The Ultimate "Finding Nemo" Recap Cartoon

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Directed by
Sean Cunningham -
Cas van de Pol
Storyboarded by
Bassetfilms -
Production manager
Niamh MacKenna
Animation by
Julia Calle Lorenzo -
Bassetfilms -
Voice work
Dominik Johann -
Pepijn Hikspoors -
Merel Hamers -
End credits music
Zahr Backbier
Julian Thomas -
Music & sound
Robert Jung -
Cas van de Pol
Niels Beekes - huworld.infoabout

  • comments are back for some reason! this video is no longer set to "made for kids"! (literally didn't even get notified this happened) deleted the darth vader video because it's served it's purpose, and it got demonetized... lol. thanks for having my back y'all!

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    • 11

      Susana Cañete SilveroSusana Cañete SilveroNapja
    • Very good.

      Hapies cs:goHapies cs:goNapja
    • Do finding dory please

      Janet ManzanaresJanet Manzanares3 napja
    • How about the ultimate finding dory recap cartoon

      Jonathan ForrestJonathan Forrest4 napja
    • Where's the Song Beyond the sea???

      Pinke Pie61Pinke Pie615 napja
  • Finding nemo in two minutes

    GASTERGASTER6 perccel
  • Reading these comments makes me think no one knows the word cunt besides Aussies and cold ones viewers

    GuukGodxGuukGodx2 órája
  • Oi orange ca-

    Jase Arevalo BaezJase Arevalo Baez2 órája
  • finding dory when?

    mr.popcorenmr.popcoren2 órája
  • I would love the full songs videos again! I hope they come out soon this one is a great song

    Maximus IroncladMaximus Ironclad3 órája
  • come on I thought this was the only one without blood until the segals came

    keithkeith3 órája
  • I understand about the male to female clownfish thing but why do they smile like that?

    Charlie MacsweenCharlie Macsween3 órája
  • bruh is no one gonna talk about how the fishes formed the ‘loss’ meme

    Fresh AvocadoFresh Avocado4 órája
  • Yep right on

    •ꝗøøꝁɨɇ••ꝗøøꝁɨɇ•6 órája
  • Mario:I love my friends! Mario’s friends: 1:19

    lexi diorlexi dior9 órája
  • Sponge Bob: fans love me The Fans:1:19

    lexi diorlexi dior9 órája
    • 1:19

      lexi diorlexi dior9 órája
  • Thank you for putting Mike Wazowski in this because some people don't know that he appeared in the credits as an Easter egg for Monsters Inc!

    Craze961Craze9619 órája
  • S i M b A

    ItsYoBoiBlockoYTItsYoBoiBlockoYT9 órája
  • Oh WoW aN oRaNgE cAt

    ItsYoBoiBlockoYTItsYoBoiBlockoYT9 órája
  • 1:13 i tought the fish whould turn into something silly like ''screw you finger'' or something like that

    Smol boi GamingSmol boi Gaming9 órája
  • Is this loss @1:15

    Woofer CookerWoofer Cooker9 órája
  • Yeah that seems about right

    Cassidy StuidiotCassidy Stuidiot10 órája
  • Okay I loved this one 😂😂 Dude according to the comments this was "for kids" before??!! (at least it's gone now) I'm so pissed. No wonder you went full mature with the Spongebob recap. I hate those bullcrap rules 😣 and I'm sure you do too pfft......

    LaumiRezLaumiRez11 órája
  • damn finding nemo in 2:51 thats hot

    bloombloom11 órája
  • 1:14 whats that?

    XarXar12 órája
  • Ah bioshock flashbacks

    Doppio VinegirDoppio Vinegir13 órája
  • that a clownfish gender joke?

    A. OdaA. Oda16 órája
  • *Finding Nemo but its R-Rated*

    The EggThe Egg17 órája
  • 🤣🤣🤣I love what you did with the fish to punch Darla in the face.

    Olvia LeeOlvia Lee19 órája
  • Missed opportunity with Crush in his car, could've been lightning McQueen KERRRCHHOOOOOO

    Burger KingBurger King20 órája
  • LOL 1:15

    Swoops AccompliceSwoops Accomplice20 órája
  • Ah yes c h i l d h o o d

    Zennith The FolfZennith The Folf21 órája
  • beyond the sea

    smiley scoutsmiley scout21 órája
  • Their faces at the end give me feelings of uncertainty

    PurPollPurPoll21 órája
  • Her kid its just imaginasion nemo is nobody so the film its finding nobody

    Rex RedDudeRex RedDude21 órája
  • I'm trying to finding nemo

    omar villaomar villa22 órája

    Todd WheelhouseTodd Wheelhouse23 órája
  • Basically this is a friendly finding Nemo not like the original movie

    Christian DominguezChristian Dominguez23 órája
  • 0:45 impossible he cant cry in water

  • 1:08 *N I G H T M A R E F U E L*

  • Oi orange cat

    Hate Monday NowHate Monday NowNapja
  • wtf sean cunningham is he come frome the family of merce cunningham?

    zoro firezoro fireNapja
  • This ended way too wholesome and i will appreciate this a whole lot

  • Ahh... just like I remember it

    Cady ElsharkawyCady ElsharkawyNapja
  • *OI* orange *CAT*

    Kalyn AllenKalyn AllenNapja
  • I would like to hear the full version of the credit song plz

    Miles ShepardMiles ShepardNapja
  • Bro the way the boat just sorta exploited for no reason the end lmao 😂

    Rage RaptorRage RaptorNapja
  • 0:10 a normal day in the ocean 0:12 Marlins wife gets eaten along with the clownfish eggs

    Kai PhillipsKai PhillipsNapja
  • is it just me or is the production value getting way better on these videos

  • 1:01 oi orange cat 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Evan MuellerEvan MuellerNapja
  • I can't believe it. I MADE THE MIDDLE OF THE RECAP

    Mike TothMike TothNapja
  • My favoriteth Moviethe , Finding Nobodyn't

    Gabriel QuezadaGabriel QuezadaNapja
  • 2:37... Well I don't see that "full versio" anywhere!?

    lentokone toveriturbiinilentokone toveriturbiiniNapja
  • Ultimate

    Brian SerranoBrian SerranoNapja
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  • The amount of kids here is concerning 😂

    Knob ChocolateKnob ChocolateNapja
  • what's does the reference at 1:14 mean?

  • So when is the full cover coming?

  • i want the full "beyond the sea" cover so hard

  • *нow ι reмeмвered- oн мayвe*

    Nezuko demon-nekoNezuko demon-nekoNapja
  • *alмoѕт ѕaмe тнιng-*

    Nezuko demon-nekoNezuko demon-nekoNapja
  • the crackhead family

  • How do you not get copyright struck for straight up copy pasting films like nothing changed

    Liam DareLiam DareNapja
  • Everyone’s word: geeh gehehegeghegeg3ge doctor’s word: OI ORANGE CAT!!

    Emily StringerEmily StringerNapja
  • That ship that tryed to abduct nemo and his dad and nemos friend got decimated by a german torpedo

  • What the fish is this!

    Rafael Torres SinaulanRafael Torres SinaulanNapja
  • 0:55 OMG Jaws 3d 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tik Tok TubeTik Tok Tube2 napja
  • my favorite pixar logo variation

    ProgressiveInsuranceProgressiveInsurance2 napja
  • 1:01 OI, ORANGE CAT

    Keenan Playz ツKeenan Playz ツ2 napja
  • Finding nemo more like finding orange weed

    Timothy UyTimothy Uy2 napja
  • No one said anything about a flower being planted on a whale's tongue?

    Allison HuddlestonAllison Huddleston2 napja
  • Weird and disgusting but not until it gets too much for me to do it again today and I have to go to the store and get a lot of money for you to get Luca tomorrow morning I have to go to sleep 😴😴

    Ryan LRyan L3 napja
  • I need the full ending song

    Jesse CoJesse Co3 napja

    Trudy HemsleyTrudy Hemsley3 napja
  • 0:54-0:56 my favorite

    Evan MuellerEvan Mueller3 napja

    Chairman NomChairman Nom3 napja
  • Nemo is mean no man :/

    Evvy _unicorn2013 berry beanEvvy _unicorn2013 berry bean3 napja
  • 1:13 i dont get it

    Jakub ŠtecJakub Štec3 napja
  • When the Orange Cat is sus! 😳😳😳

    King Primal736King Primal7363 napja
  • Request: The Concorde Plane air port 79 Cartoon Recap

    Duston ReeseDuston Reese4 napja
  • im watching a movie. its about a mans wife who is brutally murdered along with a lot of other children. Leaving his only child left physically disabled. In a twisted turn of events his son is kidnapped and the dad has to track and chase the kidnapper thousand of miles with the help of a mentally disabled woman. Its called finding Nemo.

    Himiko TogaHimiko Toga4 napja
  • Hey Hey Hey "Dory Cartoon"

    Jaime RivasJaime Rivas4 napja
  • Whole cartoon on 2 minutes.

    MA-K-A-R ParshinMA-K-A-R Parshin4 napja
  • 2:27 bobby darín

    la hienala hiena4 napja
  • 1:09 *D I E*

    Samuel AranaSamuel Arana4 napja
  • 0:56 when this shit walks up to you,you do one thing *R U N*

    Samuel AranaSamuel Arana4 napja
  • OÍ ORANGE CA- 1:01

    AlexanderAlexander4 napja
  • 2:16 !!!WTF BOOOOM!!!

    AlexanderAlexander4 napja
  • Aa


    Pokémonfan _2009Pokémonfan _20095 napja
  • 1:01 OI ORANGE CAT

    Pokémonfan _2009Pokémonfan _20095 napja
  • *Boy Orange Cat*

    JimJim5 napja
  • This is very funny! I wish one of my fan made movies had a recap like this. In fact, watch this video:

    Braden S.Braden S.5 napja
  • The smile at the end is what got me

    Muy Bien YTMuy Bien YT5 napja
  • I love how the boat that catches the nemo, marlin and dory just explodes

    Unreal ConstructUnreal Construct5 napja
  • 2:15 easy way to solve problems

    Lucas PatrickLucas Patrick6 napja
  • Anyone know when will the end credits song cover come out??

    sam simpsonssam simpsons6 napja
  • It gus

    Liam GavinLiam Gavin6 napja
  • Can't wait for the godzila vs monkey ultimate recap

    GUDI 71GUDI 716 napja

    Smirking SpySmirking Spy6 napja
  • he broke the forth wall-

    Sofia GarnicaSofia Garnica6 napja
  • *Hey*

    Ronald McDonaldRonald McDonald7 napja
  • Why is this kids channel in my recommended?

    RareRare7 napja
  • 0:54 RTX off 0:55 RTX on

    Hayden Russell Thomas *Hayden Russell Thomas *7 napja