The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack: Official Reveal Trailer

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A haunting new pack is crossing over to our realm: The Sims™ 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack* is available on January 26! Get the first details here:
Spectral guests cause mischief and mayhem on Haunted House Lots, leaving behind accursed objects and scaring innocent Sims. With spooky activity on the rise, it’s up to you to put a stop to it. Luckily, Guidry the Ghost is happy to offer advice for sending these ghastly roommates packing. Perform séances, clean up the lot, and commune with the dead to clear them out. Once the lot is back to serenity, consider a career as a Paranormal Investigator to help other Sims!
Learn more about this Stuff Pack:

  • Are you ready for #TS4Paranormal?👻🔮💀🕯️ A haunted stream appears on Jan 22nd:

    The SimsThe SimsHónapja
    • @Nathan it will come with an expansion pack, $53.49 each...

      Vault BoyVault Boy11 napja
    • @Booga Rose Haunted house is in trailer, you Will see ghosts, guidry, Bonehilda etc. But your sims Will be scared. Haunted house is another type of lot.

      FreeMovies CZFreeMovies CZ12 napja
    • what is the haunted house called in the gallery

      Booga RoseBooga Rose13 napja
    • The best pack you Made EA 😍 HOPE EVERYONE WILL BUY IT! REALLY THANKS 😍😍😍

      FreeMovies CZFreeMovies CZ18 napja
    • We need a Sims 4 teen stuff pack that adds more interactions for are teenage sims to do. Like prom, sneaking out of the house, running away, and to throw a party when parents aren’t home.

      A Romantic BookwormA Romantic Bookworm27 napja
  • where are the werewolves??

    lucy potsalucy potsa2 órája
  • They could have brought everything of terror in an expansion with the same name

    Eike Monteiro NascimentoEike Monteiro Nascimento3 napja

    blink a pinkblink a pink3 napja
  • The song is called "Haunt me" By XY&O

    Karunanayaka ErandaKarunanayaka Eranda3 napja
  • I saw Bonehilda and thought to myself 'finally Werewolves and fairies are back'... But nope!

    RebecaRebeca4 napja
  • how do you get the sims 4 on acer Chromebook

    camila oliveracamila olivera4 napja
  • Faries :( i just want Faries :(

    Emily SadowskiEmily Sadowski5 napja
  • мда...

    Oleshk KOOleshk KO6 napja
  • i love the sims but dear god you could've just put this all in the same game. sims 4 without at least 3 dlcs feels like an incomplete game.

    iMarleyiMarley8 napja
  • 0:26 the mans looks like southern Leonardo DiCaprio from Django: Unchained and nobody can change my mind 🤚🏾

    some okiecokesome okiecoke8 napja
  • cars please :(

    Gua SiapaGua Siapa8 napja
  • The creators of the sims is literally milking it's fanbase for every cent and giving us everything but what we asked for.

    Starla BartonStarla Barton10 napja
  • Where's Generations? I NEED GENERATIONS. I need my kids and teens to have depth. It's been 21 years and they can't give us generations for the fourth installment? NO EXCUSES. I will not accept it. I WILL NOT. Tell the truth EA. You want me to suffer. I'm tired of explaining why we don't have anything for my sim adolescents. It's degrading. I think I should cut ties from you guys if there's no Generations pack this year. I'M FREAKING DONE. 21 YEARS LATER.

    Adam AutumnAdam Autumn10 napja
  • Its just not worth to buy this stuff anymore . All I do is torrent play it for a couple of weeks after which it gets boring. SIMS 3 was wayy better .

    rajas mahajanrajas mahajan10 napja
  • Ok, listen to this, can we get a medieval expansion pack pls? And a farm one? PLEASE EA.

    ArgeniantArgeniant11 napja
  • Im fine with just university and island , season cat and dogs, apartment, work and parenthood.

  • This pack is PERFECT for me! Thanks! :D

    Liesl VivierLiesl Vivier11 napja
  • Don’t mind me, I am just here for the comments.

    cance7984cance798412 napja
  • I really love these supernatural additions

    Father and Son GamesFather and Son Games12 napja
  • We don't even have Werewolves yet :/ sims 3 had those plus ghosts fairys and witches plus MORE all in one pack

    Redacted RaccoonRedacted Raccoon12 napja
  • bro i was about to play every room is a different pack and i saw this new pack and i came right into the page how didn't i saw this before??!!

    Mayde LandMayde Land13 napja
  • Next pack please be something like generations. AND FIX THE BABIES. please

    Susan BrahsSusan Brahs13 napja
  • why do i want to buy this so badly

    Lily ChangLily Chang13 napja
  • EA be like: Improved babies,who? Listening to the community,who? Nah,let's give them ghosts at the beginning of the year! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ👻💀

    •Five Weenies••Five Weenies•14 napja
  • Añadan a los hombres lobos

    daniel galindodaniel galindo14 napja
  • 💜

    Wojtek.sims4Wojtek.sims414 napja
  • Better Teenager/School pack when?!

    Estellé ElithEstellé Elith15 napja
  • Can u make it free

    𒀱ꪳe⃟𒀱ꪳ𒀱ꪳe⃟𒀱ꪳ15 napja
  • Wouldn't be cool if they have graveyard that has zombies and ghost there. My only experience with graveyard at sims is in Sims PSP. It actually scared me whenever I need to go to there 😂

    ArinahArinah15 napja
  • I wouldn't be surprised if EA is running out of money for the Sims 4 team because hardly anybody wants to support them anymore. I could see Sims 5 being a failure because of this

    MellowJellyMellowJelly15 napja
  • eng:so that you know how ancient I am, it's that I stopped buying updates from "to the university" like this Rus:что бы вы понимали насколька я древняя, что перестала приобретать обновления с "в университет" вот так вот

    ꧁ Řężąñ Mıłşê꧂꧁ Řężąñ Mıłşê꧂15 napja
  • another pointless pack

    Gabriel FrancisGabriel Francis15 napja
  • This is so demonic... I love sims 4 but the direction it’s taking is just not ok. Guys wake up they are normalizing voodo, coursing out people and spirituall calling. That’s pure witchcraft

    SimvenchySimvenchy16 napja
  • I would play this but Origin won’t reply to fix/repair my game 🙁

    Rob ShoreRob Shore16 napja
  • How about my white house on my channel?

    Joe MickailJoe Mickail16 napja
  • So still no ghost babies? Epic.

    Omega OwlOmega Owl18 napja
  • Sims should have made a supernatural pack like Sims 3 and moved on but no y’all just want money at this point they don’t even care about what they put out these days

    Jordan MooreJordan Moore18 napja
  • Bruh where are the WEREWOLVES, and FAIRIES. Y’all are lame asf

    Double TwistsDouble Twists18 napja
  • The sims 4: the 2020 expansion pack

    moonpinkmoonpink18 napja
  • Remember how in supernatural in TS3 we got a new town, fairies, werewolves, witches and zombies? And it was all in one expansion pack? Yeah. I can already see Fairies, werewolves and zombies each being on their own stuff pack.

    SoySauceSoySauce18 napja
    • Each of those would probably be split up into even more packs

      amnervakamnervak9 napja
  • this is exactly why ea doesn't give a sht anymore, even when they release something good all you guys do is complain about "when is there gonna be cars?!?!? we want a farming pack!!!!!! bring the sims 2 back remastered when you guys are already making 2 games at once (sims 4 and sims 5)" it's ridiculous. i'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but in the end, you know i'm right about you little babies.

    personperson19 napja
  • What is this trailer music tho I wanna search it up

    GOD OF FIRE!GOD OF FIRE!19 napja
  • Bonehilda)

    Daria MeetDaria Meet19 napja
  • Fun pack to play and for a great video for builders, there is a pack review for builders from youtuber Anatlus89.

    Kar MillerKar Miller20 napja
  • They just need to do a Sims 2 remake PLEASE! Sims 2 was the best out of all 4 series.

    anime1217anime121720 napja
  • Hello Sims Corporation Can you Please add fabulous creatures such as griffins of different dragons and so that they were home please

    Alina -vlogiwowAlina -vlogiwow21 napja
  • "All garnish no meat"

    Pizza BoyPizza Boy21 napja
  • We need a futuristic pack :(

    Oli CansdaleOli Cansdale22 napja
  • If you have the paranormal career and a sim dies, try speaking to the reaper about the "reaper society" and see if it works. I've tried literally 9 times and failed and no ones talking about it.

    OblivionaireOblivionaire22 napja

    makunomomakunomo22 napja
  • Boooooriiiiiiiing.

    RR22 napja

    Paula MartinezPaula Martinez23 napja
  • cuando van a agregar mas seres místicos (que se pueden crear como vampiros) al juego?

    acidddaaciddda23 napja
  • super peac

    Gabriela ShowGabriela Show23 napja
  • Can we make serious suggestions regarding expansion packs etc that the public wants? That’s not too much to ask right.

    Nina T.Nina T.23 napja
    • Meh last time people chose laundry day LOL

      SoySauceSoySauce18 napja
  • Please install The Sims 4 on tablets and phones.

    Sen Çal Kapımı EditsSen Çal Kapımı Edits23 napja
  • Please take a look.

    puppet KTMpuppet KTM23 napja
  • when will The Sims 2 to be available again in 2021

    Mahde RahmanMahde Rahman23 napja
  • The song in this trailer is such a bop! Who is it??

    Mimmers483Mimmers48324 napja
  • Hey wanna check out my sims 4 white house on my channel?

    Joe MickailJoe Mickail24 napja
  • mental health pack next

    JillianJillian24 napja
  • I want zombie apocalipse pack 😂

    Ana KuchuAna Kuchu24 napja
  • зачем а главное ЗАЧЕМ

  • Hey check my White House on my channel! I’m new 😀

    Joe MickailJoe Mickail25 napja

    Carmen AlexisCarmen Alexis25 napja
  • This, Realm of Magic, Vampires, and the Halloween stuff all could have been one pack. WTF EA?

    Amethyst SardesaiAmethyst Sardesai25 napja
  • EA! Drop the Sims 4 if you can't develop it well! We've been asking features for nearly a decade and all we get is Star Wars and 18 Stuff Packs that had features which should've been in the EP's. The game is nearly a thousand dollars! Drop the Sims 4 and do The Sims 5 for the whole 2021. We are willing to wait until next year cause we don't want another lackluster money grab game! Or if you The Sims Franchise to die, idk it's up to you.

    RegmeRegme25 napja
    • @Bianca Arduino i'm not really getting my hopes up for the fifth game. i already know EA

      RegmeRegme10 napja
    • If you're already disappointed with the Sims 4 don't get your hopes up for Sims 5.

      Bianca ArduinoBianca Arduino11 napja
  • The sims 4 pode fazer um favor pode colocar o the sims 4 pro celular se vc faz é MT obg

    Sonia Santos da CruzSonia Santos da Cruz26 napja
  • The Sims 4 has been offering niche features that no matter how many dlcs they released for this game I still feel like The Sims 4 has no soul.

    Renato PereiraRenato Pereira26 napja
  • what is this weird non-simlish language in the song?

    G. SaG. Sa26 napja
  • what's the music in the background?

    nutkanr1nutkanr126 napja
  • What is the name of the song?

    Mark Anthony MendozaMark Anthony Mendoza27 napja
  • I’m here for this pack but tbh they should’ve saved this stuff for September or October 🥴

    Homar LunaHomar Luna27 napja
  • Not what we want but kinda cool I guess. Still not gonna buy it though, I've spent too much money and too many hours on this game and I really dislike where it's heading. Maybe take a year off and gather the devs and actually listen to what we want and then you can take that and make it into one pack, I guarantee that people will buy it.

    jptrnashjptrnash28 napja
  • Make an angel update

    Kinley PepperlingKinley Pepperling28 napja
  • i love supernatural stuff in the sims, but EA you did it ! you made me not excited at all about a supernatural pack or should i say stuff pack...

    E.TE.T28 napja
  • When is this game coming out? just the video game? can we play on the phone

    Elif TopkarElif Topkar28 napja
  • I'm not sure if this was a mistake or not (I'm not complaining, I like it), but, you can now make a haunted house residential in vacation worlds and sims can LIVE in VACATION WORLD. All you need to do is change the lot from rental to haunted house residential.

    Tina TudicTina Tudic28 napja
  • None of my paranormal stuff is working right or at all 😥

    Filthy KhajiitFilthy Khajiit28 napja
  • I think the lil' ghosts are actually cute

    Lukas 2.0Lukas 2.029 napja
  • Finally my vampire can be funny with his dead mom :(

    Ayden BredyAyden Bredy29 napja
  • Just release the sims 5 already, these cash grabs are a disgrace.

    StijnNLStijnNL29 napja
  • omg

    Melissa Ann WiggingtonMelissa Ann Wiggington29 napja
  • This looks cool and all, but Sims 1 didn't even need the spooky themed DLC to be the scariest (Sims) game ever. I still have trauma of playing Sims 1 in the night (in game). The prank calls, burglars, atmosphere, LOL!!!! Horrifying!

  • Yooo if u have realm of magic,spellcasters can get medium skill faster! Happy simming

    Captain Adrian DincaCaptain Adrian DincaHónapja
  • good luck getting back your mods after adding this pack

    julius oropeljulius oropelHónapja
  • 🤦‍♀️All these noobs getting butthurt for some reason, just because other simmers points out that the sims 4 have problems “(👹)if you don't like it then don't buy it” ugh😑 just get out lol, fine you are excited.... that is wonderful, just don't be out here acting like this game don't have problems, y'all will probably get tired of this stuff pack in one day, probably in minutes.

    Alima. HAlima. HHónapja
  • they could have made this an expansion pack with realm of magic and vampires plus more like the supernatural sims 3 pack

    Alana CapanoAlana CapanoHónapja
  • plz no more Sims 5 I love Sims 4 way better

    Hannah CawleyHannah CawleyHónapja
    • You can stay with TS4 when TS5 comes out. As a player since the first game I wished they've spent more time with TS3 and TS4 never happened so welcome to my world!

      Renato PereiraRenato Pereira26 napja
  • Hey! I really want to get the superhero mod in the sims 4 but I love the base game. If you guys need pack ideas..Superhero's are my number one! Have a great day!

  • EA: Releases Star Wars Journey to Batuu Sims Community: Eew, wtf!?!??1+? We did not ask for that! I hate Star Wars. It ruins the immersiveness of my game, it's not realistic at all! EA: Releases Paranormal Stuff Pack. Also the Sims Community: OMG SO TRUE!

  • Sims 4 idea pack : Sports Pack More sports : basketball, footbll, netball, hockey, track, gym etc New world include stadiums, sports centre, sports wear shops etc. New people and fame, become a famous athlete Perform in leagues, international and others New jobs, sports director, athlete, reporter, manager, etc Please copy to show it to the sims 4 community. Thank you.

    Eva OladimejiEva OladimejiHónapja
  • Hey can you make a Harry Potter stuff pack because I wanna make my spellcasters have Harry Potter clothes bad like the robes and maybe have a wand shop and maybe hogwarts

    Sparkle SquidSparkle SquidHónapja
    • @Sparkle Squid There's a Harry Potter mod out there but it requires to have Realm of Magic

      DundeeDundee23 napja
    • There is a Harry Potter CC, I don't know exactly how it works but you should try it out.

    • Also I want to have a sorting and also for you to also become a death eater I LOVE HARRY POTTER FAVOURITE SHOW EVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!

      Sparkle SquidSparkle SquidHónapja
  • Why they didn’t come out with this during Halloween time 🙄

    Lay RLay RHónapja
    • Because that date they were celebrating Halloween with our money.

  • Still not buying any packs Until You Take Away The Loading Screens Make The Game Open World Bring Bunk Beds To The Sims 4 And Actually Start Listening To Your Fans! I don't even play this game any more 😂😂 And I didn't even know there was a new game pack until I seen Doctor Ashley's video

    Orchard RoseOrchard RoseHónapja
    • At this point it would be almost impossible to code an open world tho lol they would have to recode almost everything. May as well make TS5.

      SoySauceSoySauce18 napja
  • Now i can make my sims Dean And Sam to be true hunters. They will be no longer dectectives and will be ghosthunters!!♥️🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️

    Feyre The Curse BreakerFeyre The Curse BreakerHónapja
  • Bonelindaaaaaaa

    Vicky RBLXVicky RBLXHónapja
  • No matter how much we tried to tell them. They won't listen. So why bother?

    Sum WanSum WanHónapja
  • Ea What happened to The SimsPolska channel