They said you can't fit a V8 in a Tesla, so we did it anyway

2021.jan. 3.
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you guys said you cant fit a V8 in a Tesla and said it couldn't be done..... so..... we did it
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  • To the troglodytes saying “bUt yOuRe MaKiNg iT sLoWeR”.... it’s going to be a hell of a lot faster than it was sitting in a junkyard waiting to be crushed.......Bone apple tea.

    Rich RebuildsRich Rebuilds19 napja
    • idk but you peaked my gf's interest with the world's most expensive vibrator

    • It's Bon appetit. Which means, " Enjoy your meal"

      Meton12765Meton1276513 órája
    • Twin turbo it; then it'll be even quicker! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      Zatiti CherryZatiti Cherry15 órája
    • I think this is crazy cool would like to see a model x with a 700hp hellcat engine that would be insane

      S3m3lidS3m3lid3 napja
    • @Logged if they had installed a Tesla battery instead of the v8, it would also increase commuting costs

      bryantHbryantH3 napja
  • Now THATS a Downgrade

    CompanyCompany2 órája
  • Bout damn time someone LS swapped a Tesla

    D GD G8 órája
  • Why don't you make a video for us average joe's. Like a Hybrid electric car add on for a family car to save gas.

    Omar WahdanOmar Wahdan11 órája
  • Time-lapse music lacking lmao

    Ankl3shank3r MobileAnkl3shank3r Mobile13 órája
  • Dude, if you gotta keep a car outside, there's such a thing as a car cover you can throw on top of it so, animals and the elements don't get to fuck up the paintjob. :;D

    Meton12765Meton1276513 órája
  • LOL. An LS Tesla is literally the best thing you could do to a Tesla. Actually making it a CAR. Not a non-functional fashion item. Teslas aren't even a viable mode of transport here in the high arctic. Literally the battery pack doesn't have any warmers to keep it operational. And the heater is so anemic its as good as nothing. Besides which, Teslas are buiilt like shit. And full of unnecessary spyware and automation no sane person wants within 100km of them. Let alone in their car. The traditional manufacturers do electric cars far better. For example, so you can actually drive them outside of California :D

    Meton12765Meton1276514 órája
  • Dude you are effin hilarious 🤣 😂

    Eric buttonsEric buttons14 órája
  • Sherp's are Dope!!!

    Zatiti CherryZatiti Cherry15 órája
  • im 15 and i freaking *LOVE* V8

    super magnussuper magnus17 órája
  • my man really made a vibrator for all honda enthusiasts

    Owen RoderiquesOwen Roderiques18 órája
  • Why did you beat up on that car in the past? Seems that parts are tough to come by and you might have thought you may need parts in the future?

    CaptainrasCaptainras19 órája
  • You're my hero. Maybe the carbon fumes from our planet polluters are making us crazy. But I still hope gasoline vehicles live on forever. Rather drive than be driven

    Hobo HamsterHobo Hamster21 órája
  • V8 juice is good but pineapple an mango

    K KenworthyK Kenworthy22 órája
  • Now it‘s a car! 😍 greatings from Germany

    Weserjung YavuzWeserjung YavuzNapja
  • I just discovered you today and I am here to say the world needed you @RichRebuilds & your content 🗣🤝

    Slutty CuttySlutty CuttyNapja
  • Fuck the system

    H TH TNapja
  • In new Zealand we have minis with v8 engines, the secret is turn the back seats into front seats

    jay beejay beeNapja
  • "I too am strong" Lmfao you gotta love him.

    Keith SchuKeith SchuNapja
  • "But he does have a flip phone, so that's kinda cool!"

    Keith SchuKeith SchuNapja
  • I never know if he’s actually telling me what something does or if he’s just being sarcastic

  • putting a V8 in a tesla is the very definition of "there is one imposter among us"

  • Arr arr matey

    Gabriel AdamsGabriel AdamsNapja
  • Those look just like mercedes controls

    Ethan McAllisterEthan McAllisterNapja
  • About time rich

    Here's DaddyHere's DaddyNapja
  • No fancy workshop, not too many fancy tools, just 3 dudes doing dumb shit with a beater model s lol

    Asthmatic FishAsthmatic FishNapja
  • I just found this channel but I fucking love it 😂😂😂😂

    Ridid ulousRidid ulousNapja
  • "they called me a mad man"

    Joshua Hernandez-MartinezJoshua Hernandez-MartinezNapja
  • When are you LS swapping the SHerp tho???

  • I love it

  • LS Swap everything they said

    Pranav GummaluriPranav GummaluriNapja
  • Start a go fund me for this build to complete I would be more than happy to donate a few bucks, would love to see this completed!

    Derek FriedhoffDerek Friedhoff2 napja
  • I have a dream goal of getting my lincon mkz shell to have tesla 's mechanics 😅

    S.K ThompsonS.K Thompson2 napja
  • Vid highlights how different electric cars are from ICE. I don’t think i would ever by a car that was not designed from the ground up to be electric.

    Philip CutcliffePhilip Cutcliffe2 napja
  • My dream is to buy a cheap mirage and put “make it tesla” with auto pilot so I won’t die driving if I feel sleepy or get pulled over by a cop asking why I’m parked here

    DudahBlast bassDudahBlast bass2 napja
  • Rich, use a Corvette torque tube and rear transmission. plz.

    Chris BrookshireChris Brookshire2 napja
  • All I can say is California loop hole???? Its the equivalent to the bullet button... Lower registration fees, along with HOV access and prioritie parking because Tesla

    james osbornejames osborne2 napja
  • Obviously subscribed!!! Behind that dash is a bit Ford Contour.

    chris joneschris jones2 napja
  • You need to diesel swap a tesla i don't care if its a duramax, baby duramax, cummins or baby cummins. It just needs to have a stack and roll coal

    Tyler BrinkerTyler Brinker2 napja
  • I just want you to take the car to a gas station , to see people give you weird looks.

    Lorand BeneLorand Bene3 napja
  • Ваше видео целый час обсуждал и восхищался наш автоэксперт Сергей Асланян. Great!

    Илья БрусникинИлья Брусникин3 napja
  • Рандомный коммент.

    Илья БрусникинИлья Брусникин3 napja
  • Imagine being such a low quality person that you define yourself by a car company and send personal insults to someone making free content on the internet because you don't like their project.

    Vikesh BubblesVikesh Bubbles3 napja
    • They need to keep the stock and hype high by any costs. So they create a cult to convince as much people as possible and hate on anything thats not cultlike.

      Artan SadikiArtan SadikiNapja
  • wait whats wrong w V8 LOL

  • It will be purfect) Best wishes from Saint-P)

    Fritz FenrirFritz Fenrir3 napja
  • I'm not offended but like why?

    Benito CamelasBenito Camelas3 napja
    • Because ultimate troll mobile.

      Artan SadikiArtan SadikiNapja
  • Hello!) I'm from Saint-Petersburg, and I want to see, how you can make good car V8)) Elelectric cars suck))))))

    Fritz FenrirFritz Fenrir3 napja
    • 👍

      Artan SadikiArtan SadikiNapja
  • Ah man, but what about an Impala SS with a Tesla chassis?

    aaron frostaaron frost3 napja
  • You are me hero

    jorge De Lancastrejorge De Lancastre3 napja
  • BRO! @14:19... If u scratch that Bell & Ross ... imma be more pissed with u than mother!!!

    Mazi EmdiMazi Emdi3 napja
  • Damn your homie became black after joining the tesla group

    AUXID3AUXID34 napja
  • Was this car in Jurassic Park, Jesus Christ

    Kirk SmithKirk Smith4 napja
  • 6:46 Song name?

    Spinsane94Spinsane944 napja
  • Why is no one talking about how hard the circus song remix hit?

    Fish BoiFish Boi4 napja
  • v8 is good with beer and a bit of pepper n salt

    FriedBreadTVFriedBreadTV4 napja
  • Can u make a Tesla truck? Could you convert a daily driver 2500 work truck into a fully functioning EV?

    Matthew FaheyMatthew Fahey4 napja
  • Why do 99% of people that make reviews all sound like this guy 😂

    Insanely WickedInsanely Wicked4 napja
  • This video is so damn boring 😂 there is so much video that just doesn't need to be in it, and you guys can't make jokes at all but at least you're having fun, good luck on the build 😂

    Michael LorangerMichael Loranger4 napja
  • Is their anything inside/underneath Tesla’s that could cause a conspiracy theory?

    Houston BrownHouston Brown4 napja
  • I was watching a video about putting electric motors in vintage cars, and I thought hell, I should put a V8 in a Tesla just to piss them off. And here you are, doing the Lord's work!

    Emanuel CeccariniEmanuel Ceccarini4 napja
    • Electric motors in vintage cars is like putting 6ix9ine in the Godfather intro.

      Artan SadikiArtan SadikiNapja
  • Congratulations on 1 mil subscription s

    Agent EagleTAgent EagleT5 napja
  • Loving this. Best thing you could do to it. A cummins Diesel would be even more hilarious 🤣

    Safak HanSafak Han5 napja
  • Finally, a hetero Tesla.

    Vanessa LeleVanessa Lele5 napja

    ThatguywithnopancreasThatguywithnopancreas5 napja
  • Cool fkn channel guys!! Im kinda upset actually 😕 I've been subscribed for a WHILE and never got any notifications! Either way bells on loving this tesla build im assuming it'll be a little while and many videos,so I'll (joe from n.h love to come help out 👍🏽✌🏽) be watching 👀 GREAT CONTENT and the editing too is pretty RAD 👍🏽✌🏽

    ThatguywithnopancreasThatguywithnopancreas5 napja
  • If anyone knows the song plz tell me lol

    Eric GalarzaEric Galarza5 napja
  • I believe this a preparation for a Supercharged V8 HEMI in the Cybertruck

    OpenEye AutomobileOpenEye Automobile5 napja
    • I think I can one up that. Coal roller Cybertruck. And I'm not even into rolling coal. 🤣

      YAMAURIXT500YAMAURIXT50041 perce
  • Elon Musk: wait that's illegal

    Soundwave SuperiorSoundwave Superior5 napja
  • If you need to name your build ... what else would be more correct than calling it “Musk Rat”. Yes ... the song will never leave your head now ... Captain and Tennille’s, Muskrat Love (of course). 😍😍😍😍😍

    Winston WongWinston Wong5 napja
  • I sent you an email .. i'm a fab guy interested in helping

    supazuksupazuk5 napja
  • Rich, you should build a Lowrider Tesla next. Westcoast style. 😎

    Stark1kStark1k5 napja
  • Man that white donor Tesla looked like as if it was destroyed in a firefight 🤔

    ForceM1782ForceM17825 napja
  • Title : How to make Greta Thunberg angry.

    Derio NathanaelDerio Nathanael5 napja
  • got so excited when I heard this was happening

    Michael BradshawMichael Bradshaw5 napja
  • awkward moment when the tesla fidget tool keeps ending up in your girls' nightstand

    Michael BradshawMichael Bradshaw5 napja
  • You should be on your own Network show or the movies! I enjoy your articulate narrative and sense of humor, not to mention your skills set. Two thumbs up amigo!

    Jim StansburyJim Stansbury5 napja
  • Subbed right away ! 👌🏼

    Nuno VieiraNuno Vieira5 napja
  • this guy built a Dildo out of Tesla parts. I'm in tears LOL

    Buntu MadoloBuntu Madolo5 napja
  • Why you didn't use the V8 engine 5.3 FWD from a Montecarlo SS 2000's. And forget the RWD headache.

    jared101502jared1015025 napja
  • yoooo nice job hitting 1mil

    Liang Zhou NavasLiang Zhou Navas5 napja
  • That's so awesome!

    Quinn MortensenQuinn Mortensen5 napja
  • Son of bitch you did it

    Zack AzimZack Azim5 napja
  • I'd like to see a diesel in a tesla. Would be fucking hilarious to roll coal with one where I live

    Don QuixoteDon Quixote5 napja
    • Someone needs to do that

      Vanessa LeleVanessa Lele5 napja
  • Came here after watching James May drive the electric MG on Drivetribe where I asked if anyone has done the reverse. Good stuff!

    Joy LJoy L5 napja
    • @Alex Peters woopsie, lol

      Joy LJoy LNapja
    • MG* Haha had me looking for a Camaro or something electric swapped 😂

      Alex PetersAlex PetersNapja
  • where can i find this engine model?

    Pollus Emanuel ZhudarakPollus Emanuel Zhudarak5 napja
  • I've always wanted to do this with a Ford Capri :)

    Dice StrikeDice Strike5 napja
    • They have 302's in South Africa

      Zatiti CherryZatiti Cherry15 órája
  • Beste Idee was man mit einem Tesla machen kann👍💪🏾

    Alexander JägerAlexander Jäger6 napja
    • 😁👍

      Vanessa LeleVanessa Lele5 napja

    Rudi SitumorangRudi Situmorang6 napja
  • Rich I know people ask you to do a lot of builds, but I'm begging you to turn a 2004 Honda Element into an Ēlement go full electric.

    E PE P6 napja
  • Damn I bet rich will hit a mill subs in the next 24 hours congrats man

    Alex MorrisAlex Morris6 napja
  • what's the sung during the dash teardown? Shazam was no help

    mschiavonimschiavoni6 napja
  • Just subbed

    Ghost 74Ghost 746 napja
  • Sehr sehr coole Aktion...V8 im Tesla...daumen Hoch...Gruß aus Germany

    Solace DSolace D6 napja
  • Measure how many gallons of fuel would fit in battery box XD see what range you'd get from that. No I'm not saying use it as such.

    Gabriel MartinezGabriel Martinez6 napja
  • You made it into German media... : "Autobastler stopft V8 in Tesla: Sein Fazit ist vernichtend"

    Colin SmithColin Smith6 napja
    • Yeah, they say bad things about this build....they are triggered

      Vanessa LeleVanessa Lele5 napja
  • This guy is always one step ahead

    Brian SanchezBrian Sanchez6 napja
  • Id love the Sherp but no way I could justify it.. I do wish normal cars got that sort of gas milage [L]augh [O]ut [L]oud

    Steven MachadoSteven Machado6 napja
  • Have a look at my Play list pipe line vell *** Many v engine h²

  • tolle Arbeit! 👍🏼

    mehxosmehxos7 napja
  • Can signals ? V8 only puts out cans of whoop ass

    m 88m 887 napja