These Pools Help Support Half The People On Earth

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What are these electric blue ponds in the middle of the Utah desert? And why do they keep changing color?
Join Derek Muller (Veritasium) as he looks into the weird, bizarre, and seemingly inexplicable images found on Google Earth to discover what on Earth they actually are. It’s a travel vlog, documentary, and science show wrapped into one. It’s Pindrop.

  • Really cool. Beautifull created. Informative content.

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  • You think this ponds are beautiful now? Well they're even more cool if you leave Moab early in the morning, go along the Colorado to Long Canyon Road, then travel up and over to Schaefer Switchbacks Road, take in all the breath taking view as you drive all the way down and meander over to Potash Road, which takes you right by these ponds, and then back in to Moab for lunch! 😁

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  • So they burnt Millions of Trees !!!!!

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  • It is amazing that our economy and life really depend on what and where and how and when we depend on our planet earth!

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  • Did he say $330 dollars per metric ton of potash? That is unbelievably cheap, lol

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  • tldw; potassium salts evaporation pans

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  • Benchmark video! Great work

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  • Hunter-gatherers didn't spend all day harvesting food. You're thinking of farmers.

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  • Pot economy is growing

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  • Infused Bum powder

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  • Incredible explanation!!!

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  • Fascinating. Who knew?

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  • Packed with content. The way you brought together several seemingly unrelated events as the story progressed was very well done.

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  • I did not expect it to do that! Said the guy with ear plugs xD

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  • Really enjoyed this one thank you :)

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  • Fantastic episode

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  • 1:37 "They sorta look like rice patties.." Yeah except for the lack of any rice..

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  • You should visit the Saskatchewan Potash mines in Canada

  • Nice video

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  • The amount of collateral info Derek manages to shoehorn into this video reminds me of James Burke's Connections. Great production values Derek.

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  • Very interesting. But one mistake. Many, if not all tribal cultures of the past, spent only a small amount of their time looking for food. They had a good amount of time off. Modern industrialized man spends far more time “ making a living“. ,

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  • Best educator best vedio maker best.

  • Also, please make more of these!

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  • Instead of watching what everyone else is. I’m here learning. Everyday. To become smarter and more knowledgeable for my future. When no one else that does this stuff is around.

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  • The first thing i thought about when i saw the gatorade is that the whole lake is filled with gatorade

  • How many of you made it to the end? like👍

  • hmm that battery at 3:14, would have done nothing to that damp ash ... both negative and positive electrodes are connected to the same point on the battery ...

  • Are they purposely “wasting” water for potash?

  • Wow. 20 years ago, me and a friend went to Lake Powell for Spring Break... we took some back country route from I-70, and It was one of the most desolate drives I've ever been on. I'll never forget seeing these big piles of blue rocks every once in a while. I've always wondered what those blue rocks were... and just now, today after all these years... I think I just learned that they were probably copper sulfate. :)

  • Great video, it's a pity that the invention of fertilizers that increase crop production doesn't mean we can leave the rainforests alone. Without an abundance of trees we have less air and less wildlife which keeps this world in balance.

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  • You need to take your flamey and blowupey experiments outside where you won't die from the fumes.

  • Somebody had an astronomical budget increase! This is amazing!

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  • All the Doctor Stone fans probably sat up at 7:05

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  • Um why does the bucket fly up if the top side is open?

    • the slow mo makes it look like the table bounced it up so would the same thing happen if it was on the ground?

  • After I had watched the first few minutes of this video, I thought he didn't have much of anything interesting to say, and was just stalling to make the video longer. That's when I kept watching for just long enough to realize how interesting and informative this video really is. I had no idea potassium came from pot ash, or was named from it.

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  • My dad and I are on the time 1:33 and this was part of our Colorado/Utah adventure.😄

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  • the potassium mining in Florida is currently causing massive radioactive spills into the gulf of Mexico and contemning our water aquifers. We are in the midst of a major ecological disaster and it's not getting much press like an oil spill would. You should mention that fishing byproducts (fish bones) contain lots of potash and we could use that instead of dumping it back into the ocean in order to avoid toxic spills from mining.

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  • Comes from Dutch: Pot as. A pot with ashes. We call it Salpeter. Because we can.

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  • This is captivating..just discovered your channel. Your videos are so professionally made!

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  • Wonderful show.

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  • So how much water from the Colorado river is evaporated each year, in a time when water is fast becoming a scarce commodity in a lot of places around the world? I understand the importance of potassium to modern living, but surely with all our technology available to us today, some means can be found to recycle or recover the water that is lost to the atmosphere?

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  • Hm... Makes me want to watch Fight Club 😂

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  • Wow, never knew potassium was so important.

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  • Few days ago, I found those weird pools in Google Maps when I was watching satellite images of desert in China.(Coordinates 40.41106,90.77829) Then after few days,this video got recommended to me.

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  • 4:27 Hi, I am Derek, Welcome to Jackass!

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  • One of the best videos I have seen on HUworld

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  • It's too bad that this video had so much more effort put into it, and it only got half the views of just the subscribers. Maybe people disliked the video because they thought the editing was cringe?

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  • Best YT show I’ve ever seen. Nice work!

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  • Appreciate every video you make - Thanks for all your work :)

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  • 10:23 It's funny that the former name of Potash Pater was Moab, seeing that Moab is a land overlooking a very large natural potash pool also known as The Dead Sea

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  • I stumbled on this video. I'm not sure which I'm more thankful for, this ridiculously perfect narrator, or the incredible lesson I learned? Universities and colleges should rush to learn this dude's technics. Thanks for this informative video. Don't ever stop, please.

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  • That abandoned city off the coast of Japan is Gunkanjima also know as the island that looks like a "Battle ship". It's a ghost town now, but long time ago it was a mining city. Now people go there to take pictures. Entry to certain areas is forbidden due to how old the buildings are and risk of collapse.

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  • Wait a second, I was just there 4 days ago, cool

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  • Check out how they used hot water to "mine" plain salt around Port Huron, Michigan. Somewhere around this area a guy developed the water mining nearly 100 years before the Canadian company you mentioned, "stumbled' upon the same thing for potash.

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  • They didn't "stumble across" the water disolves a famously water soluble mineral thing.... did they? Wasn't it intentional?

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  • Hey make a video on what else was mined in Moab Utah

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  • You need to see what else was mined in Moab Utah it will shock you

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  • My grandfather had a good bit of it and used it fishing for panfish. It actually works very well if dropped in a school of crappie. It’s funny that burnt wood and a plant carried over from China via American Indians paid off our debt to France

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  • Wait they said that area has gas and oil... wtf why aren’t we getting that out?! Save money at the pump and electric cars suck! Took my buddy 16 hours to get to Chicago when normally it’s 7.5 hours or a little less. Sold the Tesla the day He got home. The future sucks if no oil. Unless they cut cost and improve hydrogen tech for cars or somehow find a battery that can go 500+ miles on a charge be recharged in 5 mins or less and never need replacement it’s gonna be 16 hours for what was a 7.5 hour trip!

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  • Well, I was close in my guess. I assumed it was either sodium chloride salt pans, or lithium mining salt pans. I was in the correct group in the periodic table ,1A just the wrong element.

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  • Water molecules are little miners ☺☺☺😇😇😇

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  • I wonder what happened to pindrop

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  • Or in modern speak.. Kalium .. Only the English use the wrong name, same with Natrium, Wolfram and is hard for English..

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  • It's a common misconception that agriculture freed up more time for us, most experts agree hunter-gatherers had much more leisure time. When we first started farming it was extremely labour intensive and it's only relatively recently due to technological advancements that this isn't the case

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  • Excuse me! This "hunter, gather' concept is pure nonsense. There were great, intelligent empires in the past. Consider Solomon's rule and a multitude of others. Evolution is simply an artfully contrived story. We have a Creator, and his name is Jehovah.

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  • Moab is one of my favorite places to go on vacation for spring break, I have always wanted to know what those ponds were. Now I know 😁

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  • Proudly just here to say I’m from Saskatchewan and indeed potash mines are a big deal here

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  • He is legit awesome

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  • Do they add chemicals to the water, or is it just pure water pumped into the mine? (ie. not fracking chemicals?) Fertiliser isn't magic - some fertilisers are poisonous to drinking water.

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    • See 16:48 in the video.

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  • why am i laughing so hard at 12:31 please it’s so funny and for what

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  • Aye Jesus loves you guys so much that he died on the cross for you. Regret your sins and accept him as your lord and savior. Love yall Also this video was very interesting to me

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  • Wow thank you

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  • So many fractals

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  • Wow this video was absolutely on point. This needs a million dollar budget. Love these youtube teachers ❤

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  • hold on, is this one of the explosives recipes mythbusters wouldn’t show?

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  • 3:12 why did Humphry have to look so cursed?? i cant even look at him, haha

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  • My guess for why that bucket popped up so far is because it can take a lot of elastic strain energy, and the point of the explosion made the bucket shape into a trapezoid, and the circular corners all hit the table at almost the same time when the bucket bowed. Too stiff and it would have shattered instead. Definitely get more of these buckets.

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  • Please more of these

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  • Question!then how do they separate the pot ash from the copper(ll)sulfate

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  • Where do they get so much water from in that desert??

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  • Just Amazing

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  • Why is lightning never a straight line?

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  • Too much fertilizer can actually kill the plant and excess fertilizer can runoff into streams and lakes causing toxic algal blooms that are harmful to aquatic life and even people and their pets. Excess fertilizer runoff from lawns and agricultural applications also contribute to aquatic “dead zones” in coastal areas like the giant one in the Gulf of Mexico 🙄

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  • Derek, you have a very cool job

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  • Don't forget that without potassium nitrate (along with sulfur, coal, diamonds, and a bamboo-like plant), the Gorn would have defeated Kirk. The entire Federation says, "Thank you, potassium!"

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  • Now I too didn't expect the pools to be potassium, but I'm surprised a common guess wasn't algae or salt farming. Because both of those produces colorful pools.

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  • Very interesting! Did make me kind of sad to know we take the valuable water from the Colorado river to evaporate it for potash. Guess better than Las Vegas fountains. lol

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  • Doesn't support me... does it support you?

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  • super cool video! Worth addressing the fact that agriculture only frees up humanity's time if the gains in leisure time and excess wealth are distributed evenly, which they are currently not. Fat chance that hunter gatherer or societies or practitioners of permaculture worked 60 hour weeks with commutes.

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