The Secret To Flawless Floors | F1 TV Tech Talk | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

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Floor designs have become infinitely complex over the last few years, producing some of the biggest aerodynamic influences on Formula 1 cars. Join Sam Collins and Craig Scarborough for a closer look!
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  • Game respects game.

    Captain PicardCaptain PicardNapja
  • अगर आपका कोई सवाल है तो कमैंट्स में हमें जरूर बताएं। अगर आपको वीडियो पसंद आई हो तो लाइक और सब्सक्राइब जरूर कीजिए। Video Highlights *************************

    Technical RenuTechnical Renu8 napja
  • Brilliant and clearly explained tech talk. Keep it up guys!

    Veek LeekVeek Leek10 napja
  • This guy "Sam", isn't he the Max Verstappen basher? So far for independent journalism...

    Wim FrankenWim Franken10 napja
  • This is similar to a swept airplane wing and is acting like a spanwise flow along the tapered edge. This tapered edge directs the flow more inboard in this case as explained. The straighter the wing or in this case the cut the straighter the vortex will be. Nice simple and accurate discription in this video!

    MGXsportMGXsport10 napja
  • That was brilliant. More of this please.

    Colm LynchColm Lynch10 napja
  • great to see craig on. time to get Peter on next

    Bill BronsonBill Bronson10 napja
  • Fascinating! But air is a gas Sam, not a fluid. :D Well done... more please!

    SonderSonder10 napja
  • I'm a simple guy I see Sam Collins and Tech Talk I hit like and love the entire video

    sqi8000sqi800011 napja
  • Wow F1 getting Craig onboard. Awesome!

    mitchtaviomitchtavio11 napja
  • I had no idea Sam was 6'6" until seeing this

    Stephen ElliasStephen Ellias11 napja
  • I’m so so happy to see Scarbs here! Best of the best!

    AlmarmaAlmarma11 napja
  • Scarbs!!!!!

    DanDan11 napja
  • Sam Collins come back to super GT.....

    Lukas BLukas B11 napja
  • Interesting, I love the tech talk the most. These insides are the best.

    Romanische050Romanische05011 napja
  • Beautiful

    ZaphodBeebleBroxZaphodBeebleBrox11 napja
  • I just love that tall guy. He is so maticulate,not his hair, but his Ora I believe. He is so addictive

    Benjamin SebonegoBenjamin Sebonego11 napja
  • Just go back to a flat bottom car like in 1991-1993. Stepped floor is used incorrectly at 06:05s in this video. We've had "stepped floors" since 1995. Stepped floor indicates the step in the Z axis.

    gold333gold33311 napja
  • Ok for real now, can you guys please upgrade your cameras, it really does look like im watching a video made in 2007

    HamzaHamza11 napja
  • my man is seriously rocking the Side Show Bob look.

    ahkeith salleyahkeith salley11 napja
  • Awesome! Thanks for making it so clear!

    Patrick ChebosPatrick Chebos11 napja
  • Great to see Craig Scarborough on Tech Talk. He's added a mix of analysis to the previously more descriptive show!

    A. IqbalA. Iqbal11 napja

    Juan PabloJuan Pablo12 napja
  • “Water is liquid like air” 😂

    Brad SimkinBrad Simkin12 napja
    • He said water is a fluid, like air. He’s 100% correct. Why is that funny ?

      KillCamEditoRKillCamEditoR11 napja
  • This need its own show bevor the race ! 🔥🔥

    Don CollioneDon Collione12 napja
  • So the moral is "There is no secret"

    Ronald McSidyRonald McSidy12 napja
  • FIA slowing the cars down for safety thought the aim was to go as fast as possible? Also how fast could an F1 car go when un restricted? any answer appreciated 😁

    Adam KelleherAdam Kelleher12 napja
  • These two are the best by far at what they do.

    finton mainzfinton mainz12 napja
  • True legends, Craig and Mercelo . . .

    TheGreatLocoTheGreatLoco12 napja
  • Scarbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    UltimatumNo5UltimatumNo512 napja
  • Sam is the best

    Max RudeltMax Rudelt12 napja
  • What does the defuser do? Srry im a newbie ;)

    Briek Van AudekerkeBriek Van Audekerke12 napja
    • @KillCamEditoR oohhh thxx

      Briek Van AudekerkeBriek Van Audekerke11 napja
    • At its most basic, the diffuser helps the air that travels under the car leave very cleanly and efficiently, so that the air pressure under the car is as low as possible, which creates more downforce (the cars have more grip and can go through corners faster).

      KillCamEditoRKillCamEditoR11 napja
  • FIA has become like FIFA, favoring teams paying them money

  • "Memory IS RAM! Oh dear!!!"

    MrNinjaFishMrNinjaFish12 napja
  • Happy to see Sam here! As I'm really missing him commentating Super GT

    Samuël HitijahubessySamuël Hitijahubessy12 napja
  • 2:50 - If you're young you felt patronised. If you're not, you felt your age....

    Ropponmatsu2Ropponmatsu213 napja
  • I'm so happy that these tech talks exist, they are great content and just what a true F1 fan wants.

    Tony KTony K13 napja
  • Sam is absolutely bossing this! Where have you been all my life pal?

    Najstar43211Najstar4321113 napja
  • Nothing like a discussion on fluid dynamics to get an old jaded mechanical engineer all excited 😊

    Kid OctaneKid Octane13 napja
  • Craig and Sam are definitely a new power team for F1 analysis!

    LeeLee13 napja
  • Wasn't the story that Pirelli wanted less downforce (as they couldn't make new tyres) and the FIA obliged, then they made harder tyres anyway?

    Ash RAsh R13 napja
  • Craig - what a legend. Just give me an hour of him talking tech - don’t need the other presenter - he added nothing.

    Steven MarshallSteven Marshall13 napja
  • You lost me when you uttered the words "Because water is just a fluid ... like air" at 6:31 Sure you meant it behaves in a similar way but...

    MaFd0nMaFd0n13 napja
  • Scarbs

    nvl571nvl57113 napja
  • Imagine a 2 hour long F1 tech masterclass with these two guys and James Allison. Take my money.

    Andrés MarínAndrés Marín13 napja
  • "Water is just a fluid, like air" almost made sense in the context

    RevAKAtheRevelRevAKAtheRevel13 napja
    • What do you mean « almost » ? Water and air are both fluids, that’s 100% correct.

      KillCamEditoRKillCamEditoR11 napja
  • Would you say that both Craig and Sam are sporting "The Hunter look"...? Guys, linen please.

    bizlingbizling13 napja
  • 6:30 Stop the press, we have confirmation that water is a fluid, like air.

    bizlingbizling13 napja
    • Judging by the comments here, it seems like him reiterating that won’t hurt. A lot of people are very confused on the matter.

      KillCamEditoRKillCamEditoR11 napja
  • Water is just a fluid, like air? Wait what? Air is a mixture of gasses.. Not sure if I should continue to believe anything Sam says in the future 😂

    V-twin KevinV-twin Kevin13 napja
  • Be We Everyone. Have some pudding...

    Mr. PuddingMr. Pudding13 napja
  • Sam coLLins getting abit wide on the waist Line… (diet maybe)

    Luki PratamaLuki Pratama13 napja
  • I hope they didn't mess up the writing of the2022 car regs that bad and we end up with cars that look like a stegosaurus instead of the streamlined mockups

    CalgarGTXCalgarGTX13 napja
  • Brilliant stuff keep it comin’!

    rodrigo lloredarodrigo lloreda13 napja
  • Tech talks, that's what we want more of.

    Marc CastellsMarc Castells13 napja
  • Great content

    MitchMitch13 napja
  • whats up with the studio camera? it looks awful at 1080p

    domen bambičdomen bambič13 napja
  • More from these two on the tv shows please. More tech on the coverage would be great. Thanks.

    eleyckieleycki13 napja
  • Sam: Doesn't say Sticky uppy bits "My disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined"

    Krishnangshu GuhaKrishnangshu Guha13 napja
  • Scarbs and Sam. What a nerdfest😁 Love it!

    Mothusi TsebelaMothusi Tsebela13 napja
  • I'd easily watch a 2 hour explanation of F1 cars by Sam and Craig!!

    Abdullah HarisAbdullah Haris13 napja
  • Tech talk: Ah, yes. Chainbear: Ahhhh, yeEesss.

    Daniel FaliszewskiDaniel Faliszewski13 napja
  • Yay Scarbs and Sam together! The new tech dynamic duo!

    Alex LamasAlex Lamas13 napja
  • coke bottle because it looks like an old coke bottle. .duh *ickhea*s

    andy chungandy chung13 napja
  • Who else gets excited when this type of video drops Me:👇

    Anastasis KoutroulosAnastasis Koutroulos13 napja
  • Could you please do a video analysis of if and how scratching the floor (by taking kerbs, mowing the grass [Bottas], running off into the gravel), has any impact on aero performance? It'd be super interesting.

    Geo SebastianGeo Sebastian13 napja
  • Phil Collins and Marcelo

    Stan NoordermeerStan Noordermeer13 napja
  • Craig even SOUNDS like Phil Collins...

    Grim OakheartGrim Oakheart13 napja
  • The coke flow up the nose into the squirt

    Franciszek NosalFranciszek Nosal13 napja
  • Craig looks and even sounds a lot like Phil Collins.

    DaveMcIroyDaveMcIroy13 napja
  • I would take either of these guys over fkn Jolian Karma Palmer and his "I think (because I've not got enough experience) this is whats going on" philosophy

    V8HiluxV8Hilux13 napja
  • That's odd your allowed a certain part of freedom sounds like someone wanted that

    Adam KhanAdam Khan13 napja
  • Brilliant stuff!

    Eskander XEskander X14 napja
  • Great stuff Scarbs

    Shrien MaharajShrien Maharaj14 napja
  • What is outwash?

    RA7GamingRA7Gaming14 napja
  • black man talking, he represents 1% of uk population. go woke go broke as you alienate the 97%

    Picklewiickle.Picklewiickle.14 napja
  • This should not come as a surprise. Teams planned to cut. Away carbon off the floor, post race 2/3 as fia would let it go.

    Prashant ParekhPrashant Parekh14 napja
  • Man on the left looks like a mix between Tom Hanks and Steve Jobs

    AndREEEEEAndREEEEE14 napja
    • ??

      Scarbstech Everything Technical in MotorsportScarbstech Everything Technical in Motorsport13 napja
  • This is an amazing video. Gimme more of this!

    red is the color FAred is the color FA14 napja
  • These guys are awesome. Ultimate needs. Love it.

    Mark DonenMark Donen14 napja
  • This programme shows just how poor my vocabulary is LOL!

    MYKMYK14 napja
  • Never knew Phil Colins and Marcelo were soo into f1

    HRD JeffHRD Jeff14 napja
  • Will Haas also bring changes to their floor?

    Vishnu KarthikVishnu Karthik14 napja
  • Just saw the full episode and now I am interested in the whole fuel flow weight distribution story

    Elcar0Elcar014 napja
  • Great to see Sam Collins and Phil Collins together in one video

    somekindagodsomekindagod14 napja
    • @Bas_ Lightyearin the air tonight

      LKYLKY12 napja
    • I can feel it coming

      Bas_ LightyearBas_ Lightyear12 napja
    • 😂😂😂

      LKYLKY12 napja
    • underrated comment

      Bruno SpanoBruno Spano12 napja
  • Wow! I didn't know Phil Collins is so into F1!

    STACHU! UncensoredSTACHU! Uncensored14 napja
  • these shows are dope!

    Henry BlythHenry Blyth14 napja
  • Ar you going to go live the Grand prix on sunday?????????

    Tristan HöferTristan Höfer14 napja
    • F1TV Pit Lane Channel

      Sam S CollinsSam S Collins13 napja
  • 5:27 I was really expecting Sam to correct him with the actual technical term for the fins and blades

    specharspechar14 napja
  • Wow....Phil Collins knowledge of F1 is impeccable

    Jason MunroJason Munro14 napja
  • I am convinced the character "Hook" from the movie Cars was modelled after Sam Collins. Change my mind.

    Knut PohlKnut Pohl14 napja
  • Didn't knew that Phil Collins has such knowledge of Formula One cars

    Merijn StrijkerMerijn Strijker14 napja

    Charles M.Charles M.14 napja
  • Appreciate the analysis but a recommendation would be to simulate the flow when they talked about the differences. That would give us more understanding.

    Hariharan JayaramanHariharan Jayaraman14 napja
  • ""Water is fluid like air ? "" i mean NO

    HybridteddyHybridteddy14 napja
  • Craig scarborough doesnt know much other than fancy words

    FullOilBarrelFullOilBarrel14 napja
  • I still don’t get why there’s a 2x4 going across the floor... lol

    AttilatheThrillaAttilatheThrilla14 napja
    • Its to ensure that car cars run at a minimum ride height.

      Sam S CollinsSam S Collins13 napja
  • Great insight - make this a regular please!

    istherenofreenameistherenofreename14 napja
    • It is

      Sam S CollinsSam S Collins13 napja
  • Love it when there are people who clearly know what they're talking about!

    Antero JokinenAntero Jokinen14 napja
  • Is it me or does scarbs look like popeye?

    Walkon thewildsideWalkon thewildside14 napja
    • ??

      Scarbstech Everything Technical in MotorsportScarbstech Everything Technical in Motorsport13 napja
  • I wish Sam could have been our physics lecturer.

    The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight14 napja