This was not a vacation.

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I have been away for some time. But not because I was on vacation. No, this was actually serious. And I did not want to make anyone worry with social media posts before it was all over. I am happy to be back.
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  • "I am not bothered I am Boris" LONG LIVE SLAV KING

    justin robackerjustin robackerNapja
  • Why does this man love us so much? We don't deserve this!

    Blodershade Donald productionsBlodershade Donald productions2 napja
  • what happened?

    laika de hondlaika de hond2 napja
  • Boris... did you drink all the mead?

    Tankman045Tankman0453 napja
  • Hey Boris i hope you are good the cheeki breeki world will be with you forever annnnnd your animations are acuallly good

    Assasin GamingAssasin Gaming4 napja
  • Does anyone actually know what happened to him exactly? I'm kinda curious it's ok if he doesn't want to talk about it

  • You're a true Soviet citizen attitude wise 👍

    xxxdieselyyy2xxxdieselyyy24 napja

    Keaton HuynhKeaton Huynh6 napja
  • Wow just wow that's why i love you vids and you

    The WolfThe Wolf6 napja
  • Your the world's biggest А$$hole if you dislike

    Down the hatchDown the hatch6 napja
  • You deserve the Gopnik Award

    Naveen NidhurshanNaveen Nidhurshan7 napja
  • Boris, have you played R6S? You would 100% love to play as Tachanka-

    SSO Dynamic Dancers Inc OfficialSSO Dynamic Dancers Inc Official7 napja
  • Борис это заставило меня плакать второй раз, когда я смотрел это твои видео делают меня счастливым

    Mj MkMj Mk7 napja
    • Hello boris good friend

      Mj MkMj Mk7 napja
    • Great art

      Mj MkMj Mk7 napja
  • Get better Boris! :)

    chaoscontrolsokchaoscontrolsok9 napja
  • Almost Cried

    Victor MaurerVictor Maurer11 napja
    • Idiot

      Jere MiahJere Miah10 napja
    • :(

      Victor MaurerVictor Maurer11 napja

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin14 napja
  • Awww chibii Boris KAWAII (What a true slav I salute to you comrade)

    JohnJohn15 napja
  • 💪

    Vesna ŽoržVesna Žorž15 napja
  • A year later, this still actually makes me heart broken and sometimes cry, That boris didnt get to celebrate his birthday, and be happy, but he got the oppisite of what he wanted,

    - Caveria -- Caveria -16 napja
  • Was the Mead that dangerous

    Blank1Blank116 napja
  • Cool

    Maria CasselMaria Cassel19 napja
  • Only in Eastern Europe can you take IV vodka while in the hospital and no one asks any questions

    Will OmanWill Oman19 napja
  • As we say in Birmingham, my g

    Bathurst D. BysonBathurst D. Byson19 napja
  • Boris: realmente me conmoviste mucho. Se nota que detrás de la comedia Sos un tipo sensible en varios aspectos. Mis respetos! Stay cheeky breeky. Saludos desde Uruguay.

    Victoria PachiVictoria Pachi20 napja
  • What was the problem?

    Rajmund DánRajmund Dán20 napja
  • Friends what is Boris’s birthday? I know I’ve missed it for this year but I still care and I wanna wish him a happy birthday next year.

    PJ HedrickPJ Hedrick23 napja
  • WE love you Boris

    Gray tails fighterGray tails fighter24 napja
  • Boris: *sick* still thinks of us Respect man, respect. I legit teared up when I first saw the video. Which was ~5 minutes after it came out. Today the 23rd.9.2020 I still teared up

    Captain DorsettCaptain Dorsett28 napja
  • Cute animated Boris XD

    Ruza HelRuza Hel29 napja
  • Cute thumbnail

    Ruza HelRuza Hel29 napja
  • Me trying to explain how I draw/ animate: 3:43- 3:51

    Shy_boi 69Shy_boi 69Hónapja
  • whats the diagnosis

    Naithan John MatuguinaNaithan John MatuguinaHónapja
  • Boris, make a animation channel

    Dino Hunter kingDino Hunter kingHónapja
  • I love u boris this made me cry

    Ulomosago YeUlomosago YeHónapja
  • When the animation comes out again we know what it means....... It's Boris

  • i just had birthday surgery today! Just continuing the gopnik tradition!

  • Bro just started drawing/animating and draws better hands than most people!

    C. A. WagnerC. A. WagnerHónapja
  • this not tears from my eyes iz vodka

    Manics At LawManics At LawHónapja
  • Other "HUworldrs": i'm diing send halp Boris: I Am Boris

  • I am still very curious on what happened to our king.

    Dom's TrainsDom's TrainsHónapja
  • Dam you Comrad Boris, you got me in the feels with this. This will take lots of vodka to numb the feels Stay cheeki breeki

    mike barnesmike barnesHónapja
  • *"and I said no"* *"I am boris"* **crying intensifies**

  • The day of birth how important it is,If you were never born on that day then we wouldn't have such A great King really This is a video full of Slavness

    Tara TysktyskTara TysktyskHónapja
  • People who disliked have a special place deep in hell

    Thomas BorisovThomas BorisovHónapja
  • I think I'll pick up drawing again.......

  • IBlyat is best blyat

    Alex StepanAlex StepanHónapja
  • And the doctor said: are you not bothered by this guy And boris said : no! Im boris! , Then boris talks to the other patient saying that: never fear boris is here! 😂

  • Please stay im not yet complete saving money to buy weslav zip javket

  • The Indestructible Boris

  • Where Women Cried: Pop Concerts Where Kids Cried: Endgame Where SLAVS Cried: Boris Hospitalization

    Pavan PillaiPavan PillaiHónapja
  • Its touching my heart

    Sans TheMemeBoySans TheMemeBoyHónapja
  • The animation is good

    year maulidyyear maulidyHónapja
  • Happy late birthday 🎂

    The best brosThe best brosHónapja
  • Priviet boris, when this whole cyka zaraza is finished. go to armenia blyat, many slav things there.

    Ralph KejijianRalph KejijianHónapja
  • What did boris have tho?

  • Boris*Is Hospitalized* Literally Everyone Who Watches Life Of Boris:*Slav Electric Music Stops* Everyone 2 SECONDS Later:VADIM BLYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    B SLB SLHónapja
  • 1 like= 1 prayer for boris

    pracha chalermkittichaipracha chalermkittichaiHónapja
  • Yes help bonus all my powers ar with him

    Richard MontanoRichard MontanoHónapja
  • Billie ilish is where kids cry Boris is where men cry

    nick loladzenick loladzeHónapja
  • "I'm Boris" hit hard than "I'm iron man"

    Vivek ArVivek ArHónapja
  • Bruh you draw hands very well.

  • Press f

  • 4:24 here is this so we can watch it over and over and over. true gold.

    DeadDog 612DeadDog 612Hónapja
  • How do you have so many talents!

    Robert ParkerRobert ParkerHónapja
  • blyat think about yourself more boris ;(

    Kushagra TiwariKushagra TiwariHónapja
  • This has made me sad:(

    Grimm GamezGrimm GamezHónapja
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️

  • Thanos: I am inevitable. cheeki breeki: no, i am boris

    John DoeJohn DoeHónapja
  • Stay healty boris I don't want you dead like apartje. (R.i.p)

    сладкий Джонсонсладкий ДжонсонHónapja
  • Yall think he had the Rona?

    Prime Lad JohnPrime Lad JohnHónapja
  • I bet it was liver issues

  • iBlyad

    Gia Đức PhạmGia Đức PhạmHónapja
  • 468 western cykas are in gulag btw

    Dj TraxtormDj TraxtormHónapja
  • Boris is the best.

    Javier García PrietoJavier García PrietoHónapja
  • Boris goes to hospital Me sad noise

    Somansh VSomansh VHónapja
  • Man this had me in tears.

    Linkin R MaharjanLinkin R MaharjanHónapja
  • Boris: my art is nothing look at Me: what is a hand No but seriously I loved this little animation so much wholesome content is best content

  • Sausage

    Ryder GreeneRyder GreeneHónapja
  • Boris: Hospitalised Me after finding out: Im not crying. *Sniff* IM OK.....

    - Caveria -- Caveria -Hónapja
  • Your video give me some hope. Thanks Boris

  • blin boris you say your art is shit but you can draw hands!

  • widepeepoSad ... Damn Boris..... You are sooo Gold....

    Michael WTFMichael WTFHónapja
  • I had never binge watched a HUworldr before. I saw his video on how to make kvass, and then chebureki, and then kvass soup, and then HTML, and then, and then, and then. And then my entire work shift was over. I literally just watched him and worked and my day went by fast. At that time I wouldn't have said he was my favorite HUworld guy, but after seeing this video, I think he's my favorite.

    Joseph WilliamsJoseph WilliamsHónapja
  • But *why* were you hospitalized?

    MC KingMC KingHónapja
  • What in God's name happened? IIRC, Boris is younger than I am, and I'm not terribly old.

    Casey DarrahCasey DarrahHónapja
  • Plz stay cheeki breeki Its sad tosee the one sad who makes us happy

  • "No, I am boris" *everyone liked that*

    TT 80TT 802 hónapja
  • So this video is about Boris animation?, nice idea I'll call the japanese art studio.

    Y33TED __FROG0Y33TED __FROG02 hónapja
  • russian to da hospital

    Gummi GummiGummi Gummi2 hónapja
  • Hapyy birthday

    Silviu TYSilviu TY2 hónapja
  • his art style so cute tho

    Strange Miscellaneous FruitStrange Miscellaneous Fruit2 hónapja
  • ):

    Strange Miscellaneous FruitStrange Miscellaneous Fruit2 hónapja
  • But Boris. What were you hospitalised for

    Shaurya ShrivastavaShaurya Shrivastava2 hónapja
  • He got the diabeetus

    ShadoExperamintShadoExperamint2 hónapja
  • This might be a bit late, but what were you diagnosed with, blyat?

    AnonymooseYeets YTAnonymooseYeets YT2 hónapja
  • were is litle cute airtom

    Adela PapajcikovaAdela Papajcikova2 hónapja
  • How to make this video?

    Benjamin YapBenjamin Yap2 hónapja
  • Hey boris what disease was it you got?

    dark dragon Creative wikmandark dragon Creative wikman2 hónapja
  • doctor is vadim no wonder he was in hospital for WEEKS

    nameer khawajanameer khawaja2 hónapja
  • Que le pasooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Luciano YanicelliLuciano Yanicelli2 hónapja