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Oh where do I begin, this makeup experience was so bad, I had to walk out midway through the makeup process because I couldn't take it anymore. When I tell you this is the absolute worst reviewed makeup artist, it really is. I can't belive how rude and disrespectful these people are.

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  • You should've gotten a refund for the waiting and that foundation alone 😭

    Simone P.Simone P.2 perccel
  • This is a place you should’ve released the name of this place this was so unacceptable I was so irritated.

    Cady HanzelkaCady Hanzelka6 perccel
  • Not even kidding, my iPad rebooted itself during this video! It was ticked off for you!!

    Alisha VeitsAlisha Veits7 perccel
  • Omg no wonder they made you pay first! Holy cow, that would destroy my whole week!

    Butterfly NButterfly N12 perccel
  • hey at least give her credit for the fact she did terrible

    krystle conradkrystle conrad12 perccel
  • That was so scary....I hope you washed it off ASAP

    aportann4aportann413 perccel
  • Please tell everyone the name of this place ... Atleast put a review on the internet Google search or something bc of you don't its going to ruin so many other woman who really go there to get make up done for a special occasion.. And lets the place get away with it witch is the worst part

    Mariah MccoyMariah Mccoy14 perccel
  • Speaking as a Pro MUA. You need to file a law suit, you need to get your money back! You need to report them to the state board. So, their license can be removed. They do not deserve to have a store open. Or at least find actual professionals. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Where in the heck was the manager? Again, I pray they see this video and learn. Blessed be.

    Cecily GalarzaCecily Galarza14 perccel
  • Someone please shut this place down

    hazy kittenhazy kitten14 perccel
  • That’s so unacceptable on so many level . Seriously, the lack of professionalism is unbelievable they sound like a bunch of idiots . Plus, she had no real competence for makeup, your fondation is wrong, the eyeshadow is horrible and the brushes are dirty . No one should have their makeup done at this place

    Genevieve KourieGenevieve Kourie24 perccel
  • I under stand Spanish

    Inez Davila VillagranInez Davila Villagran28 perccel
  • And I thought I was bad at makeup 🐸

    The lazy SavageThe lazy Savage28 perccel
  • Make up artist clearly had visions of working for an off Broadway production of cats. 2 different eye shadow colors and tiger stipe contour. She was making you into a calico tabby mix

    Jen TresJen Tres29 perccel
  • Is this actually real?! Wow!

    Busy MomBusy Mom30 perccel
  • I had those same brushes when I was a beginner at makeup they suck. Also I think 13 year beginner make up learner me could have done better with the foundation and contour......

    Logno QuaderLogno Quader30 perccel
  • Omg 😱😱😱😱 wtf was that woman doing to you??? Someone pull her license for those dirty brushes alone!!!

    Coco DeHartCoco DeHart32 perccel
  • That contour 😂😂😂

    Upasika RaiUpasika Rai34 perccel
  • What a shame my Judy for what you had to go through 😢😢 you are an excellent person you do not deserve to be treated like that, the service is very important that many people are honest and know that they must respect people 🤗🤗

    MUA LucasMUA Lucas41 perce
  • It was a scam 🤣

    Lenore TesioLenore Tesio47 perccel
  • Why is she using her fingers n she made her orange 🍊

    JackkiJackki47 perccel
  • The hell no...if i were u ... i wld have take the money back frm em Felt so miserable "being a bride"

    Faeva TishaFaeva Tisha49 perccel
  • Drop the name of the business. Paying first, dirty brushes, sharing nudes, trash talking... They should be out of business.

    Keely EmerKeely Emer49 perccel
  • I could do better makeup than that and I’m 10 😭✋🏻

    Olivia’s WorldOlivia’s World50 perccel
  • Omg youre hilarious hahaha

    Tara ToscanoTara Toscano52 perccel
  • You came out looking like a clown. I can't imagine being a bride and coming out like that after hearing all the negativity and inappropriate conversations. What if you were in a hurry? You maybe have left with a half eye done. Crazy!

    Kelly HallKelly Hall54 perccel
  • That’s horrible customer service, horrible work place, horrible attitude, horrible makeup... dirty tools.. dirty makeup.. just disgusting.. ☹️

    Krysten LopezKrysten Lopez55 perccel
  • As a makeup artist....I SCREAMED!

    China DollieChina Dollie55 perccel
  • GIRLLL where do you find all of these “makeup artists”!? lmao and how am I just discovering you now?? youre so funny

    Audrina RAudrina R56 perccel
  • Whoever edits this 👌perfect

    Goat GamesGoat Games56 perccel
  • You are to nice

    Helen AhlersHelen Ahlers58 perccel
  • Your still pretty tho 😌✨

    Antaneia ChandlerAntaneia ChandlerÓrája
  • The minute she tried to use them dirty brushes on me I’m out!

    T WT WÓrája
  • I would definitely report them

    TINA MindietaTINA MindietaÓrája
  • The wrost is the people is Venezuelan as a Venezuelan person that people is the example of why the people of other countrys don't want us un other countrys

    agustin bonilloagustin bonilloÓrája
  • I never do makeup, but u make me wanna buy makeup and show that I can do hella better than those rude people. Like srly it doesn't even look like the picture. Tbh it look like u been bruise on the beach. it would ruin the bribe day and basically anyone.

    Dark NekokaDark NekokaÓrája
  • Brad mondo needs to watch this!!!

    Shy KylShy KylÓrája
  • All the beauty queens n kings are crying right now

    Original MaariiOriginal MaariiÓrája
  • This is exactly why I'm careful where I go, because people like this exist. So sorry about the awful waste of time, and the damage that woman did your skin.

    Bree CoxBree CoxÓrája
  • omg... it's like they have the salon just for making fun of people and to laugh at them, there's no way that wasn't on purpose

    Vitória de PianteVitória de PianteÓrája
  • at least the eyeshadow is blended well....

    Emily McKameyEmily McKameyÓrája
  • If she was a bride to be. The groom would have gotten so desperate he would have married the literal person next to him (The best man maybe😏)

    Whata L0serWhata L0serÓrája
  • I feel like the MU is colorblind

    Misti RobertsMisti RobertsÓrája
  • You are absolutely gorgeous, the makeup she did on you was horrendous! I could feel the negative energy they were throwing in the room😳 Honestly you don’t even need makeup, you’re skin is perfect.

    Gissella DeFrieseGissella DeFrieseÓrája
  • I wouldn't call that a walk out.

    Kindra HannemanKindra HannemanÓrája
  • Tbh she could’ve kept the brown shades they were to just doing everything else

    Cookie PsychomaniacCookie PsychomaniacÓrája
  • the color of foundation is not match to the skin tone

    Lucy Is My BaeLucy Is My BaeÓrája
  • omg I love Rebal so much for speaking up because oh my gosh that was a disaster and those employees were very disrespectful

    Amelia RichterAmelia RichterÓrája
  • When he said “Like calm down Jamal!” 😂

    Autum GithensAutum GithensÓrája
  • I wuldve cried & demanded my money back for them doing nothing for 2& a half hours!!

    Jackii ValentineJackii ValentineÓrája
  • It was bad before the foundation, but she lost the plot after that. What was that shade?!

  • I think the worst part was the dirty brushes and she didn't even blend the foundation or "countour" she made your face look dirty. Hoping you didn't get an infection fr

    Gabrielle BarnelloGabrielle BarnelloÓrája
  • They made her pretty skin Orange!!!!

    Sheila MattesonSheila MattesonÓrája
  • Where on Earth is that marvelous salon?

    Allie IvanovaAllie IvanovaÓrája
  • Those makeup brushes were filthy! Am so sad you had to go through that.

    Carrie AtkinsCarrie AtkinsÓrája
  • her using dirty brushes and rubbing them on her HANDS!!! oh my god

    Austen MarieAusten MarieÓrája
  • What is the name of the salon ?

    Kim HelgasonKim HelgasonÓrája
  • The sound effects ☠️😂

  • why did u pay to get violated like this? I wanna fight her now

    Keri MouzizKeri MouzizÓrája
  • The make up is awful honey. You should have gotten a refund. I'd put them on blast. Save others the heart ache , money and TIME!


    A. HahabasA. HahabasÓrája
  • I would have went off

    Lava LavaLava LavaÓrája

    bella n tulipsbella n tulips2 órája
  • How these people have jobs wow

    Bella NovaBella Nova2 órája
  • it’s not a hair video but i feel like brad mondo shud see this.... who can tag him

    Keri MouzizKeri Mouziz2 órája

    Gael MendezGael Mendez2 órája
  • The people there sound like from Maracaibo, you guys moved from Ecuador?

    A. HahabasA. Hahabas2 órája
  • This comment is for @Margarita Heath who is the only person running through everyone’s comments defending this horrific salon and trying to drag the poor HUworldr (if you want to find her comments, trust me it’s not hard, just click on almost any comment and she will be there defending the salon or spreading hate): It’s actually been really fun finding all your comments on other people’s responses (which is really easy since you defend the salon in everyone’s responses). Seriously, find something else to do. No one agrees with your idiotic ideal that this salon is good. You clearly know nothing about business if you think it’s as simple as “if they were really that bad they would be shut down”. It is never that easy and with the way the employees talk they probably have connections that make them a little too confident in themselves and their ability to keep their jobs. No one likes your comments except yourself and your friends. Your not making yourself look good hun, in fact, you are making the salon (which you probably work at) look even worse. Hop off HUworld for a bit and find something better to do with your time then defend a horrific salon and find a new job (particularly one that doesn’t include customer service). I decided to do this through a comment because unlike you, I don’t hid in the shadows of other peoples comments to spread hate. I sincerely hope you change your point of view because the one you have currently is just bad.

    Kenzie KingKenzie King2 órája
  • I agree This place needs to be shut down. Maybe it is a scam.

    Gisselle RamirezGisselle Ramirez2 órája
  • this is awful girl how HOW CAN U STAND THIS!!?!?!

    Natasha SchlueterNatasha Schlueter2 órája
  • Me who speaks Spanish:hehe I don’t need you captions This is awesome!❤️ But image if you were a real bride- Her contour and foundation tho-

    Gameover TimeGameover Time2 órája
  • So bad jeez. Who goes to that salon?

    A nwahA nwah2 órája
  • She put that contouring on you like you were a JoJo Character 😂😂😂

    Die Wanderh00reDie Wanderh00re2 órája
  • I felt my skin burn just watching this.

    TinyPooTinyPoo2 órája
  • dont be shy expose them

    VelyeetaVelyeeta2 órája
  • I’m less than 20 years old and I can do a better full face of makeup than that in less than an hour

    Sophia PenaSophia Pena2 órája
  • So glad you weren't a bride for real I'd be soo upset as a bride. They probably has soo many people refuse to pay so they charge first

    HustleNBudget MumHustleNBudget Mum2 órája
  • Bruh this is disgusting. I literally just turned 12 and I could of done a WAYY better job than this, I did my mom’s makeup and it looked so much better than this- also that stupid lady is treating your brother like her damn servant 👄 this is just terrible 😤 the people in the back freaking suck, who starts gossiping in FRONT OF YOUR CLIENTSSS- and why don’t they have lipstick CMONNN!

    bunni qweenbunni qween2 órája
  • So ironic that you are complaining about them complaining about other people. I guess that's why you do test runs but some people can't afford to do that so count yourself lucky because you did a fake test run and stop complaining about working class people venting about people treating them like shit *cough*

    Natalie MillerNatalie Miller2 órája
  • OMG all that time to end up looking like that, sorry but I think you were prettier before the makeup.

    Heather BakerHeather Baker2 órája
  • She..she.. that blush exploded with old makeup on her hand.

    Haylie R. WilsonHaylie R. Wilson2 órája
  • Everything about this made me absolutely cringe.

    JenniferJennifer2 órája
  • You poooooorrrr wooommmmaaannnn. You guys have grace & poise I wouldn't have. I would have gone off soooo many times.

    Carrie BurnsCarrie Burns2 órája
  • How much money did they take for that?!

    Natalie ThoresenNatalie Thoresen2 órája
  • She turned you into a light skinned black woman with that makeup.

    Asia PrideAsia Pride2 órája
  • OMG, I literally burst out laughing with the foundation. You have the patience of a saint. They won't be around very long 😂😂 love sound effects

    San BleuSan Bleu2 órája
  • After you get your makeup done you should wipe it clean and walk in the salon again. To see their reaction.

    Nilson RodriguezNilson Rodriguez2 órája
  • Omgosh the way she gave you a line in your chin when you don’t have one!😂 what is she doing!!

    Riley CastagnoRiley Castagno2 órája
  • What’s the word she keeps saying’ ‘Lindas’..? WHAT is that?!

    its_amali_aits_amali_a2 órája
  • I really hope they used clean brushes on you

    Cynthia DCynthia D2 órája
  • Wow. We’re they just trolling? Tell me they were just trolling. It doesn’t make anything better. But come on.

    Quesita ElizQuesita Eliz2 órája
  • I’ve only put on make up once or twice and I’m pretty sure even I could have done a better job mainly because I watch my sister put on her makeup sometimes.

    Mc /ReeceMc /Reece2 órája
  • La paciencia más grande del mundo

    Maribel AlmazanMaribel Almazan3 órája
  • Wow, that took way longer than when I do drag makeup. Ugh, I’m so sorry

    Donny MirassouDonny Mirassou3 órája
  • When I try following a makeup inspiration LOL 😪🤦🏻‍♀️

    Oh MyGoddessOh MyGoddess3 órája
  • Love that your brother stood up for you! The way they acted was absolutely ridiculous.

    Spencer AllegraSpencer Allegra3 órája
  • dont be shy, drop the name, wanna make it go out of business ;)

    mandyy chakamandyy chaka3 órája
  • I would like to know the name of this “makeup place”

    Elizabeth PiliceriElizabeth Piliceri3 órája
  • I'm not even going to watch the video and because that would be too much to handle, I'm just going to like the video and read the comments.

    mkg 21mkg 213 órája
  • It looks like she’s smothered peanut butter on your face lol 😂 11:58

    Aesthetic PeachAesthetic Peach3 órája
  • It looks like a 2y.o. did that

    Eve DontpayEve Dontpay3 órája