The vodka cooled PC

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This is my vodka cooled PC build.
Inspired by Cheeky Russian aka Cossack-HD. I thought about improving his method.
His video here:
DJ Blyatman - Sputnik 2018
0:00 Introduction
0:32 Three slav options of cooling
3:38 The build
7:54 First test with fan
9:49 Installing watercooling
11:57 How to cut watercooling tubes
15:37 Second test with watercooling
17:57 Installing vodka cooling
19:00 third test with vodka cooling
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem

  • Holy god 21 degrees celcius? Something has gone wrong

    groundskeeper williegroundskeeper willie4 órája
  • put heatsink in your body, so everytime you drink vodka you cool your pc

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  • 0.07 TUREKY

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  • yk u could've just kept the ram in

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  • i feel like he is not actually russian for some reason, but we wont talk about that

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  • does ssd good? seems I might get 1, still using 80gb hdd 😁😅

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  • The ultimate coolant

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  • some russian people made a car work with vodka in the tank

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  • Your pc use vodka cooling and put adidas tripaloski on it, now your pc is our pc

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  • How does a sponge stop bubbles? I know there are many questions but this must be answers

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  • My pc crashed and rebooted right after he poured the vodka in the bottle. Moi komputer must be in blyatful jealousy.

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  • World : water pc cooler Russia : vodka pc cooler

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  • During may in Nagpur it's over 45 only

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  • В смысле не пытайтесь повторить. Надо пойти дальше. Если КПД такой высокий можно использовать нагрев для добычи водки из браги.

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