This happened on Day 7 of Ultra Hardcore in 1.17... (S3E7)

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This happened on Day 7 of Ultra Hardcore in 1.17... (S3E7)
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  • ehhh yeah full fight *will* eventually come to 2nd channel lol im the worst 2nd channel owner ever im sorry :(

    DuckioDuckio9 napja
    • gimme the link I is disapointed

      Gaming with DanGaming with DanNapja
    • Ur my favorite HUworldr

      Jake WhitmanJake Whitman5 napja
    • Duckio,i died in my bedrock edition hardcore(hardcore mode add-on) world yesterday :(.now i can't play there anymore wish me luck.

      Tahmidun NaharTahmidun Nahar6 napja
    • wait amethyst caves are rare i found two before getting iron

      Draco985Draco9856 napja
    • O

      Wesley's PlayhouseWesley's Playhouse6 napja
  • How did you get shaders in this snapshot?

    Marcell NémethMarcell Németh19 órája
  • you sound like mogi

    lugatooglugatoog23 órája
  • Copper tools?

  • I always feel motivated,happy,joyful when duckio uploads a video. Man u really have a greater talent of making people laugh which is hard. May God bless u. I promise once u will play with dream mark my words

    Liny JacobLiny Jacob2 napja
  • Bro i love ur First HardCore cause ur second hardcore survival in this has Different Ore i dont know that so I really dont want it

  • And your hardwork

    manjrika kushwahamanjrika kushwaha3 napja
  • I love gifs it always make happy 😊

    manjrika kushwahamanjrika kushwaha3 napja
  • Gg

  • Face Review

    Wish XDWish XD3 napja
  • U missed so many new blocks!

    Nifyx IOSNifyx IOS3 napja
  • Dude why do u have 2 enderdragon heads?

    Nifyx IOSNifyx IOS3 napja
  • this man is faster then sonic

    Pro CarsonPro Carson3 napja
  • Dukio: Gets a netherite beacon in a day Wadzee:............

    Isteaque KhanIsteaque Khan4 napja
  • wait 1.17 is out?

  • How do you make the cinematic time lapse

    WiffinWiffin4 napja
  • hey are u playing on the new caves and cliffs update?

    ItzMeHypeItzMeHype4 napja
  • however the idea with the nether portal and the farms turned out really well *clapping emoji x3*

    Itzmejohn ._.Itzmejohn ._.5 napja
  • Ayo when yo pist

  • When is episode 8 coming out???

    Taranpreet SinghTaranpreet Singh5 napja
  • I wish am organized lol

    Zaid damraZaid damra5 napja
  • Duckio plzz fast upload a video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Rosh frost25Rosh frost255 napja
  • I hope I can watch your video every day, I am a loyal fan of your duckio

    Dhxgvcc XhjgDhxgvcc Xhjg5 napja
  • What is that timelapse song you always use. “We’re free, we’re freeeeeeee” cause i love it

    Luit Van PuffelenLuit Van Puffelen5 napja
  • Wair day 8

    ssolohon BGssolohon BG5 napja
  • Love your vids.guys go sub to duckio

    Naezar Renne CamaroteNaezar Renne Camarote5 napja
  • waiting for your next video sooo badly. UPLOAD SOON.

    शिशिर श्रेष्ठशिशिर श्रेष्ठ5 napja
  • Face reveal

    Saraswati ParmarSaraswati Parmar5 napja
  • what shaders do you use?

    Hextar GamingHextar Gaming5 napja
  • new videos cool

    MasteredUltra 151MasteredUltra 1515 napja
  • Duckio when u uploaded a new vid I am waiting for a week plzzz uplode evey chanell is boring plzzzz

    Rosh frost25Rosh frost255 napja
  • Like to make the basement chicken grow fast lol

  • It's been 10000 hour 10000 more checking duckio see if he uplode 😃😃😃😃😃😃 btw duckio watching u is my routine so try uploading fast

    Najd Panda RCNajd Panda RC5 napja
  • Yes it is hes storage so cool

    Pia RelentePia Relente5 napja
  • Part 8 !!!!!!

    FatalGuin OfficialシFatalGuin Officialシ5 napja
  • How did you downloaded the version 17 in pe

    capezone gamingcapezone gaming5 napja
  • Upload please

    Tiktok CompilationsTiktok Compilations5 napja
  • Yoo wut ur in 500k now

    idk why but im not alrightidk why but im not alright5 napja
  • Thanks for doing giveaway although I don't get any id but I am thankful to you that you are doing a great job for minecraft fans.😘😊

    Ayush KapoorAyush Kapoor5 napja
  • Just rediscovered this channel after like 2 years. All I can say is OH. MY. GOD.

    ThePandaFuzzyThePandaFuzzy5 napja
  • Ur not going to see this Duckio but i think ur the BEST youtuber EVER everytime i watch u videos u make me happy in the HORRIBLE time :D u diserve 400,000,000,000 subs :D

    None of Your BusinessNone of Your Business5 napja
  • hi duck i really love your content and have been subscribed since in between the second hardcore season and i have a game i suggest you try out for your second channel its called marvel contest of champions

    sxxzysxxzy5 napja
  • Me: Learns Minecraft for 9 years and be a pro Duckio: Learns minecraft for 2 days and become a pro bruh

    ShreksAffenderShreksAffender5 napja
  • Epic video

    SfrotoSfroto5 napja
  • Wait am i clueless how are you getting shaders on snapshots?

    Sourcegamer101Sourcegamer1015 napja
  • You are roumainian??

    costel popacostel popa5 napja
  • from you have elytra when you dont kill the ender dragon

    PiterSon !PiterSon !5 napja
  • Duckio viewers - why dictionary is not uploading video Me - I think he died in hardcore or be is doing something too epic or be has some personal problem

    M.P. YadavM.P. Yadav5 napja
  • Well upload a new vid 0_0

    OP Vishan YTOP Vishan YT5 napja
    • He is taking a lot of it :(

      OP Vishan YTOP Vishan YT5 napja
    • let him take his time

      Tornado5187 POGTornado5187 POG5 napja
  • Umm you miss some copper .

    Khaleda KhatoonKhaleda Khatoon6 napja
  • Hi! A Peice Of Advise amytheyst it should be fully grown and all new things is it the new chunks thanks:)!

    GameRkRamGameRkRam6 napja
  • This man is a legend I defer ender dragon with his skin I love you bro

    Pie PlayzPie Playz6 napja
  • gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

    Manal QaraManal Qara6 napja
  • good

    Manal QaraManal Qara6 napja
  • good

    Manal QaraManal Qara6 napja
  • hahahahaah

    bad boybad boy6 napja
  • you are really noob :) LOL

    bad boybad boy6 napja
  • What are you're settings, y9ure game is so smooth

    Delta.RyZeツDelta.RyZeツ6 napja
  • I am out of touch but did he die because it's s3 now

  • Duckio...remember all of us when you hit 1M :)

    ItIsYeDogItIsYeDog6 napja
  • what is your shaderpack plz give me link i'll sub to u

    Philip ChannelPhilip Channel6 napja
  • Instead of making holes and putting the water in you should put stairs in the holes and put the water in that (Blackstone stairs) it would look so cool!

    Karen H AlfyKaren H Alfy6 napja
  • Duckie new video send

    Vasava AkshayVasava Akshay6 napja
  • Is copper a update or mod

    Just Mike CJust Mike C6 napja
  • I dont watch the hole serie are this mods ?

    Alex BhzAlex Bhz6 napja
  • Ben je Nederlands je klinkt Nederlands

    Alex BhzAlex Bhz6 napja
  • What's version

    jaycee playzjaycee playz7 napja
  • Caves and cliffs update is publish in 2021 how do you get this

    I am AyyanI am Ayyan7 napja
    • its only for java it will come in 2021 for bedrock edition :)

  • anyone else remembering when the 'io' in his name made sence? kinda sad he deleted these videos

    Daniëlle evenhuisDaniëlle evenhuis7 napja
  • Hello! Duckio i am your new fan from bangladesh

    Spondon's gaming studioSpondon's gaming studio7 napja
  • 1:28 music?

    TeoGamer19TeoGamer197 napja
  • Ey Server Name

    Derk ezykiel Eclarinal pastorDerk ezykiel Eclarinal pastor7 napja
  • Create a shulker box full of diamond hoes. Or be normal.

    Nathaniel BalaguerNathaniel Balaguer7 napja
  • Hey Duckio suggestion for your sheep and cows, for the sheep you can get a Shepard villager to sell the wool for emeralds and you can sell raw beef to a butcher for emeralds

    Chad KuruChad Kuru7 napja
  • How did you make your new farm with wheat and potatoes? It's very nice. Also how big is it?

    Lunaschild NightowlLunaschild Nightowl7 napja
  • Where did he get the update

    JarJar BeansJarJar Beans7 napja
  • Can people that play on pocket edition go on your server?

    Isabella RomeroIsabella Romero7 napja
    • But like can u tell me

      Isabella RomeroIsabella Romero7 napja
    • @c4ll_m3_s3npa1_uwu lolllll

      Isabella RomeroIsabella Romero7 napja
    • Noob

      c4ll_m3_s3npa1_uwuc4ll_m3_s3npa1_uwu7 napja
  • I'll have to ask my dad if I can sub to you cuz I'm on his tablet

    Bob UrbanBob Urban7 napja
  • Hey i just started a hardcore world do yoi have any tips for a new hardcore world

    duncan donutsduncan donuts7 napja
  • Ducking

    Bob UrbanBob Urban7 napja
  • 0:27 nice Xperia’s number ...

    Jonathan BallinJonathan Ballin7 napja
  • variety of content❤️❤️

    Rizky PratamaRizky Pratama7 napja
  • If you guys wondering what seed duckio plays on he release it on his live stream and it's 2081207236134377482 [java only]

    Reddog425Reddog4257 napja
  • Duckio you made episode 8 private

    carters gamingcarters gaming7 napja
  • EPIC!

    Justin melvinJustin melvin7 napja
  • Cool duckio very much

    Banna naBanna na7 napja
  • duck pls tell from where the hell did u get 1.17 im ready to dig earth for it pls give link in next vids

    Gurpreet BediGurpreet Bedi7 napja
    • bro he is playing in snapshot okay and if you want snapshot go to minecraft official page

      Mahadev KMahadev K6 napja
  • You missed some at 3:32

    Caydon MillerCaydon Miller7 napja
  • 03:30 he missed copper

    siddiqesiddiqe8 napja
  • Who video is not uploaded today

    Devi PrasadDevi Prasad8 napja
  • Bois, someone founded a villager that traded diamond enchants? It's rare i found one

    Alex DudeAlex Dude8 napja
  • If u keep zombified a villager and cure the villager back,the price of something that villager trade will become cheaper (don't worry about the villager to die cause villager has 100% to become a zombie villager in hard mode)

    Admund Yatin 22Admund Yatin 228 napja
    • U can literally trade a 1 emerald mending book

      Admund Yatin 22Admund Yatin 228 napja
    • The price can be down to 1 emerald

      Admund Yatin 22Admund Yatin 228 napja

    GODZILLITA 1233GODZILLITA 12338 napja
  • what is the shader link?

    Burak AkayBurak Akay8 napja
  • Anyone confused on why he is wearing diamond armour in the thumbnail?

    The HatThe Hat8 napja
  • Can you change your shaders to kuda shaders

    Jaeden BaguilatJaeden Baguilat8 napja
  • S2 is my favorite seazon

    Daria ScurtuDaria Scurtu8 napja
  • Beta version of the cave update copper may get armor bro

    a bowl of guacamolea bowl of guacamole8 napja
  • How many memes he added in this video.... :)

    Hi MeHi Me8 napja
  • Wait 1.17 IS REALISED

    YeetIliyan 222YeetIliyan 2228 napja