THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer 2 (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie

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THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer 2 (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie
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  • Harley Quinn is a whole other mood😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Lucas RinesLucas Rines6 napja
  • King shark better not die

    Mckenzie VintMckenzie Vint7 napja
  • Why do i think the first movie was better

    Jerry KJerry K7 napja
  • "we fail the mission? you die" "you give us the wrong information? you die" "if we find out you have personalized license plates? you die" if this is really in the movie the writer should get a bonus

    The Exiled CrowThe Exiled Crow8 napja
  • Is Harley gonna wear that dress through the whole movie? If so then I will be so mad

    Mask0FF EditzMask0FF Editz8 napja
  • 1:12 so you can see there are rats in the back supposedly they are somewhere with ratcatchers story

    nightsister eznightsister ez8 napja

    nightsister eznightsister ez8 napja
  • ratcatcher 2 i love you so much i dont even know your real name..

    nightsister eznightsister ez8 napja
  • I wish there was more CGI.

    Aaron BrooksAaron Brooks8 napja
  • Is Harley Going to wear that dress through the WHOLE movie if so i will be so mad

    Rayquwon GreenRayquwon Green8 napja
  • where’s dead shot and everyone bruh omg dis movie is probably gonna be ass bruh ughhhh

    Isaiah CordovaIsaiah Cordova10 napja
  • The fact that jared leto's joker won't be in this movie 😔😭

    Miyu _xx444Miyu _xx44411 napja
  • I think that the the left over of the gown worn by Harley Quinn in this part was used to make her dress In suicide squad 1 🤣🤣

    RushikaRushika12 napja
  • looks almost as funny as the guardians of galaxy

    A KA K13 napja
  • Song?

    Dan VerseDan Verse13 napja
  • 1:42 Eren Yeager be like.

    Gergő KunGergő Kun14 napja
  • When rat catcher and polka dot man are talking I love how dirpy king shark looks in the background.

    King ShartKing Shart14 napja
  • I need the joker

    Bobbie BakkerBobbie Bakker14 napja
  • Just make this damn movie r rated so even if it's bad we don't have to show kids this mess of a film. Also, the only way this could possibly be any good is if it is an r rating.

    DelinquentDelinquent15 napja
  • Can’t wait to watch Margot Robbie (The actress that plays Harley Queen) carry the movie again

    Amelia WypychAmelia Wypych16 napja
  • If I Will want to watch that movie just because of harley quinn 🖤

    YT hackerYT hacker16 napja
  • “If we find you have any personalized license plates, you die”

    Lovely HoneyLovely Honey16 napja
  • Me finding joker 8-)

    Lxnley Ci3lLxnley Ci3l19 napja
  • Finally❤️🖤can’t wait!

    Harley QuinnHarley Quinn19 napja
  • It would’ve been way better if Will Smith was in it. I’m only here for Harley Quinn 😂.

    Miraculously CuteMiraculously Cute20 napja
  • 1:27 What the....

    Sophia MDSophia MD22 napja
  • I am a big Harley fan... But i will break your heart. I just watched justice leage by Snyder... At the end of the film batman have a dream... Aqua man is dead, WW too :C Mera is trying to avenge him... The world is ruled by Superman. And there was a... JOKER. Batman tells him that DYING HARLEY QUINN asked him (batman) to kill the joker slowly. I love her so much but... maybe she will die..?😭💔😭💔😭💔

    Sophia MDSophia MD22 napja
  • I wish John cina was in it

    • Yeah 😭😭

      Bɪʟʟʏ MᴀxɪᴍᴏғғBɪʟʟʏ Mᴀxɪᴍᴏғғ18 napja
  • at1:35 That's the Harley we wanted red and black hair and blonde and red and black outfit with Harley Quinn red dress

  • at1:05

  • I love that red dress on Harley Quinn yup Harley Quinn wears red dresses like that just like the cartoons and comics she wore a red dress for joker in the animated series oh come on puddin don't you wanna rev up your Harley.

  • Letting Peter Capaldi monologue, even if its just for trailer narration, is always a win

    James AdamsJames Adams24 napja
  • does bomerang die!?

    Ronald LopossayRonald Lopossay24 napja
  • *where's joker?*

    ritarita24 napja

    Vanness BragasVanness Bragas25 napja
  • The old "Suicide Squad" logo is back... Oh no, bad sign..

    PatrioT 76380PatrioT 7638025 napja
    • @Ayo Olanipekun We'll see. But it looks like it's the same thing again. They don't look like bad guys in this one neither.

      PatrioT 76380PatrioT 7638024 napja
    • @PatrioT 76380 even though it's only connected through returning characters. The story is WAY different from the first, so I think it should be fine

      Ayo OlanipekunAyo Olanipekun25 napja
    • @Ayo Olanipekun Yeah unfortunately

      PatrioT 76380PatrioT 7638025 napja
    • @PatrioT 76380 the old one was neon and modern. This new one is based off the old comics. But this movie is technically connected to the first

      Ayo OlanipekunAyo Olanipekun25 napja
    • @Ayo Olanipekun The previous movie had it. So it's like they confirmed both are related.

      PatrioT 76380PatrioT 7638025 napja
  • Get a fire stick u can watch it now!!! The movie sucked

    evil doersevil doers26 napja
    • Stop lying bro

      Ayo OlanipekunAyo Olanipekun25 napja
    • Movie isn't out until August

      Brendan MilburnBrendan Milburn26 napja
  • Good trailer

    CLAPZ GCLAPZ G27 napja
  • Seems to be taking itself less seriously than the first one, which is pretty damn good

    Delicious Atomic BombDelicious Atomic Bomb28 napja
    • @Ayo Olanipekun I was talking about the movie itself but sure

      Delicious Atomic BombDelicious Atomic Bomb23 napja
    • Actually, this trailer was more serious than the first. The first had a lot of jokes

      Ayo OlanipekunAyo Olanipekun25 napja
  • A Real Scene of me and my family chatting 1 day before the last high school exams: 2:05 LMAO😂🤪😁🤣😅😫😱

    Cute Funny PetsCute Funny Pets28 napja
  • I still wonder what happened to the old crew like that fire guy and killer croc.

    Zoggy Bread 24Zoggy Bread 2428 napja
    • The fire guy died in the movie

      Ayo OlanipekunAyo Olanipekun25 napja
  • Captain boomerang y’all I’m so pumped

    SimSim29 napja
  • Is it pete davidson?

  • Now Harley Quinn dress upgrade

    bl devil rddbl devil rddHónapja
  • Omg peter capaldi???

    Easte TrầnEaste TrầnHónapja
  • best movie evver

    lily Kristallily KristalHónapja
  • What can you watch the movie on??

    EmmaPlays RobloxEmmaPlays RobloxHónapja
    • HBO MAX ((the movie is not out yet))

      Bɪʟʟʏ MᴀxɪᴍᴏғғBɪʟʟʏ Mᴀxɪᴍᴏғғ18 napja
  • King shark is a shark

  • Love this movie ~~~~

    Phương Thảo TrầnPhương Thảo TrầnHónapja

  • HARLEY,MY LOVEE SHE'S THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN OF DC FOR ME She just needs her logic to fuck you up man..❤️

  • better than the Justice League Snyder's Cut

    meisam esmaeelimeisam esmaeeliHónapja

  • O Will Smit onde está? Pk n entra? 😢

    Emanuel Graça FigueiredoEmanuel Graça FigueiredoHónapja
  • Eve thing is really cool but why harley is bleeding from her nose as wll love the trailer

    Neetu SinghNeetu SinghHónapja
  • I miss deadshot and Joker in this

    diem carpediem carpeHónapja
  • I am waiting for this movie so f*cking badly!

    FenliR 333FenliR 333Hónapja
  • Man that shot of Ratcatcher 2 at the 2 minute mark really hits - have a feeling she's the hidden gem about to get big.

    Big UlfBig UlfHónapja
    • finally seeing some positivity on her really makes me happy she better survive out of all these characters even if its between her and harley quinn or even luckier both of em alive

      nightsister eznightsister ez8 napja
  • James gunn said dont get too attached i hope they dont kill kingshark or ratcather, ratcather looks like heart of the movie with bloodsport and harley

    METE 146METE 146Hónapja
  • i mean it looks great and all... But those anybody feel like they're just using the same format as the previous one? which is bad guys saving the world. I mean suicide squad is really about bad guys doing bad shit for some lady and killing each other in process, just go for that. Either way I hope is good.

    memo follomemo folloHónapja
  • Is Idris Elda Deadshot of something?

    T AwesomenessT AwesomenessHónapja
    • Bloodsport, a C-list Superman villain that was manipulated by Lex Luthor into fighting the Man of Steel with kryptonite ammo.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelous27 napja
    • No bloodsport

      Butch CoolidgeButch CoolidgeHónapja
  • Whack.

    Bugsy SiegelBugsy SiegelHónapja
  • Seriously this is such a better trailer than the first one it's really good

    Rainbow PhoenixRainbow PhoenixHónapja
  • Looks like there was a lack of effort making this movie. Try harder!

  • Starro! A Mind control starfish army? Hopefully opening the door for Batman's child, Jarro!

    danny Torrancedanny TorranceHónapja
  • I'm obsessed with anything to do with harley quinn

    {•Aesthetically Me•}{•Aesthetically Me•}Hónapja
    • ⬆⬆⬆💲👍

      Как заработать в интернетеКак заработать в интернете17 napja
    • Right

      Miraculously CuteMiraculously Cute20 napja
    • mood

      ritarita24 napja
    • Harley Quinn is my all time favorite.

      courtney algamacourtney algama25 napja
    • Same

      Renzo PostmaRenzo PostmaHónapja
  • ngl thought this was nemo for a sec here 0:13

    Garvin BlahGarvin BlahHónapja
  • Arka planda galatasaray müziği koyan dc adamlığı :)

    Mert KorayMert KorayHónapja
  • Looks awesome

    Jay AjmeriaJay AjmeriaHónapja
  • I am most excited to see doctor who. Peter Capaldi as the thinker is perfect.

    Gregarious MillsGregarious MillsHónapja
  • Another day, yeaaaa, go,

    Andrey MalashenkovAndrey MalashenkovHónapja
  • Mission for human... mission for good... mission.

    Andrey MalashenkovAndrey MalashenkovHónapja
  • joker otherwise I won't watch

  • kheili khob bod nice,vaqean hal kardam,man bishtar harlii koeen ro dost daram,hamaro dost daram vali harlii koeenro bishtar😍

    Haman HAMAN232Haman HAMAN232Hónapja
  • If they don't have the condiment king or crazy quilt in the sequel I am still going to see it but be disappointed in the back of my head if they're not in it

    AL CAL CHónapja
  • How many desks did this pass over before giving the sequel the SAME NAME as the first one was approved??

    • The first one was called "Suicide Squad. This is called THE Sucide Squad

      Ayo OlanipekunAyo Olanipekun25 napja
  • Love that narration from Peter Capaldi in the beginning. I’m planning on watching this for him alone

  • VFX 10/3 Editing 10/4 I want to ask, why isn't it as good as the other episode?

    • @Just a dude thanks for information :)

      ZuhannaTVZuhannaTV20 napja
    • If you mean episode by movie, then the other was a different director, James Gunn is one of the greatest directors, the other one was trash as they changed multiple things and it was just a hot mess

      Just a dudeJust a dude20 napja
  • Éste es el primer trailer original, lo filtraron y el otro que tiene chistes de penes y del covid es la edición de Warner, éstos son sus propios villanos al ridículizar sus películas para llamar la atención del público menor

    Roberttin CaletoRoberttin CaletoHónapja
  • Let's have Harley eat a apple and look at the camera just to fuck with Cinema Sins

    Jay ObrienJay ObrienHónapja
  • i hope this is 10x better than the first one.

    J LuxJ LuxHónapja
  • What is soundtrack????

    Бешеный Кино-критикБешеный Кино-критикHónapja
  • Sonrasını anlatmayayım birlikte yaşarız.

    Fırat KARAFırat KARAHónapja
  • This movie might be better than the first

  • xschvyxschvyHónapja
  • Wake-up - Margo Robbie is not the lead characteristic you want (Eldris for James Bond) - she is overshadowed by better actors and characters - stop being 'WOKE'... trying to hard on the female (self-identified and not asexual proplasmic)...

    Hari SeldonHari SeldonHónapja
  • I want more of King Shark 🤣

    Johnny SJohnny SHónapja
  • What about will smith?

    Milly MayMilly MayHónapja
  • Someone is definitely getting crushed by Starro

    Emmy JREmmy JRHónapja
  • I have a feeling this is going to be terrible

    Roll TideRoll TideHónapja
  • I will only ever see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

    Daimon_146 GamingDaimon_146 GamingHónapja
  • 1:33 Pete death ☠️

    Danny JackDanny JackHónapja
  • Hotel transylvania 4

    Tiana roberge robergeTiana roberge robergeHónapja
  • Agust 6

    Tiana roberge robergeTiana roberge robergeHónapja
  • Hart qwiin

    Tiana roberge robergeTiana roberge robergeHónapja
  • I know this song

    Tiana roberge robergeTiana roberge robergeHónapja
    • What is it?

      Roberto García MazariegosRoberto García MazariegosHónapja
  • Good by song

    Tiana roberge robergeTiana roberge robergeHónapja
  • Funny movie

    Tiana roberge robergeTiana roberge robergeHónapja
  • Wb dc scary

    Tiana roberge robergeTiana roberge robergeHónapja
  • Can I get a damn full shot of Starro pls besides a screen thx

    Young SJYoung SJHónapja