THE UPDATED IRISH COB - Arrives in Jorvik on December 18th! ✨

2019.dec. 9.
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Meet the Irish Cob: There is magic in the air when you see a majestic Irish Cob trotting over a field, its voluminous mane and feathering blowing in the wind. While its sheer size can seem quite intimidating, one look into a Irish Cob's big, warm eyes and you know, you’ve found a friend for life!

A horse originally bred by Roma in Ireland to pull their heavy caravans through the countryside, the Irish Cob , also known as the Gypsy Vanner or Tinker, had to be a very strong, reliable, and robust companion, able to live on little food and endure any wind and weather. A mix of three different horse breeds, the Irish Cob inherited its size and kind temperament from the Shire horse, its strength and agility from the Clydesdale and its hardiness from the Dales Pony.

The Roma liked their caravans colorful and richly decorated, and naturally their horses had to be real showstoppers, too. The Irish Cob was the perfect match, rocking not only a magnificent mane and tail, and extravagant feathering, but also a distinct piebald coat. Irish Cob enthusiasts on Jorvik have taken this even further, introducing a variety of colorings to the breed. With the right grooming, they can even sport a distinctive beard!

Known for its extraordinarily calm and gentle temperament, the Irish Cob can be both, a patient partner for new riders or even a therapy horse, helping you overcome any obstacle! On Jorvik, the Irish Cob is especially popular with the Druids of Valedale, who have refined the breed for cold resistance. Its thick and fluffy feathering keeps it warm and makes the Irish Cob into the ideal companion for expeditions into Jorvik’s icier expanses.
A horse that sports a dramatic look and goes with you through thick and thin, the Irish Cob will be a loyal friend for snowy riding adventures!

(Note: Because of its magnificent feathering, this breed won't display leg wraps.)
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