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  • Nice Roger Dubuis!

    Ståle RisdalStåle RisdalHónapja
  • What is this for a app you’re steps

    Luna WeberLuna WeberHónapja
  • nice

    Stephanie MidhammarStephanie MidhammarHónapja
  • 100K 🎉🎉

    Inês CostaInês CostaHónapja
  • Man next time if there will be I’ll join from Helsinki 💪🏼

    Giuseppe FrancoGiuseppe FrancoHónapja
  • Good work Benni. Which Garmin Watch do u own? Got a Fenix 6 Plus Sapphire

    pnx Fearpnx FearHónapja
  • Amazing! Well done Benni

    Ingo BlumenbergIngo BlumenbergHónapja
  • Whats the main camera in this video or Just hero max 360?

    Mert KültürMert KültürHónapja
  • f ck that dont do it agan !

    Jeff SteevesJeff SteevesHónapja
  • 8:43 benni's watch is like $50.000? ;o

  • What an incredible piece of videography! Benni, you're really killing it with your episodes. I really appreciate the extremely high quality and artistic way of filming / cutting! This is SO inspiring! I mean the challenge itself was a great experience to watch but what you create out of it is just out of this world! All the best from Germany & KEEP IT GOIN'!

    Daniel Z.Daniel Z.Hónapja
  • nice video benni!

    Arlin MooreArlin MooreHónapja
  • Make Benni an honorary Swede already!

    C. Saint-SaënsC. Saint-SaënsHónapja
  • i wanna unsubscribe and subscribe again lol.... but i wanna chill with that guy Jon and Benni!!

    Darrick HoffmeisterDarrick HoffmeisterHónapja
  • Weird question but what shoes are you wearing, I really like the look of them!

  • Well done Benni, great work

    Danny WheelzDanny WheelzHónapja
  • GOOD JOB U guys.. love the footage from sweden.... !!!!

    Michael PRBMichael PRBHónapja
  • What FPV drone are you using? The one at the back of your backpack at 6:50

    Tamás EsékTamás EsékHónapja
  • Hi Benni, in Belgium there is a competition called "Dodentoch" competitors have to walk 100km in 24h. It is in august every year! Maybe your next challenge?

  • Yes! 100k Benni!

    Kim GillKim GillHónapja
  • imagine using nike mayflys for this challenge. poor shoe reaching its life cycle end (almost)

  • Congrats on 100K! I'm a retail worker in the US and I average about 20-40k steps a day. Maybe I should do this challenge! :O

  • Bad ass.

  • Hello Benjamin, nice video! :) Est-ce que tu pourrais nous donner quelques conseils pour bien se préparer à une marche pareille? Thanks!!

    Lauren ThielLauren ThielHónapja
  • Underhållande rolig video 😊

  • Respect

    Chopper MarcChopper MarcHónapja
  • This edit was next level! Are you still planning to get your PPL? A video on that would be epic

  • 👏🏼Wow! Good job!

    Sonja DjupsjöbackaSonja DjupsjöbackaHónapja
  • The production quality of this vlog is literally through the roof.

    Trygve Hals ButenschønTrygve Hals ButenschønHónapja
    • Trygve Hals Butenschøn thank you 🤘🏻❤️

      Benjamin OrtegaBenjamin OrtegaHónapja
  • I really dont understand why such low subs on these sort vlogs which should be called as movies 🤔 why dont ppl like it

    Naren ChandranNaren ChandranHónapja
  • Thanks for the link! Great video, as usual! :)

    Mia EfternamnMia EfternamnHónapja
  • Can I ask you what NB model are your shoes?? Just curious...

  • your videos are so amazing :D

    Familjen ReinholdFamiljen ReinholdHónapja
  • I'm not here bragging - cause 100k steps is BADASS!! BUT! For your next challenge! Take 100km in one day! I did it, planning to do it again next summer and a bit faster then! ;)

  • Amazing in all aspects. Always an insight into a full life. Keep at it.

    Joss KorvusJoss KorvusHónapja
  • I appreciate the watch flex early on, what is it? It's gorgeous 😍

    Michelle StewartMichelle StewartHónapja
    • Michelle Stewart thank you!! It’s from Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracan Performante 🤘🏻

      Benjamin OrtegaBenjamin OrtegaHónapja
  • i think the 100k subs should be celebrated with a benni 2.0 douchebag ;)

  • The footage in Slowmotion in 4K is iNSANE!!!! Congrats also for your walk... Keep Vlogging.

  • movie

  • 🥖🥖🥖

    Albin NorbergAlbin NorbergHónapja
  • That’s not healthy

  • Right after COVID I’m moving to Stockholm

  • Congrats on 100k subs Benni!!

    S SjöbergS SjöbergHónapja
  • 100k special??

  • I know how hard this actually is... respect to all of you! did 100km march in military with baggage weighing over 35kilo 🥵 had a bit more than 20hours for it 😊 Couldn’t walk for 2 days straight though 😂 Well done to all of you!

  • #BenniHasAGirlfriend?

    Tin GracinTin GracinHónapja
  • Great editing skills as always! You sir will go far in what is "the editing game" haha

    Stephen LanganStephen LanganHónapja
  • Were you able to walk the day after?

    Nordic GlossNordic GlossHónapja
  • You're a BEAST! congrats Benni

    Sebastian SerrallongaSebastian SerrallongaHónapja
  • 100K Now🥳

    Oskar CarlströmOskar CarlströmHónapja
  • Don’t think l do 100k a least l won’t need a Knee op at 50.😉😉😉😉😉

  • So so so so talented! Amazing! 😍

    Martje BeukeringMartje BeukeringHónapja
  • Good timing since a few other big swedish youtubers has done this challange not to long ago so I have something to comparee with:)

  • Benny! This a feast to the eye!!! The best 💗

    Karlo TorioKarlo TorioHónapja
  • I work at the store 8:46 !! It makes me frustrated that Benni was so close but I haven't met him. I would be so cool if it happend

    Oliwer LundqvistOliwer LundqvistHónapja
  • Voi should pay 1000$ for the beginning

    Oliwer LundqvistOliwer LundqvistHónapja
  • You’re a freaking machine Beni! I don’t think most ppl understand how much work it is to film this whole day while gettin those 100k in. And in such a style. True professional. Loved it!

    Lorik PllanaLorik PllanaHónapja
  • You’re a trooper Benni!!

    Paul NilssonPaul NilssonHónapja
  • Good

    Ronald EshelmanRonald EshelmanHónapja
  • BENNY crosses 100K! yay

    see ssee sHónapja
  • What kind of fpv drone do you use ?

    Daniel GullaksenDaniel GullaksenHónapja
  • 100k🥳

    Hedda Glad SkaugHedda Glad SkaugHónapja
  • Congratz to 100k subs!

    Mr. unknownMr. unknownHónapja
  • Mitkus

    Olle JonssonOlle JonssonHónapja
  • Legend

    Swedish LoL GameplaySwedish LoL GameplayHónapja
  • My home town, Grand Hotel the most expensive hotel in Sweden lol You are the most insane editor on youtube Mr Ortega

    Tor the tame badgerTor the tame badgerHónapja
  • By a Mount Trip I run 60.000 steps. It was so painful.

    Lars TielLars TielHónapja
  • 100.000 subs flat just now :D

    Pontus ErikssonPontus ErikssonHónapja
  • Best video ever👍🏽 the beginning is so funny😂

    Julian SteffenJulian SteffenHónapja
  • congrats on 100k. now road to 1M

    marcky RDmarcky RDHónapja
  • Congratsssssssssss 100k!!!

    Kelsang productionKelsang productionHónapja
  • Love you Benni 😊🤘🏽

  • And u can thank me, i'm subscriber nr 100.000 ! Love your Edit skills

  • Inspiring again from the best himself. You got me editing videos benji! Love you brother!

  • Well Done Benni, on both 100ks 😎

    T MaribsT MaribsHónapja
  • Benni, I work at a tv & movie production company. we've got high quality gear and cutters/editors BUT there is no one like YOU!! best editor I've ever seen.

    • Eileen woooooow this is the best compliment I ever got! Thank you 🙏🏻❤️

      Benjamin OrtegaBenjamin OrtegaHónapja
  • Well done guys.... Benji next time i do another charity walk like two years ago your invited.... 3.800km in 36 days... and raised 28k for a children's hospital. xxxxxxx

    Kustro GalleryKustro GalleryHónapja
  • Congratulations on 100k #benny 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Aniket MogheAniket MogheHónapja
  • Am i the only one who got the audio not sinc with the video?

    Vladimer anniv HinoguinVladimer anniv HinoguinHónapja
  • 100k steps and 100k subscribers!! Love ya🥖🥖🥖

    Silvan RaschleSilvan RaschleHónapja
  • 100K for 100k. If that’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done though, think that says you are kinda soft.

  • The amount of pain on this one is immense.

  • Great job! I love this! I live in Stockholm and without any challenge I've reached 50k steps several times just going on nice long walks

    angelica costantiniangelica costantiniHónapja
  • you are such a ninja editor. would you make some tutorials or some kind of course for us mortals to learn?

  • today's speciality is squashed banana a la Benni :))))

    dario Ddario DHónapja
  • Congratulations with 100k followers 🎉👊🏻 Have been thinking about trying something like this, just realized need to be in a better shape😅🤗

    Mathias PettersenMathias PettersenHónapja
  • Well done Benni if you’d like some vegan protein to help you recover then I can send some of the best! I work for SF Nutrition and love to see y’all moving!

    Chris WilliamsChris WilliamsHónapja
  • Congrats on 100k benni!

    Mny WstMny WstHónapja
  • Congratulations on 100k 🥳🥳🥳

  • The longest I've ever walked in my life was 32 km. I had a pair of walking shoes of the brand Nike and I had just started to work out. However, I've always liked to take 10 - 20 km walks, I just find it relaxing. I decided to walk to Bokskogen (forrest in Sweden) one day. I started walking at 12:50 PM and I arrived home at 18:20. Parts of my left shoes sole had been ripped off and my left hip was hurting. I will never walk so far again in my life. I can't believe that you subjected yourself to this kind of torture. Nicely done though :)

  • Congrats on 100k subscribers!

    Michael RolstonMichael RolstonHónapja
  • 100.000!!! Benny, yeees

    Hans Asmus LindholmHans Asmus LindholmHónapja
  • Nice watch 🔥😯

    Salkin LPSalkin LPHónapja
  • Benni can u do a review of the mac and the accesories u use ?

  • Congrats on 100k Benni!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Tucker GaskinsTucker GaskinsHónapja
  • Your videography skills are simply insane

    Steven SamuelSteven SamuelHónapja
  • holly molly benny that's impressive and the vlog was epic as usual, keep it up mate

    arenc mukaarenc mukaHónapja
  • At 6.49 i see a fpv drone :) Have you startet with that benni?

    Magnus LundanesMagnus LundanesHónapja
  • Wow bravo, je note ce challenge sur ma liste de choses à faire avant d’avoir 30 ans c’est fou !!!

    Hugo PoissonHugo PoissonHónapja
  • Benni needs some baguettes now 🥖

    Dylan FernandoDylan FernandoHónapja