This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure Insanity

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I recently stumbled upon an old dating show from the early 2000's called "Chains of Love" and I knew I had to make a video about it. Enjoy!
thanks for watching!
comment "quit being such a steph" if ur reading this!


  • They took this idea from death note

  • you would love this one old german show where there’s 4-5 women ranking themselves based on best style, prettiest face, nicest boobs/ass and then there’s a jury of 3 men reacting to the ranking and adjusting them.

    rosyeonrosyeon4 órája
  • Jason looks like Jason Segal mixed with Jim Carrey

    Old Dog ProductionsOld Dog Productions6 órája
  • This show is the definition of feeling uncomfortable

    BeanobutBeanobut8 órája
  • Jason deserves better than that fart

    MegaMega11 órája
  • Parental Control was my S H I T 😭

    brionna williamsbrionna williams11 órája
  • jason where are u??

    Amelia jennerAmelia jenner21 órája
  • She was mad they were talking about that part of her body.

    ThatartannaThatartanna22 órája

  • jason seemed awesome, poor dude

  • Woah! I just realized Kurtis is 11 years older than me. That’s pretty cool, ig

    Jekyll Gotta HydeJekyll Gotta HydeNapja
  • Jason was mad hot Girl did an awful job

  • You weren't innocent Kurtis. I hope you rot in comedy jail Oh crap Kurtis was the locksmith the whole time!

  • the pete joke kept catching me off guard. 😂😂😂

  • Everytime Pete comes in looking for shots 🤣

  • 2:23 I immediately made this my Instagram bio

    Lily EliasonLily Eliason2 napja
  • This sounds like actual hell

    Cat WetterauCat Wetterau2 napja
  • quit being such a steph

    KartikKartik2 napja
  • Im disappointed in kurtis. Those manchilds literally shamed her for farting and put her spot for no reason, and instead of pointing it out he kept saying she can't take a joke like what tf.

    Phoenix GrayPhoenix Gray2 napja
  • "The relationship lasted for 3 days." damn one of them should've just ran away with the money rather than being on a relationship for 3 days lmao

    yuharaeyuharae2 napja
  • Your telling me you had an opportunity for ‘kurtismas’ and you didn’t take it

    Xenayda BaldwinXenayda Baldwin2 napja
  • In Germany we still have those cringe dating shows, but like the two that come to my head are called:" Farmer searches for wife" where farmers try dating women and "Daughter in law wanted" where apparently the son really needs a wife. So yeah, its very weird.

    Richard MängelmannRichard Mängelmann3 napja
  • 14:54 you're welcome

    ensopeensope3 napja

    ThisIsLukasThisIsLukas3 napja
  • Farting and making out 😂

    ShorlchenShorlchen3 napja
  • would you bi chance like men as well as females?🏳️‍🌈✌️

    lex is greglex is greg3 napja
  • Did he just out bestie picks bae?

    Saga GissSaga Giss3 napja
  • "we don't have date game shows anymore, only singing game shows" the Bachelorette and the Bachelor: *exist*

    HarestarAnimationsHarestarAnimations3 napja
  • you make me want to play sims

    irismeeowirismeeow4 napja
  • Kurtis I forgot your channel existed, subbed and currently binging 🤘 I feel the 90’s when I watch and man do I miss it/we need the 90’s again

    Dakota DadDakota Dad4 napja
  • Pooetry CRACKed me the hell up

    vanessie999vanessie9994 napja
  • Just looking at that eggnog is making me sick

    Bee CBee C4 napja
  • Lmao I just realised why this is so painful to watch. I basically had a friend group that was just this without the chains

    Harris RihanHarris Rihan4 napja
  • 14:27 "And you brought [Monopoly] home. And you were super excited to play it--you've never played it before." That's the only way to be excited about playing Monopoly, tbh.

    Casey DeWittCasey DeWitt5 napja
  • kurtmas

    lemon dudelemon dude5 napja
  • If you thought this show is weird try watching Flavor of Love. It's about 20 women on a dating show trying to get the chance to be Flavor Flav's girlfriend. It came out in 2006😂

    - IrisKnowsAll -- IrisKnowsAll -5 napja
  • This is my favorite video of his

    Daniel ClayDaniel Clay5 napja
  • 11:37 "You telling me you didn't laugh at that" SHIT HE KNOWS LMAOO

    Riddle Me FishRiddle Me Fish5 napja
  • Jesus-Fuck! I thought I had imagined this show! lol

    Justa C-FatchickJusta C-Fatchick5 napja

    Claudia SantiagoClaudia Santiago5 napja
  • My name is Steph and I feel personally attacked

    Steph VancheriSteph Vancheri5 napja
  • Honestly some of my only memories from my childhood are me watching movies like Harry Potter (specifically chamber of secrets) barbie and monster high in my huge tv- k miss it

    Claudia SantiagoClaudia Santiago5 napja
  • the only way we know that kurtis's 2020 was not ok is that he has a mullet.

    Audrey BrownAudrey Brown5 napja

    LeahLeah6 napja
  • Farts *ARE* FUNNY

    Kalie WiestKalie Wiest6 napja
  • I always find it so weird that people NEED an athletic dude! If being athletic‘s so important to u, do it yourself maybe?

    The Swiss GuyThe Swiss Guy6 napja
  • The Locksmith is my favorite cryptid

    Deucey DeeDeucey Dee7 napja
  • We did the headphone movement at the same time LMAO! Who wouldn't want to know what everyone else is saying?

    Michelle TurnerMichelle Turner7 napja
  • 13:01 he has spotted the tiddie

    Danny Weasley: Ultimate emo simpDanny Weasley: Ultimate emo simp7 napja
  • It's so funny how many women are in the comments with their double standard comments but no one one wants to point out how materialistic and shallow Steph was, or how she was clearly feeding into their "childish" behavior. You can tell she was gonna be into Alan after a few minutes into the video, she showed zero signs of maturity and I'm sure she enjoyed being fought over and tugged around as much as they loved making fun of her bubbly crotch.

    That_ Deadeyegamer79That_ Deadeyegamer797 napja
  • F in chat for jason

    Gaz BlackheartGaz Blackheart7 napja
  • This isn’t about the video but it’s about the 2000s kind of in our textbook for Spanish they will always use MSN as an example for anything idk why

    Faizah ChoudhuryFaizah Choudhury8 napja
  • 24

    Ovium the SheepOvium the Sheep8 napja
  • 150,000 beers.... I don't think Pete's even breaking a sweat

    aoc's kinlistaoc's kinlist8 napja
  • I'm sorry Kurtis, what's wrong with my spikey hair and my rocking bod?

    Allan Vargas TomasAllan Vargas Tomas8 napja
  • Me realizing Kurtis had to search up two guys kissing to edit this video ...

    Marionette HannahMarionette Hannah8 napja
  • your butt makes a noise that stinks

    Ruby VogelRuby Vogel9 napja
  • ur intro is so boring and annoying :( funny vid tho

    Loxi RextLoxi Rext9 napja

    isabellaisabella9 napja
  • 9:12-9:20 was funny for no fucking reason.. I was drinking water and that shit shot through my nose- kurtis, you need to stop .

    Ya'll Need JisoosYa'll Need Jisoos9 napja
  • how did hey get dressed?? Like their shirts can't come off without being unchained? I'm so confused.

    Alex SpeakmanAlex Speakman9 napja
  • I am partway through and just wondering how they go to the bathroom. Perhaps this is addressed later...

    Marie KruegerMarie Krueger9 napja
  • The locksmith is so fricken scary omg

  • Wait what about when they use the bathroom?

    Jordan JordanJordan Jordan9 napja
  • Keep this look .. 🔥

    Laken JacksonLaken Jackson10 napja
  • Kurtis made my night once again!

    Teresa Michelle StevensTeresa Michelle Stevens10 napja
  • The locksmith should have won Change my mind

    Andrew TowellAndrew Towell10 napja
  • Alright, I'll admit, I laughed my ass off at the Jigsaw joke. I'm really shocked that was never done as a parody somewhere.

    Shawn ConwayShawn Conway10 napja
  • Plot twist: one of them is kira 😐

    CatinthehatCatinthehat11 napja
  • During this entire video I felt like Steve from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs... my mind kept going ✨mustache✨

    Abby LynnAbby Lynn11 napja
  • She goes like "he doesn't have the athleticism I neeeed because he can't play ice hockey" like bitch you aint wearing nothing but ur underwear like get a life (when the locksmith takes jack away)

    Sour SkittlesSour Skittles12 napja
  • When I see the locksmith at my wedding ... 👁👄👁

    Precí MzoPrecí Mzo12 napja
  • I screamed when he spinned with all of that fart sounds. Kurtis is my god-

    why whywhy why12 napja
  • Waaaaaiittttt!! So is dean not dating the girl from bestie picks bae?? 😭😭😭 I liked them 💔

    ana helenaana helena12 napja
  • Wait a second.... how did THEY CHANGE?!

    Zulry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔZulry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ12 napja
  • kurtis please please please marry me i am begging you please

    Lexi BrownLexi Brown13 napja
  • You forgot about Flavor of Love. That show was so fucking entertaining.

    YasmachinaYasmachina13 napja
  • Pete going in straight for the hug reminds me of the time 10 year old me went to my sister’s college graduation and a random girl my sister barely knew, walked up to me said “Heyyyy!” Hugged me, then straight up danced away

    AnOddballAnOddball13 napja
  • Okay but it's the Sims 1 soundtrack for me

    Katie GrayKatie Gray13 napja
  • Locksmith is my favorite anime protagonist.

    Ela SolarovaEla Solarova14 napja
  • catch me watching this seven times, all while at school

    Serena PierceSerena Pierce14 napja
  • omg the bestie picks bae joke babahahah

    lealea14 napja
  • Jason deserves way better than a Steph 😂

    Aurora CachiaAurora Cachia15 napja
  • I see the locksmith and actually keep expecting him to pull out a neuralizer

    Wee BoWee Bo15 napja
  • did he insinuate that bestie picks bae was fake?

    Coral MorrisonCoral Morrison15 napja
  • 19:03 ok I always watch videos with other tabs on so I never pay attention with whats on screen but I used to go to THAT beach all the time.

    Noelle PadenNoelle Paden17 napja
  • rest in keith? no rest in pete? no rest in jack? no rest in jason? yes.

    MrBeanMrBean17 napja
  • The Locksmith x Kurtis

    Warriors IsGucciWarriors IsGucci17 napja
  • Tila Tequila and Myspace were my vices. Please don't judge me *judges myself

    Nitara JonesNitara Jones18 napja
  • 11:38 is one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed

    Edwin LeviEdwin Levi18 napja
  • Curvy girls make my junk twitch

    Edwin LeviEdwin Levi18 napja
  • cracking open a cold one for Pete. He was in it for a good time not a long time. and its safe to say it won't be the same without him.

    AithusaAithusa18 napja
  • I guess I’m a *Steph*

    XxHooded NekosxXXxHooded NekosxX18 napja
  • The locksmith looks like he escaped the matrix

    Thomas BrownThomas Brown19 napja
  • You sexy 26 year old man

    Grg Frmn VAGrg Frmn VA19 napja
  • Been watching you for a couple years, love you dude, but I could literally never date a guy who laughs at farts. Whenever you use toilet humor it always makes me just feel awkward. I watch your vids with my boyfriend pretty often and when you start joking about farts and poop we just sit there like 😐😐

    Aaris HowtonAaris Howton19 napja
  • I hate stephs

    r e x i a cr e x i a c19 napja
  • #simpforjason get this to the top :3

    Lemon DropsLemon Drops19 napja
  • 10:06 How did he discover my secret!?!? *I NEED ANSWERS NOW!*

    G BG B20 napja
  • I love this

    Kristopher ManzoKristopher Manzo20 napja