The ULTIMATE Sniper's Nest in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks - Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger. Today ABRISHU is going to set up the ultimate sniper's nest and show you perfect bush mechanics!
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QuickyBaby's FAQ


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • After playing World of Tanks on Console for a while and opening the PC version again, i forgot how there is so many campy bushes on PC, too many in my opinion, it promotes people to play the sneaky snipey game, which is highly infuriating when you play in a slow tank with swathes of open map that needs to be crossed to get there, hardly a pleasant task. I would like to see a mechanic in this game that allows the HE rounds to set bushes on fire and burn them to a crisp so that hidey spot no longer exists for that round.

  • That rare time when at least one other player on your team knows how to help in a tricky situation.

  • Love the Krupp Steyr. It's slow but it can hide in dimples in terrain. You don't have fun depression over the front but if you back it in like he did it works great. Great match.

    Anlushac11Anlushac112 napja
  • I wouldn't have it but that's just me.

    Skott62Skott624 napja
  • I really like playing the Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger, I have had some awesome games in it.

    yssingyssing4 napja
  • Get a turret

    William IrvingWilliam Irving4 napja
  • I’m shocked every time you do a video about a tank you have never managed to cover before

  • This tank actually existed unlike the other two.

    IllusionyaryIllusionyary6 napja
  • I want to watch new e25 video since old one was made 3 years ago

    이성철이성철6 napja
  • why IS the E25 special. cause its a fucking cockroach. you screen like a little girl as soon as you see it and then squash it or run away before it rips you apart.

    mr katmr kat6 napja
  • I love blind firing noobs that sit in that spot. So basic

    Raymee101Raymee1016 napja
  • awesome game!! God Bless you ALL!!

    mustang sallymustang sally6 napja
  • QB: use this ammo on this spot to guarantee a pen also QB: Get a turret m8

    callan wilsoncallan wilson6 napja
  • Every review that I've seen on the Steyr no one seems to address, mention or even have a problem with the two bump on each front fender. I see that this player turned his tank around backwards to avoid them, but this puts your weakest hull armor against any shot that may come your way, blind or aimed. Great gun depression is good, but trying to swing your turret with a running tank and then hitting one of the bumps just as you fire makes you miss a lot or even not take the shot if he's moving. In the end I sold mine and haven't missed it since.

    Just Doing It JimJust Doing It Jim6 napja
  • Really well played

    _DJDAN__DJDAN_6 napja
  • Nice game but he did several very poor shots ^^'

    Giovanni PomaricoGiovanni Pomarico7 napja
  • Quickybaby, you didn't mention if the crew had the "Concealment" skill. This would increase their camo rating as well, wouldn't it?

    Alec RevelleAlec Revelle7 napja
  • The m44 200iq play💯

    Fik Shun#4682Fik Shun#46827 napja
  • Sadly I often waste a slot on binoculars, it is essential as spotting is so poor, lights just dont spot.

    Graeme758Graeme7587 napja
  • He was spotted and hit by a round @3:44

    Tony PeglerTony Pegler7 napja
  • Camping the red line does play a big part in not getting spotted as well, not only the camo net ;-)

    Florence00piFlorence00pi7 napja
  • The M44 was the hero for stalking and distracting the TD but good game ABRISHU well played

    Bike DocBike Doc8 napja
  • I actually love the Steyr.

    Michael HornschuchMichael Hornschuch8 napja
  • If anyone wants a tank better series just watch lemming rush or taugrim

    Daniel VolakDaniel Volak8 napja
  • I haven't played a single hour in WoT. But man... I don't need much experience to recognize the hero play by the friendly artillery at the end. Good job both of you.

    koffekoffe8 napja
  • two tier 8 on each team exist. QB: those poor tier 7 TDs are in such a bad matchup.

    DiggyDiggy8 napja
  • What an amazing replay. At first I was like dude why show this? Perfect.

    Aidan collinsAidan collins8 napja
  • Just own it, because i´m Austrian ;-)

    Gernot LifteneggerGernot Liftenegger8 napja
  • Use bush to dominate, mmm...

    Wacky TabacyWacky Tabacy8 napja
  • So, Mr. Roth. Are you calling your wife "honey bunny" yet? lol.

    Wacky TabacyWacky Tabacy8 napja
  • TD's defending their caps can be brilliant, but I get at least one game a day were that's ALL they do, and the game ends in a draw. The worst game I had was were the 5 TD's on each team just defended, and only a few of the tanks even tried to attack. I ended up getting the spotting award, in a Churchill III, top scored in.damage done, died in under 4 minutes, and the game drawled 11 minutes later, with all 10 TD's still alive. Not one TD even tried to win the game. Frustrating.

    David HutchisonDavid Hutchison8 napja
  • Downvote. No point for this video. Premium tank, camping, idiots just rushing in his line of fire. Why?

    J ANJ AN8 napja
  • @QuickyBaby I think u need to tame the chin goatee... its got a funny split. Time for Tanya to help out!

    Eric DarnallEric Darnall8 napja
  • "Players don't understand bush (any other) mechanics" is a wrong term. They just don't give a fuck. That's the point.

    corvexcorvex8 napja
  • good job video

    Prokop SvobodaProkop Svoboda8 napja
  • Had this tank on rental for a bit. Boy is it sneaky. Loved playing it, got several sneaky TD missions in it.

    Paramecium914Paramecium9148 napja
  • Challenger is far better than the Steyr Emil

    Stephan ChrissostomidisStephan Chrissostomidis8 napja
  • I play the console, and love my 3 marked Krupp, it's better than the E-25 in today's meta.

    Eric BentleyEric Bentley8 napja
  • IMHO This guy is using aimbot. His rectile jumps from target to target, no fluid motion. Or it is just a replay bug?

    PabloelPabloel8 napja
  • You're the youngest of 4? Im the youngest of 6..

    GopnikGopnik8 napja
  • "Go into the bush, to spot trough the bush, then you pull back behind the bush, to shoot through the bush." - November poem, QuickyBaby 2020

    Kongo2701Kongo27019 napja
  • Not played in a years turbos ...rotation devices what the fu€£ happen to the game i stopped playing with wheeled cars with guns destroyed the game

    Richard HolmesRichard Holmes9 napja
  • I do like this tank :D

    tom4szektom4szek9 napja
  • QB, Steyr is not pronounced "stay-r", it is pronounced "st-eye-r".

    Stark RavenStark Raven9 napja
    • Actually, it's Shhhh. Teyer

      BlackMasakariBlackMasakari7 napja
  • QB: Remember that the first pancake is never perfect... Digger007

    Johan HolmqvistJohan Holmqvist9 napja
  • 1:32 yay another one calls me weird

    AskkutayAskkutay9 napja
  • what an IDIOTIC BOT GAME FFS ... what is good here? He missed and missplayed TONS of shots. Just bots driving infront of him. Baaah

    vk_o2vk_o29 napja
  • wow a SPG that is not a moron....

    niu chajianfaniu chajianfa9 napja
  • I hope every German tank with this 88mm gun will have changed and they will have standard 280 damage.

    Pavlos D303_PLPavlos D303_PL9 napja
  • I started playing this game when I was 12. I am so glad I grew up with it. Lots of good memories.

    Dman HDDman HD9 napja
  • His aim is kinda off for staying still and not moving at all lul

    ArtemisArtemis9 napja
  • I absolutely LOVE this TD, so... guess I'm a weirdo :))))

    Vasile DragosVasile Dragos9 napja
  • This vehicle has only 1 problam: speed. It should be 45 not 35

    Ádám HorváthÁdám Horváth9 napja
  • Finally a new steyr WT video, I love that pos lol

    NaashNaash9 napja
  • One of Quickybaby’s strongest skills is his ability to pronouce all these tank names....

    Nikita KucherovNikita Kucherov9 napja
  • ABRISHU here. This tank is a hidden gem in my opinion. It's gun is far from bad, it is a decent gun and what people don't consider is the DPM. 5,7s reload i think. Also I prefer the camo net, because it allowes me to stay hidden whenever I want to. Let them pass and shoot them from behind. Anyway this was obviously a favorable situation and they just kept coming at me. Thanks QB for featuring me Greetings from Hungary

    Abris RajcziAbris Rajczi9 napja
    • Literally you uploaded a video featuring me on my birthday. You got some timing skill QB wtf

      Abris RajcziAbris Rajczi9 napja
  • woah :O that is amazing

    Mut4ntG4m3rMut4ntG4m3r9 napja
  • Damn this guy's zooming in and out constantly with the mouse scroll is irritating...

    SouthenglswedeSouthenglswede9 napja
  • awh the first brother was the best one *sniffle* awh quuuiiicckkyyyyy

    im sirius907im sirius9079 napja
  • I dont think we can praise the M44 enough in this situation. He recognized that his surviving teammate could be trusted not to derp out, so he changed a very dicey 1v1 with arty support into a layup by sacrificing his tank. 99% of arti players would have been perfectly content with sitting back, waiting for the TD to spot, and 'claiming' the kill.

    TheXtrafreshTheXtrafresh9 napja
  • i have zoom sickness now

    cats always wincats always win9 napja
  • the way this guy uses zoom made me throw up

    Alexandru SavuAlexandru Savu9 napja
  • Respect for that arty player

    Jayzcee GrahamJayzcee Graham9 napja
  • Good God, that zoom in/out is too much for my bourbon blessed brain.

    AtanarjuatAtanarjuat9 napja
  • Really nice to see some less commonly used and often seen as underpowered tanks getting featured, hoping to see some good games in the panther 88, jadgtiger 88 or even the tower 7 german heavyum vk thingy

    JohnnyJohnny9 napja
  • Thats my favorite premium TD tank!

    Manuel Monroe Legal JrManuel Monroe Legal Jr9 napja
  • My tier 6 Jackson is my favorite tank in the game.

    Jeff AllenJeff Allen9 napja
  • no they are not trying to make up a tank this tank is real

    Patchouli KnowledgePatchouli Knowledge9 napja
  • With all the extra stuff available to PC it’s laughable this is cross platform.

    Jon RugerJon Ruger9 napja

    аPѳC ѳп КБѪаPѳC ѳп КБѪ9 napja
  • Hi

    Zac AlfordZac Alford9 napja
  • Damn, quickybaby just admitted that he thinks his brothers were better than him. I feel that

    The Irish RejectThe Irish Reject9 napja
  • M44 gave him the victory!

    Luke ReynoldsLuke Reynolds9 napja
  • this seems to be a prepared battle... in a normal one you nevere see this rush in an open field

    Bodorin RomicaBodorin Romica9 napja
  • His camera handling gave me nausea

    George DocGeorge Doc9 napja
  • Au venit că și gâștele la tăiere,normal că e ok meciul

    Devil AssassinDevil Assassin9 napja
  • Oh, Quicky...he was Spotted in the first 3rd of the Match one Time... Tztztz.. .

    joe Cooljoe Cool9 napja
  • Well done and great job learning the game and mechanics.

    Mickey HoldingMickey Holding9 napja
  • Geez will you unicoms just face the fact that some players just like sniping . I like to be those long range shots on tanks on the move . And btw the last patch they have removed or made useless tons of td bushes.

    wot #1fanwot #1fan9 napja
  • I think this gun is the most accurate gun in the game . Yea yea i know its the strv but to me this seems to hit way more then that td and i have played them all.

    wot #1fanwot #1fan9 napja
  • tbh while his understanding of the game mechanics was good his markmanship/lead was pretty bad. The real hero was the M44

    ShilleNideShilleNide9 napja
  • Bush work 101 = Happy wife happy life ; )

    robert flintrobert flint9 napja
  • QB .... next video on a Light Tank ...( The Bush spotting Equipment) you no...thank you

    Canteen For FreeCanteen For Free9 napja
  • You want a disgusting tank to play? Kit an E25 for scouting, and take it into a match that has no light tanks. Laugh at the enemy team's complete inability to do anything to counter you.

    NuvakwahuNuvakwahu9 napja
  • still tho the m44 helped in my games spg's don't know what wasd keys are for

    Shashi AtmaShashi Atma9 napja
  • Incredible considering that six of his team did no damage.

    AinslieberraAinslieberra9 napja
  • Give me these kind of enemy teams PLEASE..........., on the bots-infested Hong Kong server, where I (am forced to) play, you'd better forget about getting such ignorant enemy teams even at tier 3......... Even the bots are better programmed than this enemy team, would you believe it.........

    Geerlig LecluseGeerlig Lecluse9 napja
  • While the M44 did a good job at the end is he playing with a 50% crew? That guy couldn't hit the side of a planet.

    Namegoeshere OrhereNamegoeshere Orhere9 napja
  • The first pancake is the bad one, and also the last. But u r de the best qb

    Tomas PuteroTomas Putero9 napja
  • I wouldn't mind this TD, if it didn't have those two extremely annoying blocks on the front that block your gun depression

    Latasha MillerLatasha Miller9 napja
  • What a suprise, after my premium time gone, my winrate go down 20% and only bullshit matches...what shalls now i am only the gunfood for the premium /pay players !

    Ul! RasteddyUl! Rasteddy9 napja
  • So glad you showed this. I love this TD... it was free Tank Rewards tank for me. It can shoot like a laser though.. and for a sucky player like me, a 2K game is rewarding.

    John PolagrutoJohn Polagruto9 napja
  • Props to that m44

    dux - KFPdux - KFP9 napja
  • hero arty

    Chris LiChris Li9 napja
  • Half his team dealt no damage, that’s what my teams look like, except without the part where I carry LMAO

    Armaan Sood-MankarArmaan Sood-Mankar9 napja
  • Take a shot every time qb says bush in this video. 😂

    FlluuxyFlluuxy9 napja
  • Well played to a master in this TD but to me I could not wait to get rid of it after bounce, bounce and more bounces off the armor of what I tried to shoot. Keep up the good work sir and God blessl.

    steeleplssteelepls9 napja

    GrizzvolkGrizzvolk9 napja
  • haha gg now to go play and hope I can stay awake long enough to get in some good play

    Bartholomew MacalusoBartholomew Macaluso9 napja
  • QB, are your brothers HUworldrs as well? 😂

    Kaio BarretoKaio Barreto9 napja