • well... That was a waste of time.

    Free oatmealFree oatmeal7 órája
  • Just finished Fun feel good movie

    Monroe45Monroe458 órája
  • I think we're almost at the point where we've exhausted every idea for superhero movies

    85justsomedude85justsomedude8 órája
  • Why does McCarthy get top billing over Octavia Spencer???

    Shanda AndersonShanda Anderson9 órája
  • Naja 2 fat chicks in good superhero movie sucks😂

    Fame4Benny ZyzzFame4Benny Zyzz9 órája
  • So finally ! TF stand for Thunder Force ... and nothing else .

    mavashimavashi10 órája
  • The worst movie i ever watched! People, don't waste your time! Melissa McCarthy not funny anymore (I judge on her last movies) and Octavia Spencer never was funny. Boring, stupid movie.

    Inge LaimiteInge Laimite10 órája
  • Rubbish.

    SasekSasek10 órája
  • I hate to say that but Melissa/Lydia is a loser in this film 🥺

    Méli MéloMéli Mélo10 órája
  • This is just awful. Lame jokes absurd premise. Should be called Thunder Thighs.

    AGoat1971AGoat197110 órája
  • Another feminist "i hate white men" agenda movie, don't waste you're time on this kakkadoekie movie. Plus they ripped of infamous..

    Mick De DwalerMick De Dwaler10 órája
    • Poor victim. 😂

      Sheila RSheila R6 órája
  • Ghostbusters 2016 fans will love this

    ApostolosApostolos11 órája
  • This looks god awful

    Nik WNik W11 órája
  • Complete garbage. They're all over the place, it starts with a bully bullying another kid at school so there's a serious note but then it goes off the rail completely. I don't mind a super hero comedy because I hate super hero movies altogether but what is this suppose to be? a comedy or drama or...weirdos. Plus it felt like they didn't have a script at all, they just winged it with short sketches. The super evil antagonist, the crab man or whatever, he and 6 guys hold up a gas station...if that is suppose to be a joke that the mastermind need 6 guys to hold up a gas station then why did the super force nerds need to get super powers? I mean everything about this movie is crap. I didn't watch it, I heard it while doing other stuff on the other screen but this is Netflix standard, complete shit. they don't give a crap about quality.

    MindGemMindGem11 órája
  • Looks like another dud, but less comically bad than most of the crap Melissa McCarthy is in.

    RibbyRibby12 órája
  • This is so bad I saw it

    F KF K12 órája
  • the shilling for this atrocity is more humorous.

    chim247chim24712 órája
  • women are so funny, i love women. Lets put fat women in all movies

    Joel DanielssonJoel Danielsson13 órája
  • Oh god... Why?

    AnonamolyAnonamoly13 órája
  • started laughing when they played fortnite, shit was the laggiest and lowest quality gameplay I’ve seen of fortnite 😭

    Dack headDack head13 órája
  • This is just awful

    hangarfiftyone hangarfiftyonehangarfiftyone hangarfiftyone13 órája
  • Un film de merde 🤢🤮

    clovisclovis14 órája
  • Didn't really like this one

    Silenthitman44Silenthitman4414 órája
  • Loved it!

    J GJ G15 órája
  • What a crap. Don’t even waste your time watching this.

    Ronald MillsRonald Mills15 órája
  • Should be called Thunder Fat

    Mutex AliMutex Ali15 órája
  • Don't let this terrible trailer fool you from the fact That the movie was worst!!!

    SiKaSiKa15 órája
  • worst movie ever guys. Horrible job. No chemistry between the actors seems they don't even like each other. Plus stop forcing white and black female friendship in real world it does not work like that and it shows.

    naninani15 órája
    • 🤨

      Dack headDack head13 órája
  • Did anyone laugh?

    Cenas AwesomeCenas Awesome15 órája
  • Critique disponible sur ma chaîne

    A Dylan StoryA Dylan Story16 órája
  • I've been developing a formula in between hanging out with these teen kids I buy alchohol and stalk because they dont understand I'm so cool.

    BigBossGunBigBossGun16 órája
  • This is wokest of "Woke" superhero

    Zack HunterZack Hunter16 órája
  • The Stupidity of this movie 🎥 🙄 was a waste of mine time..

    Janet MatosJanet Matos16 órája
  • someone who knows the name of the song at the start of the trailer? I can't remember the name, it's driving me crazy

    Clara L. Vegel GradyClara L. Vegel Grady16 órája
    • Kiss from a Rose by Seal, from the soundtrack of Batman Forever.

      Lemmy PopLemmy Pop16 órája
  • I like the idea of not-so-typical superheroes but they could’ve done better on the writing

    simoartsimoart16 órája
  • Terrible chicks!

    Marc BMarc B16 órája
  • why they are all fat ?

    LaOm33LaOm3317 órája
  • Garbage.

    Synergy WRSynergy WR18 órája
  • Absolute shit.🤷🏻‍♂️

    Mickey KnoxMickey Knox18 órája
  • What a fkg bs!!!

    S GS G19 órája
  • that low budget flip 1:58

    Ashley KabandaAshley Kabanda20 órája
  • I'm a huge fan of Melissa and all these actors, however this movie didn't quite cut it. Storytelling was too contrived. 5 out of 10. Better luck next time.

    Hatupaora Olsen-McGarveyHatupaora Olsen-McGarvey20 órája
  • this movie tries so hard to be funny but just aint

    LiangHuBBBLiangHuBBB20 órája
  • Worst Movie on Netflix

    MarcoMarco20 órája
  • Any movie with Melissa McCarthy in it is a disaster. Remember Ghost Busters.

    Norbert KlárNorbert Klár20 órája
    • @DiamondYT Check out the ratings and critics of movies she was in.

      Norbert KlárNorbert Klár14 órája
    • Hell no- she’s an amazing actor. Get better taste my guy

      DiamondYTDiamondYT20 órája
  • oh dear god smh

    Feminism is CancerFeminism is Cancer20 órája
  • Wow just watched it and I can’t say I laughed more than twice.

    Disco And BenDisco And Ben21 órája
    • You are lucky, I didnt even smile once.

      Inge LaimiteInge Laimite10 órája
  • There's no hope for the empire. Reckless and useless liberalism. Had already destroyed the empired

    NamibiaNamibia21 órája
  • Worst. Movie. Ever.

    Dexter MorganDexter Morgan21 órája
  • This is the worst movie of the year IMO

    MaciejMaciej21 órája
  • Fat Chick + Black Chick in a superhero movie = Diversity quota for the year done.

    GhostGhost21 órája
  • Melissa McCarthy is the worst fuggin actor ever. Same character every damn movie. Plus she’s not funny at all.

    David TosscanoDavid Tosscano21 órája
  • I can see death movies

    ario D.ario D.22 órája
  • This is the cringiest shit ever fuckin awful movie. 2 Fat woman are Superheros.... wow cool idea. This movieis literally an insult on the whole movie industry

    Kardinal DinkelKardinal Dinkel22 órája
  • thunder cats

  • Just as SHIT as the Kitchen 🤷🏼‍♂️

    RUB1 TanRUB1 Tan23 órája
  • Super Tammy

    Chris FelixChris Felix23 órája