The Punch That Terrified Everyone!

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BLTV Extra takes a look at the secret punch that terrified everyone, Including Mike Tyson!

  • Gotta love Ruddock

    RR2 órája
  • At 2:00 min that upper cut from Riddick wasn't needed the guy was out... Wtf was the ref thinking... U could clearly see on the guys face that he's out... He also had his hands down hanging by his side.. it's because of ref's like that are the number one reason for boxer's brain damage.

    ilas aliilas ali3 órája
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    Luciah faithoLuciah faitho13 órája
  • What a master class

    Mad ModMad Mod13 órája
  • Misleading title

    Danny LeeDanny Lee17 órája
  • I'm fortunate to attened school and played tennis with Donavan at GB Warren - what a great time.

    Nic BuoNic Buo21 órája
  • Razor Ruddick was the truth

    SSChicagoSSChicago22 órája
  • Best Boxing channel on youtube! You always give so much respect to the boxers (excluding Adrien Broner). Please keep up the good work.

  • In my opinion, when Razor seen *Mike* appeared unaffected by his smash punch on multiple occasions it zapped his self-confidence. *Ruddock* took out some major heavy hitters with that punch, unfortunately it was his only defensive and offensive weapons, after that he had nothing left.

    Don DayDon DayNapja
  • I was 13 and watched this fight st a friend's house. Tyson is the only guy that could get hit with the Smash and stay up right. My friend and I bought boxing gloves after words. 2 days later we gave each other a bloody nose and then through the gloves away. Good times.

    elige brownelige brownNapja
  • i hear cipher in that

    Rob hazardRob hazardNapja
  • There were no white boxers?

    Mfon EyoMfon EyoNapja
  • Wish Tyson was in my era, he would have cried for a while day before fighting with me. Lucky Mike

    A D EnterpriseA D EnterpriseNapja
  • Float like pit bull, sting like mule.

    K the KeeperK the KeeperNapja
  • HEY NO BITING.!!!!

    Paul KingPaul KingNapja
  • I miss this era of boxing.

    James RogersJames Rogers2 napja
  • 1 hitter quiter

    304 2WhiteBoY3304 2WhiteBoY32 napja
  • His parents "made the conscious decision?" How do you unconsciously move to Canada? Pretty sure that's called kidnapping!

    Batfan1939Batfan19392 napja
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    Juliano Renkert JuniorJuliano Renkert Junior2 napja
  • Wonder if we can get Ruddock in the ring one last time to fight those nobodies. *Cough* Jake and Logan Paul *Cough*

    Aja456800Aja4568002 napja
  • Never liked boxing, seemed like a unnecessary brutal sport. Sports should be fun, not causing harm.

    Mayur DhamaleMayur Dhamale2 napja
  • What's the music at 10:17?

    Nicholas SelleckNicholas Selleck2 napja
  • I think Riddick Bowe and Tyson would make a good fight even to this day they should do a exhibition fight

    What It IsWhat It Is2 napja
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    Joan ScottJoan Scott3 napja
  • Looks like a lvl 100 going back too fight the newbie bosses

    Kinda A GamerKinda A Gamer3 napja
  • People talking about Tyson rep. Tyson is known only for more because of his ear bite off scene. He wasn’t known hard or looked up nearly as hard till then

    WIGGITY WhiteFoxWIGGITY WhiteFox3 napja
  • "Tyson saying Tyson things." Just lol! 🤣

    APEXAPEX3 napja
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    json hrmonjson hrmon3 napja
  • Pffft. I beat his ass all the time.... on Nintendo.... didnt stand a chance

    James RicheyJames Richey3 napja
  • That’s Mike Tyson For Ya🔥

    ArianaAriana3 napja
  • Felt like two bulls going head to head

    Hitesh SoodHitesh Sood4 napja
  • It was a necessary fight to see who hit harder in their prime. These guys put it on the line and made boxing what it should be. Not like that disgrace of a fraus Floyd Mayweather Jnr. who would only enter a ring if the outcome was predetermined. All he did was rack up tags from long distance, not punches, and even then if he lost on points but was covered by the bias judges. That is not an opinion, it's a fact. You can watch his fights at 60fps and count everyone of them. Even Manny beat him on points with a busted shoulder. Manny just wanted the money. No threat to him being KO'd like Marquez who got even for the Mexicans who were getting shlonged by Manny all of their careers. NO KNOCKOUTS ALL OF THIS CENTURY for Floyd Mayweather Jnr. That is proof of how much of a fraud he was. How does "the greatest pound for pound fighter" attain that self proclaimed reputation without ever hurting anyone in the ring? Ruddock and Tyson were the complete opposite to that wank stain.

    Matthew ParkerMatthew Parker4 napja
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    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung4 napja
  • Is it a possible-likely-sign to lose a mouthpiece after one's jaw is broken?. How would one hold it in?. Hard to clench down and hold it.

    michael allenmichael allen4 napja
  • Why is this even legal?

    djf750djf7504 napja
  • 6:00 Tyson let’s his guard down and asks for more! What a beast.

    MastaDon BeMoreStillAnandaMastaDon BeMoreStillAnanda4 napja
  • So what was the one punch that terrified everyone it was never said. False advertisement bait.

    Sir MitchSir Mitch4 napja
  • Mike was the last most exciting heavy weight ever. I couldn't wait for his next fight...pure guts.

    William AmodeoWilliam Amodeo4 napja
  • The punch that terrified everyone but the video is 11 minutes long. Couldn’t you just show the punch in 5 second video?

    jaknap1jaknap14 napja
  • 6:38 the first punch ruddock just did, how the hell that that not disable tyson? Wtf? You can hear the sheer power in it

    will lesliewill leslie4 napja
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    Harder Than EverHarder Than Ever4 napja
  • Nine rounds with a busted jae. Against Mike Tyson. OMFG

    Valerie RodgerValerie Rodger4 napja
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    iamyolloydiamyolloyd4 napja
  • Bruuuuhhh u see that nigga face 😂😂😂

    Billy AdamsBilly Adams4 napja
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    Anthony DugasAnthony Dugas5 napja
  • Man fighting with a broken jaw is some real boss shit!

  • Any boxing enthusiasts out there. How could Mike Tyson generate so much power than his bigger opponents despite being smaller??

    Harikrishnan ChandramohanHarikrishnan Chandramohan5 napja
  • Going 9 rounds with a busted grill against Tyson. That's supernatural!

    JelleepitJelleepit5 napja
  • just look at tyson's arms ffs hammers

    Radu LaurentiuRadu Laurentiu5 napja
  • Ruddock was a pretender

    68air68air5 napja
  • Am I not mistaken but didn’t Lennox Lewis whip both their asses.

    Robert & Jacky GreenRobert & Jacky Green5 napja
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    Ivan EspinozaIvan Espinoza5 napja
  • Richard Steele is/was a shit ref...

    BeeFriendlyApiaryBeeFriendlyApiary5 napja
  • Nothing but awesome . Him n Mike

    Jamie TyeJamie Tye5 napja
  • It's a real show of how deadly tyson is, everyone saying that ruddok had nothing to lose in the fight not realising it'd basically end his career

    cosmic 815cosmic 8155 napja
  • That second lost to Tyson hurt his spirit.

    OMCOMC5 napja
  • I searched up scariest books of all time I get this as a result

    My Name is Azor • 30 years agoMy Name is Azor • 30 years ago5 napja
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    Mickle D TorresMickle D Torres5 napja
  • He faught all the guys taller than him but beat em all !

    Arvind DasArvind Das5 napja
  • I used to think Jamaica was cool until Kamala Harris

    Steve SSteve S5 napja
  • Man the production quality is so good on this I thought this was a television segment until you asked for a like. An absolutely great video

    Hello MotoHello Moto5 napja
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    Mubasshir HossainMubasshir Hossain5 napja
  • Ref didn’t like Dokes 1:54

    HuxxyHuxxy6 napja
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    James BuitronJames Buitron6 napja
  • It's too bad that Tommy Morrison is remembered more for the awful Rocky movie instead of his toughness in the ring.

    Cameron HoodCameron Hood6 napja
  • The pundits who say that Tyson fought a weak heavyweight division in his prime are forgetting these bouts. If his trainer hadn't of died and his evil wife wouldn't have sucked the life out of him he may never have lost a fight. He might have had trouble with lennox because if reach, but Tyson was so fast in both his legs and hands that it might not have mattered. Still one of the scariest heavyweights of all time.

    Cameron HoodCameron Hood6 napja
  • Ruddock may have power but dude has no speed and that spelled for a short career.

    Eric VelasquezEric Velasquez6 napja
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    Ashley GironAshley Giron6 napja
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    Mubasshir HossainMubasshir Hossain6 napja
  • Ruddock kept fighting with a broken jaw? Damn... my head would of flew off across the arena.

    Everything PhilEverything Phil6 napja
  • number 1 on blacklist

    Arjay CopiaArjay Copia6 napja
  • Losers

    Lotsa LuckLotsa Luck6 napja
  • Ya Mike...broke aren’t ya....damn funny

    Lotsa LuckLotsa Luck6 napja
  • Why does it take 11 mins to show one punch?

    Tony M PaintingTony M Painting6 napja
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    Donna DiazDonna Diaz6 napja
  • Ruddick's downfall was facing Tyson. Tyson's downfall was Don King!

    Chris SchlosserChris Schlosser6 napja
  • Can I ever just tap on a video and not have have to listen to narration and backstory, just show me the fucking punch

    Drew SniderDrew Snider6 napja
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    Thang BanThang Ban6 napja
  • Who thought this was about Tyson? And disappointed when you realized it wasn’t...

    AdamAdam6 napja
  • Yea push the devil, and wonder why you got H U M B L E D.

    Jordan SagarJordan Sagar6 napja
  • Tyson didn’t just end hopes and dreams with one punch, he ended self esteem, confidence, understanding, brain cell regeneration, post nasal drip, eye sight function, sense of smell and taste, mobility, ability to function in society, and a lot more. He was not normal.

    SDWSDW7 napja
    • unless you didn’t mean it like that

      Corinne 1Corinne 1Napja
    • ok better then losing there life they alr know the risk he’s a strong fighter your acting like he killed people they chose the boxing career

      Corinne 1Corinne 1Napja
    • @2pacalypse lmao

      Sisa MusudrokaSisa MusudrokaNapja
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 best comment ever couldn't have been said better!

      Queen StarrQueen Starr2 napja
    • Don’t forget hearing loss 😂👂

      2pacalypse2pacalypse2 napja
  • Poor guy

    Kayla GarciaKayla Garcia7 napja
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    fare tolefare tole7 napja
  • Fair play to Ruddock taking them bombs on a broken jaw

    Cian O AichirCian O Aichir7 napja
  • That punch is like the nuclear gun

    Sammusical 1324Sammusical 13247 napja

    Sammusical 1324Sammusical 13247 napja
  • And people still say Tyson never fought anyone besides Lewis and Holyfield....

    Carlos M. CanavessiCarlos M. Canavessi7 napja
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    Minh NguyenMinh Nguyen7 napja
  • he gave mike a good compilation with smile on his face, he definitely something.

    Rohit birhadeRohit birhade7 napja
  • It's like Hulk vs Hulk

    Steven SSteven S7 napja
  • This guy kinda looks like the guy in punchout maybe he should collab with them.

    Leclaire BobLeclaire Bob7 napja
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    Beng Keng NgBeng Keng Ng7 napja
  • Tyson is and was a freak of nature, and power. He was and still is. He is IRON MIKE TYSON.

    MrRaymond1021MrRaymond10217 napja
  • Tyson The Giant Killer!

    Benny Blanco80Benny Blanco807 napja
  • ------------------------- i THINK ------------------ Mike made Rudd eat soft foods for a MONTH !!!!!!!

    helmi younanhelmi younan7 napja
  • ------------------- GODdammmN !!! ------------- Raze Rudd no CHUMP !!!! ........... these two were trading TANK SHELL blasts !!!! ........... but Mike's staggered him real good ........... Hey !!!! how bout that BREAK-a-JAW punch !!!??? ........ we ALL saw it !!!!

    helmi younanhelmi younan7 napja
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    Hoang Thach TungHoang Thach Tung7 napja
  • I'm so glad HUworld recommended me my favorite ear devourer possessed man. I love this man😀

    Kyle BillieKyle Billie7 napja
  • Tyson was so lethal because he was as quick as a middleweight with the power of a heavyweight dump truck. Damn Don King for convincing Tyson to drop all of his D’Amato people, beginning of his decline.

    Martin ONeillMartin ONeill7 napja