The PS5 Launch Experience (Animation)

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A short animation about the PlayStation 5 launch day stock shortage at Walmart. Thank you bots and scalpers, very much appreciated.

  • Ha ha ha

  • ı love ps1

    Feyzullah YakarFeyzullah Yakar10 órája
  • True:(

  • Yesss its true

    Georgia DetwilerGeorgia DetwilerNapja
  • He’s not aiming fast enough he should’ve use aimbot

    Sikenn ➐Sikenn ➐Napja
  • My Atari:Hold my console

    yiğit temürcüyiğit temürcüNapja
  • I will speak türkish Sizde 500 € bizde 11000

    Remzi KılkışlılarRemzi Kılkışlılar2 napja

    Danbie XDDanbie XD2 napja
  • Yo just get an Xbox? I mean there’s no difference both are consoles similar specs what else you need?

    Javid MirzayevJavid Mirzayev4 napja
    • But Xboxs exclusives dont even compare to PlayStations!

      Luca-joel WierikeLuca-joel Wierike12 órája
  • I know how you feel :(

    Arif ZakiArif Zaki4 napja
  • stop bulk buying the ps5 i want one :(

    Venti The BardVenti The Bard4 napja
  • Ruck those bots

    Edo-MotionEdo-Motion5 napja
  • based on a true story

    SNSN5 napja
  • This is hilarious because my bro sniped 4 when they just came out lmao

    Matthew MarshallMatthew Marshall5 napja
  • I bet that special ed kid across the street got one

  • with what animation software did you create this video?

    Emanuele LongoEmanuele Longo5 napja
  • Why buying a PS5, when you have a computer which can refresh the website more frequently than your graphics card can render frames xD

    ChrisChris5 napja
  • Süpeeeeeer xd

    Yerli PlakaYerli Plaka5 napja
  • Why couldn't he get the PS5 he wanted

    Inside Edition JRSInside Edition JRS6 napja
  • Robots buy ps5

    op1beop1be6 napja
  • when my mouse went on it it said error i thought i had error but it was the video LOL

    David Adam SquadDavid Adam Squad6 napja
  • Uhuo

    Mshari Al-DajaniMshari Al-Dajani6 napja
  • DO a Xbox one

    The Mighty Spinosaurus BThe Mighty Spinosaurus B6 napja
  • Hence, PC good, console bad.

    Chαndrapaul GhoshChαndrapaul Ghosh6 napja

    Jacobo AriasJacobo Arias7 napja
  • This need from XBOX SERIES X

    Szabolcs FodorSzabolcs Fodor7 napja
  • Then realised he bought the ps5 by hitting his head on the keyboard

    Treegaming MXSWTreegaming MXSW8 napja

    Abdullah SultanAbdullah Sultan8 napja
  • Fun fact: The same person (not him) ordered alot of ps5's because he is a greedy little sh*t.

    Hollow_MedicHollow_Medic8 napja
  • I am everywhere, but you cannot see me

    ॑9 napja
  • mejor xbox

    braxgamer SHIPOSTINGbraxgamer SHIPOSTING9 napja
  • Ps5 in usa :500$ Ps5 in turkey:100$

    Bulut YılmazBulut Yılmaz9 napja
  • you didn't do ctrl r

    DanyzzIsOnFireDanyzzIsOnFire9 napja
  • TRUE

    kubx goodkubx good9 napja
  • 😂😂

    Yousef YtYousef Yt9 napja
  • Google : why when the ps5 got released there is a lot of people press the refresh button- Google assistant : this is why

    Last_gamingLast_gaming9 napja
  • laughed a lot 😂😂😂

    Tarun K LTarun K L10 napja
  • Sneakerheads: "First time?"

    Henrique ,o maravilhosoHenrique ,o maravilhoso10 napja
  • how does this channel how one video lmao

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  • ??

    Jayziahs perezJayziahs perez11 napja
  • Is that PlayStation 5 an animation

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  • I got PS5 #PS5

    TheFlashBarryRipTheFlashBarryRip11 napja
  • jajaja

    Mónica Constanza López SalamancaMónica Constanza López Salamanca11 napja
  • 1:01 LOL I laughed so hard

    TheFlashBarryRipTheFlashBarryRip11 napja
  • this is actually so sad

    Bogdanvdovin {Funswarg}Bogdanvdovin {Funswarg}11 napja
  • i laughed so hard at the ending and also nice animation boi

    Zaydan Disc sec accZaydan Disc sec acc11 napja
  • jitter clicking tutorial plz

    shaddy_ 69shaddy_ 6911 napja
  • 0:59 :')

    Álvaro Márquez Creeper MinecraftÁlvaro Márquez Creeper Minecraft11 napja
  • Was it really that bad!

  • Im not one of those, im one of those with a Ps4 slim that will wait until ps5 slim is released and will enjoy it because it is a much better console and i dont fall in Sony's strategies

    rayossah Chargesrayossah Charges12 napja
  • True

    Criando Na LuaCriando Na Lua12 napja
  • Not ture it cost too much so yeah...

    Zabdiel SantiagoZabdiel Santiago13 napja
  • Boy in that vid : Why in 5 sec the stock was out..... Me : i like pc not console f boiiiiiii

    FredGemink - Minemation dan reviewFredGemink - Minemation dan review13 napja
  • Based On A True Story

    dr. mrg 333dr. mrg 33313 napja
  • is like me hwen im cant get my robux

    Rasmus shalow — BASS musicRasmus shalow — BASS music13 napja
  • I wonder if it runs out of stock for everyone then does anyone even gets it.

    Arnav SArnav S13 napja
  • Me when that happens: Throw my computer out side and kill myself

    edgar ramosedgar ramos14 napja
  • I have the ps5

    That1DogeXDThat1DogeXD14 napja
  • that single tear at the end..

    chickenpotbiebro202chickenpotbiebro20214 napja
  • Poor

    Felipe PlaysFelipe Plays14 napja
    • Também, 5 mil o baguio

      P limonP limon13 napja
  • lol

    Alex&BenGAMEAlex&BenGAME14 napja
  • Hahaha great video! PD: New sub.

  • Me a veteran: use f5 to refresh

    ProbotProbot14 napja
  • Some people were buying used ps5’s for $1000 because they couldn’t get a brand new one for $500 because they were out of stock

    - ZMobiusZ -- ZMobiusZ -14 napja
  • Hahahaha

    Amndery RodriguezAmndery Rodriguez15 napja
  • Make more video’s of ps5

    jade francisjade francis15 napja
  • Esperen un momento ustedes tienen para un ps5?

    Xval _*Xval _*15 napja
  • türkler hiç varmı

    kerem hamza ö******kerem hamza ö******15 napja
  • Turklerin gozu yasli

    Tunahan TuncerTunahan Tuncer15 napja
  • This was a funny animation especially when it says it’s from whalemart

    AlienCorpGamingAlienCorpGaming15 napja
  • So this channel is made for nothing just to make a fricking stupid PlayStation 5 video that is so dumb

    MikeyMikey16 napja
  • Dude just buy it

    stonksstonks16 napja
  • whalemartt

    Dr1ftExtrasDr1ftExtras16 napja
  • 🤣🤣🤣🙂

    Brayco du 29Brayco du 2916 napja
  • The reason it’s this hard is cause people get these bots that are advanced and they check the page every second and when it’s in stock the bots have a link to the owners credit card and can buy it on their own so it’s pretty much impossible

    CrownxCrownx16 napja
  • i guess im lucky

    In4init3In4init316 napja
  • 1:01 If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe I'd been married long time ago Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from, Cotton-Eyed Joe?

    Cra1zzCra1zz16 napja
  • Me when I got late for class AND my internet connection is down: 1:00

    Tech Arts & MoreTech Arts & More17 napja
    • @Tech Arts & More YESSS BROTHER

      Λ.ẔɪŁŁΛΛ.ẔɪŁŁΛ15 napja
    • Me to idiots: CUZ I WANNA SUCCED IN LIFE!!!

      Tech Arts & MoreTech Arts & More15 napja
    • idiots: why do you wanna join class just skip

      Λ.ẔɪŁŁΛΛ.ẔɪŁŁΛ15 napja
  • nerds: NOOO!!!!1!1!1!! YOU CANT JUST BUY A PS5 WHEN WE DONT HAVE ONE!! me an intellectual, who bought a ps5 on launch day: haha ps5 console go playyy (im not even a ps5 fan lol i like nintendo more)

    maximadfoxmaximadfox17 napja
  • Mom: umm whats wrong with your head son? Me: its... A long story....

    waterpepper 9162waterpepper 916217 napja
  • Bruh I finnay got it after staying up a week with no sleep I got it

    Louie MunozLouie Munoz17 napja
  • The people who bought the PS5 has autoclicker, they bought 100 instead of 1

    SovietUnionSovietUnion17 napja
  • yoo slow man you hit your head in table

    Xx•ZIDANE•xXXx•ZIDANE•xX17 napja
  • Its all miners

    Watch GamerWatch Gamer17 napja
  • bruh u only have one vid and you go 5.71k subs! bruh that is sick

    Rajvardhan PandeyRajvardhan Pandey17 napja
  • 1:05 10th day of quarantine got me like

    Jordan HallJordan Hall18 napja
  • I love how people who made ps5 out of stock bought without even ot being avaible

    bonito gameplaysbonito gameplays18 napja
  • brother how did you make this animation

    Eren NartarEren Nartar18 napja
  • 2m views but 5k subs give him subs boissssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Bedifu'-'Bedifu'-'18 napja
  • Refresh button has no limits

    Sukesh SinghSukesh Singh18 napja
  • Me

    MT JuampiXMT JuampiX19 napja
  • Who needs PS5 when you have PS1

    Maged MedhatMaged Medhat19 napja
    • You

      Terry BogardTerry Bogard19 napja
  • 🤣 🤣

    Milion PlusMilion Plus19 napja
  • Lol 😂😂😂

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  • This Guy Stinks

    Nathan EmmanuelNathan Emmanuel19 napja
  • Seeing “In Stock” is an achievement in itself

    lmao samlmao sam19 napja
    • @skoopify lucky 4358136

      lmao samlmao sam11 napja
    • Yes, even tho i already have the ps5 so i didnt experience not in stock ;-;

      skoopifyskoopify12 napja
    • yay i achieved something :3

      maximadfoxmaximadfox17 napja
    • Agreed

      Alejandro GonzalezAlejandro Gonzalez17 napja
    • true

      nanorobatnanorobat18 napja
  • Why is it 12:00 pm? Isn’t it supposed to be am?

    Eviellan PG3DEviellan PG3D20 napja
  • Fact: He has more power in his fingers then most of you now

    Slimmy Wicked CrazSlimmy Wicked Craz20 napja
  • I think you've seen a black cat.

    Joonmo KuJoonmo Ku20 napja
  • Facts

    ϟPЯΛƬI ϟϟPЯΛƬI ϟ20 napja