This AI program turns your Drawings into HORRIFYING MONSTERS!

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  • Jazza puts the "art" in artificial intelligence

    • @MixerPlayz can I steal this and we be friends this is art

      Nixia FunNixia Fun17 órája
    • Hi

      Dredyn PakauDredyn Pakau17 napja
    • @MixerPlayz NO

      Tom LanceTom Lance24 napja
    • @Moxxie_vsp same Also Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down

      Natalia BubnovskaNatalia Bubnovska29 napja
    • @MixerPlayz NOOoOoOOoO

      Patched OutPatched Out29 napja
  • where does one go to try out this AI?

    TCS ProductionsTCS Productions5 órája
  • I looks like crappy pancake art

    Lincoln SullivanLincoln Sullivan20 órája
  • Looks like you made a Gnoll with horns in the end.

    Xion ToshiroXion Toshiro21 órája
  • Whats this app or whatever

  • 10:50 - 11:03 is hard to pick one name, could be scruffy, fluffy or Clawmagedon eviscerator of worlds........................ u know thought 2 pick ;p

    D5 aT8D5 aT8Napja
  • Your glove scared me

    ReenythePenny 105ReenythePenny 105Napja

    Pat DuyvestynPat DuyvestynNapja
  • The first ones made me belly laugh 😂😂😂

    Melissa ButlerMelissa Butler2 napja
  • He looks like a Charakter from risk of rain 2 acrid the posion doggo

    MyNameIsManguMyNameIsMangu2 napja
  • A hyena and a werewolf got together after being drunk, this is the result.

    Thais VieiraThais Vieira2 napja
  • 6:37 Congratulations! You just made a Deathclaw :D

    hefozu 525hefozu 5253 napja
  • Kinda sound like Shad from shadiversity.

    Jacob XiongnuJacob Xiongnu3 napja
  • Друг aesthetic r/cursedimages

    Alan LaiterAlan Laiter3 napja
  • Te is the New craft Attack man

    Rosen FeuerRosen Feuer4 napja
  • Whats this app?

    Ayden AlticeAyden Altice4 napja
  • If its a website send link

  • Is it a website?

  • Pause at 5:36

    Creme BruleeCreme Brulee4 napja
  • At 6:37 did he accidentally make a deathclaw ?

    Brian's BentlyBrian's Bently4 napja
  • Whats the Games name?

  • looks like youve created a.... regular gnoll

    LocalLooneyLocalLooney5 napja
  • Imagine if this was the birth of siren head

    Red707Red7075 napja
  • His name is eraser and he annoys people by pressing erase button.

    Haz 29Haz 296 napja
  • As someone who is working on creating creatures for a series, this will be very helpful for concept designs

    Bunbon productionsBunbon productions7 napja
  • Whats this app called

    AchievedHeavenAchievedHeaven10 napja
  • where do you find this, all im finding are blogs or unrelated things

  • Keep searching.

    Patas SuavesPatas Suaves10 napja
  • Draw yourself in this

    the fish masterthe fish master10 napja
  • My dude jazza almost did a deathclaw

    Mobile GAMERMobile GAMER11 napja
  • I drew a picture of a giant used tampon raging around like Godzilla.....I was not disappointed LOL

    pustulio81pustulio8111 napja
  • 2021 comments currently

    SCP 079SCP 07911 napja
  • 4:30 we... *Are venom*

    Technowaffle100Technowaffle10012 napja
  • never mind

    Rukmani KRukmani K12 napja
  • give the chat a link to this A.I creature creator

    Rukmani KRukmani K12 napja
  • Me: ooo what's the site? I wanna test it on my Dunestalker! Me: finds the link and tries it Me: immediate regret

    Roo the GreatRoo the Great12 napja
  • werehyena

    Larry Rodi BingoLarry Rodi Bingo13 napja
  • Where can I get one of those drawing gloves? I’ve been wanting to get one, but don’t know where to look

    HP Universe RebootedHP Universe Rebooted13 napja
  • 5:37 looks a lil sus ngl

    Micheal WhitleyMicheal Whitley13 napja
  • Wait what program is thissss

    Warrior CatWarrior Cat14 napja
  • 2:37 all ur hopes and dreams down the drain

    Sensei YamiSensei Yami14 napja
  • Home boi used a pixelated elite from halo as the thumbnail and though we wouldn’t notice

    4N T74N T714 napja
  • Now make sans

    shadow bon animationsshadow bon animations14 napja
  • 2:15 legit looks like a irl drawing

    MajorityMajority14 napja
  • He made a Deathclaw 6:36

    - Xørxr -- Xørxr -15 napja
  • Make piranha plant from Mario

    sky12 msky12 m15 napja
  • Did Ctrl+Z (redo) work with this?

    inugiinugi15 napja
  • 7:32 looks like the balrog

    Noah GreenNoah Green15 napja
  • Honestly these should all be Keter SCP’s.

    Barbara ZhangBarbara Zhang15 napja
  • 4:04 (laughs) it's a giraffe! (Laughing continues)

    Multiverse ManMultiverse Man16 napja
  • 10:21 the noice sign

    Elizabeth CeeElizabeth Cee16 napja
  • 6:40 you’ve just made a death claw

    lewisjclewisjc17 napja
  • 0:13 Did he...did he just call the last Jedi a cinematic masterpiece?

    Mika-Animations VidzMika-Animations Vidz18 napja
  • need to try it

    whitenight jr.whitenight jr.18 napja
  • 6:38 a true demon

    Colton GardnerColton Gardner19 napja
  • Have you tried artbreeder it’s a great website I’ve used for awhile for fun

    The ZzajmanThe Zzajman19 napja
  • 9:13 he didn’t notice

    British BlueberryBritish Blueberry19 napja
  • He should have tried making a Human!

    Leading AuctionsLeading Auctions20 napja
  • He made a deathclaw without realizing it

    JZ BrecherJZ Brecher20 napja
  • Jazza's Furry Joke 😅

    Batfire Creates ContentBatfire Creates Content20 napja
  • 11 minutes just to show a pic.. 😂

    Infamous Yash ShowInfamous Yash Show20 napja
  • What's up with his glove? Geigh

    Zachary JamesZachary James21 napja
  • At 6:40 You basically made an anorexic deathclaw 🤣

    DeadFunny GamesDeadFunny Games21 napja
  • 3:45 It reminds me of that dog thing from Cartoon Cat or something.

    Your Local Simp For Fandoms, Aka Killer SansYour Local Simp For Fandoms, Aka Killer Sans21 napja
  • Ahh, the sleep paralysis demons

    BaDArtzBaDArtz21 napja
  • *WHAT THE F- **1:23*

    Gloria FloresGloria Flores21 napja
  • At 6:37 it looks like a deathclaw from fallout

    TheDarkDragonTheDarkDragon22 napja
  • His creature at 6:42 looks like a deathclaw

    Green RoseGreen Rose23 napja
  • The muzzle is the front part of the face with the nose and mouth in it.

    Phillip MitchellPhillip Mitchell24 napja
  • Gordon ramsay look different here🤣🤣

    Ya'no My Daddy is LeviYa'no My Daddy is Levi24 napja
  • Somewhere, you made a god damn fullblown Deathclaw

    KyntosisKyntosis24 napja
  • Can you do a vid were you make a normal pet using this

    MagicMagic24 napja
  • What pen does Jazza use for his tablet drawing? I just got my first ipad(8th generation) and thought it would be useful to get some sort of stylus to use for my sketches when going to art college next year. What do you recommend?

    The_Sparkly _ArtistThe_Sparkly _Artist24 napja
  • I almost clicked off the video when Jazza referred to The Last Jedi as a "Cinematic Masterpiece"

    - Zyn -- Zyn -24 napja
  • Hypothetical spore 2 should use ai like this

    MicroNukeMicroNuke24 napja
  • His monster is playing the circle game

    RyftedmageRyftedmage25 napja
  • 6:37 Fallout Deathclaw

    Matheus SantosMatheus Santos25 napja
  • The bear thing aaaaaaa

    Leo IrelandLeo Ireland25 napja
  • 3:50 O_O it’s a Beakthing

    A random nerd from OregonA random nerd from Oregon25 napja
  • 6:37 the look of realization as he makes a death claw from fallout 4

    Platinum PicklePlatinum Pickle25 napja
  • They're not horrifying monsters, they just need a hug :")

    ShoeshinerShoeshiner26 napja
  • Now try drawing trogdor

    TMSLTMSL27 napja
  • He made a death claw on accident lol

    Gaming with LewisGaming with Lewis27 napja
  • Hi jazza im jazza is the most creative title made in 10 seconds

    sensoryplays 5305sensoryplays 530527 napja
  • I'm quite certain that my subconscious is soaking these creatures to use as nightmare fuel 😭

    M LM L27 napja
  • 6:41 Scuffed deathclaw from fallout

    ReconRecon27 napja
  • Q

    Captain MisaleCaptain Misale27 napja
  • The muzzle is also known as the snout, Jazza. Please look up words when you don't know what they are. This applies to everyone.

    Raine TopiaRaine Topia27 napja
  • 6:38 that’s just a off brand death claw from fallout

    Charlie CurtisCharlie Curtis28 napja
  • Why does He Sounds Like Gordon Ramsey?

    Red RetroRed Retro28 napja
  • “Cinematic masterpieces” shows the last Jedi

    spaarkspaark28 napja
  • This is the first time Jazza's Aussie accent + talking super fast I had to pause and was like "Huh?" Haha.

    Panner CakesPanner Cakes28 napja
  • You used a clip from The Last Jedi and say you vandalized cinematic masterpieces? No, The Last Jedi already did that for you.

    Magnus LudvigsenMagnus Ludvigsen28 napja
  • draw a anime waifu

    Roshima HirroRoshima Hirro28 napja
  • Dude made A druggie version of a deathclaw

    Robert SikesRobert Sikes28 napja
  • Mans made a fallout deathclaw

    Beastinater 1347Beastinater 134728 napja
  • Imagine drawing Hitler's face and send it to the AI 😂

    Antics CorpAntics Corp28 napja
  • Well... at least now I know how SCPs are made

    HiFuncAutismBoiHiFuncAutismBoi28 napja
  • Dang just got here and missed the merch

    The MaestreanThe Maestrean28 napja
  • could i get the 02:18 song name pls :^0 it's so chill

    A StrangerA Stranger28 napja